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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by Mantaur Rodeo Clown, Apr 25, 2009.

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    For my best two series, I would like to talk about Main Events. The matches that were last on the card. The match people hung out to see. The match that drew the fans. List your two favourite main events. However, the one criterion for this, is that the World title cannot be involved. The storyline and match had to be so good that it was above a world title. Other titles are fine.

    My personal favourites

    Summerslam 1992: Bret Hart vs. "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith

    I've said it before and ill say it again. This match is awesome. Hometown crowd for The Bulldog, and he wins the title from his brother in law Hart. Adding the mix of family drama, Hart's sister Diana and it was a recipe for gold. This match featured some good spots, where Bret Hart almost broke his neck if not for Davey Boy's neck as a handhold. If anything, you should watch this match for Davey Boy's dreadlocks. Insane.

    Summerslam 2008:: The Undertaker vs Edge: Hell in a Cell

    Although this was a tossup between 2 undertaker matches, I had to go with this one over the undertaker vs Undertaker match, simply because this one is more freshly ingrained in my mind. Great match, with a "crazy" edge scaring vicki guerrero and cutting amazing promos, saying he would need to go insane to beat the undertaker. Great saga extending all the way from Wrestlemania.

    Your turn
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    hmmm this is a hard one but here are my choices

    HBK vs CEna- Raw 2007 in London- It was a non title match but def one of the best Cena matches hes had both men went for an hour and Cena finally finally put Shawn over to bad it was non title :/

    and my 2nd one

    HBK vs. Hogan-Summerslam 06 not one of HBK's best matches cus hes had so many great matches but def one of Hogans i remember people were expecting Bret Hart to interfere in this match but it never happen. And there were rumors of having another match between these 2 at Unforgiven which HBK was suppose to win but Hogan Mysteriously pulled his knee out of place. *cough cough bulshit* so HBK faced Masters instead and ended the winning streak :/

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