Bray Wyatt's losing streak at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'Wrestlemania XXXIII' started by Psykohurricane55, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I don't know if somebody realise this but when wyatt loses to orton at this year wrestlemania, he will be 0-3 at mania if you don't count the crap they did with the wyatt family last year. So I'm thinking, can they start market this as the new streak at mania where wyatt is curse and can't win at mania and build the anticipation to see wyatt finally get his first win at mania.
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    I can't really see anything positive of someone keeping count of Bray's losing streak. Especially since he's a heel and by far not an underdog. Losing streaks are there to turn faces heels or to keep the fans behind an underdog. You can't suddently take Bray and turn him into a face underdog from a heel that everyone should fear.

    Even if Bray wins at Wrestlemania after a 5-0 or 4-0, what's the deal? That's 5-6 years we're talking about. That's a lot of years for pro wrestling.

    Also, losing to Cena, Rock, Taker and Orton is not such a big deal. He's a jobber to the stars. And he's still 29 years old. Randy Orton had won everything there is to win by that age, but what did he do after that? One Authority angle and now the Wyatts angle. That's Orton's big moments in the past 7 years.

    Bray on the other hand, is constantly at the top of the card and the fact that he still hasn't gone all out, hasn't won the championships and the Rumble, means that there's still so much room for growth.
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