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    Over 7ft. tall and weighing over 400lbs, no it isn't the Big Show, its the Harbringer of Destruction, Astaroth.

    Originally created by a cult who worshiped Ares, Astaroth was brought into the world to to retrieve the cursed sword Soul Edge. Astaroth had other plans however, and after finding the sword's owner, decided to form a temporary alliance. After they harvested enough souls to restore the sword to power he would steal it for himself.

    With his awesome size, immense strength, devastating power attacks and vicious throws Astaroth is already a force to be reckoned with. Add in his ability to wield his giant battle axe with the greatest of ease and he is one of the most feared fighters in the Soul Caliber universe. Don't expect to die peacefully!

    • Strength-Astaroth is one of, if not the strongest character in the Soul Caliber universe.
    • Enhanced Fighting abilities-While Astaroth was once killed he was resurrected with parts of Soul Edge infused into his body, enhancing his natural fighting abilities.
    • Anger/Ferocity-Astaroth is well known for his temper. Once he sets his sights on his goal he will destroy anything and everything in his path his a ruthless aggression, becoming a whirlwind of destruction.
    • Soul-Astaroth's soul is made of pure power. It helps his natural abilities and further fuels his rage.

    • Kulutues-While Astaroth is skilled in many forms of weaponry, he prefers one above all else. Kulutues is his mighty battle axe, forged specifically for his quest. It's name, which in the cult's ancient language means "Merciless Destroyer" describes its owner to a tee. If anyone other than a member of the cult is to try to wield the axe, the blessing used to create the weapon will instead act as a curse.

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