bored with raw? what if you were creative? look here!

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    Bored with raw my fellow wrestling addicts? If you have read any of my writing in the past then you know that i usually take a more creative look at things, mainly due to the fact that i like to see what the fans would do if they were given control. I know chances of any of what i write actually happening are slim to none but the imagination of a single individual could spark new t.v. ideas. With that said...

    What if you had the power to book the matches and were coincidentally the brain behind creative??? Well let's say that is exactly the case and that being the case, tell me how you would book your 3 hour raw episode. Let's stay relevant to the current status of the brand as of last Monday but from there go in any direction you like for all current stories and even create for those characters not in plots that you would like to see get pushed.

    Here's what I would do...

    1st hour:(jumping right into a new story yay!)

    Raw kicks off with Ziggler in the ring. No music, he's already center of the ring with a mic. He says the only reason he is in the ring at this moment is because he paid for the television time personally. (His character is doing a live disgruntled employee cmpunk/pipebomb type thing) He continues on to say he's tired of being one of the most well rounded, wrestling on the main roster, yet he gets buried by the creative team. He continues to say triple h doesn't want to give him the shot he deserves because the authority is worried that he will become a bigger star then H. His mic gets shut off. Random back stage hands walk to the ring to push Dolph to the back. Cole from the booth saying in a lower voice to King "did you hear him?".(you discover hes talking about what vince is saying through his headset) Camera cuts out to the trailer in the back where you hear voices coming from inside. The voices of H, Steph, Batista, and the great Mr.McMahon character. They're arguing, McMahon is blowing his lid about the wrestler on live television and the complaints he's expressing. Batista wants to know when he's getting paid (playing into the big money loss the company just took) H and steph attempt to retort but McMahon screams for everyone to get out as he opens the trailer door and spots the camera man outside and bugs out yelling to cut off the camera.(this writes mcmahon back on to t.v.)
    (3 new "reality era" angles for the first segment.)

    Cut to commercial

    At the booth Cole plays this nervous/serious character, king says whoa and jbl says let's get to work as the bell rings. Its all move calling and very minimal banter for the first match.

    Rhodes/Goldie vs. Harper/Wyatt

    (Wyatt is in the match so cena can interfere and give him an AA playing into their story leading up to the match at payback.)
    The rhodes brothers are getting destroyed mid match with cody stuck in the wyatts corner and rowan on the outside beating up goldie while the ref is distracted. This prompts cena to the ring through the audience. Cena sneak attacks bray hitting him with the AA then rowan and harper double team cena while cody argues with goldie on their way to the back because codys tired of getting beatdown while goldie is off somewhere else. The usos out to the ring to bail out cena. The faces clear the ring as bray gets on the mic and leads the fans to sing his song.
    Winner by dq The Wyatts

    Camera cuts to commercial again.

    Were back at the booth where cole hypes a message hes received from Mr.McMahon saying The Boss will be out later tonight to address the issue of superstars being held back due to The Authoritys ego and what the feel is right for business.
    King and JBL both very excited for that segment.

    Next match

    3mb(all original members no hornswoggle) vs. Russev w/Lana

    Squash match. Drew gets most of the beaten and taps out as Slater and Mahal bail leaving drew to get destroyed by the bulgarian brute. After the match, rusev and lana have gone backstage as Drew gets himself together, he asks for a mic and says hes tired of being laughed at, he agrees with with Ziggler and hes all done with 3MB. This puts him over with the crowd as he limps off to the back.
    Winner: Rusev

    (Ive decided to skip commercials at this point so just imagine the commercials where you will)

    Back at the booth King asks JBL if hes having trouble with his superstars on NXT and JBL responds by saying hes a fair manager so his superstars are happy where they are as Cole interupts him saying if you like your job JBL you will watch what you say.

    Next match

    Barret vs. Big E

    Barret out first with his bad news gimmick saying hes got bad news for the wrestlers in the back who cant hack it and are whinning about their spot on the roster.(playing into the on going episodes story)

    Good back and forth offense/deffense from both men with E getting the upperhand only to run into a bullhammer.
    Winner: BNB

    2nd hour:

    The Authority(just steph) out to the ring. Steph starts to address Ziggler and the current status of the WWE/World Heavyweight championship. She talks down Ziggler saying hes only as good as his champion and calls Ziggler and Bryan B+ players. Bryans music hits. Out comes Bryan minus the wife, he still looks fresh out of surgery slightly struggling to carry his titles to ringside. He gets in Stephs face saying this is all her fault. She tells him either he can defend his title tonight against Batista or he can just turn it over now. He says he will never hand over his belts. Steph points to the titantron where the WWEs medical advisor appears and says Bryan is not cleared to wrestle and if he does make an attempt to do such he could permanently end his career. Steph says she can not allow him to defend in the best interest of business. Bryan get pissed and drops the belts saying he will be bacvk when he is cleared and who ever the champ is when he returns will be in serious trouble.

    Next match

    Sheamus vs. Swagger w/Zeb

    Heyman and Cesaro on commentary. Swagger is getting the best of Sheamus as Adam Roses music hits. Rose and gang are on the stage taunting Swagger and Zeb. Sheamus with a Brogue kick off the distraction getting the 3 count only to get jumped by cesaro.

    Next segment: Miz TV

    Miz is out and says he was suppossed to interview his hero the legendary ric flair, flairs music hits, flair to the ring. Flair grabs a mic and says you were suppossed to have me as your guest but he knows hed rather talk to... Miz cuts him off and says Ziggler and McIntyre. They come out to the ring with no music looking very angry. They banter back and fourth about how the superstars the put in 100% of their time into the company always get buried by the athority who only put those of their choosing into title pictures. Miz and Flair both agree with them. Flair decides to take the 3 men under his wing and bring them to the spot they rightfully deserve. Thus forming a new faction with Flair as their manager. The birth of team disgruntled.

    Next match

    Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

    Match starts. Rollins in control for first half then Orton takes over. Orton goes for the RKO but ambrose and reigns hit the ring and orton gets a trible powerbomb as H and Bootista try to make the save but get warded off by rollins and ambrose both suicide diving over the ropes at them. They brawl for a bit till they eventually take the fight back stage ending the segment.
    Winner by dq: Orton

    Next match

    Usos vs. Rybaxel

    Pretty basic match, almost a time filler of sorts.
    Usos get the clean pin.

    Hour 3 kicks off...

    Mr.McMahons music starts, out comes VKM. He starts to down talk the Authority and what they have been doing to "his" roster since hes been gone. (VKM is a face at this point) he says hes taking control of his company. Right after he says that Triple H heads out to the ring. He claims VKM is unfit to controll the WWE and he tells him hes best suited to sit at home and watch from his oversized flatscreen from his couch. VKM asks if H thinks hes crazy? H says a better word would be senile. VKM says he has someone else in mind to take control... then suddenly, Ta Dah! Out come Shane O'Mac doing his dance on the stage. Shane says if H doesnt want to gracefully bow out then they will find a way to remove him, legaly, and then we see David Otunga join shane on the stage with a file in hand. VKM heads up the ramp to join his son while the 3 men smile and wave by to H, H is shown freaking out in the ring.

    Next segment

    Shield is cutting a promo backstage. Basic shield stuff on Evolution.

    Next match

    Fox vs. Nikki Bella

    Paige is on commentary for this match. Fox is screaming at the fans that shes the best diva on the line up. Match starts, a bit of back and forth with Nikki getting the better of Fox. Flair out to the ring yet again and he reachs into the ring to trip nikki whil the ref is tending to a floored Fox. Fox sees the interference and gets up to hit her finisher on nikki for the win. Fox shakes Flairs hand and heads to the back with him. After the match Paige gets in the ring to check on Nikki, behind her out of the audience come none other then AJ Lee who dismantles paige while nikki remains unconcious.

    Camera cuts to backstage where you see Fox walking into a room with Flair, miz, drew and ziggler adding a diva to their unhappiness. Flair shuts the door on the camera.

    Next match

    Sandow vs. Del Rio vs. Bo Dallas vs. The returning Christian

    At the booth Cole announces that the winner of this match will get a shot at who ever the u.s. champ is after payback.

    Del rio out to the ring followed by Dallas followed by Christian, Sandows music hits but no Sandow. Camera cuts to backstage where you see Miz and Flair talking to Sandow. Sandow agrees to skip the match and heads to the locker room with Flair and Miz.

    Now its triple threat. After a long match Christian accidently rolls on top of Del Rio for the 3 count after Bo hit Del Rio with his finisher but failed to make the cover.
    Winner: Christian

    Back at the booth our commentary team covers the events of the night, each giving their own view of whats going on.

    Next match

    Layla w/Fandango vs. Natalya

    Layla is in control for basically the whole match till Summer Rae comes to ringside and kisses Fandango yet again which distracts Layla so Natalya can drop her and put her in the sharpshooter.

    Main event time

    Batista out to the ring and says he was promised a title match against Bryan tonight! Steph is on stage and says next week they will start a tournament and Batista will get an advance to to finals if he defeats his opponent tonight. His opponent is Roman Reigns.

    The whole shield is headed to the ring as Steph speaks up and says for Batista not to worry about Ambrose and Rollins because Evolution is on their way, Evolutions music hits as H and Orton head to ringside.

    Decent match ends in a slightly predictable brawl with awesome spots. Batista gets the bypass to the finals as he gets the win
    by dq on behalf of Ambrose interference. Evolution escapes up the ramps as Reigns is pissed at Ambrose for his interference, Rollins trys to calm down the situation. In the midst of all this Flairs music hits and his new crew(miz, dolph, sandow and drew) comes down and destroys the shield as flair and crazy alicia fox watch on. After the beatdown flair grabs a mic and says the authority had better start paying attention to "The Talent" (which is his new stables name) as the show closes and raw goes off the air.

    Much fiction i know... tell me what you think anyway and play along and write a script for me to read, that would cool... thanks for checking this post out.
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    Are you seriously to the point as a fan that you think you can do so much better with the WWE Product, that on message boards you roleplay booking an average episode of Raw? What are we coming to?
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    Since I don't have time to do a full show, I'm just going to go through the basics on what I do.

    - I would have less commercials: This could be something they can't control, but there are way too many commercials.

    - I would progress each feud weekly: How many times have we watched Raw and seen a thrown together card with no meaning?

    These two changes would actually make Raw a lot better IMO.
    :worship: RVD, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho.
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    1: I thought this week was one of the better raws, plenty to fast forward but good enough.
    2: With no limits on injuries/ availability/ politics/ theres a reasonable chance any knowledgable fan could do better
    3: In terms of what you presented sounds good but im not entirely sold. Id like to see ziggler built a little more slowly then maybe have the big switch, your having peoples first image of raw be of a guy they might no but atm don't care particularly for he's not been all that relevant in a long time. This sounds very much like a heel stable so I wouldn't have BNB acknowledge them, maybe the Uso's or sheamus say something of the sort to set up a feud for the new faction to take the titles
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    Show opens with HHH/Steph/Orton in the ring calling out Bryan. Bryan comes down and Stephanie announces since he can not compete she is taking the belts and giving one to HHH and one to Orton as that is what's "Best for Business".

    Vince music hits and he walks out "best for business? since You guys have been in control of RAW I have lost hundreds of millions of dollars and our stock has plummeted, it is time for a change but not D. Bryan dropping the belt but time for a change of power on RAW"

    Vince announces it's time for a new GM and one who can back up his decisions and put fear into people, one who is independent because it's his first time on Raw.. Stings music hits and he walks out on stage and points his bat at HHH / Orton and Stephanie.. His first decision is to take the title from Bryan for now and to create a tournament but as soon as Bryan is cleared he will get a shot at his title.

    Sting sets up the brackets as previous champions vs previous champions and never champs vs never champs..

    Champions match
    Match 1 John Cena vs Ziggler --- Bray Wyatt gets involved and Ziggler wins
    Match 2 Orton Vs Miz --- HHH gets involved and Orton Wins
    Ziggler Vs Orton -- HHH helps Orton advance to finals

    Non Champions
    Roman Reins Vs Bray Wyatt -- Cena gets involved and Reins wins
    Bad News Barrett Vs Cesaro --- Cesaro gets win
    Reins Vs Cesaro -- Reins gets win

    Championship match
    Roman Reins vs Randy Orton .. Good battle which sees HHH/Kane get involved and it breaks down when

    Dolph Ziggler
    The Miz
    Damien Sandow

    All charge the ring and clean house leaving Evolution and The Shield laying when out comes Rick Flair and Points at the ring as they raise 4 fingers in the air as we fade to black..
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    I see one of the mods moved this to the correct spot on the forum and I thank you, whomever you are for that. I will be sure to post any more fictional booking in the book this! Section. Thanks for the replies. I would like to answer a few questions, first of all yes I feel lots of fans especially writers whom are fans could and would come up with better stories then WWE or TNA creative. Mainly because scripts get changed last minute all the time which I will say last minute script changes are probably not credited to creative. We as the fans may get angry at creative workers for dull stories but its very possible that they are not at fault. Secondly, yes Dolph was my choice for that spot because most, well all hardcore fans know that ziggler is easily one of the most well rounded under used characters on the roster. I figured that would hit home for those on the other end of the screen. So in conclusion, I would love to write for WWE or even any small companies trying to build themselves up. Seeing how I'll probably never get a shot at that I'll probably just keep writing for you guys here on the Wrestlezone forums! Once again, thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to writing to you soon.

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