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Discussion in '"Best Two Series"' started by matty256, May 12, 2009.

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    I saw a thread for the best 2 of the WWE title so why not post one about the prestige World Heavyweight Championship so here are my 2 choices for this thread

    Chris Brenoit vs HBK Triple H-Wrestlemania 20 - I had always been a hardcore Benoit fan and imo second to Bret Hart he was the best technical wrestler theres been and it was great to see him finally win the BIG ONE at Madison Square Garden at the grandest stage of them all. Plus Eddie coming out and them hugging with tears coming down their faces made that moment that much greater.

    Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton -Summerslam 04- This was just a great solid match and i dont think anyone expected it to end the way it did with Orton pinning Benoit clean to become World Champ

    so those are my choices. What are yours?
  2. RVD420

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    Armageddon 2002
    Triple H/HBK - 3 Stages of Hell - The first big time match for the WHC that really made the title what it is. (I don't count the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series because I feel that it was only used to make HBK a credible champion by having him go over 5 other people.)

    Wrestlemania 24
    Undertaker/Edge - JUst a great match, which is no surprise because Undertaker always delivers at Wrestlemania. The culmination of a 6 month feud that began when Edge cost Undertaker the title against Batista.
  3. legendofwrestlemania

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    Survivor Series 2002: Triple H (c) vs RVD vs Booker T vs Jericho vs Kane vs HBK.
    The first ever Elimination Chamber match and still my favorite chamber. 6 very talented WWE superstars walked into this demonic structure and the Heartbreak Kid making his long awaited return and winning the title made it complete.

    May 19th 2003 Monday Night Raw: Triple H (c) vs Ric Flair.
    While both men were in Evolution Flair fought with his all to become the 17 time champion. One of the best matches I've ever seen. Triple H won but after the match Triple H placed the title on Flair's shoulder and hugged him. The match and moment were both huge.
  4. HBK-aholic

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    Elimination Chamber; Survivor Series 2002
    One of my favourite matches of all time, with a great result. I really fell in love with the concept of an Elimination Chamber after this match. It had some great talent with HBK, Triple H and Jericho, and the end showdown between Shawn and Triple H was great.

    Armageddon 2002; Three Stages of Hell
    So I'm a sucker for gimmick matches and this belt. But I love Three Stages of Hell matches, and Triple H and Shawn did a great job. I loved the Street Fight part of this, it's one of my favourite matches.
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    Armageddon 2002: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels in a 3 Stages Of Hell Match- I love 3 Stages Of Hell Matchups. HBK & Triple H both did a great job in this matchup as it was compelling & an exciting matchup. I thought the part that made this matchup make this list was the street fight portion of the matchup & it is one of my favorite matches of all time.

    Wrestlemania 23: The Undertaker vs Batista- This is one of the few matches that Batista performed great in. This matchup was exciting, it had a ton of close calls, it was compelling, it was the first time that I saw The Undertaker dive over the ropes & most of all it told a great story in the ring. Plus it's a bonus to see The Undertaker's undefeated WM streak extend just like it always does.

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