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    Almost undisputedly the greatest professional wrestling in the history of the business, Hulk Hogan / Hollywood Hogan is the first to receive attention in the new "Best Two" series of threads. The idea here is to decide which 2 of Hogan's all-time matches were his two best.

    Here are my two cents, though I hope some of you dissent.

    Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant, Wrestlemania 3

    Here, you have quite possibly the most important match in professional wrestling history, or at least through the 90's. On the third WrestleMania pay-per-view, champion Hogan defended against his largest and most intimidating challenger to date, Andre the Giant. The result was the biggest bodyslam in history, giving Hogan the victory, and cementing his status as a living, breathing superhero.

    Hulk Hogan vs Sergeant Slaughter, Wrestlemania 7

    Expecting Hogan vs Warrior? Hogan vs Rock? Hogan vs Sting? Hogan vs Savage? Nope, not here. I went with an underdog match, at Wrestlemania 7. When could you remember EVER having a match with such tension, such emotional charge. Slaughter was the absolute definition of a heel for the time - it played on the emotions of a country at war, and Hogan was the warrior and crusader who would defend the American Flag and take down the evil oppressors. Maybe Hogan vs Slaughter wasn't a great match in terms of the action, but in terms of importance, it ranks only a few slots behind Hogan vs Andre.

    So, those are my two picks. In your opinion, what are Hulk Hogan's TWO greatest matches of all time. And you can only pick TWO!
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    Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan
    Survivor Series 1991

    Without this match, there would have never been such a legacy around The Undertaker. this match gave us the balance to Hulk Hogan's goodness in The Undertaker's evilness. The match for the WWE Championship was won by The Undertaker, one of Hulk Hogan's first clean loses, I believe only his second clean lose after The Ultimate Warrior, though I could be wrong.

    After this match, Undertaker would remain a legitimate threat for almost two decades. Although it obviously doesn't have Hulk Hogan as the winner, Hogan was able to win his title back, but not after helping create a legacy.

    The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
    Wrestlemania 18

    Well if IC will not take on this match I will. I know my last match was to create a legacy, and I could have picked the famous match with The Ultimate Warrior, but I choose not to, as the Warrior fizzled, and the Undertaker still runs wild (Excuse the pun).

    The Rock and Hulk Hogan never created a legend. Both men to this day remain legends and were legends when the match began. The match pitted the biggest wrestler of now versus the biggest wrestler of then. The match proved a couple things. Fans will never forget the legends, and the other side of the coin, fans will always think that there was a better product then now. They turned on the Rock in support of Hogan, which I think emotionally hurt the rock a little, I would be hurt. Having Hogan go over the Rock only proved those two things. This match also showed the world that sometimes, two legends should never have a dream match, as it only seems to create a crash of egos.
  3. IrishCanadian25

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    The loss was far from clean. It's important not to mistake a loss involving a pinfall for a "clean" loss. Both Paul Bearer AND Ric Flair interfered in that match, with Flair bringing in the chair onto which Hogan was tombstoned for the finish.

    But I digress. Great choice on this match.

    I don't think Rocky was hurt by the fans. In fact, he led them on at some points. Rock was a connsumate professional in this match, and proved he had business wisdom beyond his years at this point in his career. He knew, in the moment, that he was a part of one of the coolest fan-led moments in the history of the business, and rather that try to dictate to them how things would go, he (along with Hogan) read the crowd and put on a terrific show.

    I expect Rock vs Hogan to get a fair amount of support.
  4. 8five

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    Bash at the Beach 1996
    Hogan, Hall and Nash v. Sting, Luger and Savage
    This was without question the most important match in the history of WCW. This match is responsible for the Monday Night Wars and the Attitude Era. I know technically it had no winner and that Hogan wasn't involved for most of it but the importance is unquestionable.

    January 23rd, 1984
    WWF Championship
    The Iron Sheik (c) v. Hulk Hogan
    I have never seen this match but again I'm picking it for its importance. This started hulkamania, and was the first major step in the expansion of the WWF. His face turn and substitution for Bob Backland made this victory ever so sweet, and marked a new era for pro wrestling.

    Hogan v. Andre would be #3 for me, but i think those to are the most improtant Hulk matches
  5. WillYouStopIt!

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    Great thread Mr. IrishCanadian25.

    Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania III: I have to agree with you on this one. I just love this match, I think it's so well done. I've always felt that both men complemented each other very well. You had Andre, the immovable object, looking almost invincible throughout the entire match, answering every one of Hogan's moves with a counter. I remember thinking as a kid Hogan's got no chance, Andre's just too big, he can't knock him of his feet. And then Hogan gives it everything he's got to take the Giant down. Both men just seemed larger than life back then, and still do. The beginning of the match, when Hogan is approaching Andre with his head shaking, while Andre stands with an emotionless, fearless face is my favorite moment in wrestling history.

    Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior - Wrestlemania VI - I'm sorry I chose such obvious matches, but these two in my opinion are his greatest ones. You had champion vs champion, face vs face, one incredibly popular superstar against another with an unbelievable atmosphere at the Skydome. There was something in the air that night, everyone in the arena and watching at home on ppv knew that this was going to be something special. I mean not only was the match great, but even the promos that both Warrior and Hogan cut throughout the night were so great. They added to the tension and anticipation of the match. I remember the giant Hogan posters on one side of the arena with the huge Warrior posters on the other. It was a great battle between two powerful forces with the most coveted prize in the game on the line. Both men exchanged power moves and holds while trying to one up the other while the crowd screamed and booed according to which one was winning. The match and the night as a whole were just magical. Hopefully the wrestling world will experience something like this again.
  6. TheOneBigWill

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    First and foremost, props go out for the thread creation and the overall value that this should have for a great time to come. Now then..

    Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant - Wrestlemania III: WAS SHIT! Seriously, I'm so sick of everyone and their Grandfather coming in and saying.. "This made the industry. It was revolutionary, it was ground-breaking, it was surreal." Why? The total match consisted of more or less a body slam to a tall guy. Wow.. looking back, I can't believe I didn't soil myself. :rolleyes:

    Let's not forget that in the aspect of the "event", Hogan's slam of Andre wasn't even "original". Big John Studd did it a year or so prior. So in the end, the match was complete and total shit.. and you only have a history making performance because of A.) The event. B.) The Build-up. & C.) The involved Superstars. Hardly anything I'd call history-making (outside of the Mania attendance) or definately rememberable. Now then.. my two favorite Hulk Hogan matches would be...

    Bash at the Beach 1996: Randy Savage, Lex Luger & Sting v. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Mystery Opponent (Hogan): This to me is far more advanced, historical and ground-breaking than a fucking bodyslam to a big guy.

    Hulk Hogan, Mr. "Say your prayers, eat your vitamins, drink your milk, obey your adults, be perfect little angels".. turns heel. I shouldn't even have to say more, but because it's me.. I will.

    Forget that this match had so much historical meaning within it regarding the "believed" invasion. Hulk Hogan was the only guy who could've made this storyline not just work, but become one of the most infamous storylines in Wrestling history. Without Hulk Hogan, the n.W.o. would've never been what it was. Because of that, because of the heel turn alone.. this is Hogan's greatest achievement. To take the ultimate fan favorite, and make him the ultimate heel.

    WrestleMania VI: W.W.E. Championship v. Intercontinental Championship: Hulk Hogan v. The Ultimate Warrior: While this likely wasn't one of his better "wrestling matches" and that's more thanks in part to the awfulness of the Ultimate Warrior, this is another top choice for all-time greatest Hulk Hogan match because it was one of the very first matches I've seen Hogan willingly put someone over, cleanly, in.

    Someone mentioned losing to the Undertaker, but even then he didn't lose cleanly. Ric Flair and a steal chair played a major role in that. But with the Warrior, it was completely different.

    Not only did Hogan drop cleanly to the Warrior, but he willingly "passed the torch" at this point, he willingly gave his finishing Leg Drop, only to have the Warrior kick out of it, then he took Warrior's finisher and stayed down for a solid 3-count. That's Hogan-history, because the bastard he is now would NEVER do something like that again. :lmao: Respect is deserved for what he did in this match. Especially for a hack like the Ultimate Warrior.

    Close-Calls: I wanted to possibly say something along the lines of "Hogan v. Sting - Starrcade '97", or even "Hogan v. Vince McMahon - Mania 19". But in the end, I feel good about the top two I went with. I do strongly believe Hogan against McMahon could be a solid third, and obviously not because it's anything great of a match.. but more so because of the history between the two, being brought into a solid confrontation on the biggest stage of them all.
  7. Y 2 Jake

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    Forget the importance of Hogan/Andre, it's crap. If I'm voting for a Hogan match that is enhanced by the fans reaction to it then I'd pick his Goldberg match of his Rock one any day.

    I won't be opting for any of the usual Hogan matches. I wouldn't pick the really good Savage match, or just ok Warrior match. I won't even pick my personal favorite Hogan match. That being his clusterfuck with The Warrior at Halloween Havok. I'll chose between some that a lot of people probably haven't seen or remember.

    Hulk Hogan vs. Stan Hansen: Part 1 & 2 -


    Hulk Hogan vs. The Great Muta: Part 1, 2 & 3 -

  8. joejoe

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    Thank god you didn't because that match was pure garbage as far as I'm concerned. It was built up so huge with a horribly sloppy confusing finish and a slow paced match with no big spots. He also had to face an out of shape Sting and had not Hogan had such amazing heat on him at the time of the match this would go down as probably the worst match of Hogans career all things considered.

    On to my picks.

    Hogan vs. Warrior Wrestlemania VI

    Besides the whole build up this match had and how two baby faces had never taken eachother on before it was actually quite the entertaining match. Good drama and a great finish. Both of these guys had the crowd on the edge of their seat the entire match and to me if a wrestler is able to pull that off he and his opponent did their job that night.

    Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter Wrestlemania VII

    To me this match will always define everything Hulkamania was about. Working hard doing things the right way and taking out the bad guy. Like mentioned earlier in this thread this match had such emotion involved it almost made the fact that it was for the WWF title an afterthought. All everyone wanted was for Hogan to beat the turn coat slaughter and get a win for the USA.
    Add in the fact that this match was fun to watch and featured Hogan doing a rare blade job was an added bonus.
  9. Skillz

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    Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage - Wrestlemania 5

    I can't believe this match hasn't been brought up yet. This was simply a fantastic match. The story leading into it was very interesting, and the story played out during the match was done perfectly. This is just a master class of how great timing and great storytelling makes a great match, by two of the all-time greats in Hogan and Savage. When people talk about the greatest Wrestlemania matches of all-time, I rarely see Hogan/Savage in consideration, which is a shame because it's easily one of the top 10 of all time. Forget some of the overrated Wrestlemania main events of the past several years (HHH/HBK/Benoit, Taker/Edge), this is a true classic Wrestlemania main event.

    Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior - Wrestlemania 6

    Speaking of classic Wrestlemania main events, Hogan/Warrior is possibly the most classic of them all. I don't need to say anything about this match, what needs to be said has already been said in this thread, everyone knows how great the build, story and drama was. Phenomenal match.
  10. Miko


    Feb 18, 2008
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    Yeah I'll pick this one as well actually, as much of a fan of the Ultimate Warrior I am this one with Savage although not being as important was better in my eyes. Normally I would prefer to see two guys like Hogan and Warrior brawl it out over watching someone like Angle or HBK but Savage is the exception to the rule. This is one of my favourite matches of all time.

    My other has to be Hogan vs Rock at WrestleMania 18, if you've seen my posts round here then you'll probably agree with me that I orgasm over The Rock too much but when you put two of the best workers of all time in the ring against each other then the results are going to be as good as this. Not to mention the crowd's turning on The Rock in favour of Hogan.

    The near misses in this would be Hogan vs Warrior and Hogan vs Sting, had the Hogan/Sting finish been booked differently then it may well have made it in.
  11. jmt225

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    Whenever I think of Hulk Hogan's greatest match, I think of a match that never took place like it was suppose to. And I'm talking about Hulk Hogan vs. Bret Hart. If that would've gone down as planned, I truly feel it would've ended up being Hulk Hogan's greatest match. It's one of my biggest disappointments that this match never took place. But, since it didn't, the other matches I would have to choose are:

    Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock - Wrestlemania 18

    The crowd, drama, unpredictability, excitement, action, false finishes, ect. are all what makes this match, in my opinion, Hogan's greatest match ever. This match was something you thought had the major potential of being crap and a huge letdown since it was being build as the biggest match in wrestling history, but, in a rare occasion in pro wrestling, this match actually lived up to the hype. Hell, it exceeded it. And it's just a match I can sit down and enjoy it every time I watch it. It never gets old, like most of Hogan's matches do after you see it enough times.

    Hulk Hogan & Brutas "The Barber" Beefcake w/Miss Elizabeth vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage & Zeus w/Sensational Sherri - Summerslam 1989

    I don't care what anybody says, this match was pure fucking entertainment from start to finish. Hogan/Savage was just a great storyline and it shows Savage's and Hogan's talent to have such a tremendous match even though both their tag partners were terrible in the ring. However, while bad in the ring, Brutas and Zeus had fun characters to root for and to hate. And then you throw in the Elizabeth and Sherri factor (who were both used to perfection in this match), the match just ended up being fifteen minutes of fun.
  12. 8thwotwATG

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    Jan 1, 2008
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    This is an interesting question to pose, especially since the Hulk has had a great number of memorable matches. I'm going to list two here that have already been said here:
    1.) Hulk Hogan v. The Iron Shiek
    This match was on the short side, and is in no way Hogan's best in ring performance, but it begs inclusion here because it signified the start of what was most likely the greatest run as top draw in the history of the business. There's still nothing to top the birth of Hulkamania.
    Hulk Hogan v. Andre the Giant
    The two most famous wrestlers of their era stepped into the ring to put on one of the most memorable shows of the early Wrestlemania era. The reasons for this matches inclusion for me, among others, are the passage of the torch from Andre to Hogan as the top man in the business, and the fact that while the match was not a technical masterpiece, the psycology and storytelling of the match were top notch.
  13. NSL

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    I'm going to go with Hogan v. Warrior, when Warrior became the IC and WWE Champ. It's one of my all time favorite matches, and was great from beginning to end. It was a rare match where no one knew who to root for.

    My 2nd match would be Hogan v. Savage in the match where Savage though Hogan wanted Elizabeth. It had the same atmosphere as the Warrior match, and was a classic. Just like the Warrior match, I didn't know who to root for.

    You really can't go wrong with a whole number of matches. Narrowing it down to 2 is tough...
  14. agentmichaelscarn

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    Those are my two as well. You could argue that Hogan may have had better pure wrestling matches than that but those two matches just had "it". They had an aura about them that seperated them from the rest. Not to mention they were both very good in their own right which is the difference than the Hogan Andre match. That obviously had the atmosphere and an aura but it just wasnt a good enough match to warrant being in the top 2.

    With Wrestlemania 5 the atmosphere was electric, watching both men come down to the ring with a whole slew of security surrounding them just added to the aura of it. It just seemed like a heavyweight boxing match or something. Both guys put on a show too. And then Hogan winning and his celebrating in the ring with the whole Trump Plaza going nuts made it even better.

    Same thing with the Warrior match. You had the two biggest faces in the company and the two most over guys in the company going at it. Nobody knew who was going to win and the entire crowd was on the edge of their seat the whole match which is obviously what you want in a match. On a side note Hogan pre match promo might have been the best of all time. My only knock on this match though was the finish, I thought it was pretty weak and unbelievable for Hogan to get pinned by something as weak as that considering all the things he kicked out from throughout the years. Still a great match though.
  15. pyrusane

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    Interesting thread. It is undeniable that Hogan did more to bring wrestling to the mainstream than any other in-ring performer could have ever dreamed of. Unfortunately, I think that in many ways he also did more to damage professional wrestling than anyone else, for all the same reasons that made him so over for so long. Therefore, my picks are:

    1) Hogan vs. Iron Sheik This match was the beginning of an era, not just for Hulkamania but for professional wrestling as a whole. Never before had the wrestling world been capable of presenting a star that could capture the interest of not just hardcore or even casual fans, but of the general, non-wrestling viewing public.

    Ask someone who has never watched a single wrestling match to name five professional wrestlers: some may mention Ric Flair, or the Rock, or maybe Austin, but I bet almost every single one would name Hulk Hogan without even having to think about it. His legacy seemed almost impossible to tarnish. Which is why I believe his second biggest match, unfortunately, would have to be:

    2) Hogan vs Kevin Nash, The Fingerpoke of Doom Obviously this is not a classic match, the wrestling was, well, non-existent, and it certainly will never be remembered with any of his great ones. This match, more than any other, showed how little regard Hogan had for the fans that made him the icon he once was. He took what little credibility he still had and, with one poke of the finger, threw it all away. Pathetic.

    This is my first post here ever, please go easy on me...
  16. brak88

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    I don't know, I prefer his match vs. Jarret at BATB 2000. The storytelling in it is amazing, I actually believed what was happening was real for a minute.

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