Ascension 131: Callie Clark & Mikey Stormrage vs. Tony Mancini & Mark Keaton

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    Deadline is Tuesday, September 11th, 11:59 PM EST

    Extensions available upon request
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    As suck this match has a 24 hour extension.
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    As the camera comes into focus we see Tony sitting in his office, silently listening to someone on the other end. After a bit he was able to talk to the person on the other end.

    "Yes Mr. Blackburn we'll be happy to come visit you, it'll give us time to discuss our arrangement before we have to head to Florida."

    As Tony hangs up his phone Gino comes walking into the office and sits across from his friend.

    "Go pack Gino we're leaving."

    "But we just got here. I figured we would get some work done before we had to leave again."

    Tony stands up and pushes Gino's feet off the desk as he walks to the door.

    "This is business Gino, we're going to Toronto to meet up with the man who hired us to do that little job for him the other week," Tony says as he walks out leaving Gino to scramble to catch up. Il"If he's happy we may be able to make this arrangement permanent like we did with the Scots. All you need to do is stand there and look intimidating while keeping your mouth shut."

    Gino snorts with indignation as he follows Tony down the hall. They both keep a travel bag in a spare room so they are able to quickly grab their gear and head to JFK so they can get to Canada as soon as possible. As Gino drives they discuss teaming with Keaton on Ascension.

    "This is bullshit Gino," Tony says as they drive through Little Italy. I don't know what Myles was thinking when he made this match but we may have to talk to him so this kind of stuff doesn't happen again."

    "At least you can leave if Keaton wants to start something before the PPV," Gino reminded him as he swerves in and out of New York traffic. "That way you can save your energy for when you give Keaton the beating he deserves."

    "I'm aware of what I can and can't do Gino," Tony says as he winces at the cars they speed by. I don't think i'm going to do that though. As much as I can't stand Mark Keaton I need a win under my belt before people start thinking I'm weak. Like the man or not Mark Keaton is an accomplished tag team wrestler. A three time tag team champion on my side, I'd be stupid not to take advantage of that. I will let him do most of the work though, I'm not stupid enough to use all my energy right before a big PPV match.

    As Tony finishes talking Gino pulls into the long term parking section of JFK and head inside to buy their tickets. Once they get them they head to the gate and wait for the plane to leave. After another hour their plane is ready to board. Being last minute they couldn't get seats next to each other so when Tony finds his seat near the front of the plane he is irritated to find a kid in a Mikey Stormrage t-shirt playing a Nintendo 3DS in the seat next to his.. He sighs and puts his bag in the overhead compartment before sitting down. He watches as the people walk past him, punching Gino in the thigh as he walks by laughing at him and pointing at the kid. As the attendants do their preflight routine the kid puts away his 3DS and finally notices the man sitting next to him.

    "I know you, you're Tony Mancini right? Former Mayhem Champion who lost his championship at Kingdom Come?"

    "Yeah that's me kid," Tony says through gritted teeth.

    "I thought so, I'm a huge WZCW fan and I know all about the wrestlers. Mikey Stormrage is my favorite though. I was so excited when I heard he's facing Callie Clark for the Elite Openweight Chsmpionship. I just know he's going to win it and become a Grand Slam Champion."

    That's not the only title he needs to win kid," Tony says as he closes his eyes and tries to ignore him.

    "Oh yeah,"he said as he smacks himself in the forehead. "I always to forget about the Mayhem Championship. I guess because it's the least important."

    At that Tony's eyes snap open and he feels his blood pressure rise. Instead of lashing out he asks the kid a questiob of his own.

    "How do you feel about your hero teaming with the person he's going to face at the PPV?"

    "I don't care for Callie's attitude but teaming with such an accomplished tag team wrestler like Mikey there's no way she can lose. You and Mark Keaton don't stand a chance."

    "Son of a bitch," Tony says under his breath. "I forgot Stormrage was just as accomplished in tag team wrestling as Keaton."

    "That's right," the kid said with a smirk. Everything you and Keaton have going for you as a team Mikey and Callie have more."

    "They don't have everything," Tony says as he slighlty flexes his biceps and settles in for take off "On Ascension I'm going to do what Keaton couldn't do and put that fat bastard on the shelf for good."

    Good luck with that," the kid tells him with that same cocky smirk on his face as Tony puts on a pair of noise cancelling headphones to block out the kids voice.

    **2 and a half hours later, Toronto Canada**

    As they get off the plane they quickly head to baggae claim and go outside to hail a cab that they direct to the Skull's Angel's club house. Gino paid the cabbie who quickly drove away without saying something. Tony shakes his head and walks right through the front door before being stopped by a big biker as soon as the door closes.

    "Who the fuck are you," the man asks as he puts a hand on Tony's chest to stop him as Tony eyes him up and down

    "My name is Tony Mancini and I'm here to see Duran Blackburn. He's expecting me so I suggest you get out of my way if you want to keep your hand."

    Gino quickly shoves the man away so they can head to the back and the office of Duran Blackburn. When he gets there he knocks on the door and waits to be invited inside. He sits down. In the only other chair in the room, leaving Gino to stand at his shoulder.

    Thank you for inviting us on such short notice Mr. Blackburn. I promise we won't take up to much of your time before we head back to the states.

    Hearing that Blackburn waves his hand in a dismissive gesture

    "Don't worry about it. I always have time for those who do me a service. Especially a big one like you did."

    With a shout from Blackburn someone quickly comes in and sets a suitcase on the table and opens it, revealing stacks of $100 bills.

    I wanted to personally thank you for what you did to that piece of shit Roady. My only regret is that I wasn't there to see it in person. The money will be in the account we discusses within the week.

    With that said Blackburn stands up with Tony quickly following suit with a confused look on his face.

    "I'm sorry to cut this meeting short but I have my wedding reception I need to attend. The new Missus have me enough time to come here at meet you real quick before heading back out. You're more than welcome to join me if you wish."

    Tony exchanges a look with Gino and shrugs his shoulders as he stands up and follows him out of the room.

    "We would love to join you if your wife won't mind couple strangers showing up at her reception."

    "I doubt she'll even know half the people at this thing," Blackburn as he walks out the backdoor and to his motorcycle parked in the back. "Sorry I don't have an extra bike for you but if you want to go tell the guy up front I told him to drive you to the The ShipYard 47 Club."

    Without another word Duran revs his bike and drives off leaving Tony to walk back to the front and talk to the same man from earlier.

    "Your boss invited me to his reception and said that you needed to drive me to The ShipYard 47 Club so let's go skippy.

    The man scowls at him but knowing what his boss would do to him if he did something stupid. Instead he grabs a set of keys as Tony smirks and follows him to a 2018 Lincoln Continental the man gets in the driver seat while Tony and Gino get in the back. After a silent drive they arrive at the Club around 7:45 in the evening. They get out as the man speeds away. They quickly walk inside and find Duran mingling with guests, a muscular tattooed woman apearing to be in her twenties with her hair shaved almost bald. As they walk up to Blackburn Tony bumps into a man wearing a white zoot suit but before he can say anything Duran spots them and calls them over, shaking Tony's hand as soon as he comes close enough

    "Tony, I'm glad you could make it," he said as he pulls the tattoed woman closer. "Let me introduce you to my wife Darla.

    "Nice to meet you," Tony says with a polite nod of his head.

    The pleasentries over Darla walks of to mingle with her own friends as Duran and Tony head outside to talk privately.

    "I've been thinking about taking the club international," Duran says as they step outside. "With the good job you guys did for me I was hoping you would be able to help me get a foothold in New York City."

    "I think we can come to some sort of arrangement Duran," Tony says with a smile.

    Over the next 10 minutes they hammer out a few details while walking around the parking lot, Gino and Duran's own bodyguard trailing behind them. Once they get done they head back inside. As they pass a coat closet they hear a woman moaning and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

    "Sounds like someone is having fun tonight," Duran says as they walk by.

    As they walk back into the bar area they hear a man with a thick southern accent shouting at the top of his lungs.

    "Naw! You listen, I ain’t standin’ there cause I want to stand right HERE, by the bar! Yew want ta shoot yer bonus footage, go right ahead shitstain! This right here is MAH real-i-ty, I’m off duty, so yer little crew can take a bite of mah behind, y’hear me boy?”

    At the sound of the voice Tony looks towards the bar and notices a familiar face.

    "what the fuck is he doing here," Tony mumbles under his breath as they walk by. "We don't have any shows in Canada right now."

    They walk away to the sight of Stetson Hayes walking away from the camera crew that always follows him around as well as the same man from earlier that bumped into him wearing that hideous zoot suit. They walk by the buffet where Gino snatches a couple of mestballs with little toothpicks sticking out of them. He eats one and not liking the taste throws the other one over his shoulder without looking as they catch up to Duran who has gotten a bit a head of them.

    "I'll have one of my best men go down to New York," they hear Duran say. "If you could show him the ropes while he sets up shop that would be great."

    "Of course Mr. Blackburn," Tony says as he takes a quick glance at his watch. "I wish we could stay but we have to head to Florida. I'll have my man Vito call you with any more information that comes up."

    Duran nods his head and Tony walks towards the front door with Gino behind him, not caring about the commotion that is starting behind him. Tony has Gino call a cab and after waiting fifteen minutes or so it arrives. Before they can get in a man asks for a smoke and as Gino gives him one he jumps in the cab Tony was about to get into.

    "Son of a bitch," Tony shouts as he scoops a bottle off the sidewalk and chucks it at the rear of the car.

    As the camera fades to black we see Tony and Gino quickly get out of the way as a mass of food covered people storm out of the club.
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    Mark Keaton stared at the busy Toronto traffic from the second story of the cheap hotel. He took a sip of beer from a bottle of Moosehead Dry then closed the curtain. A tag team match, with Tony Mancini as my tag team partner. Of all people to tag with, the very guy I want to destroy for attacking my pal Roady. At least our opponents will be having the same trouble, Stormrage and Callie Clark. She’ll be so disgusted with him she won’t even tag in the match. The only chance he has is if he gets her drunk and bangs her or something before the night of the match. Ha! They are going to be quite a screwed up team, man. Come to think of it, if I see Tony standing in my corner, I’ll be tagging his frigging face instead of his hand.

    Mark walked over to the closet and opened the sliding door, the voice of his mother came to mind as he pushed all the cheesy 80’s dress shirts to one side.

    Darla Gorgia has invited us to her wedding reception Mark, you remember Darla don’t you?”

    “Ya ma.” I had said, chewing a ham sandwich at the time. Boy did I ever, friend of the family, my age, super athletic, very attractive brunette, secret sex sessions all the time no matter if we were in relationships or not. Damn. I heard she got in with a rough crowd though, started getting inked all over herself and beating up people.

    “ don’t forget to wear that really expensive suit you have.”

    “Ya ma, don’t worry. I’ve taken really good care of it. Love ya, bye.”

    The suit she was talking about was hanging in front of Mark now, zipped up in it’s own special bag to prevent dust from ruining it. Mark bought it for special occasions back when he ran with Vis Imperium, but never got a chance to wear it. A white, 80 thousand dollar Zoot Suit with a black tie, white pants and white dress shoes.

    “Time to take you for a walk dude.” He said as he unzipped the bag.


    7:30 PM - The ShipYard 47 Club -

    A limozine pulled away from the front of the large building with a glittering ShipYard 47 Club sign lighting up the street, the large front window showing the wedding reception already in full swing with hundreds of people mingling, some dancing, eating, laughing, having a great time. A Toronto Yellow Cab pulled up, coughed out some exhaust, then drove away, leaving Mark standing there waving the exhaust out of his face. He strolled into the club, his white Zoot Suit moving as cool as he was, his black tie swaying, his blonde hair slightly spiked with the help of some heavy hairspray, but still somehow classy looking. It’s too bad BigRoad had a family emergency, he’d probably have a blast at one of these events. He was immediately assaulted with the smell of expensive perfumes, pastry, some spice smells mixed in, but what really caught his senses was the loose women gathered by the woman’s bathroom, plenty of skin showing, every one had perfect tans and legs for miles. Mark let out a breath. This is going to be a fun one.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, a quick tune to clear the air. ” Said Bryan Adams from a large stage. He quickly went right into Summer of 69 and the dance floor filled up with people trying their best to dance. Mark raised his eyebrows. Wow, Darla must have married a rich guy to afford all of this, Bryan Adams, hell, I love Bryan Adams!

    Mark looked around, just out of his eye sight, a few Skull’s Angel’s sat in the corner, smoking and drinking, not really mingling much with the mixture of guests. There was a group of rich Texan’s by the long bar, a group of young college people as well. It would be really easy to miss someone or get lost in the mob of people going back and forth. He caught sight of the bride, Darla was by the huge table of food, grabbing a little chocolate square. He strolled over, but the closer he got, the more confused his expression became, she was changing more and more from what he remembered, she was far more muscular now, more tattoos and her hair was buzzed down micro short. She had a constant scowl on her face, she just looked mean now. He almost turned around to walk out of the place when she grabbed his arm, she easily spun him back around.

    “Mark Keaton,” She smiled as she scanned him with her eyes, “my oh my, it’s really you! You haven’t changed at all.”

    “Y-you neither, either. You either....neither?” Mark squeaked out, surprised at the bass of her voice, she sounded like a female Big Bad Roady.

    “Yer still the cute guy you were back in the day. I’m glad you came,” Darla said as she sat down her square, she looked around the packed club. “I think you should meet my husband.”

    “I’d be delighted. Where is the man?” Mark smiled, a little more comfortable now as he arched his neck to see over a wave of women walking towards the dance floor.

    “Follow me, I know where he is.” Darla smiled and grabbed Mark’s arm, she led him through the large crowd until they got to a hallway, there was a half door and a counter where a teen was sitting next to a box. A large woman came by and gave him a ticket and her huge fur coat. Darla opened the half door and led them to a dark room that was wall to wall coats.

    “What’s your husband doing back here?” Mark asked dumbfounded, looking at all the expensive jackets hanging on the wall.

    Darla hauled down the front of her wedding dress, her large, tattooed breasts fell out and pointed at Mark. This is about to happen.


    15 minutes later......

    Mark wobbled out of the coat room, he had lipstick smears on his face. Darla followed him, she wiped the lipstick off of his face and vanished into the crowd when she heard her name being called by the M.C.

    “Naw! You listen, I ain’t standin’ there cause I want to stand right HERE, by the bar! Yew want ta shoot yer bonus footage, go right ahead shitstain! This right here is MAH real-i-ty, I’m off duty, so yer little crew can take a bite of mah behind, y’hear me boy?” Stetson Hayes bellowed from the bar, slurring his words a little and trying his best to ignore the T.V crew he had following him around. A group of nearby Texan’s laughed and agreed with Hayes, taunting and making fun of the smaller men operating the television equipment.

    There’s that impressive new wrestler that’s already on a two win winning streak. The dude seems to be some kind of reality star too, though I don’t watch those reality shows. Man, he can throw back those Bourbon’s though.

    “Another little lady, an keep em comin’, you ain’t near fast nuff fer me.” Stetson ordered and scooped up his bourbon quickly.

    Mark sat next to the Texan. “I’ll have what he’s having, but give me two. Sexy lady.” I’ll show this guy how to drink.

    Stetson acted as if he didn’t know who this Zoot suit wearing dork that was sitting next to him, he quietly drank his booze and stared at the mirror across the bar.

    After a half hour of drinking quickly, Mark was already swaying left and right, he half leaned on Stetson. “Hey, you’re a pretty quiet drinker....phew! Man did they ever go all out for this party eh? Eh guy?” He elbow nudged Stetson.

    Hayes stood up annoyed, but still in good shape to walk. He took off his black cowboy hat and gave it a quick shake then put it back on. He walked straight out of the club without telling the film crew. Mark stood up but staggered back, bumping into one of the smaller men.

    “Hey, hey little man. What bout this, listen dude. Listen to this idea. Now you listenen? Listen, listen it goes like this. Reality show, RMK all day, we’ll air it at like, 6 am or something, like 6 AM to 6:15 AM, that sounds like a good time? All day long, eh?” The little man hurried along as quickly as he could to get away from Mark.

    “Now if we can get the bride and her groom to the dance floor please for a special dance.” The M.C announced as Bryan Adam’s and his band geared up for the special song. People formed a circle and the bride and groom walked to the center of the floor. Bryan Adams went into Have you ever really loved a woman and everyone was captivated at the bride and groom, gliding around the fogged floor in a slow dance. Women were crying, men were smiling, family members were taking cell phone pictures, Mark was stumbling, drunk through the crowd to try and get a peek.

    “What’s, what’s goin on? The wedding dance? This song is so, man, it’s so peaceful y’know?” Mark kept getting glimpses of the bride but never the groom, he was always getting cut off from his view by the crowd. He bumped into a brute wearing heavy Italian cologne, he tripped over his shiny loafers and further into the crowd were Mark accidentally shoulder checked a teen girl wearing a red dress and preoccupied by her phone , the FaceBook obsessed girl stumbled forward on to the dance floor, she tripped at the last second and reached out, her hands caught on to the back of Darla’s wedding dress and ripped it right to the floor. The crowd immediately screamed as she stood there completely naked, the music stopped. Mark was turned around and saw the buffet in front of him, he had a hankering for shrimp as he stumbled towards the table, past people with shocked expressions, mouths covered, parents covering there children’s eyes. Mark could hear a scuffle behind him and the teen getting dragged out of the crowd to one of the private rooms.

    “Man, that girl is so dead.” A really fat waiter joked by the table as Mark grabbed a shrimp.

    “Ya, probably. Yuh can’t go round pretending you know how to dance, man. I can’t dance, but at least I don’t pretend y’know? Like Genesis sang there once, ah....what was it, dude?”

    “I can’t dance?”

    “Ya, that’s it. Y’know, you remind me of somebody.” Mark stared at the fat waiter, he grabbed another shrimp and started crunching it, shell and all in his mouth.

    “Ya, who dude?”

    “Mikey, Mikey Stormrage. That video game playin bastard beat me at Kingdom Come. Now he’s getting a title shot for beating me. Pffft! I don’t know man, I don’t even care dude. The only thing I care ‘bout right now is getting back at Mancini. That son of a ....” Mark looked back, but the fat waiter had already moved further down the table to were the taco’s were, he snuck some in his shirt then quickly made his exit to the kitchen.

    Then it happened.....almost in slow motion..... a tomato sauce covered meatball fell right on to his shoulder, the shoulder of his 80 thousand dollar Zoot Suit. Mark’s drunken expression changed from wonder to pure anger as he looked around, he saw a collage kid laughing and pointing in his direction with his pals.

    Oh effff no kid, OHHHHH FUDGE NO, you DID NOT just ruin this suit! Holy crap!

    Mark’s red eyes scanned the table for ammunition. He reached into a bowl of pickles and picked the biggest one he could find. He fired it at the college kid as hard as he could, but with his drunken aim he missed by a mile and it hit Roselyn SanChez (A hot B List Hollywood actress) right in between the eyes! She looked across the table at the college kids, in her complete anger she grabbed two handfulls of potato salad and whiffed it at both of them just as Bryan Adams started up 18 Till I Die, the potato salad was a bad throw into a group of ****ty party women to ignite the food fight of all food fights! Soon it looked like the food version of D Day as peas, french fries and sauces were being hurled in every direction, Mark took many direct shots to his expensive suit as it look like nothing more than a bad finger painting now!

    There were some private security with ear buds coming fast through the crowd, Bryan Adams was on the microphone, trying to get people to calm down. The food was still getting furiously thrown by a determined fifty or so people, most of them having a blast and laughing at it all. Mark staggered out of the Club to the street to get some fresh air, he was completely covered in desserts, crumbs, sauces, pieces of pasta, you name it.

    Mark lit a smoke, then tossed it as he had lit the wrong end, he tapped his pack when he saw he had no smokes left.

    “Hey pal, you got a spare smoke dude? I just ran out.” Mark asked a man talking to another man, both wearing leather jackets, the man absently gave him a smoke, not paying much attention to whom he was giving the smoke to.

    Mark lit the smoke and jumped in the cab as soon as it arrived. He could hear yelling and protests as the cab pulled away, some object just missed hitting the back window.

    “I think you stole their cab, mister. They didn’t look too happy.” The cab driver laughed as he adjusted his rear view mirror to get a better view of the angry mob stomping around the sidewalk.

    “Pfft, screw em. Who do they think they are anyway, the mob? Laugh out loud! Cab driver!” Mark laughed then leaned sideways, he told the cab driver where he lived then passed out in the back seat.

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    The Day After Ascension 130: An Airport In Minneapolis, Minnesota

    I was on top of the world, in my first match since my amazing victory at Kingdom Come I not only won, but I did it by beating two hall of famers, at the same time! All the haters continue to doubt me and I continue to laugh in their face each and every time I win a match they say I can't possibly win. Of course now I had an added twist to my title defense against Mikey, just because Chuck Myles thinks he's funny, now I had to be locked in a cage with that animal!

    I shook my head in disgust at the thought and took a sip of my Starbucks coffee as I sat at the counter waiting for my flight.

    But what nobody realizes is, the cage doesn't benefit him, it benefits me. Sure I can't win by countout or DQ now, but I could easily just escape the cage. After all I'm not the one afraid of heights, and I bet I could climb a lot quicker than Mikey, I don't have 300 pounds of fat to drag up behind me.

    I laughed, causing some people around me to shoot me a weird look, but who cares what they think. That's why I had my headphones in and was listening to music, so I wouldn't have to hear anything these disgusting people had to say. I kept listening to my music, but was interrupted from enjoying my coffee by getting a text from Gabi.

    I rolled my eyes upon reading the message, and didn't respond, but made sure to leave her on read just so she knows I'm ignoring her. No I was not talking to her, she tried to embrass me when I was drunk, and it wasn't funny. So as far as I was concerned, she shall continued to be ignored until she says she's sorry, and means it. And until I feel like talking to her again.

    I shrugged, and looked at the clock on my phone, realizing my flight boarded in 10 minutes. I looked over to the terminal and saw people lining up, so I figured I better do the same. After all I'm first class and I need to get the best seat on the plane. I walked to the front of the line, taking my spot at the front. Sure I cut off the others in first class, but I'm more important than them anyway so sucks to suck for them right? I smirked as I waited to get on the plane, I was Florida bound for some fun in the sun.

    Callie's Hotel Room: Ocala, Florida

    I was relaxing in my room, I had planned ahead and gotten a room in between Jacksonville and Tampa, even if it meant staying in some tiny city, it also meant not having to pack up and go to a new hotel right after Ascension this week, after all I knew MegaCon in Tampa was coming up and while I wasn't currently booked to appear at it, I wanted to attend and see if I could find some things worth buying, I did always like those mystery boxes with themes to them they sold at cons. For now though, I was just relaxing after settling into the room with my boy Sid, as I debated what to do for dinner I began talking to him.

    What do you think Sid? What should we do for dinner?

    Sid tilted his head to the side in confusion as he looked at me.

    Taco Bell? Hell no! That was awful, even you're above eating that!

    I smirked at Sid, who walked over to me and nudged my hand with his head for attention. I began petting him as I talked some more. The best listeners are the ones who can't talk back after all.

    Now onto more important topics, I need to decide my cosplay for Ascension this week, and for MegaCon! After all walking around a con not in disguise? Uh please the fan girls and creeps won't leave me alone!

    I smirked and rolled my eyes. I think deep down I liked the attention, even if sometimes I just wanted to yell at everybody to leave me the hell alone and threaten to punch them if they didn't. After all who doesn't like people worshipping the ground you walk on? Am I right?

    Now, the question is, what to wear?

    I got up from the bed, much to Sid's displeasure as he was hoping I'd sit there and keep petting him, but I had things to do. I walked over to the closet, which was about the size of my shower back home. I looked through the few outfits I had Bates send me, and eventullay pulled out my Starlord cosplay.

    This will work, maybe even for Ascension too. After all he's the reason Thanos won, and brought true balance to the universe.

    I smirked and looked at the other costumes, before deciding on Starlord. I figured it served it's purposes for both shows. Suddenly, my phone rang, and I saw it was Chuck Myles.

    Oh what does he want, I swear if he's adding another stipulation to my match I'll be contacting my lawyer...

    I answered the phone, even though I considered sending him to voicemail, but figured maybe I could avoid this boss being a hater like Becky was for so long.


    Hello to you too.

    I rolled my eyes in annoyance, did he think that was funny?

    Whatever. What did you call me for? I'm a very busy person you know.

    Yes I know, but I was calling to inform you that on Ascension next week you'll be teaming with Mikey Stromrage to take on Mark Keaton and Tony Mancini.

    Wait what!? I don't wanna team with that fattie! He's disgusting, he's trying to take MY title, he's...

    I was cut off by Chuck, how rude!

    He's your tag team partner this week. Keaton and Mancini don't like each other either, it's a strange bedfellows match.


    That's not what that means!

    Well it's still gross!

    I gagged for a second, but recovered.

    Oh one more thing I almost forgot, we need you to make an apperance for WZCW at MegaCon in Tampa Bay. I know it's last minute but they requested you.

    Well of course they did Chuck, I am a professional cosplayer after all. Not to mention the best champion WZCW has.

    I laughed arrogantly, and after a couple moments of silence on the phone, Chuck responded.

    ....Right. Anyway you'll be signing autographs, taking pictures, Mikey Stormrage will also be there, and well you know how it all works right?

    Wait what!? I don't wanna be stuck being near him all day there! Or even be in the same building!

    Gotta go, have fun at the con. Bye!

    I was furious! First he makes me team with Mikey, now he's making me be stuck with Mikey at a comic con!? That's MY dominain, I'M the cosplayer, he's just a fat nerd! I guess they wanted him there because he'll fit in with most of the losers attending it, but ugh! I was so mad, I wasn't even going to debut my Starlord cosplay there, now everyone has to wait until Ascension to see it. I put the phone down on the bed and went back to the closet, looking for a new costume to wear for the con, they may not get something new but it doesn't mean i can't be the best dressed person there.

    Two Days Later: Megacon in Tampa Bay, Florida

    I had gotten set up at my table, sadly it was right next to Mikey's table which meant I couldn't even hide from him, but thankfully he wasn't here yet. While I was waiting for my loyal fans to come over and get all their pictures and autographs, I decided to tweet out a selfie to let people know I had arrived.

    I began looking at my phone after placing my prized posession, my Elite Championship on the table in front of me. After a couple minutes of scrolling through social media, I switched to Snapchat and began playing around with fliters. Just as I found one I liked and snapped a selfie with the perfect lighting though, I noticed a familar face photobombed me, the next person to realize they can't beat me for the Elite Championship and sadly, my tag partner for the week, Mikey Stormrage.

    Hey partner, that's a good picture of us. You should post that everywhere, and send it to me too.

    Uh, no. Not a chance.

    I deleted the picture, as if I'd ever post a selfie with the enemy in it! I rolled my eyes as I turned around to face Mikey, who was grinning as he looked back at me.

    Oh come on lighten up, you're at a comic con! Isn't this like, your favorite place in the world?

    I shook my head.

    No, why would it be? This isn't even the best comic con around, that would of course be New York Comic Con.

    I nodded and smirked smugly, as Mikey let out a laugh. What was he laughing about?

    If you say so. I wasn't impressed when I went there once.

    Mikey shrugged, and before he could say anything else, I cut him off. Time to lay down the law.

    Look we might be tag partners at Ascension, and stuck here together today, but we're not friends and never going to be friends. You stay over there at your table.

    I shooed him away towards his table with my hand before talking again.

    I'll stay here at mine, and in our match you just follow my directions and I'll lead us to victory. After all I am the tag team specialist of the two of us.

    Mikey raised an eyebrow in amusement and chuckled.

    That had to be a joke...right? Sure you had your team with your sister, but that was only for a couple months. I was in Strikeforce with James Howard for a long time and then Live Mas with Matt. Besides the fact I've held tag team gold and you have not. I'd say out of the two of us, I'm the tag team expert around here.

    I laughed, oh how funny he was stuck in the past!

    I'll have you know if they didn't retire the tag titles when they did, Gabi and I would have won them the first time we got a shot at them.

    I nodded in a "matter of fact" way.

    But you did all that in the past, it's ancient history at this point! Who even remembers Strikeforce anymore? Nobody. And the only reason Live Mas is successful is because of Tastic. Besides I don't think there's any denying I'm the brains of this team.

    Does that make me the looks?

    Mikey laughed at his own stupid joke, and I shook my head in disgust.

    Puh-lese! Nobody would ever think that!

    Well that's rude.

    Truth hurts, doesn't it?

    I smirked and crossed my arms, as Mikey shook his head before responding to me.

    Look, you might not like me and that's fine, I don't like you either. But you and I both know how good Keaton is, and Mancini can be pretty dangerous, look what he did to Big Bad Roadie as proof. If we spend all our time fighting with each other, we're gonna lose to them. I don't know about you, but I don't like losing. If we work together, we might beat them. So what do you say?

    I thought about it, as much as I hate to admit it, he was right. Mancini is a straight up thug and no doubt his goons won't be far away. And Keaton does have a win over me, even if it's totes Kagura's fault. If we want to win, we need to be on the same page.

    Fine, I guess you have a point. For one night only, we'll work together. After all Tony is an absolute disgrace to the great state of New York and gives New Yorkers a bad name. And I owe that spaz Keaton a beating after his lackey almost gave me a concussion a few weeks ago.

    I nodded, as Mikey held out his hand for a handshake.

    Good, so truce?

    Truce, but I'm not touching that hand, I don't know where it's been.

    ....You know what, that's fair.

    Mikey pulled his hand away as I felt a shiver of digust go up my spine at what he could have meant by that. Thankfully after that, guests started coming so Mikey went back to his table, and I stayed at mine.I got through the day having met hundereds of fans, signing hundereds of autographs and taking even more pictures with people. Most of them were tolerable, some were totes awful, of course the ones who were wearing Live Mas merch were the worst. But I did meet one girl who idolized me, obvi right? She was cosplaying as me and couldn't praise me enough, easily the best meet and greet of the day. Maybe if she's lucky one day she'll grow up to be half as famous as me, maybe. All I knew was I glad the day was over, I had a match to prepare for and of course, scouting to do first hand to find Mikey's weakness, never take your eye off the prize, even more so when the prize is my Elite Championship.
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    I laid in my bed. My apartment had been fully furnished, my car bought, my internet connected (which is a real pain in Puerto Rico) and my school open. What else was there to do?

    I rolled over and looked out the window. The afternoon sun was shining through the curtains. There really wasn't much to look at even if the curtains weren't there. Not much, it felt like what was left of my own career. I had set records (I was the only three time tag champion despite claims otherwise), I had held World Titles, main evented Kingdom Come, taken my place in the Hall of Fame. What else was there to do?

    I laid there with my eyes closed. I found it hard to find motivation on days like this. I knew there was still plenty to do. That didn't go for just myself, it went for everyone. Days like today though, man, it really felt like what was the point though?

    I took a deep breath before sitting up. I grabbed my glasses from the small table next to my bed. It was hard to find the motivation to even get going. I felt like I was just going to end up going in circles. In a way, that was what life had been since I became a pro wrestler though. Struggle, break out, fail, fail more, succeed by the skin of my teeth, become complacent while opportunities were handed to me.

    Depression man. Just.....just fuck it. Look at the history books. Look at the accolades. My name was there in places it mattered. No one could ever take away what I had earned, but in my mind, I didn't think I earned it. Could you fluke your way into the Hall of Fame? Sometimes it felt like I was determined to leave that question unanswered.

    I couldn't wallow in this, I had a class to teach.

    The advantage to living so close to the school was I could literally roll out of bed and be there in twenty minutes. Days like this it was needed.

    When I arrived, I was surprised that Matt was walking around outside collecting some boards and securing the windows.

    "Everything okay?"

    I asked as I got out of my car and approached him.

    He didn't look back, he just started to hammer some nails into the boards.

    "Hurricane Isaac is due through soon and I made the call to keep the students at home for the next week just in case."

    I walked over and grabbed some boards and started to help him out.

    "Might be a good call. I need to catch my flight to Tampa in a couple hours and I know you have that bullshit referee course in Orlando before they fly you to Jacksonville. Like why are they making you take a referee class? How hard is it to count to three?"

    "It's also an anger management session. The brass wants to make sure I'm not going to be biased."

    I was hammering a few nails in when I stopped to look at Matt.

    "You, anger issues? Never."

    Matt deliberately bumped my shoulder as he walked past.

    "I guess I understand though. On one side you have Vega, a man whose inflated sense of self worth is matched only by his string of disappointing results. A man who dared to confront the real Mayhem legend. On the other side, Eve Taylor. Heart breaker, taste maker, and......fuck I had something just a second ago. So yeah I imagine they are worried you will have trouble juggling your contempt for Vega with your anger at Eve for breaking the heart of your totally hetero life partner while trying to remain impartial."

    Matt laughed a little. He knew I was right, even if he would never in a million years admit it. He came over and held a board up so I could hammer in the higher nails.

    "It feels weird. I rarely spent this much time on the sidelines. I've been getting restless. I want to get back in the ring so bad, but I didn't thing it would be in a striped shirt."

    "Oh dude I am hella jealous. I've always wanted to be a guest referee. Do you remember back when James Howard was hurt and I was going to hold the tag titles solo until Saboteur complained it was unfair, even though he did the exact same thing a year later? Well I asked to be the guest referee in the match to crown the new champs but it got shot down. Something about the numbers not working."

    I finished nailing the board up and went to grab a couple more.

    "But why? Why do you want to be a referee?"

    "Why not? People would respect my authority."

    He gave me a weird look.

    "I would have real power. Okay, look at it this way. A couple night ago I was playing the beta for the new Battlefield. I was the squad leader and we needed to capture one more flag to win. I ordered my squad to charge the flag, but they didn't listen. They were content to just hang at the back of the map and snipe at people. It was absolutely infuriating. I told them to advance, and they ignored me. I couldn't do anything to stop them from fucking the game up. If I had a striped shirt though, I could have laid down the law. Striped lives matter man."

    Matt just shook his head. He looked at his watch.

    "Maybe you should spend less time standing up for people who don't need to be stood up for and more time checking the actual time. You are gonna miss your flight."

    I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. I needed to be at the airport like yesterday.

    "Shit, I keep forgetting I'm on Eastern time now and not Central. That one hour is just too much of an adjustment man!"

    I dropped the boards and ran to my car. I had precious little time to pack my special Ascension outfit plus prep for MegaCon.

    After the flight from San Juan to Tampa, which takes just over three hours non stop.

    Tampa was pretty cool I booked myself to stay at the Downtown Hilton, which was okay. One hundred and fifty plus a night was a little pricey but I was a WZCW Superstar, it wasn't like I needed to fly coach. I even made sure to visit the Fly Bar and Restaurant the night before the con. It had a rooftop dance floor. That shit was lit. Like it never failed to amaze me what cool shit you could find about a city with a cursory Google search.

    At MegaCon, after the initial conversation with Callie that took place earlier

    I went in search of something to eat. I weaved my way through the lines to get to the food court. By no means was the con small, but it was nice to be in places like this as opposed to the nationally known cons. The fans were much more respectful most of the time. I had my assigned booth and meet and great time, but I was still a fan. It was fun to walk around and see the costumes and various booths. The ring was my true home, but places like these, they were my home away from home. Nerds from all walks of life turned out to rep their various fandoms. Most of those who had popped by our booth earlier were wrestling fans with a smidgen of cosplay fans and video game enthusiasts. There were booths for much more though. An entire room was dedicated to anime and other weeb shit. There was a room dedicated entirely to competitive video gaming. The panels in the conference room had subjects from animation and voice acting to comic books to table top gaming. These were my people, but strangely enough they were also Callie's people.

    I got a soda and a couple of hotdogs and was making my way back to my booth when someone called my name. I looked over to see the last person I expected to be here. Disgraced former WZCW World Champion.....Ricky Runn. Random as hell right?

    I made my way to him. To my surprise, he was dressed like the character he was playing in a tabletop game. He was fully immersed in the world, breaking character only to speak to me.

    "Ricky, you are about the last person I expected to be here."

    He stepped away from the table for a minute to give me super complicated fist bump.

    "Dude bro, these cons are the place to tame some strange. These nerd girls are dripping. Like they are into that freaky shit too. They are hurting for a squirting and Robin Banks is gonna give it to them."

    I snorted with laughter.

    "You named yourself Robin Banks?"

    "Hell yeah! My character robs from the rich and gives to the ladies. Got to let the bitches know ya boy can still turn the swag on. I was gonna go with Bilbo Swaggins, but the DM said it was too on the nose. I tried ***** Swaggins, but he said no. Plus I gave it some thought and ***** Swaggins sounded a little....well let's just say I know a guy who would disown me if I was his son and that was the name I picked."

    I shook my head laughing. The DM called Ricky back to the table. I asked if I could watch for a few minutes and he allowed me to hover.

    "The party enters a dark cavern. When you step inside, a rock slide blocks the exit. The cavern is pitch black, save a single beam of light from the ceiling that shines on a smooth rock. On the rock is a a thick stick, some rags, a bottle of viscous liquid......"

    "I DRINK IT!"

    The entire table, DM included, look at Ricky like he is an idiot. They were not wrong.

    "Why would you drink it? It was clearly some sort of flammable liquid to light the torch to see!"

    "Cause Robin Banks is always ready to get krunk."

    The party are speechless, and I can't help but snicker. The DM sighs.

    "Since you drank what was supposed to be oil, you feel immediately sick to your stomach. So sick you are unable to walk on your own and the party must carry you."

    The party start to argue on how to proceed forward.

    "We can't leave him. He is the only one in the party who can pick locks."

    Ricky leaned back to whisper to me.

    "See, I got the skills to pay the bills."

    I sat for another twenty minutes or so as the party ventured further into the caverns. They were lucky they only had to fight a few wild animals who used the cave for shelter, as Ricky's character was useless in fights. Eventually they came to a door. It was locked and the party almost felt relieved they had a purpose for bringing Ricky's character. The DM asked him if he was going to pick the lock.

    "No. I left my lock picking kit at the last inn as payment for some services I got from the barmaid."

    The party was ready to kill him. They were asking what they would need to roll to kill him and leave him for dead.

    "Wait, I have an idea. I approach the lock."

    "And then?"

    Ricky leaned in and whispered in the ear of the DM. The DM gave him a look, but Ricky made his roll and the DM looked horrified. Ricky pumped his fist in triumph.

    "Go ahead and say it."

    The DM sighed.

    "Robin makes a small stool out of nearby rocks and stands on it. He unzips his pants and......"

    "Go on. I made the roll, now announce it."

    "Please no."

    Ricky urged the DM on with a satisfied look on his face.

    "Robin drops his pants and uses his penis to bypass the lock."

    The DM announced a break and he pulled a flash from his bag.

    "I'm......I'm impressed. How did you pick the lock with your dick?"

    "What? I didn't pick it. I just rammed it in there and broke it."

    I almost died laughing. I wanted to stay longer but a text from Callie asking where I was took me away from the table.

    As I was walking away I heard Ricky asking the ladies who else wanted to get a first hand look at his lock picking skills.

    I got back to the booth, where a small line had formed. Callie was upset I took my time, but gave me room to take my seat next to her.

    "About time. I have a feeling this isn't the first time you finished with a girl before she was ready."


    "I swear. You have a hottie's body, but that attitude is potty."

    "Just thought you could use something to relate to the rest of your life."


    I shook a few hands and signed some pictures while trying to think of a good comeback. The animosity between us was building, but I had a feeling management was loving it.

    The line died down to a three people and Callie looked at her phone.

    "I need to take a quick break. Looks like all of my fans have already been here."

    "Just hurry up. The Teen Titans panel is over in ten minutes and we are likely going to get a rush when it lets out."

    Callie rolled her eyes and made sure to grab her Elite Title before she walked off. I thanked the three remaining fans for showing up and told them to make sure they watched R-Awakening so they could see me beat Callie in our cage match. To my surprise, Callie came back sooner than expected. She looked unsettled.

    "You okay?"

    She huffed as she sat back down, making sure she put her title in my face as she did.

    "Not that you care, but you will never guess who just tried to grab my ass."

    I knew.

    "Was it the brave and noble knight Sir Richard Runn of Swagtopia?"

    She shuddered.

    "I slapped his hand away and he just looked at me. Someone he got my number and text me 'aye bb u wnt sum fuk' like what the hell?"

    I nodded my head.

    "Sounds like Ricky."

    "How were you ever friends with him?"

    I shrugged.

    "I always found him oddly endearing. Like a puppy who kept running into walls while chasing stuff."

    Callie giggled a little. I felt weird though. Ninety nine out of a hundred times, this is where I would shoot my shot. This was the one time I didn't. I mean Callie was a knockout. Her ass was fucking incredible. Talk about an assault on the senses. She had most inviting blue eyes. Her boobs, oh man I wanted to perform Shakespeare from that balcony. She wouldn't even be the first cunty girl I would have bedded. I mind wasn't on that. Every time I saw a girl of Callie's status, my mind jumped back to Katherine, a girl I barely knew. I was confused. Not in the, oh man this volleyball scene in Top Gun is kinda erotic way, but I had no interest in ruining this girls life.

    "Glad to see you smile. Since I showed up you have been in a sour mood."

    Callie shrugged herself.

    "How am I supposed to react to spending the day with someone I'm going to be thrown into a steel cage with in a few weeks?"

    "Am I really that bad?"

    "You are trying to take the most important thing in the world to me!"

    I looked at the title when she nodded to it. Was the Elite Title really the most important thing to Callie? I felt sorry for her if so.

    "And you have spent the majority of the day dicking around in the food court, trying to mask your farts with coughs, and staring at my boobs!"

    Damn, she caught me.

    "Not once have we talked about how we are going to handle Keaton and Mancini."

    Also true.

    "First off, I'm sorry I have been checking you out all day, but can you blame me? I mean look at yourself. Second, I'm not too concerned because I can guarantee you that right now Tony is sitting around the backroom of some shitty club with Gino talking about how he needs to beat us so he can get a shot at the EurAsian Title and Gino is being a yes man. Like if he sucks up to Tony anymore he is going to need to spit soon. I hear that stuff tastes really bad. Well, unless Tony eats a lot of pineapple, but I doubt he does. And Keaton? Ignore the fact that I just beat him at Kingdom Come and proved he was nothing more than a coattail riding hair band reject, I can guarantee he is either hiding from a biker gang in Toronto or chain smoking while jerking off to a Motley Crue video. Neither exactly seems like a healthy lifestyle for a pro athlete, but then again I'm not the picture of fitness myself. I mean Tony Mancini, Mark Keaton, and Mikey Stormrage in the same ring? Mirrors are going to crack. Seriously, is it hard being the hottest person in the room all the time?"

    Callie smiled and even blushed a little.

    "It's exhausting honestly."

    I just shook my head and laughed a little. It was nice to see a lighter side of Callie. I mean, she was a bitch, but it was nice to know she could turn it off.

    "But thank you. I know we each have our reputations, but if you get past the initial stench, you aren't so bad. In another life, maybe we could have been friends."

    I couldn't help but smile.

    "Thanks Callie, I appreciate that. Today has opened my eyes a little. You and I, we aren't that different. Just two sides of the same coin. I mean you are just as home here as I am. It's beautiful to know really."

    Callie smiled back. For the first time since she showed up in WZCW, I was witnessing her with her guard fully down.

    "You know Mikey, you may be a fat, disgusting, pig headed idiot, but deep down, you are a good person. I just thought you should know that."

    "There is something you should know too Callie."

    I leaned in and beckoned her to lean it too.

    "When I get back to my hotel room, I'm grabbing the jumbo bottle of baby oil from my bag. Seriously, your ass in those pants? Spank bank material for days."

    Callie recoiled and slapped me before grabbing her titles and storming off.

    I hated to see her go but I loved watching her walk away.
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