Cole MacGrath

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    Cole MacGrath


    He was someone you'd never notice. Just a guy delivering packages to folks you'd never know

    Cole MacGrath was a simple bike messenger who was delivering a package. In the midst of his delivery however, his package exploded, destroying half the city and killing thousands. However, this event resulted in Cole gaining the power of Electrokinesis.

    Long before the blast, Cole practiced parkour with his friend Zeke. Cole also has higher than normal endurance and a higher resistance to pain and injury than the average human. Add that to his amazing power of Electrokinesis and Cole is a formidable opponent for anyone who steps into the BattleZone

    • Electrokineses-The blast gave Cole powers through the neuro-electric energy of others. With Electrokinesis, Cole is able to channel electricity in and out of his body, which Cole makes use of both as a weapon, and as his way of recovering from injuries.
    • Electromagnetism-As a by product of his Electrokineses Cole gained Electromagnetism which uses electricity to generate magnetic and anti-magnetic effects.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor-Due to his body being electrically charged he is able to withstand greater damage than the average human and is able to heal himself at near superhuman levels.

    • Psychic Vision-Cole is able to touch a dead body and extract their residual neuro-electric energy from their neurons' synapses to create a faint outline of the deceased's or the killer's recent path.
    • Enhanced Strength/Kinetic Pulse-While not at the level of superhuman, Cole is greatly enhanced strength. Coupled with his healing factor is allows him to fall great heights and take little to no damage. His Kinetic Pulse ability allows him to lift larger objects such as cars with relative ease and throw them a short distance.
    • Hand to Hand Combat-While a competent fighter before the blast, his powers allow Cole to be a very skilled hang to hand combatant.

    • Power Transfer Device-Cole is able to use the PTD to turn his Electric powers into either Pyrokenetic or Cryokenetic powers.
    • Weapons-Due to his Electric powers Cole is able to produce many weapons and devices to help him in his battles. They include
      • Shock Grenades-Acting like a sticky grenade, they are small balls of electric energy that are among Cole's most powerful attacks
      • Megawatt Hammer-Rocket like electric blasts.
      • Static Thrusters-Allow Cole to hover and glide short distances
      • Polarity Wall-A wall of electric energy that is able to deflect small caliber weapons.
      • Arc Restraints-Cole is able to approach a fallen enemy and restrain their limbs with electromagnetic shackles.
      • Gigawatt Blades-Blades of pure energy that Cole is able to form on each hand, greatly increasing his hand to hand combat damage

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