Bring back the King Of The Ring Tournament?

Discussion in 'WWE' started by ThePunisher144, Dec 13, 2018.


Should WWE bring back the King Of The Ring Tournament?

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  1. ThePunisher144

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    Dec 13, 2018
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    Bring Back The King Of The Ring Tournament?

    Ladies and gentlemen I'm brand new to the forums, so hopefully I can bring some great articles to Wrestlezone. I run a Wrestling Podcast on YouTube, and I saw a couple people on my Twitter mention to me about wanting WWE to bring back the "King Of The Ring" Tournament as a PPV, or as something that could help boost ratings for Raw and SmackDown Live. I wanted to bring this discussion, and get everyone's opinion on the idea that was in my head after reading some of the replies on Twitter.

    What came to my mind was if WWE did bring back the King Of The Ring concept there's only one way that it could help boost the ratings for both Raw and SmackDown Live, and mainly on the Raw side of things. Here we go with my idea. WWE could boost ratings, and also get more eyes on some guys in NXT if they utilize that brand as well. Split the King Of The Ring participants using Raw, Smackdown Live, and NXT. Have the NXt stars come up to the main roster for this tournament. Let Seth Rollins burn it down with guys like Finn Bálor, and many others on Raw. Add AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio on SD Live, and definitely bring up Ricochet, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, EC3, Velveteen Dream, and many more to help boost ratings with announcements. Hell you could debut Lars Sullivan using this concept. Have him destroy the King Of The Ring Tournament, and have him win it. Don't even announce if he's on Raw or SmackDown Live. I want to see WWE get out of thus big slump as of late. This is the perfect solution to help ratings. The ratings are at its lowest. Record setting lowest, and why not utilize the NXT brand, and get more eyes on these guys. Alright everyone. Thanks for reading and replying. Thanks for having me on the forums, and I can't wait to see what your opinions and ideas are as well.

    - ThePunisher144
  2. d_henderson1810

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    I think if they bring back "King-Of-The-Ring", they need to do a couple of things.

    1) Make it a yearly PPV.

    2) Make winning it mean something. The prize I had in mind is that the "King-Of-The-Ring" should earn a guaranteed Universal or WWE Title shot at "Summerslam", like winning the Royal Rumble gives you a Wrestlemania title shot.

    This would make winning more worth it, and create hype both for KOTR and Summerslam.

    3) I would also have a "Queen-Of-The-Ring" tournament, for the women, and hold the final at the KOTR PPV. Have it that the prize for the winner is a guaranteed RAW or SD Women's Title shot at "Summerslam".

    4) Maybe even have a "Knights Of The Ring" tournament, which would be for tag-teams, and the winners get a RAW or SD Tag-Team Title shot at "Summerslam".
  3. @smarkmouth

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    If you had posted the article a few years back, I'd be gung-ho for a KOTR return, but in the last few years we've gotten two MYCs, two UK tournaments, the CWC, another cruiserweight tournament, and a World Cup tournament full of Americans. There's probably a Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic around the corner in NXT as well. Personally, I'm a little burnt out on tournaments.

    That being said, I like how they currently distribute tournaments. It's not a yearly "Oh, it's March, time for our yearly tournament" format. Tournaments have happened when it's made sense to do so. While again, the bloom is off the rose in my eyes when it comes to tournaments, I do like that tournaments aren't locked to a specific calendar month.

    Welcome to the forum, Punisher!
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