Best Match of Round One

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Best 1st Round Match Thus Far?

  1. Angle / Hart, Submission

  2. Kobashi / Michaels, Ironman

  3. Billington / Van Dam, Ladder

  4. Umaga / Piper, Falls Count Anywhere

  5. Regal / Inoki, Submission

  6. Other - Please Post & Explain

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    The best - and most pleasantly surprising - aspect of the first round of the first four events of the 2010 Wrestlezolympics has been the sheer number of shockingly terrific first round matches we've seen. The fact that all seedings are 100% random makes for the opportunity to have Gold-medal quality matches early, and the chance for an underdog to sneak into a medal round. A few of the matches thus far stand above the rest. If you had to choose, which is the ONE MATCH you'd pay your hard earned money to actually see live if it involved both men in their primes?

    Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle, Submission Match

    Two absolutely ring technicians to a T. One was trained in the legendary dungeon, the other is an actual Olympic Gold Medalist. The sharpshooter vs the ankle lock, the Canuck vs the Yankee.

    Kenta Kobashi vs Shawn Michaels, 30-Minute Ironman

    A Japanese Legend vs An American Icon, and you're promised 30 minutes of action. Both of these men have kept up fast paces in longer matches, so they'd both truly pull out ALL the stops in this one.

    Rob Van Dam vs Dynamite Kid, Ladder Match

    Two of the most agile in the business. Van Dam's experience in high-elevation gimmick matches may just be negated by the legendary intensity of Tom Billington. Neither man would leave anything outside the ring - it would be a war.

    Umaga vs Roddy Piper, Falls Count Anywhere

    One of the hallmarks of Piper's career isn't just his toughness, but his creativity. Few guys are as good at using every bit of what's around them than Piper, and proven by several of his best moments. Umaga is just a savage, though, and would give Piper all he could handle. In a word - violent.

    William Regal vs Antonio Inoki, Submission Match

    The voting isn't terribly close, despite the fact that everybody is explaining in posts how close the match would be. Two more submission specialists stretching one another every which way the body isn't designed to go.

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