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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by JerryvonKramer, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Now DiBiase has always been my all time favourite wrestler, but for such an amazing talent he's a bit short on classic matches. So this is tough from the point of view that, for much of his WWF tenure, he was carrying people like Hogan and Warrior to half-decent, watchable matches rather than wrestling ***** classics. I could have gone with one of his 5 1988 title matches with Randy Savage but my picks are:

    April 24, 1990 - Prime Time vs. Shawn Michaels (found on WWF's Hottest Matches VHS)

    HBK was still with the Rockers but was testing the waters in singles competition. This match is excellent until the screwy finish. Ted brings out the best in the young Michaels, and they put on a wrestling clinic. Really really good stuff in an era when matches of this calibre were a rarity in WWF.

    April 27, 1991 - SNME vs. Bret Hart

    A terrific match which has everything but a decent finish. This is what was teased at the terrific end to the Survivor Series '90 match (Million Dollar Team vs. Dusty Rhodes's team). Like with Shawn, Vince is testing Bret out against a real world class heel to see how he might get over as a main eventer. Scott Keith gave it ****. Just shows what happens when you put two great workers in a ring together.
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    Great selection JerryvonKramer. Also been a huge fan of Million Dollar for years, still can't believe he never got the chance to wear the World Title. As for the matches:

    Summerslam 1988 - Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks - For me this match sums up what the 80s WWF was all about. You had four of the biggest names in the WWF along with an incredible crowd putting on a very entertaining match. The reason why I choose this as one his best two, is because Million Dollar Man does such a wonderful job in selling everything that Macho Man and Hogan give him. The guy was practically bouncing across the ring for the better part of the entire match. I've always had a soft spot for great sellers, and Dibiase does a great job in this one.

    Royal Rumble 1990 - Again another one that isn't a singles match, but one which I have always remembered Dibiase for. I know Hogan won it, but it was Dibiase and his nearly 45 minute survival that I've always remembered from that night. He just kept taking a beating from every face that came in and yet somehow, kept himself from being eliminated. Every time he was about go over the crowd would go crazy, and then yet again he would avoid elimination. When some other wrestler would come and help him avoid elimination, he would flip fake dollars in his hand signaling how he would be rewarded for his services. Just small gestures like that made Dibiase so entertaining. I've always loved this Rumble and remember how much I enjoyed Dibiase's run that night.

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