Brock Lesnar's Wrestlemania opponent

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Who should face The Beast at WrestleMania?

  1. Goldberg

  2. The Rock

  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

  4. Randy Orton

  5. Kevin Owens

  6. Samoa Joe

  7. Roman Reigns

  8. Finn Balor

  9. Shinsuke Nakamura

  10. Other

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  1. Terry Gyimah

    Terry Gyimah Championship Contender

    Sep 9, 2011
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    It is obvious that Brock will be on the card for WrestleMania 33 and if he is who should be his opponent?
  2. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

    Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. Kamehamehaaaaa!!

    Jul 8, 2011
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    Who should be his opponent?

    Let's start by saying that Lesnar on RAW, which means, unless WWE pulls some creative "magic", Brock Lesnar has to face a guy from RAW.

    RAW only has one viable option for Brock Lesnar: Kevin Owens. I'm putting my money on Kevin Owens to becoming a big babyface in the future. I think, Kevin should face Lesnar in an equal match, only with the match ending with literally Lesnar TKOing Owens brutally. Kevin Owens's spirit and the result, will bring sympathy for Owens and plenty of cheers. And no, Lesnar shouldn't lose yet, that should come at Wrestlemania 34. But, If the match is a solid one (not a squash) and if Owens is posiotioned as an equal to Lesnar, even if Owens ends up losing, he will have gotten over.
    Especially if the loss comes in a brutal way that will make the fans sympathize with Owens.

    Also, Owens vs Lesnar can be billed as an acual fight, given Owens' gimmick and Owens and Heyman will really sell the match in the build up. It will be golden and it has the potential to have a big match feel, especially if Owens' stardom continues to rise from here on out.

    Why not the other choices?
    We have already seen Roman vs Lesnar, even though the match needs a closure, Reigns won't be the one beating Lesnar, not if the fans get behind Reigns. So Lesnar facing Reigns in a predicable match result isn't really all that great.
    Joe, Balor and Nakamura won't have the momentum and popularity needed to get in the ring with Brock.
    Finally, there's really no interest for Brock vs Rock or Brock vs Goldberg. WWE sells out the "New Era" and there should be matches advancing the New Era or at least the present one. Goldberg is from 12 years ago. The match will be predictable and I don't think people want Lesnar vs Goldberg. All they want from Goldberg is to get in the ring, say "You're next!", spear, jackhammer, pop and leave.

    So I'm going with Owens in a story that if booked correctly can be money.
  3. Pika

    Pika Pre-Show Stalwart

    May 7, 2015
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    I like a lot of these match up wise, but the execution and quality of the match is kind of what makes this question hard to answer.

    I don't picture Austin, Randy, Goldberg, Reigns being a thing to be honest. At least not a good one.

    I have no opinion on Rock vs Lesnar, but I could possibly get behind it with the right circumstances.

    Balor / Owens is just kind of not going well the first 30 seconds into thinking about this, Lol.

    I just want Nakamura to do well, and I don't think this is going to do much for him Lol. At least not now.

    I'd take a Samoa Joe vs Lesnar match 100% despite W/L outcome. That just sounds different and interesting. I think it could have some kind of back and forth and even if Joe does lose Via Suplex City at least I think he could rebound at the moment or even go further following.

    All wants aside and realistic sense I could see this working, and get behind the match just written on paper. As well as see others including casual fans I know.
  4. Aquaman6686

    Aquaman6686 Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Mar 17, 2010
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    It doesn't matter who it is, Vince won't let Lesnar lose. So it will just be another pointless match with Lesnar looking invincible. I just wish he'd get hit by a bus and die.

    [email protected] R.I.P Mustang Sally :( :( :(

    Nov 27, 2013
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    Man, that's pretty low, don't you think? After all, WWE is just scripted entertainment made for the viewers' enjoyment. Why would you wish a horrible death on someone based on how they are booked? :disappointed:

    On topic: I'd prefer Shinsuke Nakamura get a huge debut and be the one to defeat Brock Lesnar in an open challenge at Mania. However, I don't see Vince ever allowing that to happen, so I choose Roman Reigns in a rematch. I think Roman is going heel soon and with Brock Lesnar also getting some negative reactions after the whole UFC doping fiasco and the SummerSlam 'shoot-ending'... I feel it would be a great way to properly "make Roman Reigns"(at least I hope so as a huge fan of his. :) )
  6. BigDaddyKewl

    BigDaddyKewl Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 5, 2007
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    One of the few big names that hasn't worked with Lesnar and is still under contract with WWE is Chris Jericho. Lesnar and Jericho allegedly had a backstage altercation at Summerslam. I think this could make for good tv if they turn this into an angle. They could build this up as Jericho is standing up for the locker room as the veteran leader and he has more guts than brains. Jericho and Heyman have history because Jericho is a ECW alumni and these two would have no problem carrying the promos when Lesnar' s absent. Obviously you would have to turn Jericho face and book him strong heading into Mania. Even though it's a mis match and Jericho loses his share of matches I think the fans will still buy into this feud.
  7. Phenomenal

    Phenomenal Pre-Show Stalwart

    Feb 23, 2010
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    Rock, Austin and Goldberg are the best choices, everyone else on the list looks like a mid-card or jobber and wont be believable. I would say at the moment The Rock is the perfect choice for the reason being they are both roided as hell and have that mega-star aura.
  8. kadroan

    kadroan King Of The Ring

    Apr 7, 2013
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    I'd prefer a guy like Samoa Joe. He could debut in time by Royal Rumble and get booked credible as a threat.
  9. Khalifa

    Khalifa Where it at doe?

    Jul 26, 2008
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    How about Conor McGregor? Is it a lock yet that he is going to show up in WWE for a match one day? I don't think it's wise for him to go up against a top WWE superstar as I doubt Conor makes an appearance without winning or atleast being cheated out of a win. I don't like the idea of feeding anyone meaningful to Conor and let's face it, it's probably going to be Bray Wyatt because who else can take a loss like Bray.

    As for the actual Brock vs Conor matchup you get something that UFC could never produce but everyone would love to see. You get Brock Lesnar backing up the WWE roster proving how tough these guys are while also having legimate MMA skills to counter Conor. You get the best shit talker in the world going up against the best mic worker in possibly the history of wrestling. Imagine the promos. But best of all you get a win win situation. Either Brock loses (which is about time) or Conor loses.
  10. TDFG

    TDFG Championship Contender

    Feb 5, 2014
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    I don't have much interest in Brock Lesnar having a match with The Rock or Bill Goldberg, I'd much rather have him face someone that's currently on the Raw Roster.

    With that in mind, I would have Brock Lesnar take on either Kevin Owens or Big E Langston. Lesnar v Owens would be a brawl, Lesnar v Langston would be two big beasts just having a tear up and I'd like to see Lesnar on the receiving end of a suplex or five.
  11. The Samoan Heritage

    The Samoan Heritage Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 10, 2014
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    looking at the list, there aren't that many credible threats, but I would rather see Lesnar lose soon rather than later, and it shouldn't be to anyone who is on the roster every week.
    Austin, Goldberg, and Rock are out!
    Triple H, Orton, Taker, or Cena facing Lesnar would be a waste of time as we've seen most of those match ups way more than enough.
    Balor and Owens seem less of a threat and more of a complete squash to Lesnar, which is not what you want your first two Universal champions being looked as.

    I would go with either Roman Reigns or Samoa Joe.
    -Reigns looked good against Lesnar and he technically didn't lose(or win) against him, as the history books show Rollins beat both in a triple threat match.
    -Samoa Joe on the other hand is an 20 year experienced veteran that if pushed to the main event scene quickly needs something that will get him there. AJ's was beating "the face that runs the place", and Joe's could/should be beating the "conqueror".
  12. Blade

    Blade "Original Blade"

    Jul 29, 2007
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    There's only really two people that Lesnar has any kind of unfinished business with: Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. Now, the Orton rematch has already been announced. So that leaves Reigns.

    Their first Wrestlemania match was really fuckin' good. Like, as a story, they knocked it out of the park. Even before Rollins cashed in, it was a great match. The cash in just brought it even higher. So if Reigns and Lesnar were to go at it again, with a slightly more even match this time, I would be absolutely up for that. Neither guy should be in the World Title picture at Wrestlemania, yet both guys deserve a big match. So I hope that's the plan.

    I really, really don't wanna Lesnar vs. Goldberg 2. Ignoring for a moment how bad their first match was, I don't want to see a 50 year old who hasn't wrestled in over decade take on Lesnar, who's gotten so lazy. That doesn't sound fun to me.

    I don't know how Samoa Joe will be booked when he makes it to the main roster. But 6 months of build up will not be enough to make him a credible threat to Lesnar. And I would never buy Owens as a credible threat as a heel. And all the other choices pretty much won't happen. Unless WWE have a bank vault full of money that they're ready to offer the Rock.
  13. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

    Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D. Kamehamehaaaaa!!

    Jul 8, 2011
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    Those who say Joe, let me remind you that the thread talks about the upcoming Wrestlemania.

    So, people, stop dreaming, because even if Joe were to debut now, he's not a draw that can take on Brock Lesnar. Period. Summerslam 2017? Maybe.
    And don't tell me about "booking Joe strong" until Wrestlemania. I won't accept freaking Samoa Joe debuting and just tearing through the entire roster just to lose to Lesnar. It makes the roster looks bad and in end it makes Joe looks bad.

    Lesnar needs an opponent that already has exposure with the fans, is over, and thus losing wouldn't hurt. That's why from the active roster the only choices are Owens (if booked in a scenario where Owens looks good), Reigns and Bray Wyatt (just for the lolz, could be a draw and have an old school feel).

    However, I want Bray to get something that's called a Wrestlemania victory first and plus, he's on Smackdown. So it really comes down to Reigns or Owens. And Owens is still a risky move, because he's an up and comer.
  14. Spencesc11

    Spencesc11 Getting Noticed By Management

    Jan 30, 2013
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    Needs to be Reigns. I would have Reigns in the Final 3 or 4 in the Rumble and have Lesnar come out whose not even in the Rumble and throw him out.

    Mania Card
    John Cena vs. The Undertaker
    Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar
    Seth Rollins vs. HHH (Universal Title)
    AJ Styles vs. Nakamura (WWE Title) - Nakamura wins the Rumble
    Ambrose, Orton, & Kane vs. Wyatt Family (Bray, Harper, & Stroman) - Stroman invades Smackdown an attacks the 3 faces at some point.
    Miz vs. Daniel Bryan (I-C Title)
    Becky Lynch & Lita vs. The Bella Twins
    Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Bailey vs. Nia Jax (Raw Womens's Title)
    Ladder Match US Title - (Balor vs. Neville vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Owens vs. Zayn)
    Uso's vs. American Alpha (Smackdown Tag Titles)
    New Day vs. Rusev/Samoa Joe (Raw Tag Titles)
    T.J. Perkins vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Cruiserweight Title-Opening Match)

    * I would dump Andre Battle Royal. (Seems to be a waste of time as no one really capitalizes on any push from it.

    HORRORHOLIC Pre-Show Stalwart

    Apr 20, 2014
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    Maybe a guy like Joe. I would save the match with Shinsuke Nakamura for Wrestlemania 34 when Lesnar will probably pass the torch. I would like to see Shinsuke Nakamura be that guy.
  16. rge2010

    rge2010 Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Nov 3, 2010
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    Samoa Joe should continue this angle where he attacks someone every single week on NXT and eventually head down to Raw and attack Brock Lesnar! What a story that would be. That sets up the Main Event at WM33.

    Brock vs Golderg III will be a possible. I think whoever loses at Survivor Series would go over in the rematch.

    Alternatively Brock vs Rock would be the biggest Main Event of all time. I still think this may just happen at some point.

    I still hold hope for a last Batista run. He was left off WWE 2K17 which could be a sign he will be the 'pre order bonus' of WWE 2K18 and that would hopefully coincide with a run - albeit culminating at WM34.

    All four are possible. All four would sell well.
  17. Rocky84

    Rocky84 Guest

    Jan 28, 2013
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    Kevin Owens? C'mon. Haven't ratings dropped since he's been champ? And this is the guy who is a better choice than Nakamura or Balor?

    If Rock comes back to wrestle it'll be against HHH...they've built the thing on Raw and Wrestlemania not too long ago already.

    Stone Cold is finished...he's not coming back. Give it up.

    Goldberg? Why? We already know they'd give the win back to Brock, so it's pointless.

    The best choice is Nakamura. Turn on NXT and see how the crowds react to him. Turn on NJPW and see how fans react to him. Have him show up on Raw and challenge Brock and see how the fans mark out. He's well known, and his style will be marketable for the main stream audience if he's marketed correctly. He's wrestled Lesnar before, but he's far better now. He's like the Japanese HBK. This guy could believably win, and it would launch his WWE career.

    Demon King Finn Balor is also a choice. Maybe have Finn Balor face Lesnar at Fastlane and lose, then have the Demon face Lesnar at Wrestlemania and win.

    Samoa Joe is also a great choice. He won't get bitched around by Lesnar like others have.

    Bottom line, at this point Lesnar's dominance needs to be used to put someone over and launch a career. They screwed up by not doing that with someone beating Undertakers streak once they came to the conclusion of actually doing it.

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