Barry Horowitz, A Good Mensch

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    An untraditional pick. Absolutely.

    C'mon, we can sit here and jerk each other off for 128 performers, but let's face it- the odds are that every single person on this board could pick at least 6 of the final 8, and most people would have the winner on a list of 3-4 choices.

    So that's why, this year, I'm throwing myself full force behind Barry Horowitz.


    • 10-year WWF veteran, present during both the Golden Era and the Attitude Era
    • 3-year WCW veteran, a part of their success in the late '90s
    • Once defeated Bret, Owen, Keith, and Bruce Hart in a match
    • GWF Light Heavyweight Champion, defeating Jerry Lynn
    • NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion
    • EWA Heavyweight Champion
    • CWA World Middleweight Champion
    • IAW Heavyweight Champion
    • SECW Heavyweight Champion
    • RISE Heavyweight Champion
    • FOW Hardcore Champion, proving his versatility in different variations of professional wrestling
    • PWI Most Inspirational Wrestler (1995)
    And if that's not enough to convince you to see Barry Horowitz through? C'mon, do you want to see The Rock or Stone Cold or Bret Hart win again? Fuck that. Root for the underdog.

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