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    Ladies( yes, they exist here) and gentlemen, I present to you Eddie Guerrero. The proper method of introducing him would probably involve giving you a summary of the titles that he has won all around the world but no amount of titles can properly describe how great an entertainer Eddie was. That picture up there sums him up best. He was a guy who enjoyed the business and who gave it his all.

    The man was a part of some great feuds with the stalwarts of his era like Rey Mysterio, Edge, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, JBL and many more. The man had great matches with almost everyone he faced and even though he died almost 7 years ago, the memory of those matches are so fresh in the minds of his fans that you would believe that they happened yesterday.

    Who can forget the moment when he won the WWE title against the beast, Brock Lesnar. Yes, it took place amidst some interference but it is still one of the most emotionally satisfying moments for a fan. Who can forget Eddie doing a Frog Splash on Bradshaw from the top of the cage? Who can forget him fooling Kurt Angle to steal a victory from him at the grandest stage in wrestling? Who can forget him stealing countless matches by fooling the referee into believing that his opponent had hit him with the chair? It's scary to think of how many memorable moments Eddie created in such little time.

    It is true that Eddie always entertained me in all his gimmicks but I think that he struck gold with his "Lie, Cheat and Steal" babyface gimmick. Everyone loves an antihero and he would have been the ideal antihero for the PG era that began only a few years after his death. He cheated his way to victories and yet, unlike other renowned antiheroes of wrestling, he was not particularly crude. For that reason alone, I choose to believe that the legend of Eddie Guerrero would have only gotten stronger had he lived longer.

    In this tournament, there is no doubt that Eddie will come up against guys that have won more World titles than him but he won't come up against too many guys who were better entertainers than him because they simply do not exist. Do not hesitate to vote for this man if you feel that he entertained you more. Title reigns may last for a while but it is the memories that last forever.

    Vote Eddie!!!!!

    PS: And yeah, this is for those who are obsessed with prizes won in fake fights.

    Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

    AAA World Tag Team Championship (1 time)[156] – with Art Barr
    AAA Hall of Fame (Class of 2008)[157]

    Extreme Championship Wrestling

    ECW World Television Championship (2 times)[10]

    Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South

    IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[72]

    Latin American Wrestling Association

    LAWA Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[158]

    New Japan Pro Wrestling

    Best of the Super Juniors (1996)[159]
    Junior Heavyweight Super Grade Tag League (1996) – with The Great Sasuke[156]

    Pro Wrestling Federation

    PWF World Tag Team Championship (1 time)[156] – with Hector Guerrero

    World Championship Wrestling

    WCW Cruiserweight Championship (2 times)[33]
    WCW United States Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[166]

    World Wrestling All-Stars

    WWA International Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)[167]
    World Wrestling Association
    WWA Welterweight Championship (1 time)[156]
    WWA Trios Championship (1 time)[156] – with Chavo Guerrero and Mando Guerrero

    World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment

    WWE Championship (1 time)[168]
    WWE Tag Team Championship (4 times)[169] – with Chavo Guerrero (2), Tajiri (1), and Rey Mysterio (1)
    WWE United States Championship (1 time)[166]
    WWF European Championship (2 times)[170]
    WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (2 times)[171]
    WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2006)[3]
    Eleventh Triple Crown Champion
    Sixth Grand Slam Championship
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    Eddie has my support all the way through and I'm somewhat upset you started this HQ before me
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    In 1997 I spent the night at a buddy's house. I can only tell you one thing about that night, and it's that I saw my first full pro wrestling match that night. My friend, being raised by wrestling fans, ordered WCW's Souled Out PPV, giving me my first taste of what would become a life-long obsession (ok, so it's only been 15 years, but still...). I can't tell you who was in the main event of that PPV, or what significant events went down, if any. But I can say that Eddie Guerrero defended his WCW US Championship against Syxx that night in a ladder match, and from that moment on I was hooked.

    I've gone back and watched the match since then - it's alright. It's not perfect, but I saw immediately what enchanted me about the product. Eddie Guerrero is, in my estimation, the most charismatic wrestler to ever step between the ropes. If there was ever a better man, it was the Macho Man, but even that is a close contest (and one that we very well may see here in the tournament!). He wasn't just a guy dressed in costume, pulling out move after move. He wasn't just some cheesy gimmick or racial stereotype - Eddie lived and breathed his character in every single movement he made. He took a punch like Eddie, got slammed like Eddie, flew off the ropes like Eddie - Eddie Guerrero was one-of-a-kind.

    He combined great athleticism with a racially-centered gimmick and sold it every moment he was on screen. he didn't morph into character to cut a promo, suddenly forgetting it once the bell rang. His every mannerism WAS the Eddie Guerrero character. He was the first guy I saw in a ring, sure, but he was also the first to win me over to the emotional investment that some fans put into the product. Eddie poured out passion, and drew it back from his fans. Love him, hate him, cheer him, boo him...doesn't matter. Latino Heat wasn't about being a good guy or a bad guy, it was about living out a character that fans connected to in a very real way. He wasn't the annoying "tweener" we get today that tries to walk the line between heel and clever internet-favorite to get over. Eddie was a true sports entertainer, there was nothing subtle or pretentious about that. He echoed it in his taunts, his moves, his promos, his feuds, his modes of transportation... I never wanted to know about Eddie the man, and until his death that harsh reality never hit me. That's what being a good character is all about - you don't add reality in because the fans are too bored to care otherwise, you play your character well enough and intrigue the fans to a point that they can't deny you. They cant help but get behind you, one way or another. He was one of those magical wrestlers that brought a bit of kayfabe back into the business, that helped me suspend disbelief, and provided countless moments of true entertainment without the self-righteous judgement of today's wrestling fans.

    Eddie Guerrero. WCW US Champion. WWE Champion and WrestleMania Main Eventer. Hall of Famer. Winner of the 6th Annual Wrestlezone Tournament.

    Viva La Raza!

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