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    I'm surprised no one has been talking about this on here, since it's been the biggest talking point of social media for the last few days.

    For those not in know, Colin Kaepernick has been chosen as the face of a new Nike ad campaign that urges its customers to "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything" - an obvious call back to when Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem during his time in the NFL, an action that divided opinion at the time and still clearly does.

    Since those days, Kaepernick hasn't played in the NFL and his career looks to be in total tatters.

    Now, to mark the 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" Nike campaign, Kaepernick finds himself back in the spotlight.

    But what do you think of it? Is it just Nike being very smart with a viral ad campaign that is bound to get people talking about them? If so, at what cost does casting Kaepernick come at? People are burning their Nike gear at the thought of endorsing someone who won't stand for the national anthem.

    But where do you stand on the issue?

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