D2 - Stone Cold Steven Austin versus El Santo

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Who wins?

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  2. Team ROW

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  1. Dave

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    Day 2 of the WrestleZone International Cup begins in earnest with Team U.S.A holding a slender lead of 7 points to 5. This round sees the 12 male competitors of each team face off against each other in one-on-one competition. Who will come out on top today?

    Boards are open for 1 day for discussion and then polling will begin in 24 hours. Polling lasts for 72 hours afterwards. The winning team gets the point. In the event of a draw, teams will half a point each.
  2. Spidercanrana

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    El Santo stayed relevant for 50 years and never had to dumb down his character to appeal to censors. He became a folk hero to an entire country. His funeral was one of the largest seen in Mexico's history. From what I gather he didn't do anything in his personal life to warrant criticism either. Based on who he portrayed in the ring as well as various movies and comic books, I would go so far as say El Santo may be one of the most wholesome wrestlers to have ever lived- a sharp contrast to The Texas Rattlesnake.

    Yes, many wrestling fans in the States don't know much about El Santo and that's probably going to reflect on how the votes look tomorrow. But the truth is with a nation's pride on the line, El Santo is above Steve Austin. If this were Kurt, John Cena, or even Hulk Hogan I think it could be argued. But Steve was more about fighting the corporate system than he was in being a patriot. Oddly enough, he was more Texan than an American.

    This is USA vs. ROW. I'd gladly support Austin over Santo in a normal Tournament, but this is about who is more willing to fight for their country's pride, no? El Santo lived and breathed Mexican tradition, refusing to remove his luchador mask until he retired. He was even buried while wearing it. If we really examined Steve Austin, we'd see that he fights for himself, not his nation.

    Vote Santo.
  3. Bernkastel

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    Right, so lack of a location means Santo doesn't get bounced out due to the match not being in his home country, and that also means that Steve is fucked. We're comparing a guy who was a megastar in wrestling for about 7 years to a guy who was a megastar in wrestling for about 30. 14 years after his retirement, and really only wrestling fans remember Steve Austin. 33 years after his death, and Santo remains as relevant as ever in his home country. Santo is a cultural icon in Mexico. His popularity is more comparable to Darth Vader's or Superman's in the States. I don't think there's ever been a performer that has had such a lasting effect on wrestling culture that Santo has had on Mexico's. Rikidozan in Japan is probably the only one that comes close.

    In a battle with national pride on the line, Santo damn well better win this or the promoters will have a full scale riot on their hands.

    Santo and Team ROTW win.
  4. Lee

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