Best Drama Or Romance Film

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What Wins The Zonie For Best Drama Or Romance Film?

  1. Titanic

  2. Ghost

  3. Pearl Harbour

  4. Jerry Maguire

  5. The Notebook

  6. The Bodyguard

  7. Brokeback Mountain

  8. The English Patient

  9. Casablanca

  10. Love Actually

  11. A Walk To Remember

  12. Forrest Gump

  13. Notting Hill

  14. When Harry Met Sally

  15. Gone With The Wind

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  1. Dave

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    2011 Zonie Awards

    Nominees for Best Drama Or Romance Film



    Pearl Harbour

    Jerry Maguire

    The Notebook

    The Bodyguard

    Brokeback Mountain

    The English Patient


    Love Actually

    A Walk To Remember

    Forrest Gump

    Notting Hill

    When Harry Met Sally

    Gone With The Wind

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  2. Mac Attack

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Brokeback Mountain is not your typical romantic movie. And no I am not Gay. Also because itwas filmed about an hour away from Calgary I have a weird connection to the movie. I think this movie broke boundaries in romance films and for that it has won my vote for the vest romance. It tells a good story and I think that this story adds to the overall romance aspeects to the film. Overall it is well produced, and the setting isvery good. Got to go with it.
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  3. Dowdsy McDowds

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Brokeback gets it for me too.

    Broke the mould of the usual romantic drama conventions but the whole film in itself deserved the Oscar. The cinematography was great, especially for the first act of the film with the weather and location acting as a fantastic ongoing metaphor for what was going on with the characters.

    It also twisted the convention of the thought process of 'what is a cowboy?' I can understand that upsetting some people, but it was a very bold move that SHOULD have paid off with Oscars. I know there is some homosexual undertones in 'Midnight Cowboy' but that was only implicit whereas Brokeback was definitely explicit.

    The ending with the shirts? It got me, got me good.
  4. LSN80

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    Were going back quite a bit here, but for those of you who have seen it, how can you not vote Casablanca?

    Im not a fan of this genre generally, and while many of the movies on the list are undeniable classics, they didn't pique my interest. Casablanca, 70 years later, is one of the most relevant films of all time in my eyes. The dialog is superb, one of the best ever put on film. The acting is great, cinematography first-rate and the story offers a difficult mix to succeed with in the combination of drama, action, and romance. The shame of this movie is that it lacks color, which is an automatic turnoff to some people, which means truly missing a classic.

    Ill provide the basics of the movie here. The backdrop of the film involves Rick, brilliantly played by Humphrey Bogart. Bogart had typically played a gangster in previous roles, so his depiction of Rick Blaine, a bitter club owner who "Doesn't do nothing for nobody" is top notch. Ilsa, played by the incomporable Ingrid Bergman is Rick's former lover who disapeared on him in the middle of the night. She arrives in Casablanca with her husband, Victor, played by Paul Henreid, seeking Rick's help in getting safe passage to America, which Rick holds the papers too. Rick didnt know Ilsa had a husband, so is thrown for quite the loop when she arrives with him. Both Ilsa and Rick are still in love with one another, which makes Rick's decision all the more difficult(along with policemen on their tail).

    I have no doubt that if this movie had been released in 2001 as compared to 1941, not a single vote would go elsewhere. From memorable quotes "Here's looking at you kid", the drama of making decisions based on your interests or that of someone else's, the sense of urgency that ominously hang over every scene, and the tear jerking story of love lost, found, and lost once more in the name of a bigger cause are the elements that drive this movie. There's a little bit of something for everyone here.

    I went in to this movie agreeing to watch this movie with my wife reluctantly, and found myself thankful she insisted. This is truly as close to a perfect film as Ive ever seen. The dialogue is superior. The musical score is among the best of movies, as memorable as even the best of musicals, only Casablanca isn't a musical. Just as the main song of the movie is about a fight for love and glory, exactly what the entire free western and allied world was engaged in at that time, so the viewer feels where they stand in their heart of hearts. The characters plights are easy to relate to and those familiar with history who value things such as freedom and democracy will openly cheer for the characters. Snide dialogue, cynincal comedy and romance are at it's best here, while at the same time showing the cruelty and drama of war. Its amazing how this film combines so many genres successfuly, and with perfection. The drama is palpable, the romance top notch. No other movie in this category comes close to Casablanca's brilliance.

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