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Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by JKO, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. JKO

    JKO Guest

    its the link in my sig...i thought they allowed it but i guess they dont

    whipped this bad boy up in about 5 mins
  2. zero

    zero Guest

    Not bad, I like how Orton's pose accents the WWE logo.

    By the way, put your link between [img] and [/img] and it should work
  3. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    Its really great. ^btw, that doesn't work. For some reason, I tried to edit my sig and it wouldn't let me :(
  4. I like that a lot, and how the sunlight reflects off of orton's face
  5. mugford1

    mugford1 Guest

    Wicked Randy Orton
  6. thats really great. I wish we could have image sig's at this site :icon_sad:
  7. Absolute

    Absolute Guest

    i was eating at a family reunion Barbeque, and the topic came up about why sigs don't work here
  8. seaneth

    seaneth Guest

    ^^ Haha great topic. Wish my family liked Wrestling. Or sigs. Yeah i like the sig, has great effect and looks like a lot of effort put into it. Not sure bout if you did it in 5 mins though....

    Sean :D
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