Best Performance By A Pro-Wrestler In A Movie

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Who Wins The Zonie For Best Pro-Wrestler In A Movie?

  1. Roddy Piper (They Live)

  2. The Rock (Fast Five)

  3. Steve Austin (The Expendables)

  4. Ludvig Borga (Die Hard With A Vengeance)

  5. Andre The Giant (Princess Bride)

  6. Kevin Nash (The Punisher)

  7. The Rock (The Scorpion King)

  8. John Cena (The Marine)

  9. Kurrgan (Sherlock Holmes)

  10. Zeus (The Fifth Element)

  11. The Rock (Walking Tall)

  12. Jesse Ventura (Predator)

  13. Hulk Hogan (Rocky III)

  14. Jerry Lawler (Man On The Moon)

  15. Kevin Nash (TMNT II)

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  1. Dave

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    2011 Zonie Awards

    Nominees for Best Performance By A Pro-Wrestler In A Movie

    Roddy Piper (They Live)

    The Rock (Fast Five)

    Steve Austin (The Expendables)

    Ludvig Borga (Die Hard With A Vengeance)

    Andre The Giant (Princess Bride)

    Kevin Nash (The Punisher)

    The Rock (The Scorpion King)

    John Cena (The Marine)

    Kurrgan (Sherlock Holmes)

    Zeus (The Fifth Element)

    The Rock (Walking Tall)

    Jesse Ventura (Predator)

    Hulk Hogan (Rocky III)

    Jerry Lawler (Man On The Moon)

    Kevin Nash (TMNT II)

    *discussion will be open until Friday, May 13th, on which date the polls will open and voting will be permitted. No spamming, no flaming.

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  2. IrishCanadian25

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    This is Andre's the lose. The role of Fezzik in Princess Bride is a terrific role in a film of nothing but terrific roles. Andre's character isn't even the main supporting character - Indigo Montoya is - and yet Andre is so charming and so solid that he's just a highlight.

    "I am the brute squad."
  3. FSWWE

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    Easy... The Rock in Scorpion King!!

    He made me believe that he really was born to make that character!
    Best acting made by him, and consequently my pick for The Zonie of "Best Performance By A Pro-Wrestler In A Movie"
  4. Alex

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    Well seeing as The Rock has had starring roles in some well known films it undoubtedly has to go to him, I love Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride but The Rock has been the only wrestler to transcend wrestling to movies well.

    I'd have to pick The Scorpion King. That was the film that showed The Rock could be a leading man and it helped him get to where he is now.
  5. jmt225

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    Roddy Piper in They Live and it's not even a competition.

    First of all, They Live is BY FAR the best movie on the entire list. And not only that, but Roddy Piper is the main star and heroine of the movie, not just some supporting actor or playing some stupid cameo. He carried this movie on his back, and he did a FLAWLESS job. Seriously, just think about this... has there ever been a movie that starred a pro wrestler with as much critical acclaim as They Live received? They Live has an 88% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes... EIGHTY-EIGHT PERCENT.

    And the fact is, Roddy Piper made the movie what it was. Hell, the most memorable/iconic moment in the movie was when the Piper character says, "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum." Do you know who came up with that line? If you answered "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, then you sir are correct. If Roddy Piper is not in this movie, that line never gets said and this movie already drops in awesomeness.

    Moreover, this film has, in my opinion, a top 5 greatest fight scene in movie history. Check it out for yourself:


    Watch that scene, and you know that's all Roddy Piper. There is no way a Hollywood fight choreographer would have ever been capable of putting together a fight scene like that... no, that was all pro wrestling influenced, and it was glorious.

    The only answer here is Roddy Piper in They Live, and I just will not be able to fathom how anyone in the World could ever pick something different.
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  6. JWGunslinger

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    I have to go with The Rock in Scorpion King, it's true that he really was born to play that role. He did it so well, he made that movie badass and made really began the trend of wrestlers starring in action flicks. I also liked Walking Tall but I think this one is better because it's the role where I realized Rock's potential as an actor.
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  7. LSN80

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    While I disagree with JMT on best sex scene, I couldn't agree more with him in his choice of Roddy Piper in They Live. When I was a teenager, about 8 years after the films inception, They Live was the first movie I saw featuring a pro wrestler. This was at a time where I knew little about, and as a result, looked down on professional wrestling. People are asked all the time about what got them in to professional wrestling, and 14 years ago, I can say it was a movie I saw starring Roddy Piper.

    Directed by John Carpenter, he noted he wanted Piper for the role after meeting him at Wrestlemania 3 the year prior. "Unlike most Hollywood actors, Roddy has life written all over him", said Carpenter, in noting the similarities between Piper and the character he played. When I look at a movie like The Marine, or, the one others seem to be favoring, The Scorpion King, I see 10 actors who could ably play the role. When I think of They Live, I can't even consider anyone else filling the role whatsoever. That level of authenticity makes Piper's performance all the more special.

    In addition to the noted 88% "Fresh" rating the movie received, it also received many glowing written reviews as well. Jay Carr of the Boston Globe, for example, said, "They Live, with its wake-up call to the world, is on the same level as Robocop and Terminator, even though its hero doesnt sport bionic brass biceps." To each their own, but compare that 88% to the 40% "Fresh" rating the Scorpion King got. And JMT isnt the only one who holds the fight scene in high regard, Rotten Tomatoes named it the "#7 Fight Scene of All Time." This puts it just behind Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, but ahead of The Bourne Ultimatum, Fight Club, Terminator 2, and Lethal Weapon. A fight scene between a professional actor, and Larry David, whose best known as a voiceover man, is the #7 fight scene of all time. Elite company, indeed.

    Finally, lets look at the other movies on the list. Princess Bride is likely the most iconic and my personal favorite, but this is about Best Performance, Not Best Movie. Andre is fine in his performance, but its a limited one. Fast Five is a success due to the franchise name alone, and Rock played third wheel to Diesel and Walker as well. Ventura is killed early in Predator, Nash played small, non-speaking roles in both Punisher and TMNT 2, and Lawler an important, but small role in Man on the Moon. Hogan played a small role in Rocky 3, and I can't even recall Kurrgan in Sherlock Holmes, Zeus in The Fifth Element, or Borga in Die Hard. The Marine was a bad movie and even a Cena mark like myself can't defend his acting there. Austin was exactly what the title role suggested, Expendable, as he jut plays a henchman. Walking Tall is a cookie cutter, paint by numbers film that the Rock was fine in, but hardly memorable.

    Which leads to the obvious choice, which is They Live. Piper is unquestionably the star of a movie that received universal acclaim. Noone else other then Piper could have played that role and made it work the way Piper did. For anyone whose seen it, the choice is obvious. I can't fault youger viewers if it's before their time, but my advice would be to watch it, then vote. Because I think you'll find upon watch that the clear-cut choice here is Roddy Piper in They Live.
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  8. JGlass

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    Roddy Piper's They Live is without a doubt a subtly terrific film, and he does a stunning job playing the skeptic badass George Nada. That said, The Princess Bride is a far superior film in every way imaginable, and Andre the Giant was no small part of it, no pun intended.

    Andre's character Fezzik is similar to Andre himself, a lovable, gentle giant. However, he is forced to do things against his nature, like fight, and when told to bash Wesley over the head with a rock, Fezzik seems regretful ("My way isn't very sportsmanlike.")

    The gentle giant also had an unbelievable sense of comic timing, and this is no more apparent than the famous boat scene as he annoys Vizzini to no end with his love for rhyming. His character was one of the more comedic ones throughout the film, and he delighted Billy Crystal so much that the two formed a close friendship.

    Of course, Andre wasn't simply in there for laughs. It would be foolish not to use a man of his stature for... things a man of his stature would be good for. He played the scary giant role perfectly when he dawned a black cloak and lit himself on fire to terrify some castle guard thugs, and in one of the more famous scenes he catches Princess Buttercup as she leaps from a window to make a grand escape by horseback.

    They Live is a fun, underrated film, and while Piper does a good job in it, it's really nothing to write home about. However, Andre the Giant is absolutely unforgettable in The Princess Bride, and in my opinion he wins this category by giant steps.
  9. LSN80

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    Anyone have a bell? Because I think round #3 is about to start and it certainly is on my friend...;)

    Look, Princess Bride is the superior film to They Live, and there's no question about it. Andre is a part of the cast, a significant one, but he plays second fiddle to the phenomenal Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, and Chris Sarandon. And while Princess Bride is the better film, They Live is a very good film itself. And that, unlike Andre in Princess Bride, is 99.9% due to Rowdy Roddy Piper. The important fight scenes, memorable quotes, and dramatic scenes all center around Piper, and he does a phenomenal job. With Andre, he's a fun part of the movie that's part comic relief, part reluctant henchman, and part hero, but he's not the central focus of the movie. They Live is all about the performance of the Rowdy one.

    When Director John Carpenter was in the early stages of casting They Live, he met Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania 3. The result was him wanting to cast Piper immediately, because he felt the real man that was Roddy Piper was quite similar to the character George Nada. And you can see throughout the movie that this is 100% authentic Rowdy Roddy Piper. While Andre is good for a few comedic, quality quotes, such as the "sportsmanship line", and "I am the brute squad", they aren't even the most important, or memorable, in the film. Westley's "As You Wish" was a central part of the film, and his "Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.", as he saves Buttercup from committing suicide. And of course the most memorable line from the film belonged to Ingo Montoya during his duel with Rugen, of "My name is Ingo Montoya, You Killed My Father, Prepare to die", is stuff of legend. Hell, they even made t-shirts with that saying on it! Andre's lines were good and appropriate for the scenes they were in, but largely unremarkable.

    Anything special that came from They Live belonged squarely to Roddy Piper. His line of "I came to chew bubblegum and kick ass....and Im all out of bubblegum", was far more memorable then anything Andre utterred. They were all unquestionably Piper, things you could imagine him saying as a wrestler, such as Life's a Bitch, and she's back in heat!", or Wooo, it's like a drug. Wearing these sunglasses gets you high, but you come down hard." Not only were they authentic to Roddy Piper, he was given creative input, and the iconic "bubblegum" line was his idea. He was able to remain the mercurial badass while maintaining a sarcastic sense of humor.

    And Andre was very good here as well, but ask yourself where he fits in terms of other scenes within the movie? The showdown between Montoya and Rugen? Westley saving Buttercup from suicide? Westley's showdown with Lord Humperdink? Again, Andre was very good in a supportive role, but that's all it was. The major characters handled the heavy lifting, both dramatically and comedically. The physical scenes he was in were performed by a stunt double, such as Westley choking him out. He couldnt handle any physicality due to back surgery.

    As for They Live, the movie's success was going to live or die by Piper. And as attested to by it's 88% Fresh Rating, Id say it fared very well. The fight at the bank where he utters the iconic "Bubblegum" line, the fight with Larry David(who played Frank) that was rated the #7 fight scene of all time by Rotten Tomatoes, and the final showdown with the Aliens, middle finger and all as he dies, is all Piper. There was no stunt double for Piper, as he handled his own work, which is best shown in that iconic scene. Piper's role in the film, and subsequent performance, dwarf Andre's.

    In one, you note that Piper does a stunning job, the other, nothing to write home about. I'm not calling you out here, per se, just noting the inconsistencies. Id lean toward's stunning when describing Piper's role in They Live, as he was the focus of the movie that received the 88% Fresh Rating, which 87% can be attributed to Piper. While Princess Bride received a 95% Fresh Rating, how much of it is due to Andre? Considerably less, Id say.

    While Princess Bride is undoubtably an iconic film and simply better then They Live, it's not about the "better movie featuring a wrestler." Its about the "better performance by a wrestler." Whether coincidental or not, you note the film as being "Roddy Piper's They Live", and it truly is. Piper is great from start to finish. Andre is good with what he's given, but it's not his movie. His performance simply doesn't measure up to Piper's in delivery, importance to the film, role, or overall acting ability. This one should go to the man who was the better performer, and that certainly was Roddy Piper.

    Hey, at least you didnt pick The Scorpion King....;)
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  10. JGlass

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    Look, they live is a very good film, but I'd say about 20% is due to Roddy Piper. The rest is a great plot, good direction, and just the fact that it's a fun film with the message. Truthfully, there were probably a lot of actors who could have played that part, but with a budget of three million dollars John Carpenter didn't have a lot of options. Sure, he says that Roddy Piper was the easiest choice, but if he had a few million more to drop on a star, who's to say we wouldn't have seen Bruce Willis playing Nada? Fezzik, on the other hand, is a role I doubt anyone in the world except Andre could play.

    When I think of Nada, I can actually visualize several other actors being able to play it. I can't say the same for Fezzik.

    So because Roddy Piper is the star, that makes him the better choice? Jody Foster must be pissed about Silence of the Lambs then.
    None of this is Andre's fault or Piper's doing, though. This just has to do with the roles they played. If this section was best performance by a wrestler in a leading role, then yeah, Piper has Andre beat, but this is best performance by a wrestler in a movie. Fuck, all of Andre's lines are delivered perfectly, as if he knew that he was sitting on character gold. You can't say the same for Roddy Piper, who seemed to just play the character as best he could without doing too much to stand out.

    I respectfully disagree. "Anybody want a peanut?" is a much more famous line, even if few people know where it's from. Truthfully, They Live doesn't have enough mainstream exposure to make that line all that memorable. It's a fun line for certain, and it's definitely cool, but that's literally the ONLY memorable line of the movie, whereas Andre has many.

    I just watched the movie recently and I already forgot those lines. They're just not that memorable to anyone who isn't a diehard fan of the movie.

    Sure, he was good, but his acting did very little to make the movie visible outside niche audiences. His sense of humor was one of the things that he had going for him, but his delivery was not that great. Andre had the humor and the delivery.

    I don't see how this effects your opinion at all. Andre was a supporting character, yes, but while another actor might have been content to play the role as best they can, Andre went above and beyond and made Fezzik one of the most memorable characters in the movie.

    As if critical response means anything when it comes to success. They Live failed at the box office, so if we follow your theory of living or dying by Piper, it looks like it died. It's made more money over the years because it's developed a cult following, but Princess Bride made much more.

    And if we're going to site Rotten Tomatoes, I won't hesitate to point out that The Princess Bride got a whopping 96%. I know we can attribute that to Cary Elwes and Robin Wright and Mandy Patinkin, but you'd be fooling yourself if you think you can take Andre out of that movie and it would still get that rating. Besides Miracle Max and Fizzini, Fezzik was the only character that constantly provided comic relief which was a huge part of what made that movie so popular. It was finally a fairy tale that didn't take itself seriously.

    Once again, you're confusing quantity with quality. If Piper gave the performance of a lifetime, then I'd give it to you, but he didn't, and his unsuccessful film career after They Live is proof of how uninspiring his performance was. You can say it was his wrestling career that did him in, but I'd point to Dwayne Johnson who was insanely successful after appearing in the Scorpion King.

    Andre played Fezzik perfectly. Piper did not play Nada perfectly.

    I meant stunning for Piper, who you wouldn't get much out of. As a whole, the performance was mediocre. Truth be told I did not make that clear at all.

    And when's the last time you watched They Live, man? Piper is just NOT that good, especially not 87/88 good. I'd say he's probably responsible for 20-30%, but most of it is because of the fact that it really reflects the growing panic about the economy in the late 80s and the increasing amount of distrust between the socioeconomic classes.

    Furthermore, I implore you not to just look at the rating, but look at the actual reviewers. Of the four "top critics" that reviewed the film, two of them gave it a rotten rating. Many of the reviewers to give it the fresh rating are either no name bloggers and many didn't even leave an actual review. Fuck, one of the reviewers is a Netflix subscriber! Not even a staff member, he just has an account with Netflix and they used his review!

    And let's read some of the clips from the top reviewers about Piper, shall we?

    They aren't exactly clamoring over how great Piper was, and one of those (Variety) actually LIKED the movie.

    Here's a lesser known publication that printed a favorable review.

    And truthfully, not many of the other positive reviews bothered to mention Roddy Piper, and I'd be willing to bet it's because he's nothing special in this film.

    It is Roddy Piper's they live, and it's a halfway decent flick that I gave three out of five stars on my Netflix account. However, I'd give Princess Bride ten out of five stars if I could, and Andre is certainly one of the biggest reasons I love that movie so much.
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  11. FitFinlay4Life

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    Really struggling here, I love Roddy in 'They Live' and equally love Andre in 'The Princess Bride'. Might have to watch the two again before I decide...

    As to the other nominations...

    As the title of this is 'Best Performance By A Pro-Wrestler In A Movie', surely performances by FORMER wrestlers should be disqualified?

    Also, Jerry was great in Man On The Moon but he was playing himself in situations that he was part off, not exactly what you'd imagine would be a stretch. Even Hogan in Rocky 3 was (essentially) playing himself.

    Wasn't Big Sexy mute in his two nominated roles?

    'They Live' was a stretch for wrestler Roddy Piper, 'The Princess Bride' was a stretch for the wrestler Andre the Giant, 'The Scorpion King' was a stretch for the wrestler the Rock and 'The Marine' was a stretch for the wrestler John Cena. If my bees wax is worth ought, I think this is a two horse race as the Rock's performance in the 'Scorpion King' was his second bite at that character after 'The Mummy Returns' and Cena had 'The Marine' written for him and, as an asides, I don't even think he's a good in it as he was in '12 Rounds' PLUS none of these four films are as good as 'They Live' or 'The Princess Bride' for me.
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  12. LSN80

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    A helluva rebuttal, and Ill do my best to keep up. I may have to do this in 4 or 5 posts, because Im having problems with my laptop where Im located, so bear with me. :)

    20%? Surely you can do better then that! Look, the plot was solid, tight, and very consistent. Carpenter was a solid director. But in order for a movie to be good, you need a leading man to root for, someone to cheer. And Piper played that role to perfection. He was great in the tweener role as a drifter, and easy to cheer for. Sadness sets in when he dies. Why? Because Piper got perfectly into character, because part of it was a reflection of who he was. Carpenter may have been able to buy a bigger name, but he wouldn't have gotten a better one for this one role.

    Youre absolutely correct. But Fezzik called for a character actor, one not capable of playing much more then a minimal role in a film. And Andre was exactly that. And for the most part, he was fantastic, even if his timing and delivery in his speaking were off at times. He was perfect for the role, but he wasn't perfect in the role. Piper was closer to perfect then Andre was.

    Cute, and point well taken. There have been supporting actors who have absolutely outshined the lead in many a film. There is a littany of leading actors, some on this list, who are absolute crap. But this wasn't a situation where Andre outshined any of the leads in Princess Bride, nor was Piper poor in a leading role.

    I respectfully disagree. This isn't about the difference in roles, but an evaluation of the actors in their roles. And there are several lines that Andre delivers that aren't perfect, even though they are gold. He struggled with clarity and speed, and it reflected. Hell, Patinkin slapped him silly in takes attempting to get him to a place where he was able to deliver his lines well enough that they could even be filmed! And are you kidding me on Piper not standing out? Have you seen the 5 and a half minute fight scene? That was pure Piper, with Piper's trademark brawling! He HIMSELF coined the phrase regarding bubblegum that became both an internet phenomenon, and was used in a video game EIGHT years later! Can you say that about Andre, or his part? Sure, he's a Youtube sensation, but his "mainstream" role wasn't enough that it was portrayed in a video game, while Piper's iconic "niche" role became far more mainstream due to its use in a GLOBALLY distributed video game! Did I mention he coined the phrase himself? ;)

  13. LSN80

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    And Piper didn't? Look, Im not denying that Andre was very good in his role, but he was terribly limited. Piper and Larry David only practiced the fight scene for three weeks so they could perfect it before filming it, a fight scene that is universally praised as being one of the best fight scenes, ever. He was so into his freakin character that he coined the bubblegum phrase that he's most famous for! How is that not dedication to make the role above and beyond the norm?

    Lets look a little closer at that, shall we? With its 3 million dollar budget, it more then quadrupled it's budget by making over 13 million. Combine that with it debuting in its first week at #1 at the box office, and Id say it thrived, especially with the millions its made over the years with its "cult following". While not meeting expectations, quadrupling your budget just at the box office is far better then many movies do.

    Princess Bride had five times the budget that They Live did, yet with its fifteen million dollar budget, it was only able to double that. It was considered a modest success, but how much of that do you believe had to do with Andre? Id say little to none, as the success of the film was due to the brilliant Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, and Chris Sarandon. The movie may not have been the same without Andre, but it wouldnt change it much, and the premise of the movie doesn't change. They Live doesn't even receieve it's modest earnings at the box office, and its subsequent cult following, with Roddy Piper and the way he embodied the character.

    You should have noted in my last post how I cited the very same thing. Again, Im not denying which is the better movie. It's Princess Bride, and I don't have to think twice. Ive seen the movie over ten times, and it's in my top ten favorite movies of all time. But this isn't about the better movie. The movie may suffer slightly if you take Andre and his comic relief out of the movie, but the main characters still provided enough comedy on their own. And whose to say that someone couldn't have played Fezzik just as comically? Id say unlikely, but I still think you're overvaluing his role in the movie. As was noted, Miracle Maax and Fizzini provided comic relief, and so did Elwes and Montoya at times.

    Wait what? His unsuccessful film career was due to They Live? Exactly how do they correlate? Piper is not, admittedly, leading man material. But he did play the role of Nada with excellence. As has been stated earlier, his performance was anything but uninspiring. The movie played to a select audience, especially at the time, and has only grown in popularity over the years. The difference between Piper and Rock is that Piper continued to wrestle, where the Rock walked away from the business. The comparison is unfair because the Rock has a Hollywood "look", and Piper certainly does not. The fact that he was able to be successful in his "niche" film is a testament to his performance.

    I disagree here. Andre was loveable and impossible to dislike, but he wasnt perfect whatsoever as Fezzik. His speed of delivery as well as his clarity left much to be desired. Piper was Nada in every way. From the opening scene to the bank scene to the fight with Frank, to the final battle with the aliens, Piper was spot on in his performance. What did Piper do wrong? What could another actor have done, that Piper didn't do? Less, Id argue, if only because of the fight scene, and the line he himself coined. He was easy to root for despite being an anti-hero of sorts, which is a testament as to how he truly carried the movie.

    Fair enough, and I appreciate you clarifying that. I still stand by my assertion that Piper was very good to excellent, and that's more then enough to secure his spot as the top performance by a wrestler amongst the nominees.


    Ive never doubted that whatsoever. Even as a young kid in the late 80's-early 90's, I remember the concern within my own family from quite a young age, growing up in a middle class family. This film perfectly depicts that panic, and the distrust that you alluded to. Carpenter's accurate depiction of these events certainly is worth mentioning. But to simply state that it was the plot and Piper was only a small part of its rating is shortsighted. I watched the movie last month and even though I was exaggerating about Piper being 87/88, my point is he was the major reason for the successful rating of the film.

    I did one better, and I read the reviews for both movies. Both do the same thing. Princess Bride had far more "reviews", and some just gave it a "fresh" rating without writing a review, and two of them were Netflix subscribers as well! Piper is mentioned favorably by 2 notable film critics. Lets look at THOSE.

    As for the Princess Bride, one of the top critics as well gave it a rotten rating. It's not just They Live that got poor ratings from top critics. As for mention of Andre, of the 46 ratings, only one even mention him, and its also

    So the same writer for the same site gives both Piper and Andre tremendous endorsements. With Princess Bride, some critics say nothing at all, just giving it a favorable review. As with They Live, you can't just look at the rating, you look at the reviewer, and the "no comments" or lack of comments about Andre are non-existant! But discussion of critics only goes so far, and one has to look at the film through their own eyes.

    Princess Bride is absolutely one of my favorite movies of all time, easily within my top ten. Andre is a small reason for that. They Live is in my top 25, and Piper is THE reason. He may not be a great actor, or leading man material in ANY other film, but he is all those things and more in They Live. Perhaps it's his humor and one-liners. Perhaps it's the tremendous fight scene between he and Larry David. Perhaps its because Nada is 100% authentically Roddy Piper, who is absolutely gold in character, and he is in this movie. Perhaps its all of these things, and perhaps its just personal preference in terms of character. Whatever the reason, and they are many, it is clear in my eyes that the Best Performance by a Wrestler in a Movie is Roddy Piper in They Live.
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  14. FunKay the Inevitable

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    Zeus in The Fifth Element. It was my nomination so I suppose I'll explain. I've never seen They Live. I do wish to watch it, but never have gotten round to it. I can't vote for Piper for that reason. What Zeus actually does in this film is actual express some acting ability. He was known as a monster character in WWF and in No Holds Barred, but here he's far more reserved, calm and displays some decent emotional range. He's angry (as expected) at points, overjoyed at others and depressed at others. He shows he's very capable of holding down a solid role and running with it. I guess I picked him more out of surprise than anything else, but Zeus' role is damn fine as is his performance.
  15. Wade's Public Transit Bomb

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    No love for Kevin Nash in The Longest Yard?

    He went from the asshole steroid freak to a sissified cheerleader. If that ain't range I don't know what is.. And it was actually a good movie unlike a chunk of those listed.
  16. iwinulose

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    the rock - scorpian king!!! assuming of course that this was a installment of the mummy, which was an amazing movie!!! so my vote goes to the rock.
    of course steve austins role in the expendables (though he wasnt really a big player in the movie) he was good in that movie.
    actually speaking of steve austin his role in the condemned!! that was an epically awesome movie!!!
  17. JGlass

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    Once again, your'e confusing adequacy with perfection. If Piper did such a fantastic job playing Nada, Nada would be a standout character in pop fiction. He did not. Other no names have managed to make characters into standouts in low budget films. John Heder did it in Napoleon Dynamite, Stalone did it in Rocky, Page did it in Juno. Piper did absolutely nothing for the part that a real actor couldn't have done better.

    The same can't be said for Andre the Giant and Fezzik. Fezzik's character, while not the one to carry much of the movie at all, and that alone entitles Andre to this award more so than Roddy Piper. While few people would argue that it is more important to have a perfect role player than a solid, good but not great, lead, I think everyone can agree that if you can get a support player to perfect a character as much as Andre perfected Fezzik.

    I implore you to find and identify one of these times. Everything Andre said wound up working perfectly. His deliver was slow and labored... but that's okay, because Fezzik was slow and labored. Sometimes it sounded like he said things that it seemed like Fezzik didn't understand, but that's because Fezzik probably DIDN'T understand. You're mistaking good character acting with bad acting. Or maybe you're just under-appreciating Andre.

    This whole argument is bologna. Piper wasn't even CLOSE to perfect in that role, and I honestly have no idea where you are getting this idea from. I think you'd be hard pressed to find more than a handful of people whom will agree with this sentiment.

    The support should never outshine the lead, they should cause the leads to shine more. That's exactly what Andre did. Where would Manny Patinkin/Inigo Montoya be without Fezzik to feed rhymes to, to conspire with, to launch an attack on the castle with? And where would Robin Wright/Buttercup be without the giant to bashfully greet her and then catch her as she leaps, wedding gown and all, from the castle window? Where would Carry Elwes/Westley be without Andre to celebrate over his finger wiggling, or to discuss philosophies about fighting while trying to kill one another? They'd be much more boring, less likable characters without Andre the Giant play the role.

    Roddy Piper, as the lead, didn't elevate the movie at all. I maintain that there would be dozens of actors more suitable for that part than Piper, but none more suitable for Fezzik than Andre.

    Which is what I've been saying the whole time.

    And yet, the character came out perfect. Fezzik was slow and unclear (after all, he had spent the past few years of his life unemployed... in Greenland!). It's not like there's ever a time in that movie where Andre is literally impossible to understand, and his slowness adds to the character, rather than takes away.

    Really? So because of a VERY mediocre fight scene, Piper is a better actor than Andre? LSN, ANYONE can brawl, and that fight scene would have been a lot better with some direction. The truth is, while a fairly realistic fight scene, it's pretty dull apart from one or two big moves. What's worse, and as a wrestling fan I'd expect you to know this, there's no story being told in that fight, just two guys who are pissed off at each other decide to throw fisticuffs to let out their emotions. Why? Each other? How does this resolve anything? Does the fight reveal anything about their characters?

    Andre's fight with Carry Elwes is actually a much better fight, even though it is much more simplistic. Fezzik bats Westley around as the masked man struggles to develop a strategy to take down the giant, and continues to take punishment until he gets an advantageous hold. He grabs onto the giant like a pitbull and, despite being driven into a large rock multiple times, he manages to hold on until the giant is on his knees.

    Really, it's a manner of personal taste that can be presented in Star Wars. In Star Wars Episode 5 we have the face off between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader where, in a fairly unimpressive fight scene physically speaking, we have Luke learn that he is no match for Darth Vader, and after foolishly engaging Vader Luke learns the truth about his father. In Episode 2 we have an epic fight between Anakin and Obi Wan against Count Dooku, a character we know very little about, and still know next to nothing about after the fight is over. Which do you prefer, the fight that tells a story, or one that is in there simply to give you a few adrenaline pumping moments? I'd take the former rather than the latter any day.

    He had one line that became a cult success. You are making it out to be way more than it is. It's a really cool line, no doubt. It was not the next, "Here's looking at you, kid," or, "You talkin' to me?" or even the next "Go ahead, make my day." Those are the cool, tough guy lines everyone thinks of. The Chewing bubble gum line is nothing more than a cult favorite for a very small group of people.

    Piper's role wasn't portrayed in a video game, one line was. And you're REALLY overselling this video game line. For one thing, it was a VIDEO GAME that copied it. That's not exactly the measurement of greatness. Secondly, it was Duke Nukem, not exactly the classiest of video games.

    Better he nail lines that are written for him than ad-lib mediocre lines that aren't as great as a handful of people make them out to be.

    That's pretty much because it's the only standout line in the movie. I know you know more, but most audience members don't.

    If you're the number one movie at a really slow time, it's not an accomplishment, it's a consolation.

    I've watched the entire movie, from beginning to end. Piper was good, he was adequate, but he did nothing in that movie to make me believe that he was the only person who could play Nada.

    This is all I'm gonna post for now. Believe me, I do not mean to disrespect you by cutting it here, but it's 2 AM and I'm exhausted. I'll end by sharing my experience watching They Live.

    I had just gotten They Live in the mail from Netflix, and I was very excited. I decided to get the movie for two reasons. 1) It starred professional wrestler Roddy Piper and 2) It had a what was considered by a few friends to be one of the most bad ass lines in movie history. I learned that it also had a good story and had an interesting point to it. I also learned that Roddy Piper is not a very good actor and that the line I had rented the movie for was not as great as it could have been. You talk about delivery; while Roddy Piper may have created that line, he didn't know how to deliver it. It was the lead in to an action scene, but nothing about that line other than the words themselves prepared me for the action to follow.

    While Piper's role may be memorable to a select few, it is largely forgettable to the majority of viewers. Andre is an unforgettable part of Princess Bride, and he, unlike Piper, delivers every line perfectly, or as close to perfect as one can get.

    This category belongs to Andre the Giant.
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  18. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    I couldn't agree more. I'm shocked that he wasn't included in here.

    Anyway, jmt25 hit every point I was thinking in regards to Roddy Piper. He starred in the entire movie, made that fight scene a classic, added his improv to the script in the movie, and if it wasn't for Piper, that movie would've been the biggest shitfest since the Brown Bunny.

    Roddy Piper here.
  19. FitFinlay4Life

    FitFinlay4Life What's the craic?

    May 4, 2010
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    Agreed and he's a hoot as Jaime Pressly's da in DOA too, he really does seem to have a natural comic gift.

    So I've watched both They Live & The Princess Bride and I've deliberated left, right and centre.

    Basically I've covered over the same ground as LSN and JGlass have went over - Andre is a lesser character in a better film with Roddy the main guy in the lesser show (but still a great show, PB is just that damn good).

    In the end, I've narrowed it down to the fact that They Live is as good as it is because of the Rowdy one. Imagine a Siegal, Van Damme, Lundgren or even Stallone or Schwarzenegger in the role of Nada - it just would not be as good (even Kurt Russell would have needed to be having a good day and the role was obviously written with an eye on the former Snake Plissken).

    Andre is great in The Princess Bride but the film was a far more collaborative affair and had Cary Elwes or Mandy Patinkin been rubbish in their roles, I don't believe Fezzik would have been a strong enough presence to cover.

    I don't think 'Another actor could play Nada, who else could play Fezzik?' is a fair argument point because that isn't a performance dispute and had it really come down to it, they just might have found a suitable replacement in the British grap game in Martin 'Giant Haystacks' Ruane (who briefly performed as Loch Ness in WCW before falling victim to cancer - RIP big man), shown below with Andre.
    In my humble opinion both performances are at a similar level and I will give Roddy Piper my vote because he carried a bigger load with lesser help (sorry JG).
  20. UnBEARaBULLfan

    UnBEARaBULLfan Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 11, 2010
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    Anybody who says the Rock in Scopion King Is just being a mark, I dont care if he was ment to play the part. Out of all his movies it's the one with the worst acting on his part. His acting was better in other Movies like Walking Tall and The Rundown, and I liked the brief part he had in Reno 911 the movie where he got blown the fuck up, best acting by him ever.

    Deffinately Andre in The Princess Bride for me. It was one of the best all around movies that featured a wrestler. Also liked They Live, and The Predator.
  21. Y 2 Jake

    Y 2 Jake Slightly Autistic

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    Jesse Ventura in Predator. Predator is a classic, but that film dies when he does. He makes excellent use of his limited screen time, steals scenes off everybody, has an iconic weapon and he's quotable.

    They Live, its the worst of the good Carpenter films. Piper is good, Keith David is better.

    Who actually remembers The Scorpion King? It isn't even the most memorable performance by The Rock in that role. That'd be in The Mummy Returns where he has a good cameo at the beginning and then emerges in terrible, but memorable, CGI form at the end.
  22. Smooth Sexual Chocolate

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    I haven't really made up my mind on this one yet, though I have it narrowed down to two.

    First I was leaning towards Andre the Giant, I've seen The Princess Bride so many times, and most of them came as a child, and a lot of that movie stuck with me, and Andre's role is very memorable, no doubt.

    Then I scrolled to the bottom and read the Jake post, and couldn't help but be swayed to voting for Jesse The Body Ventura, after all, I already voted for one governor, why not make it two.
  23. nightmare

    nightmare ...7, 8, Better stay up late...

    May 26, 2010
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    As much as i love TMNT & The Shredder, Nash was barely in the film, so i cant vote there.

    Of all the movies listed "Walking Tall" i thought was better, but he was great in a film not mentioned "Faster".

    Of course Fezzik will undoubtedly get some votes (well deserved)- alas i cannot vote there either.

    I can, and will, vote for Piper. He kicked serious ass in that movie & gave us one of the best quotes in film. (damn u jmt for beating me to that) The rating on RT aside, it was a pretty solid film & Piper was definately the standout. A classic for any fan of sci-fi & wrestling. The Hot Rod should win this one. For anyone here that hasnt seen this- log off & hit the netflix que.

    Honorable mention goes to a film full of wrestlers not mentioned on the list. Longest Yard. Nash, Austin, Goldberg were great. Pretty good cameo appearances in that one.
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  24. Wolf Pac

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    Piper in They Live. Piper was terrific in the movie, he was so convincing as the badass protagnist that if he were still young today, I'd probably suggest Sly Stallone sign him up for The Expendables 2. Actually just the fact that he coined one of the most infamous catchphrases in that movie makes Piper's performance better than any other on this list, alone. The day another wrestler does something memorable in their movie like for e.g coining a great catchphrase then They Live has some competition but so far, ain't nobody else on this list that's done fuck all that's worthy of remembering.

    I have to give a honorable mention to one not on the list though, Kane in See No Evil. I thought he was a pretty convincing monster maniac. Imo he was up there with the likes of Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Maniac Cop etc. for his look, size and acting.

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