Callis & D'Amore: Doing the Little Things Right

Discussion in 'Wrestling Discussion' started by It's Damn Real!, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for old school, tried-n-true wrestling tropes — many of which have found their way back to Impact over the last two weeks that have officially begun the Callis & D'Amore regime.

    The four-sided ring, though smaller than I'd like, is clearly the biggest return to normalcy, but beyond it, I've noticed so many small tweaks that when added up measure to meaningful change for the brand.

    In no particular order, here's a bunch of positive changes I've noticed:

    • The mid-walk promo Sydal cut two weeks ago as he came to the ring for his opening match against Bahh—a real throwback to the 90's style of television that did this routinely. Not to mention the strong style match they put on to open the night – another WCW-like reminder.
    • I'm loving the spooky vignette's for Brian Cage. This is something TNA did really well in during the 2000 aughts but got away from for a while, likely due to their tapings being so far in advance. They did a great job with Cody's appearance prior to Bound For Glory a year or so ago, though.
    • The Aries "media availability" that aired this past week in which he appeared in front of a step and repeat to answer questions from the media. This is something done often in Japan and is a unique touch that might be a newer feature but feels old.
    • The Moose promo from this past week that felt like it was channeling the Hogan/Savage/Okerlund era. Mitchell asks Moose a key question, and he draws all his attention and energy to the camera, not her. Lets it all out, and ends with a classic threat/promise and his "Moose" catchphrase. Again, classic wrestling.
    • Last, but not least, they're finally going back to calling their World Title the World Heavyweight Championship. "Global Championship" stunk to high hell of the failed GFW merger, and was, frankly, a mouthful. Especially for the brief time the company was known as Global Force Wrestling. Whether it was GFW or Global Force, it was effectively the Global Force Wrestling Global Championship. Just awful. Impact World Championship is a significant improvement, and well on brand with the shift back to Impact. Eventually, I'd love to see them replace the title entirely. But for now, this works.

    There are definitely other aspects to this, but what are some of the small tweaks you've noticed and loved?
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    It's kinda hard for me to see the small changes made to the product, mostly because they change so many times in the past that you tend to not remark them anymore.

    Yet, every time they change booking team, the product seem to be either enjoyable or pure crap. Having said that, this version is quite enjoyable and make me remember of the way they we're booking the product in 2009 and for me, that was the last great year of TNA/IMPACT wrestling before it when downhill.

    The small tweaks, if they continue with them (i doubt they will), might help them build a new foundation to at less be excepted as the third or fourth promotion in North America.

    The only thing I'm hoping is that for once, they keep with this plan, keep this roster for more then the length of the tv tapings and continue to build their foundation to make the promotion profitable again, because outside of showing classic matches to fill time, they are on the right path.
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    They need 3 things: 1) wrestlers to put on the best matches they can, 2) fans to care and 3) hide their creative weakness.

    This is a possible way i see this done:
    1) and 2) each month fans vote on the best match they saw on their TV, and the wrestlers involved in it get a real cash. And fans also vote on the worst match. So fans understand their call is important and wrestlers understands their performance need to be on the level. Of course creative need not to destroy wrestler's chances.

    3) the points system. From sports.
    A win = 2 points. More points - closer to the title shot. Champions get 10 points automatically at the beginning, so other wrestlers need to get some wins under their belts before they able to challenge the champ. A title victory or defence - 6 points.

    So when creative "have nothing for you", you can still fight for points and get crowd invested (at least somehow) in your match.
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    The one problem with your solution is it wont really work with their current taping environment....Imagine having to reward a guy who by the time the episdoe airs has left the company 3 months back
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    If the guy left, then all the money goes to the other wrestler(s) involved, if all left, then the match is not up for voting. OR this can be another reason to stay "3 more months"...
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    They tried this a bunch of years ago and it failed miserably. WCW tried it in the early 90's and it also didn't work there. Points systems don't work. All they need it what Callis brings to the table, simple logical storylines and a focus on the athletics vs. the soap opera (which is what WWE focuses on). I love the switch back to the four sided ring. It is much simpler for them to shoot. They have a couple camera angles that are distinct from WWEs visual style and are much more consistently able to get the performers to perform for the camera because they know where their positions are.

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    I would say that this is a big thing they aren’t doing right!!

    The only possible way to beat WWE, or at the very least, become 1B, would be if every promotion got together and formed an actual World Wrestling Federation. This is a brilliant first step in the only direction they can go on. Cross promotion matches, then cross promotion feuds, then cross promotion stables, then cross promotion Champions. This would really make the WWE pay attention to those who are “not competition”.
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    What Impact needs is stability and direction, until they get that then they are on the road to nowhere.

    If they are getting small things right like IDR has pointed to, then good for them, I haven't watched Impact for some time but I still read up on the results and the goings on at the company.

    I hope they can get themselves together, it's a long way back to where they were when they were an actual alternative to WWE.

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