Ascension 134: Dirk Buchanan vs Zhanshi

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    Deadline is Tuesday, December 11th, 11:59 PM EST
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    Dirk Buchanan:
    On the Fallacy of Insignificance

    Several Hours before Ascension 134

    Up in three! One. Two. Three...

    Two workers grunt as they heave the final section of the entrance ramp up and shuffle towards the ring. They plant the final part down, push it into position and then take a step back to admire the work that the entire team had done to get the show ready.

    The titantron stands ten feet above the stage, blinking between videos as its controller makes sure that he has everything ready of the night. The workers eyes drop down to the stage and ramp, which they had been working on, and they smile at their work, relishing in doing their part for the entire Ascension presentation. Their eyes drift around the arena for a minute, drinking in everything that has been put together for the upcoming premier of Uprising.

    Exhausted from their hard work, the two men take a seat on the ring apron in an effort to catch their breath. The elder of the two men, wipes the sweat from his brow and closes his eyes. The younger of the two, still excited, takes another look at their handy work.

    This show is going to be epic. Damn, It feels good to know that we played a part in this amazing show.

    Hate to bust your bubble kid, nobody cares what us backstage people do. Nobody lines up to see us grunts throw together a set, or put together a ring. Our work gets lost in the shuffle. I've been in this business long enough to know how little we are thought of. I know this is your first day on the job, but the sooner you understand that we don't matter, the sooner you could get on with your life.

    Disappointed, the younger of the two men looks down at the ground. His head quickly pops up as an unfamiliar sound echos through the empty arena.

    Clip- Clop!

    Clip- Clop!

    The two men turn their heads frantically around, as they search for the source of the noise.



    What the hell! Is that a ...

    Out of nowhere, the sound gets louder and faster, and suddenly a horse and its rider are no more than five feet away from them.

    Sir, can we help you?

    As he smiles, the horse rider carefully gets down from his horse and takes a look around. With a smile on his face, he turns to address the two men.

    Help me? Oh no, you two have done enough. Fine work you two have done here today.

    Nah, we haven't done anything. We just mindlessly put this stuff together with our hands. Nothing special.

    Nonsense. You two, have set the stage for us all tonight, and without you there is no show. You are in my debt.

    The two men exchange a glance.

    Who are you?

    I am nobody important. I am just a man named Dirk....

    Many Days Ago

    There's something about the Pacific Northwest, the scale of it, and the fact that not so long ago people came here and died getting here, and then died the first winter they were here. There's this breathtaking beauty mixed in with a thread of sinister.

    For most of the year, the sky is covered with a blanket of grey clouds. Instead of the pounding rainfall of other areas of the US, Oregon rainfall is a yearly drizzle that darkens the sky and brings many to the verge of depression. Despte the gloomy forecast, many people find this place home.

    Dirk Buchanan, was one of those people. Looking more like a lumberjack than a professional athlete of any kind, the Portland native kneeled down with his hands digging through the soil. He grabs a handful, releases it back to the earth and smiles. He then reaches for his chin and strokes his magnificant beard.

    The Portland native gazes off into the distance, admiring the landscape, until his eyes focus on a group of horses running around in the distance. He stops when he notices a trailer next to them, with one horse locked inside. He then mutters under his breath--

    Horse trailers should be illegal. If you need to move a horse, you should have to ride it like a goddamned American.

    He soon hears his name being called, so he leans over and picks up his favored axe, along with the fruits of his labor.

    His walk is slow and deliberate, stopping often to observe every detail of the surrounding land, such as the birds, clouds, flowers. He pauses to catch his breath, and resumes lugging the piece of wood and ax he had carried with him.

    He soon notices his sister Dani, who is standing in the door way with her arms crossed. Before entering their household, he leaves the axe outside the doorstep but carries in the tree stump.

    You can go ahead and leave that outside as well.

    Are you kidding me? This is black cottonwood. Native Americans used the bark for treating all kinds of ailments, such as wounds and rheumatism. This is a god damn goldmine. At the very worst we can use this as furniture or something to tie the living room together.

    Dani rolls her eyes as her older brother takes a seat in their living room. He quickly sets the tree stump off to the side, and grabs the hot cup of herbal tea waiting for him. Dani, holding a cup of her own, enters the room and sits across from him. After a few moments of silence, the younger of the two siblings is the first to break the silence.

    So, this man called Vance Bateman called for you. He said something about being in Rhode Island for a match or something. I really hope you aren't bare knuckle fighting again are you?

    As a matter of fact no. I am wrestling professionally now, or at least I plan to. I've made some connections, impressed the right people, and now I am to begin the next chapter of my life.

    I'm just not sure this is the right move for you, especially after all that has gone down. Are you sure this is what is best for you?

    Modern man suffers from what I call ‘the fallacy of insignificance’, the sense that nothing we do really matters, that life is meaningless, and that, in the long run, ‘you can’t win’. I am here to say that is nonsense, and even the smallest of acts can make a difference. Being in a place like the WZCW, allows me to get that message out to more people. Its not where I thought my path would lead, but it is the one I am willing to take.

    Dirk stops to take another sip from his tea. He pauses a moment to gather his thoughts.

    I understand that this will not be an easy task. My first opponent, Zhansi as he is known to the world, is someone who is not to be taken lightly. He is a man who has followed his own path and created a fighting system that is set to take on the world. We will step into the ring, but we will be on equal footing. He knows nothing of me, and that is where I can suprise him.

    What makes you think you can win?

    It does not matter why I think I can win,all that matters is that I believe I can. As I always say, "Write your own Gospel, and live your own Myth". Dani, my dear sister, my story begins now.

    Dani nods.

    Do you need a lift to Rhode Island ? It could be a fun trip for the two of us..

    Dirk smiles.

    That sounds nice, but I must decline. My path is for me to take , and I how I get there is half the excitement.

    Dirk reaches under the couch and pulls out a pair of bolt cutters.

    Its time to feel the wind blow through my hair. Its time for one to experience total freedom.....

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