Ascension 131: Eve Taylor vs. Vega w/ Special Guest Referee Matt Tastic

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    Deadline is Tuesday, September 11th, 11:59 PM EST

    Extensions available upon request
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    Vega, like the rest of us, has to work on one day during the cycle.

    As such a 24 hour extension has been granted for this match.
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    Do you see the entire world around you crumbling?

    Indulge me for a moment. Go outside for a few minutes and look at the people passing by, whether it be in their luxury cars or walking down the paths on the side of the street. Look at where their focusing. Can you see their faces? Where are they looking? Down. Down on their phones. They live in this world and allow it to bypass them because they're too busy lusting over what the world could be, or hating at the what the world is becoming.

    If, at this point, you have yet to look down at your own phone, I ask you do so now. Look at any news site and see what is happening in the world right now. There is a president of the self-proclaimed world police and super power who believes putting some fencing across an imaginary line will stop certain people from crossing it and shares his policies for free on social media. This social media is where you'll find some social justice warriors complain about the smallest issues concerning the correct usage of a particular word rather than focusing on something important like climate change. These debates rage deep within the internet on sites where people of alternative lifestyles feel the most comfortable, giving those who embrace such cultures a bad name... and now, it all comes full circle as the alternative fashion of the world that sets us apart from the ridiculousness of the world is becoming mainstream. One of the only solaces that we had in presenting an alternative viewpoint to the world has gone because the fashion industry has embraced what they wear.

    Take one browse onto the Gucci website and view the latest fashions that are being presented to you as the most desirable items in the world. Face masks. Full body costumes that require some serious stitch works on the hems. Oversized jackets with erroneous colour schemes that resemble something a Soundcloud rapper would wear to be ironic. The Gucci gang has taken over and that once global giant of fashion is now no longer has lost all of its credibility. In a word, it ain't all good: it ain't all Gucci... and the worst part is that it isn't just Gucci. Other designers are following suit, too. Actually, scratch that, I wouldn't even dignify that with the word suit because the idea of suits to these fashion companies have now become a foreign concept. It is disgusting to see the world becoming this way. It is disgusting to look at the world with the look it has going for it right now.


    You may be wondering: why all the social commentary, Eve Taylor? Why type all of this all on a blog post when you've just criticised the very thing you are doing right now? Why not say this in an interview or in the ring when you have plenty of opportunity to do so?

    Firstly, I do not have the time to air these grievances in public. I am very busy setting up my future as I get back into the modelling industry as an alternative fashion model. I say alternative fashion model but with the way the world is going, that title may require a second alternative. For now, let's just say I am looking to become a suicide girl supermodel.

    Secondly, after recent interviews with a certain journalist on the roster, as well as personal reasons, scheduling an interview is proving to be rather difficult at this time. In an effort to make sure my ideas are not steered the wrong way or misconstrued by the person asking the questions, I will do so on this blog. And before anyone says I can say this in the ring, this blog post will be too long for me to vent and I would also have to contend with the noise that dribbles from the mouths of most of the fans in attendance, so I am choosing to do so on this platform.

    And finally, I am personally being hypocritical to be critical of the hypocrisy that is occurring right now in the immediate world around me.

    The moment that I finally decide to throw away everything in the fashion industry and announce that I am to become a suicide girl supermodel, the fashion industry throws all my momentum under the bus by following my path and making the alternative market into the mainstream fashion. I have become too big a name to be reliant on the fashion industry: I am self-sufficient and self-made. The moment I wish to break away from the norm, they try to undercut me by attempting to consume the world I am attempting to re-brand myself just so they can inevitably block me from claiming my title as a supermodel once more. It is nothing more than pure pettiness on their behalf and I am appalled at their actions.

    Then, you've got the wrestling community whom has shunned me for standing up for what I believe in because they all think my vision is selfish and world-dominating. Everyone believes I do not belong any more and wishes to support other wrestlers because they think my vision for a better WZCW focuses too much on myself and not enough on their favourite superstars. What an asinine statement! Favourite superstars are like fashion trends: they don't last and new ones will make it into the spotlight. The stars these fans want to see will change in 12 months time. Hell, with the turnover rate in WZCW, it is easy to trace these trends as quickly as 2 weeks. I mean, it was only mere months ago when Tyrone Blades was the most hated person on the roster and I was the most beloved. Now, the roles have reversed, all because I promoted an idea that was an alternative in the minds of the fans and it resulted in everyone turning on me. I lost everything because I believed in something. Tyrone Blades gained everything by playing the system.

    And this isn't going to be a rant about Tyrone Blades specifically because I have a lot of ammunition saved up for our upcoming championship rematch... which, for some reason, includes the likes of Flex Mussel. My former stablemate who is even more delusional than I and wishes to turn WZCW into his kingdom with him sitting atop on his throne alone ruling over everyone. And yet, this company wishes to give him a championship opportunity and grant him that decree? I put forth an idea that would be mutually beneficial for everyone when I shared what I envisioned for this company. As champion, I wanted to give the likes Callie Clark a place in the spotlight and throw out the elders who are still around. I wanted to give those who deserve a chance the opportunity to become successful and put to pasture those who were ruining their legacies. But no, my idea was too controversial so they decided to give the guy who wants all the glory the chance to take on the guy who, too, wanted all the glory to himself. Seriously, two narcissistic egomaniacs are fighting each other to be crowned King Selfish... and they are the focus on the story. Me? The third wheel who has a rematch clause in her contract is cast aside because I am viewed as an alternative star to lead this company and is too controversial of a person because letting others have a chance is too risky.

    To make matters worse, this company is attempting to phase me out and throw me matches that make absolutely no sense in the hopes that I leave. First, they include others in my title rematch, then they force me to team with someone who is draining the spotlight from everyone and now they throw me in a match in the main event of the B show where a has-been is appointed referee, for some reason, against a competitor on his second chance to redeem the spotlight they never had. Whoop-de-doo, you were a Mayhem champion, Vega. Excellent. You can swing a chair at people and defend your crown. Congratulations. What have you done for WZCW since then? You left, had a long absence and came back to... what, teaming with the World champion? Glad to see you've come back with a burning desire to do better this time around. Such a shame there isn't a championship you cannot challenge for that you already haven't held. After last week's performance showcasing why you are a prime tag team wrestler, I'd suggest to go after the Tag Team championships because they are a different title that still allows you to use a crutch... but those got retired sometime when you were relevant, if you were at all. The only reason you stand a chance and that I have an actual concern about you winning is that you have yet another crutch in gaining the victory by having a biased referee hosting the match in Matt Tastic, a person who I have had serious history with in regards to Mikey Stormrage, previous matches and my crusade to destroy any and all legends who still hog the spotlight.

    I could honestly pour my heart and soul even further than this short blog post but again, I haven't the time to put in more explanations and offering a further instant inside the mind of Eve Taylor recently. As I said, between setting up my future and getting my feet off the ground again as an "alternative" supermodel - and the fact that I just recently got my nails done so typing is difficult - it is rather difficult to devote the time. For those fans out there that still enjoy what I do, what I believe, what I stand for and ultimately, who I am as a person, I'd like to thank you for patience and I promise that when my World championship match rolls around, I will put in the effort that I had been putting into the squared circle since I started questing to become the best in the world. I am still dedicated to becoming the best. Even though I have won the World championship and I look to do it again soon, my next goal is to become a legend myself. To achieve that goal, I need to work harder than I have ever before... so take that as my promise that this brief phase of short interviews and blog posts is nothing but that: a brief phase...

    ... well, as long as I still have the passion to continue forward with professional wrestling. With my fashion career looking to take off again and potentially losing the passion to wrestle if the stars align in that direction, I may decide to call it quits. That is not in my priority right now but it is a thought that has crossed my mind. This isn't set in stone but it is something to be weary of.

    Either way, I will be showing up the 131st edition of Ascension and look to score the victory over Vega as I head into my championship re-match. I want to regain my position back at the top of the competition. I want the spotlight back. I want my title back. And, most importantly, I want to show to the world that the name Eve Taylor, whilst an alternative option, is still the best choice to lead this company to new heights as its World Heavyweight champion and represent professional wrestling as the prestigious competition it has always been.

    Thank you for reading this. The pleasure has been all yours.
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    "I may lie to everyone else in this world, but I never lie to myself."


    Are you rejoining The Agency?

    The question that has been reverberating within the walls of Vega’s mind for the past couple of weeks welcomes us to a familiar scene; the living room of Vega’s penthouse in downtown New York City. He sits there wearing faded denim jeans, similarly faded brown boots and a white shirt. Smoke rises from the burning joint in his hand as he does his best attempt at relaxing. Next to him sits Priya, her blind eyes hidden behind her circle lensed sunglasses. She is wrapped up in a cozy looking quilt on this rainy September evening. She reaches out with her hand and touches Vega’s arm, then slowly moves it down to his hand in order to grab the joint. This failed attempt at relaxation cannot hide the stress on Vega’s face, visible even behind his glazed eyes as Priya enjoys a deep inhale of the good herb.

    I don’t know.

    Smoke escapes Priya’s mouth as she replies, her English accent contrasting with Vega’s local New York dialect.

    Which one of them do you think is lying to you; Agent Fields or Alexis?

    Vega shakes his head in doubt.

    I’m dealing with two people that have made careers… based their lives off lies and deception. One justifies it by claiming it is in favor of law, order & justice while the other claims it’s for survival. I haven’t heard from either in years and now suddenly both show back up in my life to warn me about the other. I never trusted Fields…

    But you once trusted Alexis, right?

    Vega nods while reaching for the joint. Forgetting Priya can’t see his head movements, he speaks up after taking a puff.

    Yeah. Once.

    He exhales the odorous smoke into the air, staring at it as it slowly fades.

    That’s worse.

    What is?

    A broken trust. Once you lose trust… what else is left?


    Vega laughs before taking another hit of the joint. He holds the smoke in for a bit before allowing it to float from his lips as he replies.

    This aint some PG Rated movie, kiddo. The evil prince will not be saved by the power of love.

    He exhales the rest of the smoke into the air. Priya holds her hand up. Vega reaches out and passes her the joint.

    So, you admit you need to be saved?

    Vega doesn’t reply. Priya smokes during the brief silence, enjoying the cannabis as Vega ponders recent events.

    It wasn’t love that saved me at Meltdown, either…

    No, that certainly wasn’t love. I suppose you can call that the power of Tyrone Blades.

    I suppose…

    You’ve nothing to be ashamed of. You were in there by yourself for most of the bloody match. You went head on with King Mussel and Eve Taylor and set your team up for victory. You’ve now got a win in the record books over two of the greatest competitors the company has ever seen. Surely that’s something you’re proud of, isn’t it?

    My life has been comprised of successes and failures. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that success is temporary. Success only lasts until your next failure, but failure can last forever. Eve is the type of person that knows exactly what I’m talking about. I was in this company for a while, made my mark and disappeared. Eve Taylor has been here this entire time scratching and clawing until finally she got what everyone in this business wants, she was World Champ. She finally realized her greatest success.

    Vega reaches for the joint, gently grabbing it from Priya’s grasp. He enjoys a couple of pulls before putting it out in the ashtray on the coffee table in front of him.

    At Ascension, I’m not stepping into the ring with the Eve Taylor living through her greatest success. No, that Eve died at Kingdom Come. Tyrone took that success away from her. The Eve Taylor that I’ll be facing is the one living through her greatest failure. See, there was no grand title reign. There was no Eve Taylor Era. She came, and she went like a fad. All of her successes… and for what?

    Failures, Priya… they live forever.

    Then what is the point in ever trying to succeed at anything?

    Momentary glory is better than none at all. We all live life striving for the few moments we'll want to remember forever, and we'll scratch and claw through our miserable lives until we get there... just like Eve did. Just like I am right now.

    The two sit there in silence for a few moments. Vega is leaned back staring at the ceiling as if he were searching up there for some answers. Priya sits there nestled nicely underneath the quilt struggling to understand another piece to the puzzle.

    How does Matt Tastic play into all of this?

    A brief chuckle escapes Vega.

    You know, I honestly have no idea. He claims we had some sort of argument backstage.

    And you claim otherwise?

    Look, obviously I have an affinity to partake in a multitude of vices... who knows what I said to him in passing if I saw him walking down a hall way. But I'm pretty sure I'd remember getting into a fight backstage. Matt Tastic's injury? That isn't on me. Truth is, I have no idea what happened to him. But if he wants blame me for his recent failures, then so be it. At Meltdown, I'll be in the ring with two former World Champions attempting to use me as a means to escape their failures. I can't let that happen.

    Vega peels himself off of the couch and grabs his wallet from the coffee table.

    Where are you off to?

    Meeting someone.

    For a drink?

    Not exactly.

    Priya smiles, accepting Vega's vague reply.

    Feel free to stay. You know where everything is.

    I do love this couch.

    Vega reaches for the television remote control and places it in Priya's hand.

    See you later, kiddo.

    Vega bends over and gently kisses Priya on top of her head before heading towards the door. He grabs a coat from a hook by the door before exiting the scene. Priya is left there with a smile across her face as she turns the television on while laying down on the couch. She repeats the last thing Vega said to him, just wanting to hear it out loud once again.


    She laughs for a brief moment, smiling to herself enjoying the new nickname.


    Vega's footsteps echo throughout this damp, dimly lit parking garage. He leaves behind a trail of menthol cigarette smoke as he makes his way to an all black mundane looking vehicle. The sound of the doors unlocking can be heard as Vega approaches the car. He tosses his cigarette on the pavement before opening the passenger door and getting in.

    I'm glad you decided to come.

    Agent Fields is sitting in the driver's seat wearing a trench coat over his black suit as he greets Vega, all the while looking in his rear view mirror weary of anything suspicious.

    This doesn't mean I'm back.

    I know, I know. Look, I know you... you were never the type to make decisions like this on a whim. You're here to test the waters. You're still trying to get a read on me like someone sitting across from you at the poker table. You aint sure if I've got the flush, or bluffing with a deuce-seven on the river card. I get it. All I can do is continue doing my job, and trust that eventually you'll see that I aint full of shit.

    I've always been more of a Black Jack guy, myself.

    Fields stifles a chuckle.

    Of course you are... it's an easier game to fix.

    Vega shrugs apologetically while even Fields smirks at his conniving candor.

    I saw your performance at Meltdown. Impressive stuff, but I heard you've got Eve one on one next show.

    Fields shakes his head, almost pitying Vega.

    Between Eve and Alexis, I'm not sure which presents more danger to you.

    Vega looks towards Agent Fields with a skeptical stare.

    That's the thing about danger, Fields... it's always worse when it's unexpected. Maybe that's why I live my life constantly visualizing the worst case scenarios of every situation, like some sick mental training for whenever the shit will inevitably hit the fan. I'm staring down Eve Taylor welcoming anything she wants to throw in my direction. Her focus is on her failures. She's broken right now, on her hands and knees trying to piece herself together.

    And you, Will? You're all put together?

    Me? Nah. I don't know if I've ever be "all put together." But that's just it, isn't it? I know I'm broken. I know my failures. I don't live my life ignoring my shortcomings and pretending I am something I'm not. Eve has lived her entire life in front of cameras, flashes and spotlights. She's walked red carpets and runways. Me? I've lived an anonymous life in the shadows, non existent to the world until a couple of years ago.

    When I see these models pose for the camera, their smiles are never genuine. They hide behind these smiles, editing away every negative image from their lives like photographers do during photo sessions. All we ever see from them is a final draft. No flaws. No errors. All filtered. Often even digitally enhanced to achieve unreachable levels of beauty. There's never been anything in my life I've been able to edit out. There is no PhotoShopping my scars away. I walk every step every day knowing exactly what I am. I may lie to everyone else in this world, but I never lie to myself.

    Agent Fields sits there for a couple of moments, a bit taken back. Before he can formulate a response, Vega continues.

    But, see... if Eve is the danger I'm ready for, what does that make Matt Tastic?

    I guess he's the wild card in all this.

    He'd like to think he is. Guest referee, that's a large role to play. A lot of responsibility comes with that striped shirt. A lot of power. Should I be worried he'll use that against me?

    Of course you should be. You know best of all people abuse power. Never stop looking at the angles, Will. You said it best, the danger you least expect...

    Vega nods in agreement, all while still giving Fields an unsure glare.

    So what's this about? Why did you ask to meet tonight?

    Couple of reasons. First one being, I wanted to see if you'd come. You showing up means you're not sure you can trust Alexis. Not like you used to.

    Vega reaches into the his coat's inside pocket.

    I know one thing...

    He pulls out the electronic microphones Alexis showed him last time their paths crossed.

    ...I don't trust you, either.

    Fields looks down at the mics with a familiar glaze.

    Yeah, those are ours. You surprised that I bugged your penthouse while trying to recruit you?

    Surprised? Not at all. You said it best... "people abuse power."

    It's not an abuse of power. It's me looking at all the angles, like I'm telling you to do, Will.

    Fields shakes his head in disappointment.

    I told them not to hide them in the usual places. How long did it take you to find 'em?

    I didn't.

    Then who-


    Alexis was in your penthouse?

    The same night you tracked me down at the bar.

    This news disturbs Agent Fields. The gears in his mind start spinning.



    She knew we bugged your place.


    And knew when you left your penthouse.


    So she's been watching you.

    Of course she has.

    And this doesn't bother you?

    If she wanted to hurt me, she would have by now. She's keeping an eye on me, just like you are.

    Vega tosses the small electronic microphones onto Agent Fields' lap, letting some of them scatter down to floor. Fields does his best to ignore this as he continues on.

    You truly believe she wouldn't hurt you?

    Vega looks away from Fields, unable to offer a response.

    There was once a time where you would have been able to answer that question without a doubt or hesitation. Now, you can't even look me in the eyes when I ask.

    Still Vega offers no response.

    She presents a danger, Will. And if you're not so sure about your own safety, how sure can you be about anybody else's?

    Those last words get a sudden response from Vega. He sits up in the car seat with a concerned look on his face.

    I have to go.

    Vega suddenly opens the car door and exits.


    Vega slams the door shut with such force that Fields closes his eyes upon impact. With a defeated tone, he finishes his final warning, fully aware of the deaf ears they fall upon.



    Priya is still laying on the couch in Vega's penthouse, lazily enjoying listening to the television. It is then that she hears the sound of a window opening in the other room, followed by the feint noise of footsteps.

    Priya gets up from the couch, but can only call out while unable to see a thing.

    Who's there?

    There is no reply at first. Just more footsteps boldly walking directly towards her. Priya's fear is palpable, but she remains calm, unwilling to panic. The footsteps end, and the silence is broken by the sound of a gun hammer being cocked back and ready to fire.

    He used to call me "kiddo."


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