Ascension 131: Stetson Hayes vs. Alice "Baby Doll" Adams

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    This Is Rasslin'
    Show Date: September 11, 2018
    S1 - Ep. 03: Nobody Puts Baby Boll In A Corner Post

    Only on the WZCW Network

    The opinions expressed on this program do not reflect those of the WZCW Network and any affiliated partners. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Filmed on location in Jacksonville, FL
    Four Days Before Ascension 131

    The Hayes Family stopped at a gas station to stretch their legs from the long road trip. The Minutemen followed closely behind, asking Stetson Hayes his thoughts about recent events in Jacksonville. He scratched at his beard and grimaced.

    Stetson: Guess there's no gettin' passed it. I just wanna take a minute here and address the obvious. I may not be the most agreeable man on the planet, but I ain't stupid neither. Everybody knows what happened here in Jacksonville last week. It was a g**damn tragedy.

    He removed his cowboy hat and placed it over his chest.

    Stetson: The Buccaneers shoulda beat the Jags. I don't care if it's just the playoffs. Shameful.

    Angela tied her hair back and rolled her eyes at Stetson. He eyed her like a hawk.

    Angie: You do remember what important event is coming up in our lives, dontcha South?

    Stetson: If you don't stop with that "South" nonsense...Course I do. 9/11. Never forget.

    Angela: Well yeah there’s that but it's also your son's birthday.

    Stetson: He’s…28?

    Angie: 29.

    Stetson: It’s high time I took him to a strip club, then.

    Wait, wha-


    The Blue Angel Gentlemen's Club was a white trash spectacle - several of the night's entertainment had teeth missing, and Dakota noticed the bartender and a suited man exchange bags of what appeared to be meth but could have been cocaine. He turned to his father, who was enjoying himself.

    Dakota: I don't know why you talked me into this. This is flat-out objectifying women while exploiting the lower class. It's horrible that they are stuck in a position where they have to expose themselves to make ends meet. I bet if I asked that brunette over there what she wanted to be when she grew up, this wasn't it.

    Stetson: Oh, so yer speaking on behalf of all womenfolk, are ya? No? You sayin' they got a voice? Then shut the f*** up and gun your shot, birthday boy.

    Taken aback, Dakota drank his glass of Vodka quietly and summoned the well-endowed waitress for another. His dad eyed his choice in beverage with a disapproving gaze, but didn't bring it up.

    Stetson: It's an honorable profession, ya know.

    Dakota: Huh?? I thought you of all people would have something negative to say about strippers. You're about to fight one, aren't you?

    Stetson: Alice Adams ain't a stripper. She's a burlesque dancer.

    Hayes drained his whiskey and the serving girl fetched him another after bringing Dakota's Vodka. The 29 year old eyed his old man questioningly. Stetson sighed.

    Stetson: Strippers do what they do for the money. It's a job to them. Burlesque dancers do it "for the art". They're the kids that went to college to become Theater majors just to find out they can't act for sh**. See, a stripper is aware they're showing tits to get guys off. They provide a service. Them burlesque people think they're funny walking around in horsesh** it took 'em hours to get into. Burlesque is a waste of stripper stage.

    Dakota sipped at his alcohol, wishing his dad would change the subject.

    Stetson: Believe me, if you've been a horndog all yer life like your old man, you know the differences. I respect strippers. But let's not get into the details there...

    The redneck noticed his ex entering the club. Angie looked around, and shook her head. Stetson flagged her over.

    Angie: Of all the gentlemen clubs to bring him chose this one?

    Stetson: This'n got history.

    Dakota: History? What do you mean by that?

    As the serving girl came to take Angela's order, her eyes grew wide.

    Waitress: Tasty?? Is that YOU?

    Dakota turned to face his mother, and then the lady that had given him his Vodka. His face went from puzzled to horrified at the drop of a hat. Angie bit her lip and turned red. Stetson grinned behind his cup.

    Angie: It's err it's good to see you, Sugar Bee.

    Waitress: I'm too old for that pole anymore, babe. I go by Carol now. But I must say, you are still lookin' fit.

    Angie: Oh thanks! But I quit AAAGESSSS ago. Up and had a kid. This boy right's his birthday!

    Angela wrapped an arm around the visibly shaking youth.

    Carol: You're a lucky dude to have such cool parents to bring you to a strip club, eh? Handsome too.

    Dakota: ...I'm...I'm going to be sick...

    The millennial leapt from his chair and sprinted towards the Restrooms. Stetson laughed and glanced at the two ladies. The waitress gingerly refilled their cups and gave Angie and himself alone time.

    Stetson: Thems were the days. Me, some no-good rookie rassler with an itch to scratch. You, some leather-clad angel struttin' your stuff to Alannah Myles's "Black Velvet". A jug of Pop's moonshine and the skirt of a local promotion's ring apron made for wild nights. Memories.

    Angie: Did they ever have to end? I can't even remember what it was that drove us apart. We seem to be doing pretty well all things considered. Hell, there are cameras all around us now yet we've never been closer. It's nights like these that make me think there may be more to us. Am I alone in wondering about this?

    The South kept his eyes glued to the blackboard on a door. The time was 11:45 PM.

    Stetson: OH for f***s sake they're about to close the VIP room. Will you be a dear and make sure the boy gets to the hotel alright? I may be a minute. Yeehaw!

    He hopped from the table and made a beeline for the door. His ex-wife sat there, completely stunned.

    Angie: Still hard of hearing. F***!


    The wrestler gazed at the camera.

    Stetson: I ain't sure how this all works. Maybe you're watching my show before the match, Baby Doll. Maybe it's in the future after we scrap. Either way, there's a lot I gotta say about a gorgeous face like yours.

    The Minutemen zoomed out to reveal a rail-thin blonde gyrating in front of him. He sat alone, barely keeping focused on the exotic dancer. Instead, he removed his cowboy hat and sat it by his side.

    Stetson: I said some petty things about burlesquers. Truth is, I do respect the profession. Maybe not as much as I do strippers, but still. No matter what, you give men like me a peak at your boobs and for that, I'm thankful. I hadn't the pleasure to see 'em yet, but only time'll tell when I do. Could be when we fight, could be when you make yer entrance, or it could be weeks from now when ya realize you've fallen for a cowboy. Who knows? You're easy on the eyes and I'm a size 16 boot. It's only science.

    The southerner shrugged and chuckled. The stripper lifted a glistening leg up and placed it over his shoulder. Stetson Hayes smiled at her, and continued his monologue.

    Stetson: Though you may not be so lovey dovey after we tango. You're a clever one - you played dirty and got the win on Anonymous after all. But you're still a dancer first and a rassler last. I can't stand folks like you who come into my sport knowing damn well you're just collecting a paycheck. This business means everything to me! There's nothing for me but home when the show ends. I ain't a g**damn hacker and I don't flip burgers on the side neither. I admire you supporting your kids, I do. I got one meself. But you're as much a rassler as I am a stripper.

    The blonde raised her eyebrow, but continued shaking her breasts in Stetson's face. He kept talking - the view was completely blocked off.

    Stetson: My Texas Cloverleaf is 2-0 right now. I retired a luchador before even learnin' his name. There's a giant limpin' somewhere who plans to quit soon too. I may not be the smartest or the strongest man on the roster, but I know how to make y'all tap. You pride yerself on being a performer. You gotta move around on a stage, jumpin' and runnin' around like a lunatic. I get it. But all that takes legwork. I ain't as spry as I was years ago, but if I catch one of them shapely legs in my Cloverleaf, well hot damn we gonna dance the night away, aren't we?

    His time was coming to an end, so he threw $1 bills at his entertainer. She sighed and collected the money.

    I got a joke for you, Miss Adams. What d'ya call a Burlesque dancer who can't walk?

    He waited a whole minute, just staring at the lens of The Minutemen camera.

    Stetson: Let's find out the punchline together.

    Stetson Hayes put his hat back on, tipped it at the camera and, in essence, at Baby Doll. He made his exit from the VIP Lounge of The Blue Angel.

    Author's Note: Y'all wish NPC Dakota Hayes a Happy Birthday this Friday, y'hear? ;)
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    [Alice is in her dressing room; standing in front of a clothes rack grabbing her dress from the hanger, visibly shaking, she slowly starts to peel off her ring attire, wincing with each movement. She was sore and embarrassed that she lost her cool in the ring. Shaking her head she mumbles under her breath, hangs her outfit and slips into her signature black dress. Slipping on her red heels quickly, she does a turn in the mirror, pleased with the final results, finally sits down to rest.]

    Alice: “God, I can’t believe I lost it out there. [Slams had down onto the armchair] That stupid witch, calling burlesque obscene, that hacker wouldn’t be able to tell a van Goh from a Warhol even if it was staring her in the face.”

    [Alice rolls her eyes and unlocks her phone, the once black screen lights up merrily with a picture of two children; a boy and girl, her lights and reasons to live. She smiles softly, trying hard to hold back the tears that were welling up and on the brink of spilling over. Quickly she grabs a tissue and stops the tears from falling, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, a wave of calmness slowly consumed her body and soul, once she felt at peace Alice opened her eyes.]

    Alice: “well no use crying over broken peacock feathers, [she opens the email tab on her phone and starts scrolling] long story short, I won, it may not have been as gracefully as I wanted but I know with enough practice I can showcase my best assets in this industry just like I do with the burlesque scene. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if I could be a natural here as well.”

    [Alice opens an email marked “What VA VA Voom means to you…” her eyes quickly scan the email, closed it and opens another titled “a drink with…” a small smile spreads across her lips]

    Alice: “well, well, well, what do we have here, an interview and commercial in one day? I need a little getaway to sooth my soul and what better way than to talk art and share my passion with others.”

    [Alice gets up off the couch and gathers her things; dials a cab to take her back to the hotel, once there she packs her bags and settles in for the night, excited about the journey ahead.]

    One week later

    [Scene opens up to a dimly lit speakeasy themed bar; dark reds and browns where the color scheme, black and white photos of famous mobsters and big silver screen beauty’s adorned the burgundy walls, cool jazz music echoed low and lazily all throughout but it was the big Swarovski crystal and gold Chandler hanging low in the main room that really brought the 20s back; gold painted wall ornaments provided the moody lighting, small wooden tables littered the main area. A tall gold framed door leads off into the bars VIP section, a gold plate right by the door reads “The Capone Room” Alice is seen sitting on a black leather couch; a low black wooden coffee table is in front of her, two gold rimmed champagne coups rest elegantly on top of pure white coasters; sitting across from her on an identical arm chair a woman interviewer. All around their little corner of the bar a small camera team of two were set up for the interview.]

    Unknown woman: “Ms. Adams may I say it is such a pleasure to meet you, not only are you quickly rising to the top in the underground burlesque scene, which must be taking a toll, since you not only parent full time but you also hand make all your costumes as well? [She pauses, picks up her coupe, takes a small sip and looks over at the cameraman] and on top of that, rumor has it you have now started dabbling in the wrestling scene? How positively fascinating, How on earth did that get started?”

    Alice: “Oh please Lisa, [smiles warmly] call me Alice, we are all friends here [chuckles softly] first of all, can I just say, I am honored to be here, I love your show and was so excited to get an invite [daintily picks up her champagne coupe, takes a sip and sets it back down] and to answer your questions let me see… hmm, sewing had always been a passion of mine, even before I stumbled into my first burlesque show and was lucky enough to be reborn in marvelous Swarovski and feathers, I have always loved to sew, why, I even sew my kids costumes for Halloween [she smiles and looks into the camera a little teary eyed] I have always been very hands on when I am with my children and also very private, they are my moon and stars [grabs her napkin and wipes the corner of her eyes]

    Reporter Lisa: “W-well I am very sorry, Ms. Adams, erm, I mean Alice, you are truly a delight and surprisingly so down to earth. Your children must be lovely [she smiles] you seem like a Pinterest mom, but with a more… extravagant wardrobe [laughs loudly] So I heard you recently filmed a commercial? And by recently I mean 6 hours before you met up with us! How wonderful it that? Why, we would love to hear all about that.

    Alice: “Oh yes, it was a French car commercial called Vive le VA VA Voom, I was honestly shocked, I mean, here I am, a girl from little ol’ Palm Springs CA, just trying to make my stake in not only Burlesque, but in the wrestling world as well [voice shakes a bit from excitement] and here they are; a foreign company, watching videos of my performances, catching my match and my amazing first win over someone who, [Alice’s voice goes from cool and alluring to cold and unimpressed] honestly lacks artistic class and knowledge [looks at the camera and smiles] but was a very tough opponent and I applaud her attempt to make me lose my focus, really Annie, if you are out there watching, you where a pleasure to dance with [looks straight and blows kiss to the camera] and I can’t wait til we dance again. [Her once cold Demeanor turns warm again.] Oh Lisa I apologize for totally taking this conversation a different way, [Smiles warmly] I just love to give my all in everything that I do, now, where were we? Oh yes! Viva LA VA VA Voom, it was such an honor, they loved my skits, they adored my performances and they said that my match was the last piece of the puzzle for them, I was fast and mesmerizing I think was what they used [giggles and takes a drink of champagne] as soon as they said I could write my own little performance, decorate the set my way, and well, a girl can’t resist that.”

    Lisa: “Oh yes, your very… green, wrestling career [takes another drink] now how did all that come to be, I’m sorry I don’t mean to sound blunt, but, [half laughs] how did a woman like yourself [looks Alice up and down] dainty little thing, Hmm? How did a little dove like you, end up interested in something so… sweaty and so… so… [Lisa scrunches her face a little, looking lost for words] how did you become so… interested in wrestling?”

    [Alice sits up straighter; looking unbothered by the catty way the reporter was coming at her; as if she was trying to knock her mask away, to expose her weaker self. She takes a deep breath straightens her back, holds her head high and smiles slightly]

    Alice: “Well, this dainty little thing is very flexible and agile thanks to years of dance and track, also, light weights help keep these dainty little arms [lifts arms and turns them slowly] small and toned. But thank you for your concern, as you know, oh wait [chuckles softly] I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen a match a day in your life hmm? [Shrugs] Well just to let you know, it’s lovely, just amazing, yes we do get sweaty [laughs] but what devoted artist doesn’t? I see wrestling like a dance, my moves tell a story and highlights my strengths, yes there are some… reservations when it comes to thinking about fighting the opposite sex, but, in all, I am slowly finding myself more and more entranced by this world. Yes burlesque is my mother, she showed me strength and beauty in my flaws, but wrestling, oh wrestling [Alice looks away and presses a hand to her cheek; a dreamy smile slowly spreads] is my dangerous new lover, he makes me feel powerful and beautiful at the same time. Honestly hearing the roar of the crowd is such a rush. I can’t wait for my next match, which hopefully today I get the email showing me who my next opponent is.”

    [Lisa’s face flushed bright red, she looks down at the coupe and starts tracing the stem with her fingers. She clumsily picks up her drink and finishes it with one gulp.]

    Lisa: “W-w-well you see, I’m more of a girly girl, I mean my boyfriend watches that kind of stuff but it doesn’t really interest me, now, home design shows, those are my jam. [Giggles uncontrollably] Oh how fun! You have another match soon? Where would that be taking place?”

    Alice: “Jacksonville, Florida. In the veterans Memorial center, to be exact. I have never been to Jacksonville so I’m excited to go sightseeing… and shopping of course.”

    [Alice finishes her drink and if like it was timed her phone chimes and lights up, in big bold text across the screen it read New Email. Alice excitedly picks up her phone and opens the email.]

    Lisa: “Well, don’t keep us waiting [leans forward and places her elbows on the table, resting her face in her palms] who was that? A secret boyfriend no one knows about? [Giggles] oh how positively scandalous. Now Alice, just between us girls, you wouldn’t have gotten into the wrestling scene because of a man now did you? Oh! That would make much more sense.

    [Alice looks up from her phone, smiling sweetly at Lisa]

    Alice: “it’s an email from WZCW, oh,[gasps] I’m sorry, you probably have no idea who that is, silly me. Well, they are the amazing wrestling company who saw something in me and gave me a shot, they just sent my next opponent email, and I gotta say Lisa I am both excited yet nervous for what is to come.”

    Lisa: “Well Alice don’t leave us in suspense! Will you let us know who you will be fighting?”

    [Alice seductively smirks, crosses her legs and motions to the barkeep for more drinks. Once they where given fresh glasses, Alice takes her glass and slowly takes a drink.]

    Alice: “Why darling, don’t you know my whole career is built off of leaving people in suspense. [Eyes narrow] if you must know, HIS name is Stetson Hayes, I’ve seen him wrestle up close only once and that was truly a sight to behold.[Alice’s voice shifts to cool and calculating] Now Lisa, you need to understand, that is one big, strong… Sturdy man. Very… how do I describe him, down home country I should say. Yes, he will definitely give me a run for my money, I can tell you that.”

    Lisa: “Soo…[smirks and takes a drink from her glass] you are telling us your not going to win? You, Ms. Perfection, are admitting defeat?[drunkenly snorts] To this.. oh blast it, I forgot his name, we will just call him Mr. Cowboy. [She sits up a smile awkwardly spreads] is Mr. Cowboy your boyfriend dear? Oh how positively scandalous, I would have never pegged you for a western farm girl.”

    Alice: [looks unbothered] “Oh sweetheart, I think you might want to slow down on the alcohol; your inner Bitch is showing [Smiles at the now dumbfounded looking Lisa] why darling, like you said, we’re all girls here, I have to speak up when a fellow queens crown is falling. [shrugs] But no, sorry to disappoint dear, I am NOT with Mr. Cowboy and I am not saying I will lose, everyone has a weakness, everyone has flaws, with mine I was able to turn them into art; and [chuckles] Mr. Cowboy over here, well, let’s just say used his to live his life like a drunken western hero. [Alice looks at the camera] but I respect you Mr. Hayes, you have a love for wrestling that can almost mirror my love for burlesque, with that being said, I do hope you don’t take it to hard when I pull out all the necessary stops to win." [winks and blows a kiss]

    Lisa: [Stares intently at Alice almost as if in a trance] “I’ll be sure to tell my boyfriend about this, I may even watch, I must see how this plays out."

    Alice: [lightheartedly] “Oh Lisa, you've heard the old saying; the bigger they are, the harder they fall, now, enough rough talk! But I am truly honored to think that you would actually sit down and attempt to even comprehend what would be going on." [Smiles warmly]

    [Lisa's face glows redder and she looks away to the cameraman; he signals to her the 5 minute mark, she plasters a huge drunken smile on her face and looks at Alice.]

    Lisa: “Well it was sure lovely that you took time out of your busy schedule and brought us to your little getaway [she squeezes Alice’s hand and looks towards the camera] but we have reached the last few minutes of the show and I know you where so excited to announce a surprise for us?”

    Alice: “Oh yes, I’m so glad you where able to come hang out, I feel so close to you in just this short amount of time [smiles gracefully] but yes the surprise, [looks at camera] I would love to share with you all my video for “Vive Le VA VA Voom!”

    [Cameras pull up and away from Lisa and Alice; who where obviously still talking and pans up to the crystal chandelier. The screen fades to black and the video begins to play]
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