D1 - Awesome Kong versus Bull Nakano

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Who wins?

  1. Team USA

  2. Team ROW

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  1. Dave

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    Day 1 of the inaugral WrestleZone International Cup begins with tag team matches that pit Team U.S.A against Team R.O.W in randomly assigned matches. Who will gain the early advantage in the Cup and who will let their team down? Let the debate begin!

    Boards are open for 1 day for discussion and then polling will begin in 24 hours. Polling lasts for 48 hours afterwards. The winning team gets the point. In the event of a draw, teams will half a point each.
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    This match is a tough one. Awesome Kong has been a recognizable force in women's wrestling for a decade now. She was the cornerstone of the TNA Knockouts and was their primary attraction. She's been a women's champion in both America and Japan, and the only title that has alluded her was the WWE women's championship. It's a shame that she was a victim of unfortunate circumstances and her run in the WWE was cut short. Bull Nakano was not only women's champion in the WWE, but she won the top women's titles in Mexico and Japan as well. She, along with Madusa, were arguably the two most mainstream women's wrestlers during the early 90's. She had a huge influence on the wrestling scene in Japan, and was generating tons of revenue wherever she went. If Kong had a stronger run in the WWE then that might have persuaded me, but all things considered I'll take Bull Nakano.

    Team ROTW wins.
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