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    This is something I used to do a long time ago. Basically, use this thread to create a dream card of matches that you'd love to see happen on one night's show. It can involve any wrestler from any time period. Additionally, you can use this thread to rate/discuss other posters' dream cards.

    Here are the rules:
    1) You can use any wrestler of any period of their career, any gimmick match, any arena and any city.
    2) A wrestler can only be in one match on the card (so, for example, you cannot have Owen Hart and Blue Blazer on the same card).
    3) Matches can have happened before (for example, you can put Hogan vs. Piper, if that's your dream card).
    4) You must have at least 5 matches on the card, but no more than eight.
    5) No titles can be involved.
    6) You can explain your matches if you'd like, but not required

    I'll go ahead and create one for me, though I'm doing this fairly quickly so I can get the thread posted and thus reserve the right to edit mine later.

    Slyfox's Dream Card:

    Opener: MITB - Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Flyin' Brian Pillman vs. "Y2J" Chris Jericho vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Big Van Vader vs. "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase

    Match #2: Randy Orton vs. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

    Match #3
    : Tag Match: Steiner Brothers vs. Edge & Christian

    Match #4: Rock vs. Dusty Rhodes

    Match #5: Wargames: Slyfox's All-Time Favorites (Sting, Bret Hart, John Cena, AJ Styles) vs. The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Chris Benoit)

    Match #6: Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Savage

    Main-Event: Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin

    Short Explanations:

    #1 - Some of the best workers in modern wrestling history. You have daredevils and power guys, clean cut babyfaces and dastardly heels and guys who have history with each other. I think it would make for a great match.

    #2 - Many people will probably jump to "they both are snakes lol", but that really has nothing to do with it. Both men are/were fantastic in the ring (consummate pros) and are great at working an audience, which will be necessary after the previous match.

    #3 - Steiners are, in my opinion, the best tag team ever and E&C would make a great matchup for them.

    #4 - Two of the most charismatic workers in history, this match would have great storytelling and probably a few laughs along the way.

    #5 - Along with Hogan, those four are my favorite wrestlers ever. They also would make a great team vs. the evil Four Horsemen, whose members I chose specifically for what I believe their abilities in this match would be.

    #6 - This match would be the bridge between Wargames and the main-event, but features arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all-time (Savage) with one of the best sellers and most charismatic in-ring workers of all time (HBK).

    #7 - It's a cliche choice, but a Hogan vs. Austin match needs no explanation.

    So there are my off-the-cuff choices. What would yours be? How would you rate my card or the card of other posters?
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    You're a little more old school than I am but I rate your card 9/10 bc you covered most of the dream matches of any wrestling fan. I do have a question for the main event though. Would you have Hogan or Austin as the heel? Or keep them both face a la Rock/Hogan at Mania 18?

    My card. Just kinda threw this together.

    Match 1 - 2004 Eddie Guerrero vs. 1995 Rey Mysterio
    They've fought numerous of times but there haven't been two wrestlers with more chemistry with one another in my opinion. Their match at Mania 21 rivals Owen/Brets at the best opening match ever.

    Match 2 - Like Slyfox, Savage vs HBK.
    Greatest in ring performers perhaps ever. The crowd reaction alone would be worth it.

    Match 3 - Benoit vs 2003 Brock Lesnar
    Back before Lesnar was a one trick pony. We got a taste of this match before but it needed a bigger stage with a month or so of build up

    Match 4 - Edge vs Christian in Toronto. A match we should've gotten at least once before either men retired.

    Match 5 - Mitb ladder match - Ricochet vs Will Osprey vs Angelico vs Jeff Hardy vs Juventued vs Psicosis vs Neville
    For shits and giggles

    Match 6 - Samoa Joe vs Vader

    Co Main Event - 2007 Undertaker vs 2007 John Cena
    Before the streak was over. When both men seemed unstoppable.

    Main Event - Steve Austin vs. CM Punk
    Bc I'm a mark of both men.
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    Would depend on several factors, but I'd like to keep it a face vs. face matchup.
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    Match one - Best two out of three falls .

    The Steiner Brothers vs Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money

    Quick summary: My three favorite tag teams of all time in a triple threat, best two out of three falls match.

    Match Two : Mr. Perfect vs HBK

    Quick summary: Can't recall an encounter between the two, would make a great match.

    Match Three . Hardcore Fatal Four Way - Mankind vs Terry Funk vs RVD vs Raven

    Quick summary: The best of hardcore, with fireworks, flaming tables, Terminators and Ravens lunacy.

    Match Four Undertaker vs Sting

    Quick Summary: The match that's never happened.

    Match Five Triple threat match. Bret Hart vs Ricky the Dragon Steamboat vs Dean Malenko

    Quick summary: Technical masterpiece in the making.

    Match Six The Ultimate Warrior vs John Cena

    Quick summary: Two super powerhouse faces, head to head. Crowd reactions intense.

    Match Seven The Rock vs Macho Man Randy Savage

    Quick summary: Heel Savage taking out The Rocks dad storyline or something wild. Both would put on a great show.

    Match Eight Main Event

    Hulkamania Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Quick summary: Both of the biggest crowd reactions in wrestling going head to head in the main event.

    Card Summary: Quite a few notables left off of the card like Ric Flair, HHH , Andre The Giant ect ect ect, I could fill out a dream card part 2 with the left out wrestlers.
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    That could be an interesting match, but I think it'd have to be in the right setting.

    They worked a few matches together (including Summerslam '93), but if I remember correctly, HBK said they didn't have much chemistry together, likely because they were both better at selling their opponent's offense than making their own.

    Sounds awful, to be honest.

    An IWC favorite dream match, even though it's never really done much for me.

    Not sure if I think Malenko belongs with the other two, but I clearly see what you're going for here. You should swap Malenko for Benoit, would make a better match.

    I'd buy this match.

    Would be a very good match.

    Another IWC favorite dream match.

    It really is amazing to think of all the superstar wrestlers we've had over the years.

    Not a bad show. There are some matches which wouldn't do it for me, but overall I think it would make a great show.
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    #1=> AJ Styles Vs. John Cena in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

    #2=> The Ultimate Warrior Vs. Goldberg

    #3=> Daniel Bryan Vs. Chris Benoit in a submission match.

    #4=> CM Punk Vs. Kenny Omega

    #5=> Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Kurt Angle

    #6=> Cesaro Vs. Andre The Giant

    #7=> John Morrison Vs. Pentagon Dark Vs. Prince Puma Vs. Austin Aries Vs. Amazing Red Vs. Cody Rhodes Vs. Neville in a ladder match
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    1) Tag Team Turmoil
    Owen Hart and The British Bulldog (1996) vs. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho (2001) vs. The Steiner Brothers (1997) vs. The Eliminators (1995) vs. Edge & Christian (2000) vs. The Hardy Boyz (2000) vs. Rob Van Dam and Sabu (1998) vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels (2006)

    I wasn't sure about the number of teams I should include, I checked Summerslam 1999's card and they had 6 teams competing in the Tag Team Turmoil on that card and I also checked Judgment Day 2001's card and they had 7 teams competing on that card's Turmoil, so I added one more and have 8 teams in my Turmoil. Lots of interesting matchups we could see here in this Turmoil and I like the mix of styles in this with technical, aerial, powerhouse and submission wrestlers. Could even get hardcore in parts of the match with RVD/Sabu, E&C and The Hardy Boyz.

    2) Bret Hart (1992) vs. Kurt Angle (2000)

    Most people would prefer to see them face each other as main eventers but I have them facing each other in their mid-card periods, so I could lump as much as mid-card matches as I can into this dream card. There's only 2 I have, 3 maybe if you count DX vs. NWO later on as a mid-card level match. The only reason I don't have DX vs. NWO going on early with these first two matches is because it's best to spread out the Tag Team Turmoil and War Games. There's 3 singles matches inbetween the two and 3 after War Games. As for the periods I picked for Bret and Kurt, I picked the years where they spent the majority of those years as mid-carders but won their first WWF Title and became main eventers by the end of the year.

    3) Sting (1990) vs. The Ultimate Warrior (1990)

    The Blade Runners explode. Two of the most explosive energetic charismatic stars clashing in a battle between former tag team partners who went their separate ways, carved their own paths, hit stardom and became world champions in rival companies in the same year.

    4) The Rock (2000) vs. Ric Flair (1986)

    Two of the greatest mic-talkers and charismatic guys in the business, the promos would be off the chart and I think there would be good storytelling in this. I also like the idea of 2000 Rock trying to fight off The Four Horsemen like he did The McMahon-Helmsley Regime except The Four Horsemen are a much bigger threat.

    5) War Games
    D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws) (1998) vs. NWO (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, Konnan and Buff Bagwell) (1997)

    I hope it's okay that I cheat here a little as Michaels wasn't part of the group when the Triple H/Pac/Outlaws version happened although Michaels was leader in 98 before retiring, him and Triple H did have an alliance with The Outlaws in February, so even if HBK hadn't retired and remained the leader, I still believe Pac and The Outlaws would've joined DX after Wrestlemania 14 anyway. I just wanted to lump as much as talent as I could in this match by making it 5-on-5 instead of 4-on-4. I could've included main event names like Lex Luger and The Giant in the NWO instead but Luger joined NWO Elite in 1999 and there needs to be some mid-card names in there to counter The New Age Outlaws, so that's why I put in Konnan and Buff. As for Savage who I have countering X-Pac, although Pac is a mid-carder and Savage a main eventer, Pac was popular with the WWF fans in 1998 and even got a WWF Title shot against Rock at Capital Carnage that year, so I think that's enough for Pac to hang with Savage. And when it comes to the workrate part of the match, Pac and Savage are the best wrestlers of both teams, so you can rely on them to put on some good wrestling. I would have the NWO emerge as the winners here due to X-Pac/Syxx turning on DX and rejoining the better faction, the NWO.

    6) The Undertaker (2007) vs. Bill Goldberg (1998)

    The Deadman vs. Da Man, 21-0 at Wrestlemania vs. 173-0. A clash of two Phenom's and the WWF/WCW's most loyal stars. I have 2007 Undertaker facing Goldberg here as this was when Undertaker stepped up his in-ring game and was putting on good matches with another powerhouse star, Batista.

    7) Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman (2015) vs. Andre The Giant w/ Bobby Heenan (1987)

    A larger than life clash, Godzilla vs. King Kong. I would've gone with an earlier healthier and mobile Andre The Giant but then that would mean no Bobby Heenan and I want to have two of the greatest managers at ringside as they would really add to the match and I'd to love see the interactions between the two. I have 2015 Lesnar in the match as he was bordering the line between babyface and heel that year, I didn't want a fully fledged heel vs. heel match here.

    8) Stone Cold Steve Austin (1999) vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (1997)

    I went with Hollywood instead of Hulk as I want a clear face and clear heel in this match and I was always more a fan of Hollywood than Hulk and my favourite characters are cool badass edgy types, so I wanted a cool badass larger than life main event here even if that means no Wrestlemania X8 like crowd reaction. But then again Hogan was competing as Hollywood at WM X8, so we still might get the same crowd reaction here.

    There are more names I would love to include on my card and if I could've spread out some of these guys on the card I would've but being limited to 8 matches made that hard. But I did like the challenge though, so this was fun.
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    Hate to bring back up a dead thread, but I think I might have a pretty good dream card.

    Jacob's Dream Card

    Match 1: Cesaro vs Andre the Giant
    Why: Cesaro has been considered pound for pound the strongest wrestler in the history of WWE, what better way to prove that theory than against the greatest big man of all time, Andre the Giant?

    Match 2: Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Kalisto vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs Austin Aries in a ladder match
    Why: This match would be a cruiserweight dream come true, you'd have fast paced workers taking part in high flying action and include some great moves and hype the crowd up. In the end, i'd give Zayn the win to move his career to the next level.

    Match 3: Daniel Bryan vs Ricky Steamboat
    Why: The two greatest underdogs in the history of the business, 'The Yes Man' versus 'The Dragon'. This would be a match of a lifetime, the fans would eat it up like there was no tomorrow, and the best part? It would be a friendly encounter between two of the best wrestlers of their time.

    Match 4: AJ Lee vs Charlotte vs Trish Stratus vs The Fabulous Moolah
    Why: The four greatest women wrestlers of their time, this match would finally determine who the 'best' women's wrestler in WWE history truly is. Naturally, you would have everyone in their prime in this match to get the best out of them. In the end, i'd give the edge to Charlotte; as a wrestler, she's probably the greatest female to ever grace the sport.

    Match 5: The Young Bucks vs The New Day
    Why: This has to be an IWC dream match for some people, think about it; the most popular tag team act in the last two years versus the greatest tag team to never enter the WWE. A match like that would be killer.

    Match 6: Hulk Hogan vs Roman Reigns
    Why: You could also consider Hulk Hogan vs John Cena or John Cena vs Roman Reigns, but considering how Roman has A. been in three straight WrestleMania main events, B. Has an incredible resume in just five years and C. Defeated Triple H, Batista and The Undertaker and looks to be the next big face of WWE; it only makes sense he go up against the original face of WWE.

    Match 7: A.J Styles vs Triple H
    Why: The Phenomenal One versus The Game, The Champ versus The Cerebral Assassin. The promos would be absolutely lit, and at their ages; they can still put on great matches. The psychology the two have would all things considered carry the two and it would be a great match.

    Main Event: John Cena vs Sting
    Why: I'm sure everyone was expecting The Undertaker vs John Cena or Undertaker vs Sting, but what I personally want to see is the two faces of their respective companies WWE and WCW to finally go head to head to prove once and for all who the dominant promotion really is. The promos would be off the walls and the reactions would be insane.
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    Match 1 The Hardy Boyz vs Edge and Christian TLC Match
    Fun opener, would get crowd excited, two amazing teams.

    Match 2 John Cena vs Hulk Hogan Submission Match
    I've always wanted to see these fight and to my knowledge neither man has more than a handful of Submission losses

    Match 3 Randy and Bob Orton vs Ted And The Million Dollar Man vs Cody and Dusty Rhodes Father Son Triple Threat Tag

    Match 4 Brock Lesnar vs Andre the Giant
    Could Brock suplex Andre being the story.

    Match 5 Bobby Lashley vs Jericho vs Jimmy Snuka vs Eddie Guerro vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane MITB because I think it be a great combo

    Match 6 The Rock vs Stone Cold
    I just love their matches

    Match 7 Best of the Promotion Fatal Fatal Four Way Tag Match
    WWE Michaels and Triple H
    ROH CM Punk and Bryan Danielson
    TNA AJ Styles and Abyss
    NJPW Okada and Kenya Kobashi

    Match 8 Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell
    Love this match
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    Money In The Bank Ladder match - Edge vs Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles vs Mick Foley
    A collection of wrestlers the world and thw powers that be would have never thought would become so immensely popular and would turn into legends.

    Singles match - 2006 Kurt Angle vs 1997 Bret Hart
    A match between Canada and USA, a match between the two greatest of all time.

    Singles match - 2015 John Cena (w/ Sting) vs 1991 Ric Flair (w/ Arn Anderson)
    Cena is a 16th time world champion. Flair is a 16th time world champion. Cena works 5-star matches with heels that are great wrestlers like Owens, Styles and Punk. Who is the greatest heel and one of the best ever to step foot in the ring? Ric Flair. That would be an instant classic. Add Sting assisting Cena, Flair's biggest rival. Add Flair's good friend and bodyguard, Anderson. This would steal any show, anywhere. This is obviously cheating, but I want Flair in his prime, a backstory with Sting and Cena from 2015.

    Singles match - 1987 Andre the Giant vs 2007-09 The Undertaker
    What would happen if the Streak were to meet the man that was undefeated for 15 years? What would happen if a Deadman were to meet the biggest Giant? That would be a spectacle to watch.

    No Holds Barred match - Antonio Inoki vs 2014-16 Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman)
    Going from kayfabe to legitimacy. Antonio Inoki is the man who drew Ali. Heyman brags all the time about Lesnar being a legit fighter. Well, you have the biggest legit fighter/pro-wrestler from today vs the biggest legit fighter/pro-wrestler from the past.

    Singles match - 2002 The Rock vs 1997 Shawn Michaels
    Two of the greatest ever. Two big entertainers. Two great showmen. This would make the crowd go wild for sure.

    3-on-3 Tag Team Elimination match - 2014 Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista) vs The NWO (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Randy Savage)
    When you think about factions, Evolution and the NWO come to mind. I chose 2014 Evolution, simply because Orton and Batista were in a different level than that of 2004.

    No Disqualifications match - 1999 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs 1987 Hulk Hogan
    I don't trust the chemistry between Austin and Hogan nor their in ring abilities to deliver something equal to their names, so the No DQs rule should be added, so that they can have more freedom.
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    I'll jump on this too. Hard to limit the card to just 8 matches though.

    Opener - Elimination Chamber: Dusty Rhodes vs Randy Savage vs Sting vs Randy Orton vs Bobo Brazil vs Dick the Bruiser

    I prefer the EC to the Wargames. These are 6 of my all time favorite wrestlers that I couldn't find a place for in singles competition. I think just about all of these guys would have great chemistry with each other. Bruiser would be the monster. Savage and Sting could pull off the aerial spots. Dusty and Bobo would be the crowd favorites. And Orton would be the snake in the grass waiting to pick the bones of any injured opponent.

    Tag Team Match - [Harley Race and Ric Flair] vs [Triple H and Shawn Michaels]

    NWA vs WWE. Old school versus new school. Trips admired Race. Michaels admired Flair. Can the students defeat the masters? I think the promos leading up to the match would be fantastic. Especially a gritty and hungry Shawn opposite a prime Flair.

    Tag Team Match - [Nick Bockwinkel and The Rock] vs [Verne Gagne and John Cena]

    AWA/WWE crossover. Rivals Gagne and Bock taking on rivals Cena and Rock. Not to mention a clash in styles. Rock and Cena were brawlers, while Gagne and Bock were more technical. But despite that, all four men were very flexible and I believe the action would be tremendous. Not to mention the promos. Gagne wasn't known for being the best talker, but Bock ranks up there with the best of them.

    Singles Match - Andre the Giant vs The Undertaker

    Two of the best all around big men of all time. Two of the most dominant and iconic big men of all time. And two of my favorites. Watching Undertaker chokeslam Andre or Andre hitting Taker with his own Tombstone would definitely put smiles on my face.

    Singles Match: No Disqualification - Wild Bill Longson vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Two of the best brawlers in history. Both of these men were as tough as they came. The piledriver or the stunner? This match would be an absolute war to watch. With the added No DQ stip throwing the rule book out the window, who knows what could happen.

    Singles Match - Bruno Sammartino vs Brock Lesnar

    Lots of similarities between these two: both were big, inhumanly strong, possessed almost otherworldly stamina, and both could fight for real. Bruno wouldn't fear the Beast. He was the baddest of the bad after all. But could Brock take that title from him?

    Singles Match: 2 out of 3 Falls - Lou Thesz vs Kurt Angle

    I feel like this one is a bit cliche, like Strangler Lewis vs Lou Thesz. Then again, Kurt Angle is the closest thing the modern wrestling world has had to a Lou Thesz. As far as wrestling ability goes. What a contest this would be. This would be a grappling match for the ages.

    Main Event - Jim Londos vs Hulk Hogan

    Jim Londos in the 30's was basically a wrestling God. The boom in business he created was unprecedented. Very much like the boom Hogan generated in the 80's. The material on Londos is limited, but from what I have seen he's good. He wasn't a large man, about Daniel Bryan's size, but yet fans saw him as being practically invincible and unbeatable. Next to a behemoth like Hogan, would that cause fans to second guess him? It would make for a great story. Could the great champion overcome Hulkamania, or would the Hulkster prove that size is everything?
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    Opener - NWA Television Championship Match - The Great Muta (c) vs Daniel Bryan

    I love the idea of prestige being granted to mid-card titles, and I'd want to set the bar high in the beginning of a show. These two would be high energy to get the crowd pumped up and it wouldn't be too over the top and thus overshadow the rest of the matches.

    Match #2 - I Quit Match - George Hackenshmidt vs Rusev

    I like to match styles in my imagination to see who does it better. My Grandpa was a big fan of prowrestling, and he let me know that George Hackenshmidt was the greatest wrestler of his time. I see Rusev as being the closest type of performer to an athlete who is an even balance of technique and strength. This one might be a bathroom break for some as it'd likely involve a lot of rest holds, but I for one would want to see who would come out on top.

    Match #3 - Last Man Standing Match - Killer Kowalski vs Bruiser Brody

    This one is meant to balance the match before it, where instead of an overly technical match the fans will be treated to a brutal beatdown where both men will likely trade stiff punches and chops. The rules will state explicitly that this match cannot end in a no contest. The first man to be unable to answer a ten count will lose, and if both men are down then the winner will be the first man to make it to his feet.

    Match #4 - WWF Women's Championship Match - Stephanie McMahon (c) vs Akira Hokuto

    I've probably hated on Steph more than anyone else on this forum, but she's proven that she can put on an amazing match even after taking time off. We have some great female athletes in the WWE today, but Steph is the only person that I could see taking someone of Akira Hokuto's caliber to the limit. Akira Hokuto was the top badass of an entire roster of badass women, and taking on the Billion Dollar Princess would be a significant feather in her cap. Given the passion that McMahon's tend to have in the ring, I could see this one putting the rest of the card on notice.

    Match #5 - NWA Tag Team Championship Match - The Revival vs The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn and Ole Anderson) (c)

    I know that Revival is still pretty fresh, but they've established themselves as a no-nonsense pair of bruisers who can adapt to any opponent's style. If they ran into Arn and Ole Anderson in their prime, it would be nothing short of a barn burner. Arn and Ole would likely cut blazing promos, and Revival would seek to remind them of why it's a mistake to take them lightly.

    Match #6 - Elimination Tag Team Match - The Shield vs The Von Erichs (David, Kevin and Kerry)

    The Von Erichs didn't need to be in Texas to steal a show, this family was revered world-wide and were the sole reason for the explosion of success that WCCW enjoyed in their heyday. David could overpower the toughest men, Kerry could out-finesse his most technically gifted opponents, and - among other talents - Kevin could set the crowd on fire with a pre-match promo. The Shield would have their own vocal fanbase as well, and would use cunning and strategy to try to out-wit one of prowrestling's proudest families.

    Match #7 - NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match - Triple H vs Jumbo Tsuruta (c)

    In his later years, Triple H has shown his love for the traditional aspect of prowrestling. He's established himself as an all-around main-eventer, and I can think of a no more appropriate equivalent to his potential than Jumbo Tsuruta. The two would measure each other and put on a clinic for the fans of old-school technical wrestling. I'm imagining that Harley Race would be in Triple H's corner and Giant Baba would be in Tsuruta's corner. Having a belt as prestigious as the NWA championship on the line would make the match about more than just pride, both men would be trying to set the bar higher than it's ever been before.

    Match #8 - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match - John Cena vs Bruno Sammartino (c)

    I'm sure that there's nobody on this forum who isn't aware of my hatred for John Cena. Even though my scorn for him cannot be measured, in the continuity of pro-wrestling, he epitomizes the idea of being "the man" more than anybody else. He's been a WWE mainstay, but I know that if any other promotion got him that they'd have to put their top belt on him right away. The only other person that I know of who can compare to that type of status is Bruno Sammartino. While John may have been obnoxious at one point in his career, he reached his zenith as someone who willingly carried all of pro-wrestling on his shoulders. It would answer a lot of questions for fans if they could see both men in their prime have a match, and thus be able to see who would win that match.
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    1. The ELITE (Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) vs. The Shield (Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins)

    Omega probably the 3rd or 4th best pro-wrestler on planet Earth right now with what is a tag team that revolutionized the entire landscape of pro wrestling. The Shield: 1x (First) NXT Champ. 6x WWE Champs. 2x MITB Winners. 3x U.S Champs. 2x IC Champs, 1x WWE Tag Team Champs, CZW World Champ x2, ROH x1, 4 Mania Main events, and a whole lot more.

    This match has only become increasingly relevant over the last 2 or 3 years and even if it went bad it could still be an absolutely amazing match.

    2. John Cena vs. Tanahashi

    I don't think I have to explain this one. Especially looking at Cena now and Tanahashi in his prime. These two aren't any of my personal favorites, but I would be invested in this match the first 30 seconds I knew it existed. This would probably be one of the 1st times in years I go out of my way to watch something live.

    3. Kenta Kobashi vs. Samoa Joe

    These two already had a 5 star classic in ROH when Kenta came to the United States. Kobashi is one of the absolute best and in his prime You could make one hell of an argument in support of Samoa Joe. I'd love to watch another one absolutely blow away the crowd on a bit of a bigger stage.

    4. HBK vs. AJ Styles (2 Out of 3 Falls)

    Prime HBK vs Styles right before his Royal Rumble debut would be a main event that could not only headline Wrestlemania, but also Wrestle Kingdom. The psychology is there, but so is everything you could want physically.

    5. Jimmy Havoc vs. Terry Funk (Texas Death Match)

    This is a personal one. I'm only putting it right before the main event, because I wouldn't want this match to be in between anything else if I was personally watching. Jimmy and Terry Funk combined would absolutely decimate each other and somehow tell a better story than any of the matches on this card. In a Texas Death Match once you pin your opponent he has 10 seconds to get up. If they fail to get up they lose the match.

    6. Brock Lesnar vs Shibata (60 Minutes)

    In a perfect world where Lesnar and Shibata are in their prime and are stiff, but still trying to put on a spectacle I'd want this match over any of the others. Having these two brutal men go head to head would be enough for me to watch it alone. This 60 minutes would be a surreal hour of anyone's life watching let alone the two in the ring.

    There are tons of matches that have never happened and never will that'd I'd love to see. As well as some that have occurred that I'd enjoy in better circumstances. I'd rather just have a big, but somewhat still intimate venue with an absolutely stacked 6 match card and plenty of time for these guys to work.
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