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    Connor: Welcome everyone to Ascension! We’re in Jacksonville, Florida at the Veterans Memorial Arena. I’m here, as always, with Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: Should be quite the show tonight, Cat.

    Connor: Indeed. We’ve got Eve Taylor, Mikey Stormrage, Callie Clark, and Vega, among others, all in action here tonight.

    Cohen: Also, Garth Black will respond to Titus Avison’s remarks from Meltdown. I know many people must be looking forward to that. I know I am.

    Connor: So if you’re watching as part of our live audience, or at home on the television, get to ready to strap yourselves in as we ascend to the next level.

    Connor: Speaking of the Eve Taylor, looks like the former world champion is gracing us with her presence, Jack.

    Cohen: No way this isn’t going to be a complete train wreck.

    Eve walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. Her shoulder length blond hair is tied up in side ponytail. She’s wearing a plaid skirt and denim blouse. She takes off her sunglasses and hangs them on the neck of her blouse. She turns and asks for a mic. The crowd is not showing her a nice greeting at all. Eve looks around as the fans in Jacksonville are giving her an earful. Eve turns to the timekeepers station, and eyes her old friend.

    Eve: Thanks for the introduction, Selena…it’s appreciated.

    Chants of “You suck” are already fillings the arena. Eve retreats to the center of the ring, and glares at the crowd. She begins to pace back and forth, just a little.

    Eve: I didn’t want to come to this festering hole in the ground either. I’m actually surprised that all you hillbillies could afford tickets to fill this place. I look around, and I’m not impressed. In fact, I’m depressed. I’m depressed that you people aren’t giving me the attention that I deserve! Flex and Blades get to headline Meltdown, while I’m stuck here. I’d rather be in Kentucky right now, that’s how bad this place is.

    The crowd’s animosity has somehow gotten even louder. Eve looks like she ran out of reasons to care a long time ago.

    Connor: Oh my god, Eve might start a riot here.

    Cohen: If she does, I’m using you as a shield.

    Eve: I started a blog recently, because I was tired of arguing with people all the time. All my friends betrayed me. No one in this company respects me anymore. And you fans! Are just the worst. Do you know how many of you I’ve blocked on Twitter? All of you!

    She begins walking around the ring, pointing towards random people in the crowd.

    Eve: I blocked you. I blocked you. All of you! You insulted me. Belittled me. You had the gall to flood my feed with messages about that egomaniac Tyrone Blades. You’d rather support that sociopath Flex Mussel. But it makes sense that the people in Jacksonville would want to support a bigot! A-and you stand there, and you all have the nerve to boo me? I’m trying to change this company for the better. Once I become world champion again, I plan to give the boys and girls in the back that really deserve it a chance to shine. Women like Callie Clark, and men like Tony Mancini and Xander. Never thought I’d say this about Triple X, but have you seen how good he’s been recently. He’s much more talented than that tool Vega.

    The crowd starts to chant for Vega, as Eve looks unimpressed.

    Eve: That’s right, cheer for Vega. Cheer for the guy that’s using politics to hold everyone back. Vega was a nobody before he met Tyrone Blades, and now he’s headlining shows? What a load of crap. It’s because he’s in Blades back pocket that he’s where’s he’s at. He’s clearly part of Blades little clique. Or posse, or whatever. The man’s led so many groups, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some secret inner circle that no one knows about.

    The crowd begins to chant for the current world champion. The noise is so deafening that Eve actually covers her ears with her hands.

    Eve: Yes, keep chanting for Mr. Corrupt. Keep supporting evil. At R-Awakening, I’m going to put an end to all of this once I regain my world title. This company deserves better. Even you people deserve better. So come on. Bask in my glory! I am what a champion looks like. I am what a winner looks like. Unlike those Jags of yours that have never even been to a Superbowl before. They’re like Vega, who choked the first time he was pushed outside of the Mayhem division so many years ago…

    The former Mayhem champion comes out and stands on the ramp, and his met with thunderous applause from the Jacksonville crowd. He holds a microphone to his face, but he before he speaks, he takes a moment to take it all in. He takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

    Vega: Wow Eve. You go on and on about how bad King Mussel and Tyrone Blades are. I read your blog. You called this the battle to crown the next King Selfish. Well, you’d be wrong. Because you’re the biggest megalomaniac in that match! You talk about arrogance, and narcissism, and greed. You’re the posterchild for evil Eve.

    The former champion looks bewildered at his outlandish [from her perspective] claims. She raises her mic to her face and quickly fires back.

    Eve: You’ve got a lot of nerve Vega, coming out here and interrupting me. Where do you get off calling me a megalomaniac? I’m trying to save this company!

    He quickly raises his mic to his face and cuts her off.

    Vega: Tyrone Blades already saved this company, when he took the world title away from you. Of course you’re to blind to notice, but he’s lit a fire under everyone. Not just me; but Mikey, Tastic, Kagura, Xander, and Flex. We all want a shot at the world title. And Blades would fight us all if he had to. I don’t think you would. And it’s funny that you’d call me a choker. What was your nickname not to long ago? Ah, that’s right. Choker Eve Taylor. You got lucky once, and it led to a world title reign. It could have happened to any of us.

    Eve looks pissed. Her eye began to twitch so violently, that Vega began to wonder if she was having a mild stroke. The crowd began chanting “Choker” so to further humiliate her.

    Eve: Do you want to get your ass kicked, Vega? Because you’ve just become number one on my shit list!

    Vega chuckles, and starts to walk down the ramp to the ring, as Eve is just daring him to get into the ring. Before they can do anything, they’re both interrupted.

    The Ascension general manager comes out onto the stage to a big ovation of his own. He looks down at Eve in the ring, and then towards Vega at the bottom of the ramp. He holds up a mic of his own.

    Myles: Seems like that tag match from Meltdown only served to fan the flames of animosity between the two of you even more than it already was. Alright, since the two of you want to fight so badly, I’ll make the match official. Tonight Eve Taylor goes one on one with Vega! Try not to kill each other, kids.

    The crowd erupts as Eve stares down at her opponent in disdain, as Vega smiles in satisfaction.

    Connor: Wow, what a huge match that is going to be!

    Cohen: Oh, I’m already drooling in anticipation.
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    The camera feed quickly jumps to a roving camera. The quality isn't that of a high tech WZCW camera, more like a handheld fan cam or cell phone recording. The door to the women's locker room slowly opens. The camera looks around and sees Alice Adams changing behind a wall. The camera pans up over the wall to see Adams, though fully clothed, bent over provocatively tying her boots up. She straightens up and turns around. She sees the camera and wags her finger at it. She then throws a towel at the camera and the feed cuts out.

    Connor: What in the world?

    Suddenly the feed cuts to Keith Kole flipping burgers at a large grill. He drops one but picks it back up and slips it between two buns before he wraps it up and sends the order out.

    Cohen: I think someone has hacked our feed.

    The feed cuts once more, this time to a group of people standing in the shadows, their faces concealed. A voice, clearly being manipulated speaks.

    ???: Soon ATV will expose all.

    The feed then cuts back to the commentary booth where Jack and Cat look clearly confused.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Introducing first from Palm Springs, California, weighing 175 pounds, Alice "Babydoll" Adams!

    Alice slowly and seductively walks forward, wearing a gaudy all black swarvoski crystal covered 50s burlesque robe with bubblegum pink feather trim, making an innocent face, she stops at the beginning of the runway to the ring, 10 seconds into the song she slowly rotates her hips, teasing the audience treating the match as one of her many burlesque performances; slowly unties the front of her robe and lets it freaks off of her shoulders, as soon as it hits the floor her whole innocent demeanor changes from innocent to seductive arrogance, she walks towards the ring with a look of determination and flawlessly slides into the ring. Once inside she flaunts towards the middle of the ring, throws her hands straight up into the air and slowly brings them down forward, caressing her front hips, legs and finally bending forward til she reaches her neat leather boot. She rises up, running her hands over the back of her legs, thighs and butt, after that she winks and blows a kiss to the audience.
    Connor: Young Alice Adams has been impressive here in her rookie campaign. She has been competitive and has a firm grasp on in ring fundamentals. I think she is one for the future.

    Cohen: She is hot too. She has shown, multiple times, beauty can coexist with brawn. Something the other women round here could learn. You only root for her because you share the same reproductive system though.

    And her opponent, from Fort Worth, Texas, weighing 238 pounds, Stetson Hayes!

    Stetson makes his way onto the stage on horseback. He has his eyes on his opponent as he nudges the horse forward. The camera cuts to a wide angle, capturing the slow trot down the runway. Stopping adjacent to the apron, Stetson unsaddles and takes the stairs into the ring. He lifts his cowboy hat from his head and plants it on a nearby turnbuckle post. Stetson stands close to the referee and waits for the bell to ring.

    Connor: Hayes, who has been maybe even more impressive in his rookie campaign, will be looking to remain perfect here in WZCW, even if his world view is a little...well warped.

    Cohen: The man gets results. To men, that is all that should matter in WZCW. You win, you get to do what you want. Only losers complain about the actions of winners.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two combatants dart forward and tie up in a Greco-Roman grappling stance. Hayes gets behind Adams and applies a waistlock. He lifts her up and tosses her to the mat. He floats over and grabs her arm and wrenches it back, while pressing his knee into the back of her neck. Adams yelps in pain, as Hayes transitions the hold into a wristlock. Baby Doll pounds the canvas with her hand, and slowly gets to one knee. In a surprise move, she reverses the hold and has Hayes trapped into the wristlock. In an even more surprising display of agility, he rolls forward, and takes her off her feet with a chop block to the back of the knee. She rolls to her stomach, but he applies a front facelock. He pulls her up, putting pressure on the back of her neck. He starts to crack it as the referee checks to makes sure it isn’t a choke. Adams screams in pain and immediately buries her fist into his gut as hard as she can. She does it again, stunning the larger man. Hayes quickly recovers, but Baby Doll applies a front facelock of her own and drives him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Hayes looks stunned. He sits up and starts to climb back to a vertical base, but Adams cracks him in the head with a mule kick. She goes for a quick cover, but can’t even get a two count. Both competitors get back to their feet around the same time, but Hayes uses his long reach and cracks her in the jaw with a wild haymaker. The force knocks her to one knee, as the larger man moves forward and grabs her around the waist from behind. He hoists her to her feet and lifts her into the air. He turns his body around while still holding her and folds her left leg. He slams her down shine first across his knee. Baby Doll rolls away while holding her leg. Stetson approaches her and tells her to ‘bring it.’ Adams looks to be fuming as she gets tries to get back to her feet, but it appears that she can’t put any weight on her leg and falls back down to the mat. The ref checks on her, and determines that she’s fine. Getting irritated, Hayes approaches her and tries to grab her in a front facelock. But Baby Doll suddenly counters and punches him in the nose!

    Connor: Stetson’s pulling out a lot of old school maneuvers, and Baby Doll giving as much in return. It was until that sick looking shin breaker that he really took control.

    Cohen: You can’t plan for power, Cat. I’m sure Adams came into this match well prepared, but when you’re opponents that much bigger and stronger, all it takes is one hit.

    Connor: I think she was feigning there, Jack. Look, she punched him in the nose!

    Stetson grabs his nose and checks to make sure it isn’t broken as Baby Doll runs, albeit with a slight limp, and bounces off the ropes. She charges towards the larger man and clocks him the jaw with a flying forearm. Hayes gets to his feet, only to be met with a dropkick for his efforts. He stands again, as Adams charges towards him and blasts him head on with a running dropkick that send him careening backwards into the turnbuckle. The smaller woman runs towards him and nails another flying forearm shot that rocks him. She stands there and hits him with another, but Hayes ducks his head through the ropes, forcing the referee to break them apart. Baby Doll attempts to land another mule kick, but Stetson grabs her leg. She looks completely surprised, as she tries to bounce on her damaged left leg, but it’s not fully healed. Hayes grabs her and proceeds to hit a spinebuster, sending her crashing into the mat. He grabs her by the hair and places her head between his legs, before lifting her up and sending her crashing back down with a snap powerbomb! He goes for a cover: 1...2… But Adams kicks out.

    Connor: Alice is really taking the fight to Hayes here. I’m impressed.

    Cohen: Stetson’s taking a play out of the ol’ wrasslin playbook by using the ropes to halt her assault. It’s not often that I say this, but I like this guy. He’s like an old throwback to the good ol’ days.

    Connor: That is rare coming from you, Jack. Usually you hate everyone, and grumble about how there’s not enough wrestling being done in the ring.

    Hayes shoots a quick glance to the ref, who holds up two fingers. He shakes his head but knows he can't get the frustration boil over. He turns back to Adams, but catches a shot to the rib area. She hits a second and third before she swiftly kicks him in the knee. He stumbles, giving her time to get back to her feet. She continues with a few more right hands, causing the cowboy to cover up. She grabs his arm and Irish whips him into the corner. She follows up with a leaping back elbow that drops Hayes to a seated position in the corner. She has a look of satisfaction on her face as she walks to the center of the ring. She slaps he hands together before she runs and hits a bronco buster in the corner on Hayes. She seems rather joyed to ride the cowboy. The referee orders her out of the corner at the count of four. She rolls back, away from Hayes, who looks a bit shocked.

    Cohen: What was she thinking? Hayes was not ready for that, he is no soy boy.

    Adams isn't finished and gets one final head of steam and connects with a running knee in the corner. She pulls Hayes away from the ropes and makes the cover...One!...Two!...but Hayes just kicks out. Adams isn't deterred and quickly gets to her feet and drops an elbow and tries another cover...One!...Two!...Kick out again by the cowboy. The dancer is back on her feet and drop a second and third elbow in quick succession. She then leaps and drops a fourth. She hooks a leg this time...One!...Two!...A third kick out from Hayes. She starts to look a little upset, but positions her foe before climbing to the second turnbuckle. She leaps and hits an elbow. She starts to go for the pin, but looks back to the turnbuckle. She climbs onto the apron and heads to the top. She measures Hayes and leaps, but he rolls away and she crashes and burns, landing elbow first on the mat. Hayes is quick to react and slaps on an armbar. He wrenches on the arm, trying to inflict as much pain. Adams kicks in pain and tries to scoot to the ropes, but Hayes is just too strong, keeping her just inches away. In a desperation move, she reaches back and rakes the eyes. It works, as Hayes releases the hold in pain. She ignores the warning from the referee and shakes out her arm. She uses her good arm to try to pull on it, in an attempt to ease the pain. She sees Hayes is on his feet, though still dealing with the eye issue. SHe uses her good arm to connect with a few chops to the chest of Hayes before she Irish whips him across the ring. Off the rebound she connects with an inverted atomic drop and follows it up with a dropkick to put Hayes down on the mat. She tries to grab Hayes, but he smartly rolls out of the ring to catch a breath. Adams looks at him and scoffs. She urges the referee to count as quickly as he can.

    Connor: Adams building momentum, but Hayes rolls outside to put a halt to it. She is clearly frustrated.

    Cohen: It was smart. Hayes is a real thinking man.

    Hayes looks around and sees Adams has gotten on the apron. She runs and leaps at him, but Hayes grabs her and uses her momentum to toss her headfirst into the steel steps. The thud is sickening Adams collapses in a heap and the crowd goes silent. The referee is quickly out of the ring to check on her, pushing Hayes out of the way. Hayes stands there, hands on hips, annoyed. Adams mumbles something to the ref, which is all the confirmation that Hayes needs to throw the lifeless body of Adams into the ring and make the cover. The ref is still outside the ring, so Hayes barks at him to get inside and do his job. He slides in and begins the count...One!...Two!...Thre-ADMAS KICKS OUT! By some miracle, Adams manages to kick out! Hayes is furious.

    Connor: What fortitude!

    Cohen: What brain damage! She should have stayed down for her own sake.

    Hayes grabs Adams and lifts her. He tosses her into the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle and begins to hammer away with punches. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! Instead of his customary beer drinking gesture he grabs Adams by the face and tells her to stay down next time. Adams instead reaches up and slaps him. She then reaches up and catches him with another inverted atomic drop. Hayes clutches his jewels (because this move is somehow not a DQ ever) while Adams falls back into the ropes. She tries her best to get to the top rope for her diving DDT finish, the Private Show, but she is still feeling the effects of her dive into the steps. She steadies herself and leaps, right into a big boot from Hayes. He grimaces from the pain of lifting his leg that high while still dealing with the scrambled eggs. He grabs Adams and positions her for the Texas Cloverleaf. She taps instantly. Hayes keeps the hold locked in for a few more seconds until the referee breaks it up.

    Anderson: Here is your winner, by submission, Stetson Hayes!

    Hayes demands the ref raise his hand as he soaks in some boos from the crowd. He looks down at Adams, who is still in pain and shakes his head as he exits the ring.

    Connor: Adams fought to the end, surviving becoming a human lawn dart, but in the end could not overcome the still undefeated Stetson Hayes.

    Cohen: I'm telling you, Hayes is a throwback to a better time. He is going to make WZCW great again. Future champion, put money on it.
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    Matt Tastic can be seen carrying his bag as he walks down a hallway past a few rooms reserved for production work. He briefly stops at catering to grab the first bit of fried food he sees. He bites into it and makes an almost orgasmic sound.

    Tastic: Oh man, what is this? It's like putting it in my mouth is the feeling Prince Adam gets when he turns into He-Man.

    He grabs one of the caterers aside and asks him what he is eating.

    Caterer: That is alligator sir. Fresh from a farm right here in Jacksonville.

    Tastic: I need another one of these like the Jaguars need....well I'm not sure. I hear they are no longer the laughing stock of the league. Do you follow the NFL? Me either. I was just told to talk about local sports teams to hold crowd interest.

    Matt pats the man on the back while grabbing a second and third slice of fried goodness. He gets to the Live Mas locker room and starts to open the door, only for it to be slammed shut in his face. He drops the food.

    Tastic: What the hell? I need to change into my referee outfit. I can't change in the hallway. I'm the respectable one of the duo.

    Mikey: Sorry dude, I'm working on a special project. No one can see until its time to reveal myself.

    Tastic: We used to live together, I've seen you reveal yourself more than I care to admit. Just let me in or I will have to get naked on TV and we all know this is a, mostly, PG show.

    Tastic keeps knocking on the door but Mikey refuses to let him in. The voice of Jack Cohen can be heard over the sound of Matt pulling his referee attire out of his bag.

    Cohen: Nothing this tub of lard is working on can be good.
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for a single fall!

    The lights go pitch black. The crowd waits. Nothing happens. Static dances across the screen as music plays. As her main music kicks in, Annie appears on the stage. She extends her arms and faces the screen. The letters ‘ATV’ appear on the screen. She lowers her arms and turns around. She proceeds to walk down the ramp, mostly ignoring the people at ringside. She’s appears calm and focused. Halfway down the ramp, her demeanor changes. She suddenly looks serious, and sprints the rest of the way down, and slides into the ring. She smirks sadistically, as she leans against the ropes, staring towards the entryway, awaiting her opponent.

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Manchester, England, weighing 127 pounds, Annie Halloway!

    Connor: Here’s a young woman with a lot to prove. She made some bold claims before this match, and Broon is certainly no pushover. This is only her third match, and she’s already being thrown into the deep end of her division.

    Cohen: She’s confident, I’ll give her that. But she’ll have to watch herself tonight if she wants to win. She wins here tonight, and it’ll give her a ton of momentum heading forward.

    PC Broon enters and walks onto the stage looking even more peeved than usual. He’s greeted with a warm welcome, as he stops and surveys the crowd. He breathes a sigh of relief as he walks down the ramp. He shakes a few hands on his way to the ring. He walks up the ramp as Annie backs away to give him space. Broon enters the ring, and scans the arena again. Satisfied, he turns his attention towards his opponent.

    Anderson: And her opponent, from Easterhoose, Scotland, weighing 221 pounds, this is PC Stevie Broon!

    Connor: How would you rank Stevie Broon’s performance this cycle, Jack?

    Cohen: Mediocre. He’s still a heavy hitter in this division, but I’d be surprised if he gets another title shot anytime soon.

    Connor: A win here tonight will give him the momentum that he needs for R-Awakening, though.

    Cohen: Maybe. His opponent’s untested. On paper, this might be an easy win for him.

    The referee checks them both for legal objects, and then call for the bell…

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The two competitors circle each other, but neither lock up. Annie eyes her opponent with a mixture of trepidation and cunning. She feigns a collar and elbow tie up with her larger foe, but then backs away at the last second. Broon looks to be losing his patience. He raises his arm with his palm outstretched, and tells her to come at him. Annie shakes her head, stomps her foot, and gestures at him to bring it. She walks forward to meet him, and raises her left hand out to grab his. She reaches up to interlock her right hand with his, but reaches out and slaps him across the face! She backs away with a smile on her face, gleefully taunting him, before spitting on the ground in his direction. Broon looks pissed. Really pissed. Losing his composure, he charges forward. Annie smiles. Using his momentum against him, she takes him to the mat with a drop toe hold. She floats over and grabs a front facelock. She attempts to keep him grounded by spreading her legs wide, but Broon’s just too powerful. He begins to right himself, but she knees him in the head repeatedly to force him back down. She floats over to his other side and applies a hammerlock. She wrenches his left arm behind his back, as the former police cadet grimaces in pain. He manages to get to his feet with the hold still applied, but Annie pushes him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Broon turns, only to be hit with a running European uppercut from his feisty foe. Annie backs up and charges forward, hitting the move again. She charges forward again, but this time Broon moves out of the way, and this time it’s her eating the turnbuckle. He picks her up from behind and delivers a crushing backbreaker! Annie lays on the canvas writhing in pain when Broon suddenly mounts her. It evident by his eyes that he’s done horsing around. He raised his fist when Annie begins to plead for a time out. She reaches out and grabs the bottom rope before the larger man can land any punches. The referee orders him to get off her, as the two competitors make their way back to the center of the ring to restart the match.

    Connor: This is surprising; Annie’s had control of this match from the get-go.

    Cohen: She’s gotten under Broon’s skin. I’ve heard through the grapevine that the cadet’s been having quite a bit of trouble back in his hometown.

    Connor: You think he came into this match unprepared?

    Cohen: Clearly. Just look him cat, that look like the same Stevie Broon that defeated Tony Macini and Titus? Not even close.

    Broon finally gets what he wants with a collar and elbow tie up. He immediately overpowers his diminutive opponent, and pushes her backward with so much force, it’s as if he’s picked her up and carried her. Annie’s back hits the turnbuckle with such force that it drives the wind out of her lungs and momentarily stuns her. Broon cocks back his fist to strike her, but she immediately puts her head through the ropes, prompting the referee to separate them. Broon rushes forward and pins her against the turnbuckle. He grabs her, and launches her forward with a huge biel throw! Annie lands hard and rolls away. She get to a knee when she sees Broon moving towards her with lightning speed. She tries to beg him off, holding her hand out to keep him at bay. But he’s having none of that. He grabs her, and hoists the girl to her feet. But she escapes from his grip and pokes him in the eye. She grabs him in headlock and proceeds to execute a springboard bulldog. Annie stands with a big grin on her face. She runs, bounces off the ropes, and charges forward, hitting the part time bagger with a running knee drop. Annie practically leaps to feet in jubilation. She begins to gloat, mocking Broon in the process. The crowd starts to boo, showering the girl with jeers and insults. Chants of “Let’s Go Broon” begin to fill the arena. Unfazed by the crowd, Annie turns to continue her assault. Unbeknownst to her, Broon has recovered, and is now measuring her. He drops down and takes her to the mat with a drop toe hold of his own! He floats over and applies a front facelock before clubbing her repeatedly in the back with forearm smashes. He lifts her to her feet, and picks her up with ease, slamming her down on the canvas back first. He turns and runs over to the ropes, bouncing off of them before running forward and delivering a running knee drop of his own. He turns towards the crowd and raises his arms as they cheer him on.

    Connor: Now it’s Broon that’s in control. Annie’s tried a number of dirty tricks, but her arrogance and gloating might have cost her.

    Cohen: Rookie mistake Cat. I’ll give Halloway some credit, as she came in here with a game plan and was doing well, but she’s like a matador fighting a raging bull without a sword now.

    Broon gathers Annie into his arms and slams her down across his knee with a backbreaker. He picks her up again before delivering a second one. He lifts her up and holds her in his arms. He proceeds to walk around the ring, showing off his strength. She’s ceased struggling as Broon drives her down across his knee with a third backbreaker. He lifts her up a fourth time, and Annie appears to be completely limp. He throws her over his head, and launches her across the ring with a fallaway slam! The smaller woman rolls all the way over to the ropes. Broon stands and signals for the end, but Annie rolls out of the ring. Broon looks stunned! And annoyed. He walks over to the ropes and slides out of the ring. Annie is collapsed in a heap on the mat outside. Broon moves quickly, making great strides as he crosses the turnbuckle over to her location. She still hasn’t moved. He slowly lifts her to her feet, and rolls her back into the ring. He climbs onto the apron, and steps through the middle rope to get back inside, but fails to notice that’s she beginning to stir. Annie quickly crawls across the canvas as she watches her opponent reenter the ring. She stands, and shakes the cobwebs loose as Broon turns around, unaware of her presence. With the adrenaline pumping, Annie charges forward and blasts him backwards into the turnbuckle with a drop kick! On shaky legs, Broon wobbles forward, only to be taken down to the mat with a dragon screw leg whip. She grabs his leg, and applies a single leg Boston Crab. She wrenches back on the hold as Broon struggles to escape. He manages to turn his body, and breaks the hold by kicking Annie off him. The firecracker of a woman charges forward, but Broon catches her. He lifts her up and slams her down suddenly with a vicious sidewalk slam. He calls for the end once again. He hoists Annie to her feet, and lifts her up onto his shoulders, trying to hit an Olympic slam he calls ‘Clean Up in Isle 9.’ But she counters, and sides off of him at the last second! She drives him into the mat head first with a snapmare driver called the ‘Root of All Evil.’ From there, she immediately locks the most devasting hold in her arsenal, a bridging double chicken wing called the ‘Hallowed Road.’ Broon tries to fit free. The audience wills him on, trying to give him the power to make that one last push. But the pain is too much, and he submits.

    Anderson: Here is your winner by submission, Annie Halloway!

    Connor: What an amazing number of counters there at the end. I thought for sure Broon had this match won after that fallaway slam, but Annie showed tremendous ring presence tonight. I have no idea whose tapes she’s been watching, but it paid off tonight.

    Cohen: Not even going to mention the fact that she cheated? Multiple times? Do I sense some bias from you Cat? Broon looked completely off his game. He gave it a good try, but Annie outsmarted and outgunned him every step of the way. It was rather embarrassing to watch, actually.

    Connor: I don’t give Annie a pass at all for cheating, Jack. But she proved herself tonight to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Cohen: We’ll just have to see about that, Cat.

    Annie celebrates her victory, as Broon rolls out of the ring. She doesn’t at all seemed concerned about what the fans think. In her mind she accomplished exactly what she set out to do. She couldn’t be more confident and arrogant if she wanted to.
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    A black BMW pulls into the garage area of the arena. When it parks, footsteps can be heard quickly approaching. Ascension GM Chuck Myles comes into the shot and stands by the rear door. He doesn't look pleased. The window rolls down just slightly to reveal only the head of Callie Clark.

    Myles: Do you know how late you are? All contracted personal, in ring or otherwise, are supposed to arrive three hours before opening bell.

    Callie: Oh Chuck, so naive. You have been doing this job long enough that you should know by now. Champions get special treatment. And since I am the greatest Elite Openweight Champion of all time, I get to do as I please.

    Chuck is upset and tries to open the car door, but finds it locked.

    Myles: You are in serious trouble. I could fine you. Step out of the car right now.

    Callie simply laughs.

    Callie: You still don't get it do you? You are but a simple peasant, maybe a serf at best. I am a queen. The sooner you learn that, the better. Besides, The Queen doesn't show off her hard work unless the spotlight is on. Tonight's cosplay may be my best yet.

    Callie gives a condescending wave as she rolls up the window and the car pulls further into the garage area. Chuck stands with a look on his face that seems to say he should have known better. His phone begins to ring and he walks off to take the call. The camera pans to the far side of the garage.

    Maxwell Hunter leads Jabari and his various employees down an exit ramp. The hired men cart The Nigerian Giant's luggage, struggling under the insurmountable weight of it all. The behemoth grunts, and is coaxed to move forward. Maxwell is on the phone, barking orders for a private plane to be there at the Jacksonville International Airport as soon as possible. Jabari grunts again, and stops in his tracks. Maxwell places his phone to his chest.

    Maxwell: Get him moving!

    The large man stares ahead. Near the door, Ramparte leans against a wall with his arms folded. The former tag team champion looks up at Jabari, his face filled with disappointment. He doesn't turn to Maxwell, but he addresses him.

    Ramparte: Pity. A businessman such as yourself deterred by a few losses, unable to grasp the big picture.

    Maxwell Hunter stiffens.

    Maxwell: You're that maniac's manager. What are you talking about?

    Ramparte: There is a Goliath obligated to fight for you. To make you money. And you see this spectacle as a bad investment. He dwarfs everyone in WZCW...people will come to see him, win or lose.

    Maxwell: Mr. Ramparte, please grant me the courtesy of butting out of my affairs.

    The WZCW alumni unfolds his arms and points over their shoulders. Catching sight of Jabari, several backstage techs with recording equipment were making a beeline towards them. Maxwell tugs at his collar. Ramparte grins, and pushes the exit door open. There, swallowing the door's frame, stands Grindhouse.

    Ramparte: Do you know what this company needs? A good old fashioned showcase. Giant against Giant. Two worlds colliding. You're a smart man - I know you've thought about it. And this time there's no King Mussél to help secure my client's win. What say you: do you want to make bank or lose sleep on your return flight to Africa, wondering if you made the right choice?

    The businessman thinks it over as cameras and phones flood them. Ramparte barely hears Hunter over the wave of questions, but when he does he raises an eyebrow in surprise.

    Maxwell: No Holds Barred.

    Grindhouse hunches over, peering through his mask at his rival. Jabari's eyes widen in a frenzy. The Nigerian Giant slaps his own chest, trying to provoke the movie theater monster. Ramparte nods, and extends a hand to Maxwell. They shake as WZCW reporters press their recording equipment to the managers' faces.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! At this time please welcome the special guest referee, Matt Tastic!

    The WZCW Hall of Famer makes his way onto the ramp. His referee outfit consisting of a dirty white shirt that looks like Matt spray painted black stripes on. Before he steps into the ring he puts his long hair into a man bun, which draws a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Connor: The question on everyone's mind going into this one. Can Matt remain impartial? One on side you have Vega, his R-Awakening opponent who he has already had an altercation with. On the other side, Eve Taylor, the girl who broke the heart of his best friend.

    Cohen: Okay first off, I don't think Mikey Stormrage being single really upset Matt that much if you catch my drift. Secondly, is that really the question to ask? You have co number one contender Eve Taylor taking on an uber talented star in Vega. That should be all that matters.

    Anderson: Introducing first, New York City, weighing in at 175 pounds, Vega!

    The lights in the arena slowly dim down as a light fog begins to fill the stage. The lights then shift up into a V pattern as Vega emerges and stands in the light. He gets a largely positive reaction, though some still have yet to forgive him for his initial WZCW run. He makes his way to the ring where he drapes his arms over the top rope and soaks in the sounds of the crowd.

    Connor: Vega is coming off two weeks of being in the ring with Tyrone Blades, the World Champ. He lost a hard fought contest before teaming with him last week to score a victory. The time spent around the legend seems to have paid off for Vega, who seems to have a bit of renewed focus.

    Cohen: No one will ever be able to take Vega's accolades in his first WZCW run away from him. he set records. The fact remains though that the past is the past and thus far, Vega has mostly floundered. Eve Taylor and Matt Tastic in the near future will be stern tests, but positive results will only help his cause.

    Anderson: And his opponent, now residing in Berlin, Germany. "The Alternative" Eve Taylor!

    The crowd boos as Eve's music hits. Her signature spotlight shines down as Eve steps into it, head to the floor. With a swagger few could muster, Eve marches to the ring, never once betraying her model background. She gets to the ring, where the lights go out. When they return she is standing on the turnbuckle posing to more boos.

    Connor: It does pain me that Eve had so much potential to be a role model, but threw it away to chase gold. So few get the opportunity to make a true difference, and she squandered it.

    Cohen: You are just mad you can't root for another girl. Eve made the right call. She ditched the hanger ons and captured the World Title. It was her dream. How many people get the chance to achieve their dream?

    Matt goes over the rules and checks both competitors for foreign objects. He makes some obtuse gesture to signal for the bell.

    Eve and Vega slowly circle each other, both waiting for the right moment to strike. Matt quickly grows frustrated and slaps his hands and motions for them to engage. Both give him a look but they tie up. They fight over a dominant position, with Vega taking the back of Eve and working to hammerlock. He wrenches on the hold and places his boot in the back of the knee of Eve, forcing her down. With the hold still locked in, Eve is forced onto her stomach. Vega keeps the hold on before he shows incredible dexterity and agility and raises into a handstand like position to build momentum to drop a knee into the side of Eve. He adjusts the hold to get his grip by, but Eve anticipated and is able to roll away and get to the ropes to allow her to get back to her feet. Vega approaches, pawing at Eve, trying to gauge her reaction. She utilizes her quickness to slip behind Vega and eventually work to a side headlock. She twists and pulls, but Vega is able to fight and manages to push Eve into the ropes. Off the rebound Vega spins and catches her with an elbow that drops her. He hops into the cover...One!...But Eve is out just a fraction of a second after the one count. He tries to grab an arm, but Eve uses her long legs to spin and lock on a head scissor. Eve tries to keep the hold, but Vega stacks her up and Tastic has to get back into position...One!...Two!...but again Eve kicks out. Eve gets back to her feet and urges Vega in. He makes his move, but Eve takes him down with an arm drag. He pops up, but runs into a second arm drag. A second slower this time, but Vega pops up again. Eve takes him down with a third arm drag, but keeps hold of the arm this time and works an arm bar on a seated Vega. He reaches back to try to break the hold but only gets Eve's hair, which Tastic is quick to warn him about. He struggles but gets to his feet after some uncomfortable looking contortion. He manages to break the hold and looks for a Pele kick, but Eve avoid its and catches him with a quick DDT before he recovers. She makes the lateral press...One!...Two!...but Vega is up well before the three. The two then scramble back to their feet and face off again, earning some applause from the crowd.

    Connor: Hotly contested back and forth action between two seemingly equally matches opponents. The slightest error could prove costly here.

    Cohen: Both superstars have proven to be dangerous in the past, but thus far neither going for big shots. It may be that the first to fire a true volley will walk away with their hand raised.

    The two tie up again with Vega gaining the upper hand and forcing Eve back into the turnbuckle. Matt immediately steps in and grabs Vega to tell him to break. Vega isn't exactly happy with Matt putting his hands on him and has a word. The brief moment he took his attention for Eve was all she needed to hit a big forearm and stagger the former Mayhem king. She follows up with a series of forearms and chops that back Vega into the ropes. She Irish whips him across the ring, and off the rebound she connects with another arm drag and keeps working the arm. Vega is close to the ropes this time though and gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Matt gets in place to count to five and Eve breaks at four. Vega keeps one hand on the ropes while he stretches his other arm out. Just as he lets go of the rope, Eve runs at him, but he sidesteps and uses her momentum to send her over the top rope and to the floor below. He then readies himself for a dive onto Eve, but Matt inadvertently gets in the way and halts his progress. Vega is not happy and is berating him, which allows Eve time to recover. Vega sees her get back on the apron and quickly moves past Tastic to knock her back to the floor with a quick Superman punch. He then climbs onto the apron himself and waits for Eve to stand. When she does, Vega runs and launches himself and catches her with a meteora. The double knees take her down and Vega is feeling it as he pops up and pumps a fist, much to the delight of the crowd.

    Cohen: Definitely appears that Vega has picked up momentum, but he needs to capitalize because Eve is too good to take lightly.

    Connor: You have to wonder if potentially the bad blood between he and Tastic is getting to them a bit. Twice now they have had words.

    Vega rolls Eve back into the ring, but before he can get onto the apron Eve rolls back out on the opposite side of the ring. Vega simply shrugs his shoulders and climbs to the top rope and jumps at Eve, who takes his out of the air with a picture perfect dropkick. The scary looking moment sees Vega crash and land on his head and Eve land with her foot underneath her. Both are clearly in pain as Tastic exits the ring to check on them.

    Cohen: What a crash! Vega leaped off the top rope looking to take Eve out on the floor, only for Eve to pull out a perfectly times dropkick to counter. They will definitely feel that tomorrow.

    Connor: One of the very real risks our stars take. Eve has a history of ankle issues, and nothing good ever comes from landing on your head.

    Tastic asks both if they can continue and both say yes, though they are clearly in pain. Matt slides back into the ring and begins his ten count. Vega is stirring, but Eve gets to her feet first, though requires the use of the steel steps to stand. She takes a moment to try to walk the pain off, which allows Vega to slide into the ring first. Realizing Eve is still on the outside he rolls back out and connects with a couple of punches before he rolls her back into the ring. As Vega is climbing back in, Eve pushes him into Tastic and then rolls him up with a school boy...Tastic is very quick to get into position..One!.Two!.Th-Vega just manages to kick out. Tastic shoves Eve aside and is in Vega's face. The two are arguing back and forth now.

    Cohen: This is no way for an official to act. Matt just attempted a quick count just to screw Vega because he has anger issues.

    Connor: Eve tried her best to steal one, but I agree Jack. Officials need to keep their cool.

    Tastic points at Vega and moves aside, just as Eve tries to attack. Vega steps aside and throws her into the corner. He begins to unleash quick jabs to Eve. Tastic wastes no time in hitting the five count, and Vega has no choice to stop his assault. He is clearly frustrated but throws his hands up and turns to walk off. Vega regains his composure though and begins to run to attempt a splash in the corner, only to have to pull up short as Tastic is checking Eve in the corner. Vega again throws his hands up and turns his back, which allows Eve to explode out of the corner and hit a jumping knee strike to the upper back of Vega. This sends him tumbling to the ground. Eve yells at her foe "Come on!" as vega gets back to his feet and he charges at her. Eve is able to manipulate Vega though and lock on her Alternative Solution submission! The modified crossface is locked in and Vega is in trouble. Tastic is on top of the action, almost urging Vega to tap. Vega fights, trying to claw his way to the ropes, but Eve has the hold in too deep. In a last ditch effort, Vega throws all his weight to the side and pins Eve's shoulders to the mat. Tastic starts to count...One!...But Vega releases the pin to continue to roll and manages to lock in a triangle choke out of nowhere! He has won matches with this move before and Eve is clearly in trouble. Tastic slides his hand under the shoulders of Vega to make sure they aren't on the mat. When he does, Eve grabs him with her free arm and pulls him on top of Vega. Tastic looks furious at orders the hold broken.

    Connor: This is not going to be good.

    Eve is on her knees and Vega on his feet. He orders Eve to stand and begins to admonish both of them. First Eve who simply stand there with a thousand yard stare, as if she were a school girl being lectured on a topic she wasn't interested in. He then turns to Vega, who simply turns to walk away. Feeling disrespected, Tastic grabs Vega by the shoulder and spins him around. As they argue, Eve pushes Tastic into Vega, who responds by pushing Tastic back. Instead of calling for the bell, Tastic kicks Vega in the midsection and then hits the Headache Driver! Vega is laid out and Tastic rips off his referee shirt and throws it at Eve before he exits the ring and storms his way up the ramp. The camera cuts to the timekeeper's area, where everyone looks confused. Selena Anderson walks to the announcer's desk to ask what the call is. Cat listens in carefully before instructing her what to do. Eve, seeing Selena enter the ring gives her a rude look and exits the ring.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to Matt Tastic walking out on his referee duty, this match has been officially declared a no contest!

    The crowd mostly boo as Eve looks pissed off and Vega shakes his head as he is on all fours.

    Cohen: So thanks to Matt Tastic's anger issues, we are robbed of what was shaping up to be a solid match. I hope he gets fined for this one.

    Connor: Indeed Tastic let emotion get in the way of fairness and cost both competitors a win here tonight.
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    Back from a commercial break, the camera is outside in the parking lot of Veterans Memorial Arena. A glow can be seen in the corner, and the camera turns to reveal Stetson Hayes and a few of The Minutemen sitting around the fire, all with a beer in hand.

    Hayes: I done told you boys Florida would be good to us. Such a fine state. And so progressive too. DId you know they have a black man, Andrew Gillium I think is his name, who could be the first black governor in Florida history. Man, them black folks have come so far.

    A few of the crew look at Hayes with an uncomfortable look. He takes a long sip of his beer before throwing the bottle across the parking lot. The clash of broken glass can be heard.

    Hayes: I think I might just stay here in Florida and keep this victory train rolling right into R-Awakening.

    Hayes grabs another beer from the cooler. He examines it.

    Hayes: Heineken? Not for this cowboy!

    Hayes throws the full bottle, but the sound of shattered glass is accompanied by a thud. From the direction the thud came, blue and red lights flash. The Minutemen scramble, but Hayes simply stands and approaches the car.

    Hayes: Ain't nothing to be worried about boys. Police know how to treat a man like me.

    The cowboy extends a hand to the angry officer, who simply cuffs him and puts him into the car. The fade out shot is of Hayes screaming "I thought this was America!"
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    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Garth Black!

    It's not Garth Black who comes out on stage but Johnny Klamor.

    Klamor: I have a statement here from Garth Black. "I will not be appearing live on free TV unless I have reason to. So with that in mind, play my video".

    Garth Black appears on the Titantron in a clearly pre-recorded segment.

    Black: I'm not going to grace you with my presence in the ring, not yet. I've saving that for my R-Awakening opponent, Titus Avison. I call him by his full name because he and I go way back, and I know that he has not changed. I know the real Titus. Titus is a talented wrestler, but more so than that he is a gifted actor. For years, he had you all fooled. You heard Legends of Mr. WZCW. The man who carried the company on his back through dark days. The man who saved the company from the brink. It was easy to shower him with praise at every turn, because Titus fooled you all. It worked for a while, playing the company man. He earned numerous accolades, and when I say he was one of the best I mean that. This company is full of pretenders, but Titus was the truth. Then, the game started to pass him by. The frustration began to show through the cracks. He tried, valiantly. He tried harder and longer than almost everyone else to cling to his former glory, but everyday he fell further and further from that brass ring. So he went away, like so many others before and after him. The difference though, is that Titus came back. Titus did what so many cowards to step foot in that ring could not do, he tried again. Not only did he try, but he succeeded. He set records. He was a hair away from becoming the first multi time Lethal Lottery winner. It is safe to say despite his Kingdom Come loss, Titus is back. See Titus did something so few can do, he reinvented himself. Well, let me amend that. He didn't reinvent himself so much as he allowed his true self to show. I said, I've known Titus longer than most, I've seen sides of Titus most never will. So it came as no shock when the EurAvison era began. What does shock me however is how all of you are buying this act. How Titus has changed and how he is humbled. You all saw what I saw last night. When Flex tried to cheat in their match and failed, did Titus do the honorable thing? No he cheated right back. They say if you want to get to know someone, their real self, you either get them drunk or scared. Titus is scared. Titus lost his title and is afraid the game is passing him by again, so he resorts to cheap tactics. Don't be scared though Titus, because when we meet in that ring, I'll show the world the real Titus. You won't have to hide anymore.
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    Anderson: The following match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

    From New York City, she is the WZCW Elite Openweight Champion, Callie Clark!!

    Callie Clark appears on stage with a red duster on and a facemask, very much resembling Starlord from 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'. She pulls out his two guns and fires pyro off them before making her way down the aisle.

    Connor: Callie entering first, unusual for a champion to do so but she specifically requested this.

    Cohen: She wants to be in the spotlight. Rightly so. She's a great champion.

    Suddenly the crowd start murmuring as WZCW former world champion, hall of famer and current road agent Everest makes his way to the ramp. He walks down and whispers to Selena Anderson. He then heads back up.

    Connor: Well it seems like there's been a change in the match up.

    Anderson: From the opposing team! First, from Little Italy, New York City, he is Tony Mancini!!

    Tony Mancini doesn't seem pleased as he marches out to the ring with no fanfare and notably alone. The crowd boos him as normal but he simply ignores it, right away standing on his corner and grabbing the tag rope.

    Cohen: Mancini heading out alone as WZCW brass have banned Gino and Roady from ringside at R-Awakening. It seems like they're getting used to this tonight.

    His tag team partner, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Remarkable Mark Keaton!!

    Mark Keaton also seems just walk out alone but he seems more receptive to the crowd as cheers peer in from fans. He plays to them and gets in the ring, Tony Mancini just seems to ignore him.

    Connor: Quite a warm welcome for Keaton tonight, interesting to see how the two time tag team champion will fare tonight.

    Cohen: That's assuming he and Mancini are on the same page.

    Anderson: And Callie Clark's tag team partner this evening...

    Gabi Clark!

    There's a shock around the arena, none more so than Callie herself.

    Connor: Wow! The Clark sisters back in the ring together.

    Cohen: She has...she's gotten fat.

    Connor: Don't body shame Jack.

    Cohen: But look at her. Haha! Is that?

    The camera shows the entrance ramp where the silhouette of a large Gabi Clark can be seen.

    Connor: Oh dear God!

    Cohen: Hahahaha!

    The crowd join in the laughter as Callie Clark is raging with anger. For it is not her sister Gabi but Mikey Stormrage cosplaying as Callie Clark. Mancini and Keaton just look confused. Stormrage makes his way to the ring.

    Connor: How did he fit in that costume?

    Cohen: Don't body shame, Cat.

    Referee Elizabeth Prince calls for the bell as Callie and Keaton get us underway.

    *Ding Ding Ding*
    The two lock up with the collar and elbow tie-up. The size discrepancy allows Keaton to tower over Callie as Mikey Stormrage is trying to motivate her from the corner. She shifts from the tie up to an Armdrag, using Keaton's leverage against him. He's quick to bounce back to his feet and Callie goes back to the well with the Armdrag, this time holding Keaton's arm down and pulling on it as Mikey looks on very pleased. Mancini on the other hand just seems unsurprised. The crowd cheers and Callie seems to take to it pretty well. Keaton tries to fight out of the Armbar and gets to his knees. But once he reaches his knees, Callie drags him down again. Keaton tries to struggle now, once again getting to his knees. Callie tries another Armdrag but Keaton rolls through and gets his arm free but as he tries to get back up, he's immediately intercepted with a Dropkick, knocking him down. Mancini is seen covering his face as Callie takes advantage and goes for a cover. 1....... 2...... 3-But Keaton kicks out. He sits up and once again, Callie goes for the arm. As she's about to, Mikey is on the corner waving it off as a bad idea. She doesn't pay attention and goes for it anyway but when she does, Keaton hits an elbow to her cheek, backing her off. He wraps her leg and knocks her down with a Drop Toehold before applying a Half Crab and clinching it in the center of the ring.

    Connor: Mikey Stormrage seemed to have seen that coming. I guess him being a Tag Team Specialist isn't a simple adjective.

    Cohen: Of course. Callie went to the well a bit too much. She either should've tried something else or have gone for the tag. And oh my God, I'm agreeing with Stormrage. What is wrong with me?!

    Callie struggles to get out of the hold. The size discrepancy becomes a bigger issue with Keaton putting his weight over Callie now. She tries to reach out to the ropes but is too far away. Mancini still seems disconnected but Mikey on the other hand, pleads to Callie, even getting off the apron to root her on. However, he then just jumps into the ring and throws Keaton off Callie and out of the ring. Referee Elizabeth Prince admonishes him but he just backs off calmly. Keaton is on the outside, looking on mad. Mancini stands still on the apron right by him, not too concerned. Mikey stretches his arm out to Callie and helps her up before asking for the tag. She seems a bit apprehensive about it, but she nods and gives him the tag. The crowd cheers on as Mikey enters. Keaton slowly gets into the ring as Mikey waits on. Keaton then stretches his own arm for a tag from Mancini, but instead is told to keep going. Mikey taunts and goads Keaton, wanting to clash with his rival again. Keaton, annoyed, goes to him and measures to lock up. But instead, gets a slap to the face. Mikey turns to play to the crowd and Callie is even clapping for him for showing his spunk. Keaton quickly gets fed up and turns Mikey around to attack, but that's a bit foolish. Mikey see's Keaton coming and is the first to tee off with jabs. After a few of them, he whips Keaton across the ring and knocks him down with a big shoulder tackle.

    Connor: It seems that Callie and Mikey had a small issue but Keaton and Mancini have a far larger one. Mancini doesn't seem interested in getting into the fray and Keaton seems to hung up with Mikey to tag him in.

    Cohen: Great for Callie Clark but then that means Mikey Stormrage is not only right, but he's also winning.

    Keaton recomposes himself by his corner. This time Mancini seems ready to get in and Keaton offers the tag but Mancini points towards the ring, surprised. Keaton is startled and turns to look. He see's Mikey Stormrage just standing there.

    Cohen: I'd be startled too. Just look at the way he's dressed.

    Keaton turns back to Mancini but before long, Mikey Stormrage turns him around and knocks him down with a Clothesline. He pulls Keaton towards his corner and tags in Callie. Mikey wrings the arm as Callie stands on the top rope and comes down on Keaton's arm with an Ax Handle to it. She then wrings the arm and tags Mikey back in. He grabs Keaton and places him in an Abdominal Stretch and starts spanking Keaton with Callie giggling about it. Keaton gets out of it with a Hip Toss. Right away, Mikey reaches to Callie for a tag who comes in. Keaton reaches out for a tag, but Callie intercepts it with a Bulldog. She tries to hold Keaton with a Front Chancery, but it's an issue yet again given the size. Keaton tries to push himself towards the corner. He lifts Callie but in doing so, she torques in the air and hits a Tornado DDT. With both on the canvas, they try to reach towards their tag team partners. Reaching at the same time, Callie and Keaton make the tag. Mikey and Mancini leap into the ring at the same time but its Mikey taking control with a series of Clotheslines. He whips Mancini across the ring and tries a Fallaway Slam but Mancini gets behind Mikey and hits a Neckbreaker. Mancini mouths off to Keaton who responds pointing like Mancini did earlier. He doesn't buy it but that doesn't stop Callie from standing on the top rope and hitting an unknowing Tony Mancini with a Missile Dropkick to his back. Mancini falls out of the ring and Mikey seems surprised. He looks at Callie who argues at him for a tag.

    Cohen: Don't turn your back to Callie Clark. Honestly, why even would you?

    Connor: At the same time, Stormrage seems surprised by Callie taking charge.

    Callie goes back to her corner and asks for the tag, but Mikey sees Mancini at ringside. Keaton looks at both his partner and Stormrage, wondering what he's planning. Mikey decides to bypass the tag and dashes across the ropes. He goes for a Tope Suicida but Mancini intercepts it with a forearm to the face, sending Mikey right back into the ring and bouncing off the ropes. Callie has him close enough and tags him. She leaps into the ring as Mancini also re-enters it. The two are slow to face off. They seem ready to lock, but Callie knows better and instead slides beneath Mancini's legs. When he turns around, he's met with a pair of Slingblades. She shows off to the crowd but doing so, Mancini takes advantage and rakes her eyes. He elbows Mikey off the apron and pulls Callie to his corner and tags in Keaton without even asking, ordering him to attack Callie. Keaton seems reluctant, but advantage is advantage and he takes it. He hits a Chop Block to Callie's leg. She yells in pain as she collapses, causing Mikey to stretch his arm out, hoping for a tag. Keaton stomps on the leg a pair of times but Mancini takes the tag again without asking. He comes in, stomping on the leg as Callie writhes in pain. He taunts and yells at her, even pulling on her hair as Mikey continues stretching out for hope. Mancini gets Callie up, she limps on her leg and even hops on her other one. That doesn't stop Mancini from trying to whip her across the ropes. She collapses coming back and falls in front of him. He just laughs and goes across the ropes himself, but as he turns around, he's met with a big surprise as Callie suddenly rolls to her feet surprises Mancini with a big Pele Kick, knocking him down. Right away, she follows up with a Moonsault Kneepress as Mikey looks on shocked. She brushes her leg and puts weight on it. Then even jumping on it. It was a ruse!!

    Cohen: And they say Titus is an Oscar-winning actor! That was stellar acting by Callie Clark!

    Connor: Calm down there. Mikey seems shocked. Any idea of him leading things seems to be falling right now. Callie is taking control by herself.

    Mancini rolls out of the ring, looking to catch his breath after the surprise. But only two seconds after he's stepped out, he's run over by a flying beauty as Callie Clark dashes across with a Tope Suicida. Mikey Stormrage seems frustrated, him trying it earlier and failing. Callie stands outside showing off to the crowd who cheer in kind.

    "Lets Go Callie! Lets Go Callie!"
    She seems to enjoy it and rolls before rolling Mancini into the ring and taking a curtsy bow in front of the fans. Mancini drags himself towards Mark Keaton for a tag but Keaton seems apprehensive about it. Mancini stretches out and Keaton thinks about it.

    He takes the tag before Callie realizes and gets back in. Keaton gets into the ring while Mikey Stormrage is on the apron, not too pleased that Callie let the tag happen so easily. But that stops mattering as Keaton tags Mancini right back in and leaps over the ropes and to the floor. He waves off to Mancini before walking up the aisle, abandoning him.

    Cohen: That's a winner's purse he's skipping out on!

    Connor: Sometimes ego gets in the way of good business and that seems to have played out here between these two very ego driven competitors.

    Mancini turns around as Stormrage pleads to Callie to take a rest. She seems reluctant but agrees, tagging him in. Mancini looks around, as if he was looking for a way out of this situation, but no dice. He goes on the attack with forearms and whips Mikey across the ring, hitting him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam on the way back. Frantically, Mancini makes the cover, not even hooking the leg. 1........2.....-But Mikey kicks out. Mancini covers again. 1........2.....-But Mikey kicks out again. A third time, this time he even hooks the leg but..... 1.........-And Mikey immediately kicks out. Mancini shows his frustration and pulls Mikey Stormrage by the hair but is fought back. Mikey manages to shove Tony away and he suddenly stumbles to the floor as Callie has opened up the ropes for Mikey. He seems very happy and she cheers him on. Mikey gathers himself and dashes across the ropes for momentum. He leaps through them but......

    Cohen: Oh brother.......

    Connor: It would appear that.......

    Mikey Stormrage ends up tangled in the ropes, failing to execute the Tope Suicida. Callie facepalms and gets off the ropes she was opening up. She takes the tag and sits on the corner. When she sees her opening, she leaps onto Mancini at ringside with a Crossbody. She asks Mikey who comes down and rolls Mancini in to the ring. Clark once again climbs the ropes and measures Mancini. She leaps once he gets up and tries a Tornado DDT. But Mancini stops her and pushes her away. He dashes across the ring and seems ready to execute his Il Siluro Italiano. But as he turns around for it, Mikey Stormrage gets in the way and he ends up taking the attack. Right as that happens, Callie sees her chance, quickly climbing the ropes and leaping with the Calliesault and landing on top of Mancini. 1........... 2.............. 3!!!

    Here are your winners The WZCW Elite Openweight Champion Callie & "Gabi" Clark!!

    What a redemption for Mikey Stormrage, seemingly embarrassing himself with that Suicide Dive but then turning it around with that sacrifice, giving Callie Clark the opportunity to win the match!

    Cohen: I would not give that man credit. At a two to one disadvantage, he managed to screw it up. If it weren't for Callie's ingenuity, they would have not won.

    Connor: Callie may be ingenious, but no one can doubt Mikey Stormrage's willingness to reach out to other people.

    Mancini rolls out of the ring as referee Elizabeth Prince gives Callie her title back and then raises the arms of both winners. The two seem overjoyed with their success and Mikey even offers a hug. Callie stops and heavily thinks about it.

    "Hug it out! Hug it out! Hug it out!"
    Callie thinks about it some more concedes and hugs her tag team partner.

    Cohen: Gross.

    Connor: It would seem Mikey Stormrage has won over another-OH MY GOD!!

    Cat Connor is cut off as Callie Clark hits Mikey Stormrage below the belt by surprise. Her jovial attitude has gone away and she seems like pure evil instead. Mikey falls down to his knees, arms tucked between his legs in pain. Callie then raises her Elite Championship and hits him right in the face with it, knocking him down. She poses with her title once again and for more insult and injury, places her foot, from the allegedly injured leg earlier in the match, right in between Mikey's legs.

    Cohen: Callie Clark makes it clear. There are no friends here. Only means to an end. Mikey Stormrage like a disgusting pig was just trying to be nice to her, hoping to get "close" to that goddess.

    Connor: What a disgusting attack! Mikey just wanted to stretch his arm out in friendship! He took a bullet for her!! This isn't about expecting a reward, it's about helping each other out!! See you at R-Awakening folks.
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    Ech Opening, Broon/Halloway and co wrote Hayes/Adams.
    Spidey Grindhouse/Jabari segment,
    Yaz Vega/Eve, co wrote Hayes/Adams, and did the rest of the segments
    KJ Manicni/Keaton v Callie/Stormrage (with some help from me)

    Thanks so much for your patience on this. You should all know your R-Awakening matches with deadline being Tuesday 2nd October.

    Please also give Yaz and Ech your thanks, they have been amazing this round.
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