D2 - Sting versus versus Big Daddy

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Who wins?

  1. Team USA

  2. Team ROW

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  1. Dave

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    Day 2 of the WrestleZone International Cup begins in earnest with Team U.S.A holding a slender lead of 7 points to 5. This round sees the 12 male competitors of each team face off against each other in one-on-one competition. Who will come out on top today?

    Matches were determined through a random number generator. Boards are open for 1 day for discussion and then polling will begin in 24 hours. Polling lasts for 72 hours afterwards. The winning team gets the point. In the event of a draw, teams will half a point each.
  2. Bernkastel

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    Jul 3, 2006
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    Here we have Sting versus the most famous wrestler to ever come out of the UK. Big Daddy's reputation is usually enough to secure him a first round victory in the WZT, then he's eliminated due to the location, but that's not a factor here. Sting was a big star, but he didn't have the cultural impact in America that Big Daddy did in the UK. Daddy may as well have been a one man NWO. And it's not like Sting hasn't traveled outside the US to do jobs for big stars of other nations. If national pride is on the line then Big Daddy wins. His highly publicized victory is then celebrated across the UK, including by the Queen and former prime minister.

    Big Daddy and Team ROTW win.
  3. Lee

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    Voting Big Daddy. Could you imagine Sting getting him in the Scorpion Deathlock on Big Daddy?

    Big Daddy had 4 inches height advantage but 120lbs weight advantage. Sting is fucked!
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