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    Instead of the customary show introduction, the show starts out with still frame replays of the action from the main event of last night's Meltdown.

    The camera then switches ringside to Cat Connor and Jack Cohen at their customary spot behind the commentary table.

    Connor: Thanks for joining us tonight ladies and gentlemen. We are live from the sold out Spectrum Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, and everyone here tonight is looking forward to seeing what other pieces may fall into place in the post Kingdom Come puzzle. Jack?

    Cohen: Last night we saw a true hero in Flex Mussel vanquish a few false idols in Live Mas and Kagura to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. I for one can't think of a better pick to take WZCW into a new era, than a man so socially concerned as Flex...excuse me, King Mussel.

    Connor: How about we watch the full video Jack, and not just the copy you had Marco in the truck rig up for you?

    The crowd boos as the video comes to an end.

    Connor: Flex won, no two ways about it, but he has to give thanks to Eve Taylor for the assist.

    Cohen: Oh come on Cat, you act like this is the first time Eve ever pushed fatass down for the count. He should be thanking her for still touching him after he, somehow, gained even more weight!

    Suddenly the camera cuts backstage to Eve Taylor. She shoves her way through a crowd of backstage workers while demanding to know where Chuck Myles is.

    Taylor: Where is he? Someone tell me where I can find Chuck and have him right this travesty!

    As Eve continues her rampage, the camera splits to show both Eve's path of destruction and the commentary table.

    Cohen: Must be that time of the month.

    Connor: Oh will you hush Jack!

    Cohen: See! It is scientific fact that girls who spend excess time around each other will have their cycles sync up.

    Connor: She is clearly upset after having been left out of the main event last night. Had you have been doing your job and not cracking sexist jokes the entire time, you would know that.

    Eve stops when she sees a door with a star in the middle and the name "MYLES" inside. She tires to open it, but the door is locked. She pounds away, but gets no response.

    Taylor: This is your fault Chuck! You had a chance to fix Becky's mistake, but instead you throw me in the ring with Mark Keaton! I will make you regret screwing me out of my rightful place against Tyrone!

    Eve continues to trash the backstage area.

    Cohen: I wouldn't want to be Chuck Myles right now. Wasn't Flex supposed to be here tonight to address the crowd about his number one contendership? I haven't seen him at all.

    Connor: He was, but we told WZCW officials he would be skipping the appearance because, and I quote, "North Carolina has one of the highest infectious disease rates in the US and also ranks highly in the number on uninsured citizens. So not only are they unhealthy, but they can't even afford my services. The King will not be gracing them with his presence on the FlexAmerica tour."

    Cohen: Sounds reasonable enough. Regardless, we have a lot in store tonight, including a rookie showcase match as well as an important message from Chuck Myles later in the night.

    Connor: So stay tuned. Ascension in ring action kicks off just after the commercial break.
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    We return from commercial with the camera backstage. We see newcomer Annie Halloway with her friend and bodyguard Ezekiel Roche. She looks like she's walking towards the gorilla position but stops for long enough to give a short promo.

    Halloway: I may be new to WZCW but I'm no stranger to being at the top. I brought the group ATV to the top and just like i did there i will quickly rise the ranks here in WZCW.

    She pushes the camera out of the way as they continue walking. The camera fades out before quickly coming back inside locker room with another WZCW newcomer Keith Kole. Once he notices the camera he starts shadowboxing and talking to the camera.

    Kole: Ever since i quit my job at McDonalds and came here to WZCW people have been telling me I was making a huge mistake, that I would never make it. Well i'm not worried because when you're as good as I am it's a foregone conclusion that I'll be at the top in no time and no one is going to stand in my way.

    Next to him his friend and manager Kassandra Kross rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she speakscin a slightly sarcastic voice

    Kassandra: Let's go champ, before they consider you for a World Championship match you actually have to debut.

    Kole continues to shadow box as he and Kassandra leave the locker room with the cameraman following behind them. As they walk the camera fades to blak and comes back up showing Selena Anderson in the middle of the ring.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen it is time for your opening maych of the evening. Introducing first from Manchester, England, weighing 127 pounds, Annie Halloway!

    Before the theme music starts the arena goes dark. For a few seconds nothing happens


    As the music begins to plays static appears on the titantron. After a few more secons the light comes back on and Annie can be shown on the stage, arms extended and facing the titantron. She lowers her arms and slowly turns around, walking down the ramp as she glances at some members of the audience. As she walks down the ramp her focus goes from the audience to the ring. As she gets halfway down the ramp she puts on a burst of speed and slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. As she gets up she looks around and with a smirk she climbs the turnbuckle and thrusts her left fist high into the air.

    Conner: Annie Halloway is a genius computer wiz looking to make her mark on WZCW like the many women that paved the way for her.

    Cohen: this might be the start of something big Cat but she's got an uphill battle. She's facing a bigger, stronger man in her debut match here tonight.

    Anderson: Introducing her opponent from San Diego,CA, weighing 235 pounds, Keith Kole!


    As the music starts the arena lights dim slightly. At the fifteen second mark Keith comes out in a flashy robe and arrogantly walking out onto the stage. His manager Kassandra follows behind, hiding her face in her hands, embarassed at Keith's confidence. Keith struts to the ring, singing along to the music as he walks up the steps, stepping into the ring and standing in the middle of the ring arms outstretched head up in arrogance as Kassandra watches on from the floor.

    Cohen: I love the confidence this man is showing Cat. He knows he's good and he's not afraid to let everyone know it.

    Conner: The confidence is unwarranted and you know it Jack. This is is first match not just in WZCW but ever. He worked at McDonalds before this.

    Ding, Ding, Ding!

    As soon as the ref calls for the bell Annie slowly approaches Kole who does nothing but stare arrogantly at the smaller woman. She circles him as Kassandra is beating the mat and telling Keith to do something. As she comes a full one hundred & eighty degress she hits a chop block that brings the larger man down.

    Cohen: Good lord what was that? He does know he has to move right?

    Conner: Judging by his arrogance I don't think he was expecting any trouble from a smaller woman. He's going to habe to get rid of that attitude quick if he wants to make it in WZCW.

    Halloway quickly hits Kole with a spinning heel kick to the head that staggers him even more. Seeing she's got her opponent almost down she fires off with a final drop kick to the back of the head before quickly looking to end the match. Before she can sink in her submission finsher Kole is able to get to the bottom ropes and pull himself out of the ring.

    Cohen: Kole doing the smart thing. He needs to stay on the outside for a few seconds and come uo with a new plan.

    By the time the ref gets to six Kole climbs into the rings only to by a stiff knee to the side of the head from Halloway. He falls into the ring but is able to shake it off well enough to push her away from him as he stands up and hits a rough looking forearm clothesline before going for a pin.


    Conner: Annie Halloway showing she's got heart kicking out of that clothesline. Kole doesn't look to happy about it though.

    Cohen: If Kole can keep up the pressure he may just pick up the win in his debut match.

    As if he could hear Cohen speak Kole grabs Annie by the hair and irishwhips her into the corner where he climbs to the second rope and start punching her in the head with his closed fist as the ref starts a five count.


    At four Kole jumps off the turnbuckle and lifts Annie up forca vertical suplex and holds her there for a bit as Kassandra once again tells Kole to stop playing with the smaller woman. After another thirty seconds Kole slams her down and immediately goes for his signature Airborne Arrogance (top rop elbow). At the last second Annie moves put of the way and is able the lock in Hallowed Road (Cattle Mutilation) and because he's unable to tap he has no choice but to verbally give up.

    Anderson: Your winner of the match by submission Annie Halloway!

    Cohen: The arrogance of Keith Kole has cost him this match. Had he gone for the pinfall instead of going to the top rope he may well have won this match.

    Connor: You're right Jack. Kole is going to have to work on that unfounded arrogance if he wants to succees here.
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    Anderson: This next match is scheduled for a single fall!


    The music hits and the crowd starts booing. Tony smirks at the fans with indifference, and starts to walk to the ring. Gino riles up the fans by throwing insults, and flashing rude hand gestures as the pair walks down the ramp. Tony slides into the ring. The referee checks him for weapons, but finds nothing. Tony flips the crowd an offensive gesture of his own, as he turns and asks Gino to grab him a microphone.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli 'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    Connor: Tony’s coming off a huge loss at Kingdom Come, made obvious by the lack of the Mayhem title around his waist. A win here tonight will give him some much needed momentum going forward.

    Cohen: That's hardly no fault of his own, Cat.

    Gino returns, and hands Tony a mic. He takes it, and walks towards the center of the ring. The crowd begins to boo him, but he flashes them another hand gesture and begins to speak.

    Tony: Quiet! All of you! That match at Kingdom Come was a joke. There were five of us in that ring together, all beating each other with every weapon imaginable. The odds were stacked against me. It was rigged! Harald Var Krigare hit me in the face with a sledgehammer! He didn't beat me one on one. Now how is that fair? As far as I'm concerned, he didn't beat me one on one. He stole the title. My title. The Mayhem title that I worked hard to win, and that I wore with pride. As the 'The Don' of the Mayhem division. I wanted to use my rematch clause tonight, but management had other ideas. I'm willing to wait until R-Awakening. And then I'm going to take back what's mine! Management hasn't told who my opponent is going to be tonight, and I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, this will be an open challenge. From Tony Mancini to the entire WZCW locker room. Bring anybody out. I don't care who it is! Wren. Vee. Logan. Vox. They were all beneath me! Bring out the monster Grindhouse. Or the giant Jabari. Hell, bring out Joseph Rios or Everest. I don't care! I am going to take all of my anger, and frustration on the next soul that walks down that ramp!


    The stage becomes covered in a thick mist. As the song kicks in, Big Bad Road enters and starts to walk down the ramp. He looks around, mildly perplexed to be greeted by an ovation. He grins at nearby fans, and even high fives a few, as he slowly walks up the steel steps. He climbs through the middle ropes, takes off his denim jacket and tosses it over the top ropes.

    Anderson: And his opponent, from Toronto Ontario Canada, Weighing in at 457 pounds, Big Bad Roady!

    Connor: This young man has a huge opportunity here tonight. A win over Mancini could propel him to new heights. We don’t get to see him often, but the fans seem to be behind him here tonight. Could be due to their hatred of Mancini, but maybe not.

    Cohen: Oh please, Cat. Roady’s a giant goof ball. He’s Keaton’s muscle; nothing more.

    Tony gazes across the ring at the behemoth of a man in front of him, as Roady taunts him with his arms to come at him. They charge each other, locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Tony digs in deep, but find he can’t move the huge man. Roady shoves him backwards, pushing his smaller opponent onto the mat. Tony looks up in embarrassment, as the larger man plays to the crowd. Gino gives his boss some words of encouragement, as “The Don” gets back to his feet. The two men rush each other again, but Tony drives his knee into Roady’s gut, and punches him in the face a few times. The shots don’t seem to do anything but anger the big man. He grabs Tony by the throat, and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Roady tries to follow up with an avalanche splash, but the smaller man moves, and the mammoth hits the turnbuckle instead. Tony kicks him in the gut, and applies a front facelock. He tries to lift Roady off his feet, but the big man counters and lifts Tony off his instead. Roady holds the smaller man in a standing suplex position, before dropping him down to the mat face first onto his stomach. He steps on Tony’s back, driving his full weight into the Italian Mafioso’s back. The former champion screams in pain, as Roady lumbers across the ring. He bounces off the ropes, gaining a head of steam, before jumping and bringing his elbow down on Tony’s lower back.

    Connor: That’s a smart strategy by Roady. Neutralize Tony’s power game by targeting his lower back.

    Cohen: Mancini’s tougher than he looks, Cat. Roady’s smarter than he looks, but he’s in there against a former Mayhem Champion.

    Roady starts to play to the crowd. The fans are firmly behind the big ol’ Canadian grizzly bear. He has his eye’s set on Mancini, as the smaller man gets to his feet. Big Road lifts him up, and presses him over his head! The crowd cheers, as the big man poses. Tony’s trapped with nowhere to go. Gino suddenly gets up on the ring apron, and proceeds to distract the ref. The smaller man manages to slip out of Roady’s grip, landing behind him on the mat. Tony kicks the big man kick in the palle – the balls! The crowd boos, as Roady collapses in pain. Tony measures an injured Roady, as the referee turns around. Mancini lifts his gargantuan competitor off the mat, but can’t slam him. His lower back gives out, and the huge man falls on top of him! The referee counts: 1…2… But Tony kicks out!

    Connor: That damn Gino, can the ref not do something about him? Tony went for a bodyslam, and just didn’t have the strength to complete it. And Roady fell right on top of him.

    Cohen: But Tony still kicked out, with 450 pounds on top of his chest. You’re not giving him enough credit, Cat. Tony’s not out there cheating because he has to. He’s just toying with Roady. He can end this match anytime he wants. Just you watch.

    The two men get back to their feet at the same time. They turn and glare at each other, before trading forearm blows in the center of the ring. The fans are still behind Roady, cheering every time he lands a blow. The big man starts to build momentum; his blows have more power behind them. He starts to push the smaller man back. Tony is reeling! Before he can be knocked off his feet, Mancini ducks under Roady’s attempt at a clothesline, gets behind the big man and applies a waistlock. He tries to hoist his colossal opponent off his feet, but Roady drives his weight backwards, ramming his hips and butt into Tony’s chest, knocking him off his feet. Tony’s quickly recovers, but Roady knocks him down again with a clothesline. Tony rises to his feet, a little slower this time, and Roady picks him up and gathers him into his arms. He walks over to the turnbuckle, and slams the smaller man down back first in front of it. The big man perches himself facing forward on the second rope. He signals to the crowd and jumps off, crushing Tony with a massive leg drop! He makes another cover: 1…2… But his opponent kicks out again!

    Connor: How did Tony kick out of that one? I thought for sure Roady had him there!

    Cohen: The count looked a little fast to me. These are seconds, ref! Not half-seconds.

    Roady looks to be in shock. He can’t believe that Tony kicked out of that one. He hoists his smaller opponent to his feet, and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Tony grunts in pain, holding his lower back in discomfort. Roady backs up all the way to the turnbuckle post on the opposite side. He lunges forward, building up a huge amount of momentum as he charges across the ring like a wild rhino. He attempts his signature avalanche splash in the corner, but Tony moves out of the way. Big Road hits the turnbuckle hard! Mancini stalks him, as Roady stumbles backwards in a daze. The former champion wraps his left arm around his opponent’s waist, and grabs ahold of Roady’s meaty leg with his right. In an incredible display of power, Tony lifts the enormous man off his feet and plants him onto the canvas with a back suplex. Roady’s stunned, as Mancini glares at him with malicious intent. The big man slowly begins to get to his feet, as Tony measures him. Roady finds his vertical base, still a bit woozy, as Tony runs forward and bounces off the ropes. He charges in and plants his shoulder into Roady’s gut with the Il Siluro Italiano, the spear taking him off his feet. Tony covers him: 1…2…3! It’s over.

    Connor: How on earth was Tony able to slam Big Road with an injured back like that? Poor Roady. He tried so hard.

    Cohen: You get it now, Cat? Tony could have ended this whenever he wanted to. I’ll give Roady credit for trying, but as they say in Italy, Che Sfortuna! Tough luck, kid.

    Tony and Gino celebrate in the ring, as Roady rolls out of the ring, with a look of frustration painted on his face. The crowds boos, but Tony ignores them, and continues to gloat.
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    The crowd claps as Ascension General Manager Chuck Myles makes his way to the ring. He waves and smiles as he steps into the ring and takes a microphone. The ring has been covered by a special black carpet and a pedestal is placed in the center of the ring, covered in a sheet.

    Myles: Thank you ladies and gentlemen. In all the years I have been privileged to work in WZCW I have seen many superstars step foot into this ring. I've seen legends like our Heavyweight Champion Tyrone Blades do battle with Hall of Famers like Showtime and Everest. I've seen men on the cusp of greatness, like James Howard and Rush retire early due to injury. I've seen men from all corners of the globe, in all sorts of crazy costumes walk down that ramp. I've witnessed a man waterboard innocent civilians and expect to be cheered, and men blow up buildings and not be booed. I've seen men pretend to be aliens and superheroes, hell I even saw Armando Paradyse pretend to be a competent wrestler!

    The crowd all laugh as Chuck giggles to himself.

    Myles: Suffice to say, I've pretty much seen it all. Few men who have walked through that curtain have the impact or longevity that the man about to make his way out here had. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to John Constantine!


    The crowd erupts as the newly minted Hall of Famer and EurAsian Champion John Constantine, dressed in a suit as neatly pressed as his senate days, makes his way to the ring. He carries the EurAsian Title with pride as he shakes hands with those at ringside. He steps into the ring and shakes hands with Chuck, who graciously gives him the floor.

    Constantine: Truth be told, in all my time in WZCW, I don't think I ever received a welcome like this. Can't say I blame you, as I spent most of my career as a right bastard.

    Constantine flashes a grin that became famous on the campaign trail in Missouri as the crowd chants "YOU DESERVED IT!"

    Constantine: First off I want to give you all a giant thanks, and an even bigger thanks to my Kingdom Come dance partner, Titus. I know he isn't here tonight, as he had to make a rare appearance on Meltdown last night, but winning this title wouldn't have meant as much had he not fought with such pride to elevate it to the glory it reached. That said though, I announced in the weeks leading up to the big show that the match with Titus would be my last in the company. So with that being the case, Chuck, I won't be needing this anymore.

    The Hall of Famer takes the title from his shoulder and looks down at it one last time, before he hands it over. Chuck takes the title and hands it to a ringside attendant, but urges John to continue his speech.

    Constantine: I've had the privilege to travel the world. I've seen places most could only dream. I did it all in WZCW, where I was a king that lead empires and imperials. I ran gauntlets no one else could run. I ran an iron man, climbed ladders to success, fought through Hell, controlled Mayhem. I was Elite. And finally at Kingdom Come, I completed a Grand Slam. Even if I hadn't won the one title that had eluded me my entire career, I would have called it quits, because I finally realized I had something more important than all that gold. I had a family. I've spent my entire adult life as a champion in the political and wrestling world. Now it's time to be a champion at home. I've already taken up more time tonight than I wanted, but I still want to thank some people. Again, to Titus for a hell of a main event, I tip my cap. To my fellow Hall of Fame inductee Steven Holmes, you truly were Elite and it was a pleasure to fight by your side all those years and I hope I can become half the father you have been. To the other man who shared the stage with us that night, Mikey Stormrage, I say thanks for always bringing out the best in me. It was always a treat to feel the ring shake when I hit you with Collateral Damage. I promise I will still pay for the dentist you needed after our ladder match, but never stop helping the world smile. To Showtime, wherever you are today, thank you for making me step up my game, to finally reach that next level and prove I was the best. To Tyrone, thank you for a wonderful Hall of Fame intro and for setting a prime example of the good you can do if you just change for the better. To those like Austin Reynolds and Abel Hunnicutt who fought by my side, usually for nefarious means, I thank you regardless. I thank the Matt Tastics of the world for trying to make me right my evil ways. There are so many more I could thank, but I don't want to take anymore time from the guys in the back who deserve it. There is so much potential in that locker room, especially that Stevie Broon fella, he has a pretty nice twisting spinebuster himself, that I know that the company is in good hands. WZCW will always have a place in my heart, but now, my heart belongs to my family. I'll still show up from time, so this isn't goodbye forever, just until I see you all again.

    Constantine places the mic on the stand and waves to the crowd.


    Myles: Oh, John, before you go, I arranged a little surprise for you. Seeing as how you had to give the official EurAsian Title back so we can come up with a way to crown a new champ, I had this custom made for you.

    Chuck pulls the sheet from the stand and reveals a custom EurAsian Championship that is completely gold plated, with a special name plate that read "Hall of Famer John Constantine" and features John hitting Collateral Damage and Axis of Evil on the side plates. Chuck hands him the title and extends his hand for a shake, but Constantine pulls him in for a hug and pats the GM on the back. The fans all rise to their feet and applaud as the now officially retired Constantine walks up the ramp for the final time. He stops at the top of the ramp and hoists the title in the air, to one final roar of approval.

    Connor: So Jack, the final chapter comes to close on one of the greatest careers in WZCW history. A fitting tribute for man who truly did accomplish it all.

    Cohen: Few before him did it as well as he did Cat, and few to come ever will.
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    Lynx walks out with his hood covering his face. He looks down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticked down from five. As the numbers reach their conclusion, he glances up at the audience and removes his robe. Blue, purple, and green fireworks cascade down behind him as he begins his journey to the ring.

    Harrys: This contest is scheduled for one fall! Approaching first, from Times Unknown, standing at 6'4, weighing in at 204 pounds, he is Lynx!

    The Jaguar coyly asks a cheering fan a question as he walks down the runway-

    Lynx: Hey kid, do you know what time it is?

    He smiles, stopping for a moment to talk to the camera.

    Lynx: I have a few choice words for ya, Harald!

    He darts up the steel steps and enters the ring. Lynx leaps on a turnbuckle and poses for the WZCW faithful.

    Copeland: He had a strong showing at Kingdom Come but Callie wasn’t ready to relinquish her hold on the Elite Openweight Championship. I expect Lynx to be fired up here in Charlotte.

    Cohen: Well it is what it is and he’s facing a champion tonight. It’s not on the line but I bet it’d be a morale boost to take down Harald here tonight.


    Blue and gold strobe lights dances across Harald’s face and reflects off of his Mayhem Championship title from the gorilla position. The screen fades to a backdrop of a lion walking through flames. Harald emerges from the curtain in a navy hoodie with patches of Swedish flags across his back. He strolls hastily to the ring, a stern, determined expression on his face.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Gothenburg, Sweden, standing at 6'7 and weighing in tonight at 303 pounds, the reigning Mayhem Champion, Harald Var Krigare!

    He slides under the bottom rope and removes his hoodie. He gives Lynx a quick glance before tossing it into the crowd. He roars at the audience, raising both arms into the air. They cheer with fever enthusiasm.

    Cohen: Now here’s a guy that’s been getting it done lately. Impressive win against the likes of Vega and Toni Mancini makes him the newest hardcore sensation in the company.

    Copeland: He may swing a mean sledgehammer, but word is he wants to prove himself to be more than just a big man with a big weapon.

    After Harald removes his Mayhem Championship from his waist Referee Katie Shepard signals for the bell. Harald and Lynx shake hands. They waste no time executing a collar-and-elbow lock up, moving in a semi-circle with HVK leading. The time traveler stomps his feet against the canvas aggressively, gaining the upperhand with Krigare’s knee skirting the mat. HVK bellows, and pushes him away. Lynx backwards rolls to an adjacent corner. He gives The Lion an impressed grin. Lynx rushes Krigare, narrowly missing a tree branch of a flailing arm, and delivers a barrage of striking combinations: forearm, knee to the side of his leg, forearm, knife edge chop, and another kick to Krigare’s leg. Harald sinks to one knee. The Jaguar runs the ropes, rebounding into a dropkick. It catches Harald square in the chest, his back smacking the center of the ring. Feeling confident, Lynx stands over his opponent and moonsaults into his ribs. He hooks the leg but before Katie could kneel to make a count HVK shoves Lynx off – Lynx crashes into the middle and bottom ropes.

    Copeland: Good to see a sporting fight among two well-liked individuals. Doesn’t happen often.

    Cohen: With good reason. Who are you going to suck up to now?

    They are back to their feet at the same time, but Lynx continues his assault – another dropkick and Harald stumbles into a corner. Grimacing, The Lion lunges for Lynx, but Lynx counters with a swift snapmare. The Jaguar with another spectacular moonsault…Harald counters with a European uppercut! The sound of Krigare’s arm connecting Lynx’s chin echoes and the fans audibly despair. Slow to regain his senses, Lynx hops back up using his fists. The two men charge each other, and HVK tosses Lynx out of the ring!!! – Lynx’s fist accidentally knocking Harold in his eye on the way out. With Lynx sprawled over the foot of the ramp, Krigare clutches the side of his face and argues with Katie Shepard.

    Cohen: Thumb to the eye! Now the big boy is pissed off.

    Copeland: He didn’t mean to blind him, Jack. Harald knows that…I hope…

    HVK climbs out and grabs Lynx by his hair, causing the crowd to boo. The Lion of the North whips the former Openweight Champion directly into the steel steps! A loud thud was met with more disapproval as Harald takes a minute to try and see through his injured eye. A nearby fan, no older than ten, tries batting the Swedish superstar away with his foam sword. An agitated Krigare responds by roaring at the child, causing the kid to shrink back into their seat. The referee begins the ten count. With a couple of children in the front row crying, Lynx is back to his feet and jumps on the steel steps…Forearm Smash to the back of the distracted opponent’s head. Krigare’s arms and chest collide with the iron barrier that separates the crowd from the performers. He clutches his chest in agony. Still clearly upset, The Jaguar pulls at HVK’s arm and takes a walk with it. He swings the limb against the nearby steel post.

    Copeland: Lynx has taken offense to Harald’s treatment of the kids.

    Cohen: If the little goblin didn’t assault our company’s talent, Lynx wouldn’t have to feel offended. Don’t blame ‘H for doing what anyone in his shoes would.

    Katie Shepard screams "6!" before Lynx rolls in/rolls back out to continue his attack. He twists Harald’s arm over his shoulder and drops to his knees with an armbreaker. Harald howls. Lynx put his hands on the limb he was focusing on once again, but Krigare breaks free of the hold and slides back into the ring. As Lynx follows suit, The Lion liftsthe sprinting time traveler up into a Double-Edge spinning sidewalk slam. Harald plants a hand over Lynx’s chest for the pin, and it’s only good for two. Purple circles were visible from Krigare’s swollen eye as he runs a hand over it. He asks Katie Shepard once again to check the injury. Lynx throws a punch from his reclined position, striking near his opponent’s other eye! Pissed off now, Krigare scoops him up and rams him against the turnbuckles. The Jaguar tumbles down from under the bottom rope, spilling back on the outside. Lynx hesitates getting back up, favoring his ribs. Breathing heavily, the former Openweight Champion rolls towards the ring and disappears from the folds of the apron. Still adamant that Lynx didn’t intentionally cheat, Katie Shepard waves Krigare off and Krigare nods in reluctant acceptance. Both of them look around for the third party in the bout, confused as everybody else is. The Mayhem champion climbs back out of the ring for a second time and lifts the apron where Lynx ventured. Dismayed, he releases the cloth and shrugs at the referee. A confused Katie begins another ten count.

    Jack Cohen yelps and stands up from the broadcasting table. There, with a face the Cheshire Cat would admire, is Lynx’s head poking out from underneath.

    Cohen: What in the name of Ricky Runn?!?

    Copeland: He-he’s really a traveler of time and space! Our world is his playground. Incredible.

    With Krigare still searching for him, Lynx high-tails it back into the ring and climbs the top rope. Carefully positioning himself, he Phoenix Splashes the unaware HVK! Harald stumbles and uses his arm to break his fall, causing more pain to the worked-on body part. Both opponents crumple haplessly on the ground as Katie begins her third count.

    By the time she shouts "3!", Lynx and Harald are on their hands and knees. They crawl to the same steel steps the wrestlers used before, attempting to use it as a support. They stare each other down – Harald grunts and Lynx stares daggers. Krigare roars, shoving the steps aside now that both men are on their feet. "4!" is barely heard as the tension between the men came to a fever pitch with the crowd audibly cheering them both on (with Lynx fans a few levels louder). As if reading each other’s minds, they cautiously back away from one another. The building vibrates by the marching of feet stomping the arena floor. Like a last ditch effort, the two combatants charge; HVK shouts "Release The Kraken!!"- - - Lynx lands his patented Kick To The Future!! HVK with The Kraken!! Both kicks drop with perfect precision as they collapse near the ring for a final time. The referee utters "5!" in a deafening Carolinian night. Jack Cohen and Sebastian Copeland stay quiet.

    "6!" is just a word lost in the throes of a rabid crowd. Lynx is out cold, breathing slowly near a fan with a poster that features a stenciled sea monster. Harald gazes up at the arena lights, bad eye closed and damaged arm throbbing. Katie Shepard looks down at the fallen stars before shouting "7!". The first to show signs of life is Harald, who attempts to roll onto his side. The time traveler remains prone. "8!" screams the referee, her voice more excited than before. Krigare sits up, favoring his arm. Lynx is on his side now, wiping sweat from his forehead. They stare at the ring. Katie with a "9!" and, with newfound strength, they force themselves to their feet. Harald lumbers semi-conscious against the apron, practically throwing himself back inside. Lynx takes a step forward…and then another…and another. Just as he readies himself to slide in, Katie yells "10!" and signals for the bell. With Lynx in the ring, he sits up in a disappointed heap.

    Harrys: This combat concluded with a ten count, therefore your winner…"The Lion of the North", Harald Var Krigare!!!

    Copeland: Excellent showcase between both men- wait, what is he doing??

    Harald turns to leave but comes to a halt mid-climbing out from the ropes. His head turns to Lynx, who appears to have more fuel left in the tank. HVK lets go of the ropes and heads towards his opponent. He extends a giant hand into the air, posed and ready, and brings it down. Harald lifts Lynx up be his own hand and raises it up in victory. Fans cheer for the display of sportsmanship.

    Cohen: Leave that stuff backstage, Harald. Your rival was quite literally working your arm for A Lynx To The Past. Don’t cozy up to that sneaky bloke.

    Copeland: Lynx was for sure the ultimate strategist and landed more blows but Krigare’s power moves inched The Lion out from a tight spot. Good fight, and a fine sign of respect from both gentlemen.

    The camera goes backstage to reveal PC Stevie Broon watching as the Lion gestures at the Jaguar with pride as the show goes to commercial break.
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    Harrys: This bout is scheduled for one fall, and is our Main Event of the evening!!!


    Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ramp with a big grin on his face. He is going solo tonight, sans Big Roadie. Mark headbangs as he heads to the ring. He slides in and plays air guitar for the crowd before taking off his leather jacket and handing it to an official. He mouths "Roadie had a match. He works hard enough, guys."

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he is The Remarkable Mark Keaton!!!

    Cohen: This guy has charisma in spaaades. But going up against an angry ex-World Champ is just bad for your health, you know?

    Connor: He has the talent to back up that charisma. It's a tall order but this rocker may give the alt rocker a little music lesson.


    The arena goes dim, and a single spotlight shines at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head placid, gazing down. She slowly lifts her head and looks around the entire arena, quietly staring blankly towards the ring. She does her model strut towards the ring but in a careless, subconscious manner.

    Harrys: and his opponent, making her way down the runway, now residing in Berlin, Germany, "The Alternative" Eve Taylor!!!

    As she hits the end of the ramp, she leaps onto the apron. She heads over to the closest turnbuckle. She ascends it and once again the arena goes dim, with a bright light over Eve Taylor. Eve is seen standing atop the turnbuckles with her eyes closed and taking a deep breath. After a second, she opens her eyes before climbing down from the turnbuckle and preparing herself for the match, taking off her entrance attire and leaning back against the ropes.

    Connor: We've witnessed a brand new side of Eve Taylor lately. Definitely a colder, more subdued side.

    Cohen: She's hungry, Cat. She was left out of the Number One Contender's Match and she ain't happy about it. A lioness that has had their first taste of Man doesn't go back to hunting the antelope. Eve Taylor has tapped into a primal hunger and we're witnessing it live here in the Spectrum Center at Charlotte.


    As soon as referee Katie Shepard calls for the bell, Eve sweeps the legs out from under Mark and applies the Alternative Solution! The audience roars in surprise. Keaton squirms spastically with his arms lapped over his face. The fashion model doesn't relent, arching her head backwards to give more pressure to the hold. The rockstar has trouble breathing in the submission, flailing wildly and inches closer and closer to the bottom rope. Eve drags her feet and tries to slide away from rope break. Shepard watches on like a hawk. The Remarkable One closes his eyes and cranes forward, still rocking left and right. Finally a breath's away from the ropes, Eve releases her hold by her own volition and kicks Keaton while he's down.

    Cohen: I'm pleasantly surprised at the ruthless aggression Eve has shown lately. She's staking her claim at a World title rematch for sure.

    Connor: She definitely is, though I am worried this newfound fury will leave her unfocused against a wildcard like Mark Keaton.

    Katie Shepard backs Taylor away from Mark as he gets back up. He favors his arms, but nods and beckons for a lock-up. Eve goes for the grapple, but slaps Mark's hands away and plows her body into her opponent. The unorthodox assault trips Keaton into a corner turnbuckle. She continues to shove herself into Mark, enough to warrant a five count, and Eve raises her hands as if she was done. She gives Mark an open slap to the face in insult, audibly yelling "You are beneath me!". Angered, Mark forces Eve into a tie and collar lock-up, moving away from the corner. Keaton wrestles Taylor to where her back is turned to him, initiating a wristlock. Eve steps on Mark's boot and rams him into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Katie reprimands her and then warns her again as Eve pulls Mark's hair against the top turnbuckle. Eve Taylor applies a foot choke before getting a loud "4!"

    Eve moves away from her opponent to berate the crowd. They respond:

    "Tyyyroooone!!!" "Tyyyroooone!!!" "Tyyyroooone!!!"

    Remarkable Mark Keaton dives for Eve's leg...and succeeds! Chop block leaves her crawling away, but Mark instinctively grabs an ankle and starts kicking. Before he could make a habit of it to the referee, he slowly transitions his grip into a Single Leg Boston Crab.

    Eve hugs the ropes for the sudden break. Mark backs away, flashing a grin. As she got to her feet, he waited until she turns to face him, and she eats a standing dropkick. Eve Taylor tumbles through the ropes to the outside. Not satisfied, Keaton ran the ropes...and Suicide Dives between the middle and top ropes. He lands on top of Eve as they both crumble into a mess.

    Connor: Wait...did Keaton take a leaf out of Taylor's book with that move?

    Cohen: I think so. Oh he's gonna get it!

    They aren't quick to get up as Katie begins the ten count. Both wrestlers are on all fours trying to catch their breath. Disgusted with the dive, Eve is first to lash out, open-handed palm strike to the cheek. "2!". Cameras capture a shade of bruising. Mark retaliates and strikes her back. Eve with a right. Mark with a right. "3!". They go blow-to-blow until Keaton takes control, lifting Eve to her feet before sending her into the barrier. The WZCW Universe erupted for the Remarkable One. "4!". Mark proudly takes his time sliding back into the ring before sliding right back out.

    He positions himself in front of Eve, blocking Katie's view of the low-blow Eve gives Mark. He howls in pain. Eve grits her teeth and grabs more of Mark's short blonde hair - into an inverted backbreaker. "1!". Eve locks another Alternative Solution, practically out of sheer spite. "2!". Keaton is yelling at the top of his lungs in agony, his elbows muffling his cries. "3!". He is begging for her to let go, that he submits, but with them on the outside the pleas were unanswered. She cackled like a hyena at the downpour of boos she was receiving.

    Cohen: I mean I do feel for the guy. This is hard to watch, but I did tell you he was gonna meet Eve's wrath.

    Connor: This is unprofessional! Somebody stop this brutality!

    "6!". She shows no real signs of stopping. Mark is close to passing out... "7!" Eve is shouting at the closest camera.

    Taylor: Do you see this!? Do you see what I'm capable of yet??

    "8!". Eve releases her hold, happily staring at the prone rockstar. She picks herself up, and lifts Mark Keaton by the wrists. "9!" The Alternative rolls the lifeless body into the ring, and steps inside gingerly, ending the count. Eve smiles at the fans, leisurely placing her heel close to the back of Mark's head, and then moves her foot away. She toys with him some more before standing still, silently watching him clutch at her black boots. He tries to pull himself up, his eyes shot red, arms shaking. She allows the man to use her as a ladder, he pulls himself up ever so slightly with each grip. Eve peers on curiously, and then sneers. She brings down a swipe of her hand...but it is blocked! Mark jabs her in the jaw. She is taken aback. Mark lands another jab, and then another, then he is back on his feet and the crowd is a tsunami of cheers. She throws another punch, and it too is dodged. Mark Keaton executes a Side Suplex.

    Eve fights to get back up, and Mark raises her body up again, into Snake Eyes. Her face smacks a post before Mark allows her to turn back to him. He kicks her midsection and wrenches her neck. Rows of families get to their feet, knowing the settup for The Voltron Suplex! He extends a fist into the air, acknowledging his fans. Eve takes advantage of the sleight by reversing the move into a Northern Lights Suplex. She bridges it for the pin, but it is only good for two.

    Connor: What fighting spirit.

    Cohen: This time, even I'm not sure which one you're referring to. Great display of raw physicality tonight.

    Eve delivers a stiff kick, follows with an elbow smash to the bruising cheek, and another lands, but then Eve backs up for a Discus Elbow and misses...Mark Keaton runs the ropes...and he nails her with a Designer Clothesline! Another move steal by Mark makes the front row laugh. He goes for the pin.


    "...3" doesn't quite get there as Eve lobs her shoulder up. Mark appears devastated. He is back up but so is she, and her face is contorted into a hellish gorgon rage. He stares back in paralyzed fear. She pulls him by the hair a third time, colliding with a headbutt. She doesn't let go, striking with Eight-by-Ten repeatedly until the referee demanded her to stop. Both their foreheads show a hint of red in the fiasco.

    Mark lumbers woozily, trying to find his feet. Eve grabs his wrist, and drops to the mat - Fashion Statement with a boot to Mark's chin. Keaton collapses and Eve rolls him up for the pin. Katie gets to her knees and slams her palm into the mat. She does this three times and signals for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner...

    His voice trails off as Eve continues hammering Mark's face in. Katie Shepard attempts to pull her off of Keaton but Eve does not budge.

    Connor: Eve, clearly not happy with being left out of the main event contendership match on Meltdown, is taking her frustrations on her beaten opponent.

    Cohen: It looks like Eve may have something to say.

    With one foot on the throat of Keaton, the former World Champ demands a mic. She takes her foot off to walk to the ropes and grab the mic, only to kick Keaton before she starts speaking.

    Taylor: For years I have come out here and busted my ass and put my life on the line in front of you all. You have seen sides of me few have and few will see again. I have given my blood, sweat, and tears in this ring and when I finally reach the top of the mountain I had been climbing so many times, you choose to accept Tyrone over me. You would rather sit and cheer idiots like Live Mas or a loser like Kagura or a freak like Flex instead of demanding I get my rightful rematch. I guess that leaves me no choice but to take drastic action to get what I deserve.

    Eve kneels next to Keaton and spikes the microphone into his head a few times, the feedback causing the audience to cover their ears.

    Taylor: This blood, it is on your hands!

    She points to the crowd before she wipes the blood from Keaton's face and smears it on the mat.

    Taylor: This blood is on the hands of each and every decision maker in the back.

    Eve wipes the blood on her chest before she takes the mic and begins her assault again.

    ???: Enough! Enough!

    Ascension GM Chuck Myles runs out from the back in a panic, with a contract in his hand.

    Myles: I have here with me, the contract, fresh out of the printer, that gives you your World Title rematch. You will be added to the match between Tyrone and Flex. All you have to do is sign. Once you sign though, if you continue this assault, or attack any other superstar on the roster outside of an official WZCW sanctioned match, you will forfeit the title shot and be suspended indefinitely, without pay.

    Chuck holds up the contract as we makes his way to the ring and climbs inside. He flips to the spot for Eve's signature.

    Taylor: I knew you would see things my way Chuckie.

    Eve smiles and runs a finger through the blood on her chest and signs the contract. She then takes the same finger and boops Chuck's nose and smiles. She then drops the mic onto the face of Keaton.

    Taylor: Oops.

    The final shot of the night as the copyright info flashes on screen is Eve strutting up the ramp, before the camera catches one final glimpse of a disgusted Myles.
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    Ech: Mancini vs Roady
    Milenko: Kole vs Halloway
    Spidey: Harold Var Krigare vs. Lynx, Eve vs. Keaton
    Yaz: Opening, Constantine segment, Taylor/Keaton post match

    Hope you guys enjoyed the shows this round. Feels good to post a show again, been a while. Anyway, I said it before, but thanks for being understanding about the week delay to get the archives caught up and thanks again to all who helped. Boards will be up ASAP.
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