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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
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    As the pyro blasts in the background the camera circles the sold out arena here Charlotte, North Carolina. Thousands of fans are going wild, jumping up and holding their homemade signs proudly, trying to get just a split second on the worldwide leader in professional wrestling. The atmosphere is full of excitement after a history making Lethal Lottery event and after an action packed Meltdown we now turn to Ascension. As always we are greeted by the announce team of Cat Connor and Jack Cohen who are sitting at ringside to call all the action here tonight.

    Connor: Welcome to the hottest professional wrestling program in the world! I’m Cat Connor, and we are live coming to you from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina and what an event we have planned for you tonight. A huge main event is on offer but before we get to that allow me to introduce my broadcaster colleague, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: Glad to be here, Cat. I’m just as ready for this show as you are since coming out of Lethal Lottery. The dust has settled and we are now focusing on Kingdom Come 8. I can’t believe it’s been eight years already and on Meltdown we had the confirmation we were all waiting for, Mikey Stormrage will defend the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship against Justin Cooper in the main event of Kingdom Come. I don’t think anybody could have called that a month ago, it’s truly shocking.

    Connor: A very surprising main event after Justin Cooper shocked the world at Lethal Lottery by defeating 29 competitors to earn his spot in the main event. Tonight he goes one on one against the man who fell just one step short; Garth Black. I’m sure he’ll be fired up to get back on track and to figure out where he belongs on the Kingdom Come card. Just a few short days ago Garth Black thought he’d be main eventing the show.

    Cohen: You can never be sure of anything in this business. Just ask Eve Taylor, she was the odds on favourite to win the Lethal Lottery and now what is she going to do? Where does she fall on the card for Kingdom Come? How is she feeling after losing and not even making the final four? She has a match against Mark Keaton, a man who pulled off another incredible upset, I still don’t understand how he overcame Vis Imperium, but is Eve Taylor going to be able to focus on this match with all the drama surrounding her defeat?

    Connor: It makes for a very interesting show and we also have the new Elite Openweight Champion, Noah Ryder, in action against Veejay. Can you believe we saw King for a Day cashed in during the Lethal Lottery?

    Cohen: The kid is lucky he didn’t cash in on Titus Avison. He’d have walked away with nothing. He made the smart move by cashing in on Logan McAllister but I’ve heard rumours all day that McAllister isn’t his usual self. We all saw the shots of his son crying in the front row after his father lost the title. Logan is surely going to be looking for vengeance.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the winner of the 2016 Lethal Lottery Match... Justin Cooper!


    The crowd comes to their feet as the music echoes throughout the arena. With a huge smile on his face Justin Cooper steps out from behind the curtain onto the stage and waves to the crowd. They greet him with a wave of cheers and the winner of Lethal Lottery stands proudly with his half of the WZCW Tag Team Championships in his hand. He’s suit is dark grey, black shoes and his watch is a collection of diamonds on a field of gold. Cooper begins walking down to the ring as the fans shout his name, he walks over to the barricades and pats some of the younger fans on the head and takes some pictures with those who have their phones out for a quick snap.

    Cohen: Look at that main event money! He’s got a new suit and that watch... how many diamonds are on that thing? I once thought this guy was great when he spoke his mind and stood up against the pathetic whiners but lately he’s started crying more often than not. Even I’ve got to admit that what he did last Sunday was extremely impressive and he is clearly soaking in the rewards of his victory.

    Connor: Justin Cooper has worked for six years to achieve this moment. He’s going to the main event and we heard what Mikey Stormrage had to say on Meltdown until Justin’s tag partner, Mark Keaton, interrupted. That’s another question we have for Justin, what are his thoughts on the Tag Team Championships and how will he handle that situation?

    Cohen: Hopefully we’ll get some answers from him right now if this crowd could relax for a minute. This response is so loud I can barely hear myself think.

    Cooper struts around the ring and listens to the crowd cheering him on. His championship slung over his shoulder, a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand, Justin Cooper steps towards the ropes and leans forward. His eyes flick up towards the camera and he laughs.

    Cooper: Didn’t see that coming, did you?

    A cheer goes up from the crowd and Cooper steps back into the middle of the ring. He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand and adjusts the title belt.

    Cooper: First off I want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me whether it was from the beginning, six years ago, or the last few months. Without the support of the fans I wouldn’t have made it where I am today. This past year has seen a shift in my career, I went from a rebel, a loudmouth, a cult leader and a fool to standing here today as one half of the greatest team tag of all time, the 2016 Lethal Lottery winner and one half of the main event of Kingdom Come.

    Again the crowd cheers.

    Cooper: I also want to say thanks to my brother, my tag partner, my best friend in the entire world and the man who has helped shape me into the competitor you see right now. Mark, thank you and thanks again for giving me back my half of the WZCW Tag Team Championships. I know you liked having both and while it’s true, I have vacated my half of the titles by order of WZCW management as far as I’m concerned I’m still a champion until they send somebody to come take this from me!

    To a loud response of cheers Cooper hoists the WZCW Tag Team Championship high above his head. He brings it back down and places it over his shoulder, running his fingers over the nameplate which has his name on it.

    Cooper: I never wanted to be in this position. I was happy with regaining the WZCW Tag Team Championships. Truly, all I wanted was to stand by my brother and fight against Vis Imperium. I’ve experienced some of the best times of my life since joining the tag division as Cooper and Keaton. But that for the moment is at an end. For the moment my sights are on a prize which I thought I could never hold. Mark and I have spoken and he’s given me his blessing as I have given him the same and we both agree that while our paths are different at Kingdom Come, we will still be by each other’s side.

    He pauses and looks around the arena.

    Cooper: Last Sunday my life changed when I won Lethal Lottery. My path became much different than I thought it would be. I now have the chance to become World Champion and all I have to do is beat one guy. That’s the kicker, that’s the funny part about it. I beat 29 competitors on Sunday to earn my place and now I only have to beat one guy. Now I didn’t know Mark was going to be on Meltdown, I had nothing to do with it but seeing him standing against Mikey Stormrage it made me realises just how important friendship is. I’m going to main event Kingdom Come. I’m going to become World Champion and Mikey Stormrage, I’ll do it with my friends by my side. Where are yours? Because when I stumble into the darkness I have fought so hard to escape, I have people who pull me back. Mark Keaton, whether you fans like him or hate him, he forever stands with me and he has my back. Who has your back, Mikey?

    A hushed silence comes over the crowd as they listen intently. Cooper wipes his forehead again and smirks.

    Cooper: You’ve turned every single friend you’ve ever had against you and now you stand alone. Nobody comes to your aid, nobody cares to save you and I don’t see anybody coming down to this ring to make a claim on your behalf. That is where we are different. That is what makes me better than you. You, Mikey, have tossed away every friendship you’ve ever had. From James Howard, Matt Tastic and all the way to Eve Taylor. Where were they when you become World Champion? Where was the celebration? At Kingdom Come when I beat you I’ll have people who care about raise me off my feet and they cheer and cry tears of joy. They’ll hoists the title up proudly because when one of us wins, we all win. That is what makes us different. I have people who care about me unlike you who stands alone at the top of a mountain. Well, it gets cold on the mountain top and Mikey... sometimes you fall and you’ve got nobody left to catch you.


    Immediately the crowd turns and watches as Garth Black steps onto the stage. Just like last week he doesn’t enter the ring but stands on the stage, a microphone in hand and his free hand curled in a fist. He paces back and forth until he points down towards Justin Cooper.

    Black: Shut your mouth! Friends and friendship? The hell is this, huh? What has happened to professional wrestling that the main event of Kingdom Come is going to be two fools parading around trying to figure who has more friends. You both have no friends, you both suck!

    The crowd mostly boos with a few people still giving a slight cheer but it is drowned out against the sea of the masses. Black looks ready to explode, he stomps the steel grate under his feet and rubs the top of his head.

    Black: I was so close! I could see the main event of Kingdom Come and this company snatched it away and replaced me with two bumbling fools. Fine, this company wants to die than let it die but don’t come running back to me when you can’t pay your bills. I should be in the main event, I was World Champion and I want my damn rematch and I want it right now!

    Inside the ring Cooper laughs and that visibly annoys Garth Black. The former World Champion shakes his head violently and points once again.

    Black: Something funny? Huh, you got something smart to say? Oh, I’ve heard you talk for long enough. You’re worse than that woman last week who didn’t know when to shut her mouth. Look what happened to her at Lethal Lottery. She failed just like I said she would. I’m better than all three of you; Stormrage, Taylor and especially you. I can’t wait to prove it tonight when I kick your ass in the main event and prove to these blind masses that I am the rightful competitor to be in the main event of Kingdom Come.

    Again Cooper laughs but this time he manages to get out his thoughts before Black cuts him off.

    Cooper: Sorry, it’s just funny because I won twice at Lethal Lottery while you lost twice. Feel free to keep trying to convince yourself that you’re better than me. Hopefully you might get there with that 2012 Justin Cooper act you’re putting on but most likely you’ll end up burning out and running away and history will remember you with the likes of Ricky Runn.

    Black’s eyes near pop out of his head and he charges down to the ring. Cooper looks ready to fight, he drops the title and throws off his suit jacket. The crowd rises to their feet as Black climbs onto the apron, Cooper is waiting for him to enter the ring but slowly Black dismounts and begins walking away with an arrogant smirk on his face. He picks up the microphone at the top of the ramp.

    Black: You’ll get what’s coming to you later tonight in the main event. I’ll wipe that stupid grin off your face and send you back down the card where you belong. This is the main event and you don’t belong here. I don’t care how many friends you got because none of them can save you from me.

    He throws the microphone down the entrance ramp and walks backstage. Inside the ring Cooper picks up his suit jacket and tosses it over his shoulder and then places the WZCW Tag Team Championship over it. The crowd gives him a cheer, though some have cooled off a little after the harsh comments he had for Mikey Stormrage. He gives them a wave and begins making his way up the entrance ramp.

    Connor: What do you make of what we have just seen? From Justin Cooper officially announcing he has vacated half of the WZCW Tag Team Championships to those words he had for Mikey Stormrage. Is the old Justin Cooper back? The man who would do anything to win and cheat his way to the top or is Justin Cooper giving Mikey Stormrage a harsh reality check? If you thought this World Championship Match was going to be a friendly affair I think you are in for a shock.

    Cohen: It’s mind games. Cooper has been around the block many times and he sees how weak Mikey Stormrage is in mental warfare. You just saw Garth Black do the same. He’s trying to get in Cooper’s head just as Cooper is trying to get in Mikey’s. I think Cooper could be in real trouble tonight since his focus is all on the main event of Kingdom Come and not on Garth Black.

    Connor: Be sure to stay tuned because Cooper vs. Black is our main event of the evening. What will happen when these two superstars collide in the ring? And how have the words said by Justin Cooper here tonight changed the landscape of the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship picture? I cannot wait to see Stormrage and Cooper standing in the same ring for the first time ever, we don’t know when that will be but I sense that this road to Kingdom Come is going to get personal.
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    The following contest is a Triple Threat match, scheduled for one fall! The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission~!


    Introducing the first participant, from Little Italy, NYC, he is Anthony Mancini~!

    Mancini walks down the aisle with a seemingly arrogant smirk on his face. Though that's not what he's really feeling like it seems. He makes his way down to some boo's. Maybe a cheer or two.

    Connor: Tony Mancini was in the ring challenging for the Eurasian Championship.

    Cohen: I'd say it's because everyone was busy with the Lethal Lottery but well over half the roster wrestled before it.

    "No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy No Mercy"

    Introducing second, straight out of hell, "The Deviless" Xaitlyn Serpiente~!

    Xaitlyn makes her way down the aisle to some mild boo's.

    Hey, Cat. Did you know "Serpiente" means Snake in Spanish?

    Connor: Thanks, Jack. Though I'm kinda sure it has a far deeper meaning than that.


    And finally from Crawley, South East England, he is Vee ADZ~!

    Vee walks down the ring, not looking very pleased. He marches into the ring ready for his match.

    Connor: Vee can't be in a good mood being out so fast from Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: Well, someone needs to go out first. Sorry, Vee. It just happened to be him.

    All three contestants stand in the center of the ring ready for battle and the referee Elizabeth Prince has the bell rung.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Right away, Vee punches Tony right in the face, knocking him right out of the ring. Xaitlyn looks at him surprised as he rolls out of the ring. Vee looks for a Clothesline but Xaitlyn manages to dodge it. He catches her with an elbow to the temple and hits a couple of Muay Thai knees to the ribs. He whips Xaitlyn across the ring and takes her down with a Judo Throw. Vee climbs the top rope and measures but Mancini appears on the ring apron and shoves Vee off, flipping him onto the canvas. He climbs the top rope and hops off hitting a Guillotine Legdrop on both of them at once. He covers Xaitlyn, 1............. 2.......... 3-But she kicks out. Quickly he covers Vee. 1........... 2......... 3-But he also kicks out. Mancini gets back to his feet, looking for what to do next.

    Connor: Mancini seems to have the upper hand right now.

    Cohen: Yeah. It seems that way, but....... Well what now?

    Mancini pulls Xaitlyn up to her feet and whips her across the ring. He Tilt-A-Whirls her but she manages to slip out of it. She catches an incoming Vee and drives him against Mancini, knocking him head first right in the gut. She immediately Schoolboy's Vee 1....... 2........ But Vee gets out of it. She gets up and hits Doloroso on Mancini. She covers him 1........ 2........-But Vee pulls her out. He hits a Dropkick to her, knocking her out of the way. He hits a Reverse Hook Kick to Mancini and Springboards off the ropes, hitting a Plancha on Xaitlyn. He once again makes the cover off the Plancha. 1........ 2....... 3-But she kicks out.

    Cohen: Sometimes I get the feeling Vee's offense is a little too high risk.

    Connor: Why's that?

    Vee once again climbs the ropes and hits a Huracanrana to Mancini, tossing him out of the ring. Xaitlyn gets back up and hits a Jumping Knee stunning Vee. She swings for the Serpiente Stroke but Vee manages to dodge it. He hits the Mawashiguiri, knocking Xaitlyn on her knees. He whips her to the corner and puts her in the Tree Of Woe. Vee goes up the top rope once again. He takes aim for the Coup De Grace. He takes flight but in mid air, Mancini appears and intercepts Vee with the a Spear! He pulls Vee to the center of the ring and makes the cover as Xaitlyn tries to get out of the Tree Of Woe. 1......... 2.......... 3~!!

    Cohen: That's why.

    Here is your winner, Anthony Mancini~!

    Connor: That was an impressive finish to a very fast paced match. But yeah. I guess you were right. Vee's reliance on high flying ended up putting him in a compromising position in the end.

    Cohen: Some had to take the fall and it just happened to be Vee. Though I'm pretty shocked the Mobster stereotype won. I miss the 90's.

    Connor: .........................'Member?

    Mancini celebrates on the top rope, excited by the victory as Xaitlyn pounds on the mat in anger. Vee is assisted by ringside attendants out of the ring.
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    Earlier in the day fans surround the entrance to the arena with steel rails placed to form a column to the back door of the building. The sun is still in the sky and a black car pulls up to the arena. Security holds the fans back, hundreds screaming for an autograph and others just cheering wildly, searching for a glimpse of another WZCW competitor. The door to the car opens and Mark Keaton steps out of the car, his golden hair brushed to one side, a leather jacket with golden trim and zipper sparkling with gold, diamond earrings and thick leather boots black as night. Some fans reach out as Keaton arrogantly struts down the column holding not one, but both WZCW Tag Team Championships on either shoulder.

    Keaton: All day, baby. You know what time it is. Mark Keaton is here and all of you paid to see me, the Remarkable One, the main event and the WZCW Tag Team Champion of the entire world! Don’t try telling yourself you came to see Eve Taylor, oh no, she’s second rate, baby. She’s tier two, she couldn’t beat Justin at Lethal Lottery and she damn sure isn’t beating me tonight.

    He continues his walk and eyes some of the fans on his way. Several shout out that they want to be his tag team partner which causes Keaton to halt.

    Keaton: You want to be my partner? You’re too fat, baby! Mark Keaton can’t carry no fatty to greatness. Go for a run before you start climbing up the ladder of success, you’re so fat you’d break the damn ladder and pull Mark Keaton down with you. Oh no, you shall not be my partner, fatty.

    He continues his walk and finds a small child with a sign asking to be his partner. Keaton approaches, offers the child a tag title and rips it back as the child tries to reach for it.

    Keaton: Ha! Think again, plod. This isn’t no competition where everyone gets a prize. This is professional wrestling and you’re looking at the very best of the best right here, baby! Oh yeah, Mark Keaton is the man who overcame the odds at Lethal Lottery and made a fool of Austin Reynolds who dared to think he was on my level. You see these titles? They make me the man, the best damn tag wrestler of all time. Two times I’ve held these titles in a single year.

    He grabs the child’s sign and rips it up before continuing his walk.

    Keaton: Kids gotta learn that life is hard unless you’re remarkable like Mark Keaton. Not everyone can be Rookie of the Year but I will be, two time WZCW Tag Team Champion and now thousands, dare I say millions of people are begging to be my tag team partner. Everyone wants to tag with Mark Keaton but Mark Keaton only tags with the best! I got no time to be dragged down unless it’s by a beautiful woman, baby!

    Just as he says that a beautiful woman is spotted in the crowd and Keaton sprints over to the railing, pushing a security guard out of the way.

    Keaton: Move out of the way, fool! I can protect myself. Do you know who I am? Look at me, I got titles on both shoulders, baby.

    The security guard shakes his head and steps away leaving Keaton with the beautiful blonde with hair as golden as his own.

    Keaton: I see you there. I saw you looking at Mark Keaton. I saw you picturing yourself with my WZCW Tag Team Championships hanging over your shoulders. Believe me, I hear it all the time. Women lusting after me and so little time to give them the gift of spending a night with the Remarkable One. Well listen up, baby. Tonight is your lucky day. I’m looking for a tag partner and you are just the type I’m looking for, oh yeah.

    Keaton pulls out a card and hands it to the young lady. He blows her a kiss and holds both the titles above his head whilst walking backwards.

    Keaton: Details are on the card, baby. TWO TIME CHAMPION! Remember that. Greatest tag team of all time!

    Suddenly he trips over and falls on his backside spilling the titles on the ground and causing the crowd to burst out laughing. Keaton quickly scrambles to his feet and grabs the titles, the young lady hiding her laughter behind her hand.

    Keaton: I meant to do that! Quick as a cat, I was just showing my ninja training.

    With the crowd laughing Keaton storms off and enters the arena. The door is slammed shut behind him and we see the young lady look at the card she was given and drop it on the ground as she turns her attention to the next superstar getting out of a car.

    Cohen: These fans are so disrespectful to the WZCW Tag Team Champion. How dare they laugh at him like that. One of them might have been his tag partner but now they’ve blown it.

    Connor: We found out on Meltdown that Keaton has one week to find a partner otherwise he’ll be stripped of the titles. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to find someone who is willing to tag with him. I haven’t heard any names of possible partners and that is rare in this business.

    Cohen: I’ve always said Cooper was dragging him down. Now is his time to prove it. If he can find the right partner I bet that this new team can be even better than Cooper and Keaton ever were. You mark my words if Mark Keaton can find the perfect partner it’ll be massive for his career.
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    Tony Mancini can be seen backstage strutting around.

    Mancini: I TOLD ALL OF YOU! I knew I was gonna win, and with that win I’m moving straight up the card baby-

    Mancini’s cocky speech stops abruptly as he turns the corner and runs into Constantine and Abel Hunnicutt. Abel stares a hole through Mancini and the Italian Stallion quickly backs away. After he’s gone Constantine turns his attention to Abel.

    Constantine: Winning is your only choice tonight Abel, especially after Reynolds embarrassed us by losing to Stormrage. Don’t disappoint me.

    Abel nods as Constantine walks off. The mountain of main delivers a strange yet terrifying look before heading off into the distance.
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    Anderson: The following contest is a singles match set for one fall!


    As the music plays, the lights flicker red, before switching over to a blue, pulsating to the beat of the song. Logan appears at the top of the ramp and has a sullen look on his face. Usually upbeat and willing to embrace the fans, Logan is rather distant but manages to smile and slap hands with a few of the hands in the front row.

    Anderson: Introducing first from Boston, MA, weighing 275lbs pounds, "The Son of Boston" Logan McAllister!

    Connor: You can see the disappointment on Logan McAllister’s face after what went from being the best night of his life to the absolute worst. He was Elite Openweight Champion for a couple of hours before Noah Ryder cashed in King for a Day and claimed the title for himself. You can still see the heartbreak on the young man’s face.

    Cohen: We’re going to find out what this man is made of. Is he going to crumble under the pressure or will he rise to the challenge? I don’t know but he’s in for a major test tonight against Abel Hunnicutt. I wouldn’t want to be in the ring with the monster.

    Logan enters the ring and walks to a corner, waiting for the match to begin. His eyes aimed down towards the mat and his body language much less enthusiastic than normal.


    Anderson: And his opponent from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!

    The arena is silent until Abel Hunnicutt comes towering out from behind the curtain. The monster of a man is menacing to even the strongest of warriors and begins his walk down to the ring. His eyes locked on Logan McAllister, as he walks alone, and climbs into the ring.

    Cohen: It still amazes me how big this guy is. Can you imagine how mad he has to be after losing the WZCW Tag Team Championships at Lethal Lottery? I mean, Logan McAllister is part of the reason he’s no longer a champion.

    Connor: This rivalry has become bitter and McAllister looks ready to settle it once and for all. Here we go!

    *DING DING*​

    The bell sounds and immediately both men charge at each other with fists flying wildly. Abel is the stronger of the two and gets McAllister backing away with a forearm to the face. The monster charges at full speed, looking for a big boot to the face, but McAllister pulls the tope rope down and sends Hunnicutt over the top rope. Amazingly Hunnicutt doesn’t go down but lands on his feet. McAllister quickly ascends the corner and dives off the top rope and comes crashing down onto Abel Hunnicutt! They twist and turn and strike at each other with the official counting inside the ring. Both men get back to their feet with McAllister ducking a clothesline and tackling Abel against the announce table. Strong forearms from Abel slam into the back of McAllister, sending the former Elite Openweight Champion stumbling away. He turns his head to meet Abel once again but is cracked with a big boot to put him down. The official’s count is lost on both men as they continue to fight outside the ring. Hunnicutt picks McAllister up and slams his head into the ring post with a sickening crack!

    Cohen: Oh my, he may have broken something with that move.

    Connor: This has gone out of control. Neither man is wrestling at this point, it’s just a fight.

    Cohen: I love a good fight!

    Hunnicutt uses his massive hands to pull McAllister to the barricade and tries to slam his head into it but McAllister blocks. He headbutts the monster, hurting himself a little as a small trickle of blood runs down his face, and tackles him down to the ground. With the mount position McAllister hammers away with punches to Hunnicutt and finally the referee inside the ring reaches a count of 10! This match will have no winner but the fight is undecided.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the referee reaching a count of 10 this match is a no contest!

    Neither man pays any attention to the announcement as McAllister rolls off Hunnicutt and readies himself for the next strike. He charges forward but Hunnicutt counters into a Flapjack on the outside. Hunnicutt wipes his face, sweat running down it with a few drops of McAllister’s blood, before tossing McAllister over to the corner of the barricade. He lines up his shot and charges at full speed for the Running Double Axehandle but this time McAllister counters with T-Bone Suplex on the outside!

    Connor: Somebody has to come out here and stop this before these two seriously hurt each other. The damn match is over.

    Cohen: Let them fight! Let them fight!

    McAllister gets to his feet and pulls Hunnicutt over and leans him against the barricade. He backs up a little and rushes forward looking for Boston Strong but Hunnicutt catches him in mid-air and turns him, slamming McAllister spine first against the hard barricade. A forearm to the face opens the cut on McAllister’s face further and now he’s really bleeding. The blood seems to fire McAllister up and he steps out of the corner and hammers away with punches to the head of Hunnicutt. With wild strength McAllister uses both hands to smash Hunnicutt’s face into the steel post and that brings the monster to his knees. An almighty yell from McAllister echoes throughout the arena as he goes for the DDT - Hunnicutt surges and lifts him up but McAllister still has him by the head and both men go stumbling toward the barricade - smashing through it and spilling into the fans!

    Connor: The barricade just explode under the force of Abel Hunnicutt and Logan McAllister going through it. The fans are at risk right now.

    Cohen: We can’t have a lawsuit on our hands. Get some security out here.

    As both McAllister and Hunnicutt lay motionless amongst the wreckage of the barricade, security and medical staff members rush down to ringside. The medical team begins checking on both men as bit of metal railing are scattered everywhere and some nearby fans are knocked off their seats.

    Connor: Ladies and gentlemen you’ve just seen the dangers of this business. Sometimes the match isn’t kept in the ring and you get situations where the fighting spills into the fans. Hopefully nobody is seriously injured but both men are going to be feeling the effects of this encounter for a while.

    Cohen: This is professional wrestling, things like this happen. It’ll make both of them better in the future. They came here to fight, we saw some blood and the barricade got smashed to pieces. I’d say that’s well worth the price of admission.

    Connor: With that said we’re going to take a short break while things are sorted out here at ringside while the doctors check on both men. Stay tuned because we’ve got a lot more coming right up here on Ascension.

    The doctors are checking on both men amongst the rubble as we cut to a commercial break.
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    The screen is split down the middle showing Justin Cooper in one locker room while Garth Black is in another. They are preparing their for main event match later tonight.

    Connor: A major match for later tonight. No doubt Garth Black is going to be motivated to defeat Justin Cooper and prove that he still holds a place in the main event picture.

    Cohen: It’ll be a big test for Justin Cooper also. This is his first chance in the main event scene so if he can’t beat Garth Black it’ll go a long way to show that this level isn’t for him.


    Suddenly the screen starts going black and we are shown a darkened room. Out of the shadows walks Tyrone Blades and Phoenix.

    Blades: The clock is ticking. Our time to move against you is near, Banks.

    Phoenix: Hide as you might but you cannot escape us.

    Blades raises his baseball bat and stares into the camera.

    Blades: You can’t hide any longer, Banks.

    Phoenix: With love.

    Blades: The Hollow Ones.

    The screen cuts to black as Blades and Phoenix disappear just as quickly as they appeared.
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    Backstage, we see Noah Ryder walking down a hallway with his Elite Openweight Championship. He passes Logan McAllister, who has blood drying on his face. Logan stares at the title belt. The Elite Openweight Champion turns over towards Logan. Noah smiles, offering a handshake.

    Ryder: Hi, I'm Noah Ryder. WZCW Elite X Champion.

    Logan: I already know who you ah, Rydah. Wait, Elite X Champion? Don't you mean Elite Openweight Champion?

    Ryder: No. It's called the Elite X Championship. What's an Elite Openweight Champion?

    Noah notices the blood on Logan.

    Noah: Good lord man, are you okay? It looks like you were in a boxing match with a barbed wire stinger. Let me get you some medical attention.

    Logan: Oh this? This was nothing compared to the pain I felt at the Lethal Lottahry.

    Noah: I too hope to compete at the Lethal Lottery someday. Maybe next year will be my first.

    Logan: Ah you kidding me right now!? Do not pretend that you do not know what happened that night, the suffahring that it caused me.... I got cashed in on for my title during the Lethal Lottahry match.... And my son, who saw the entiah thing.... I will nevah forget the disappointment on my son's face. Nevah! I won't stop until I can make that up to him as his fathah, mahk my words, I will win the title back!

    Ryder backs away a little.

    Noah: Okay, I want you to listen to me. I think you have a concussion. I've never met you before, but I can tell you that the medical office to just around the corner. They'll patch you up and have you back to normal in no time, I promise.

    He points in the direction of the medical room.

    Logan: Oh I will be back to normal alright, when my title belt returns to its rightful title holdah, Logan McAllistah.

    Ryder: Take care man, you're gonna go far here. Hmmhmm, you said someone cashed in on you during the Lethal Lottery, huh? That's a cool idea. Wish I could have thought of something as cool as that. Later!

    Logan stares at the title belt as Noah walks offscreen.
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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 lbs, he is Veejay~!

    Veejay makes his way down the aisle ready for his match.

    Connor: Veejay is looking to bounce back following the Lethal Lottery. His opponent on the other hand....

    Cohen: His opponent managed to cheat the system to get himself a title in the middle of a different match.


    His opponent hails from Minneapolis, MN, weighing 222 lbs, he is the WZCW Elite ............X?.......... Champion, The Unforgettable, Noah Ryder~!

    Noah emerges on stage with his newly won Championship above his head. He makes his way down the aisle showing his prize.

    Connor: We just say the new Champion unknowingly talking to the man he took the title from at Lethal Lottery. Pretending he didn't know what happened.

    Cohen: I mean lets face it. Noah may have abused a rule to get a title, but at the end of the day, it's legal. Logan really has no case.

    Both men circle the ring, referee Keith Morse signalling the start of the match.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Both men set themselves to battle and lock up in the center. They try to push for the advantage but Veejay manages to grab a Side Headlock. He kneels to add more pressure to the Champion's head but Noah quickly cradles his way out of it. Veejay gets to his feet and approaches his adversary but now it's Noah who responds with his own Side Headlock, take Veejay down to the canvas. Noah pins him down and hold's him, but Veejay stretches his legs out and uses them to scissor Noah's head and get out of the hold. Veejay holds Noah to the canvas with the scissor hold but Noah flips himself into a Jacknife pin. 1.......... 2..........3-But Veejay gets out of it.

    Connor: Veejay needs a good showing here tonight. A victory could put him in line for a title match.

    Cohen: As opposed to a briefcase, I guess.

    Both men make their way to their feet and its Veejay who manages to take advantage with a series of Clotheslines. He hits a couple of kicks to the shin to try and weaken Noah's stance. But Noah fights back with a couple of forearms to the face. Veejay however just Boots Noah to the face, knocking him down. Noah bounces back to his feet and is whipped across the ring. Veejay takes Noah and spins him into a Backbreaker. That drops Noah and Veejay makes the cover. 1...... 2.......3- But Noah kicks out at 2. Veejay holds him with a chinlock for a bit as both men make it to a vertical base. Noah hits a couple of elbows to get out of the hold. He runs the ropes but Veejay kicks him across the chest, knocking Noah down. Noah clutches his chest from the blow. Veejay doesn't waste time and hooks Noah and goes for an Underhook Backbreaker, but this time Noah counters the hold and Backdrops Veejay up and over. Noah starts hitting a series of Clotheslines. He hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and follows it up whipping Veejay across the ring. He hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and has his shoulders on the mat. 1........ 2.......... 3-But Veejay gets his shoulders off the canvas. Noah tries to grab him but Veejay drags his feet, knocking the Champion to the ground. Both men start exchanging blows on their knees as they get up.

    Connor: Veejay doing his best here tonight it seems. The question is if he can get the victory though.

    Cohen: Well, anything's really possible. Especially these days.

    On their feet they continue to exchange blows. Veejay raises Noah up for the Spinebuster but Noah slips out through the back. Veejay turns and is hit with a European Uppercut. He applies a Cravate for the Pass Out but Veejay gets out of it. Noah turns around and is caught in the Spinebuster by Veejay. He quickly backpresses for the cover. 1...... 2......3-But Noah kicks out of it. Veejay senses his opportunity and hoists Noah up on his shoulders. He attempts the Victory Lap but Noah escapes the hold. He hits the Pendulum Clothesline and takes a second to catch his breath by the corner. Veejay pulls himself up to his feet the same too. Noah seizes the opportunity and hits the Blow Ryder. He makes the cover, 1.......... 2.......... 3~!! and wins the match.

    Here is your winner, the Elite Ope..... Em, Elite X Champion, Noah Ryder~!

    Noah gets his hand raised and his title given to him. He raises it high up and proudly as Veejay is assisted out of the ring. Noah gets on the top rope to hold up the Championship.

    Cohen: Well, you can't complain that he abused any loophole to win this match.

    Connor: That's never been my issue, Jack. It's that he was acting like nothing happened. According to what he said to Logan, he just stumbled onto the Elite X title.

    Cohen: Openweight, Cat. We renamed it like, last year.
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    We cut backstage to the office of Ascension General Manager, Becky Serra and find her sitting behind her desk. It is neat and her hair falls elegantly down onto her shoulders as she smiles towards the camera. Serra folds her hands on the desk and begins.

    Serra: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Becky Serra, the General Manager of Ascension and tonight I have a major announcement regarding next week’s show. While Vance Bateman on Meltdown would have you believe that he runs the best professional wrestling program in the world, he is sorely mistaken. Ascension is and always will be where the biggest moments happen, where the best matches occur and where history is made. Of course that is made possible by management, my management and my vision of what this show should be. I have taken this show from a failing second rate add-on to the best program WZCW has to offer.

    She slowly unfolds her hands and pushes forward a clipboard containing several pieces of paper. A smirk comes over her face and Serra brushes her hair back a little.

    Serra: History will be made yet again. Next week on Ascension 113 we will host the contract signing between WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Stormrage and Lethal Lottery Winner Justin Cooper for their main event match at Kingdom Come VIII. This will mark the very first time that both men will be standing in the same ring together. Never before have you been able to see Mikey Stormrage come face to face with Justin Cooper but next week you will finally get to see it.

    The live audience cheers and even Serra nods along as she hears them from the live feed being sent into her office. She taps the contract with her finger and points to the camera.

    Serra: You all heard what Justin Cooper had to say about Mikey Stormrage earlier tonight. Can you imagine what is going to happen when Mikey Stormrage gets the chance to answer those claims he made? It’s going to be the biggest moment in WZCW history and you can only see it on Ascension 113 next week.

    Once again Serra folds her hands and leans back in her chair.

    Serra: As I said, Ascension is the flagship show of this company. Under my watch you get the biggest moments in professional wrestling, right here. So stay tuned as coming up next we have Eve Taylor facing Mark Keaton in a highly anticipated match and in the main event of the evening, Justin Cooper collides with Garth Black.

    Arrogance is oozing out of Serra as she smiles. A major announcement indeed for the contract signing between the two men involved in the World Championship Match at Kingdom Come. Serra picks up the clipboard and turns it around to display ‘Stormrage vs Cooper’ in thick bold letters with places for them to sign at the bottom of the paper.

    Cohen: Can you believe what this goddess has pulled off? She’s got not just the challenger but also the World Champion to appear on Ascension next week. Becky Serra has shown her brilliance once again. That’s must see television because we all know things are likely to explode when this contract is signed. Cooper had extremely harsh words to say earlier tonight and Mikey Stormrage surely heard them.

    Connor: For the first time ever in their careers, Mikey Stormrage and Justin Cooper will share the same ring as they approach their first ever match in the main event of Kingdom Come. You can only see that live on Ascension next week so do not miss out. History will certainly be made.
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    Anderson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The arena dims as one single spotlight shines in the middle of the entrance ramp. Eve slowly walks into the light with her head facing down. Fans cheer as she begins to make her way down the ramp like it’s a Fashion runway. Eventually she raises her head as she gets closer to the ring and her swagger begins to kick in. She raises his arms in the air and flames shoot out from the top of the ramp. She then proceeds to enter the ring and pose on the turnbuckles as fans continue to shower praise.

    Anderson: Introducing first, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds... Eve Taylor!

    Connor: Eve looking to get back on track tonight after what many call a disappointing Lethal Lottery for her. She was odds on favorite to win but unfortunately did not get the job done.

    Cohen: Well hey that’s what happens when talent is overhyped. Hopefully her fans learn to expect less from her from now on.


    Heavy guitar echoes through the arena as the letters RMK appear on the titantron. The sole tag team champion walks on stage holding both his belts and raises them high in the air to a mostly positive response. He begins to play guitar on one of the belts as he continues to make his way down the ramp. He enters the ring and raises his arms one more time before he does some last minute preparations before the match.

    Anderson: And her opponent, he is one half of the tag team champions, “The Remarkable” Mark Keaton!

    Cohen: I highly doubt Keaton will be a “tag team champion” for long. I don’t think he and Cooper made a lot of friends during their partnership.

    Connor: Well he’s got about less than a week now to find a partner or he will be stripped of the belts.

    The bell rings as both competitors quickly lock up in the middle ring. Keaton has the strength advantage and is able to force Taylor in the corner and begins hammering away on her. She does her best to weather the storm and is eventually able to counter one of Keaton’s wild shots with a forearm smash sending him back to the middle of the ring stunned. She then hits a knife edge chop that echoes through the arena. Eve follows up with a barrage of chops that send Keaton into the opposite corner looking for a reprieve. He does not find as Eve is relentlessly chopping away at Keaton. The ref backs her away as Keaton tries to find solace between the ropes but she runs back at him at full speed with a double chop that sends falling to the ground.

    Connor: Eve is looking vicious tonight, she definitely has something to prove.

    Eve tries to drag Keaton away from the corner and to the center of the ring but he holds onto the bottom rope and refuses to let go with all his strength. Eve eventually gives up and tries to pick him but Keaton was just playing possum and lures Eve in only to throw through the second rope. He rolls out to follow her, picks her up, and proceeds to give her a back body drop on the floor! He then chucks her in the ring and goes for the cover 1….2….Eve kicks out! Keaton doesn’t let anytime go to waste as he begins stomping away on her. Eve does her best to cover up but to no avail. Keaton tries to lock in a single leg boston crab but Eve begins to kick away at Keaton’s face causing him to lose grip. She gets to her feet only to be met with a standing dropkick from Keaton sending her back down to the floor. Eve being the veteran she is however rolls towards the ropes to try to avoid any follow up maneuvers. Keaton realizes this and becomes irritated by the extra movement he must do. He goes to grab Eve but this time she’s playing possum and throws Keaton into the second rope. She rolls out to apron and begins delivering multiple vicious knee lifts to him as he’s caught between the ropes. Eve then proceeds to sunset flip over Keaton into a pinning predicament 1...2...Keaton kicks out but both competitors get to their feet but Eve is ready and meets Keaton with a knife edge chop but he catches it! He then pulls her in close and hits a side slam! Both competitors are now laying on the ground however as Keaton is still shaking out the cobwebs from the knee lifts. He crawls towards Eve and hooks the leg but she reverses into a crucifix pin! 1...2...Keaton kicks out but keeps his hold on Eve’s leg and transitions into a single leg Boston crab!

    Connor: Great counter by Keaton!

    Cohen: Eve just may be about to deal with another devastating loss!

    Eve yells out in pain as fans in the crowd chant for her not to tap. She tries crawling toward the ropes but Keaton uses his strength to pull her all the way back to the middle of the ring and crank the pressure on the leg. He feels the match going in his favor and begins to crank back more and more. He begins to crank back almost too much as Eve uses her flexibility to roll through the submission hold and use her upper body strength to pull herself up and deliver a one legged Fashion Statement! Keaton falls backwards and seems to be out but Eve is clutching her in pain and can’t make the cover. The fans try to will her on and eventually she crawls into the cover 1...2….Thr-NO! Keaton kicks out! The fans are in shock and so is Eve as the frustration starts to set in.

    Connor: Eve was just a little too late on the cover there and it may have cost her the victory.

    Cohen: If Keaton can get the win tonight he may not need to worry about the tag titles, he’s got his ticket to singles glory!

    Eve isn’t sure what to do as she’s a one legged woman in an ass kicking contest. Keaton is still relatively stunned so she instead tries to get to her feet. She uses to the ropes to pull herself but still isn’t sure what she should do. She then looks at the turnbuckle and quickly decides to start climbing the ropes.

    Cohen: What is she doing?

    Eve gets to the top rope and blows a kiss to camera before yelling “Live Mas!” She then goes for a top rope senton! Keaton however is able to move out of the way! Eve crashes down right on her back! Keaton then scoops her up into an airplane spin and then a Samoan drop! He picks her back up looking to hit the a Very Rude Awakening but she elbows her way out of it separating the two. Keaton doesn’t give up however as he bounces off the ropes and delivers a Lucha Roundhouse kick that connects to Eve perfectly! He hooks the leg! 1...2….EVE KICKS OUT!

    Cohen: She went for a Mikey Stormrage move? Really?!

    Connor: Eve Taylor tried to pay tribute to her friend and current World champion but it may end up being her downfall. I can’t imagine she has much left after a move like that.

    Keaton is becoming more and more frustrated as he can’t put Eve away. He tries to pick Eve up but she pulls him for the Extreme Makeover! He’s writhing in pain but he’s able to quickly get to the ropes to break the hold. Eve let’s go but only so she can use the ropes to pull herself up and deliver the Stiletto stomp right on Keaton’s head! She can’t capitalize however as she had to use her injured leg as well. Keaton is out of it but he shakes the cobwebs out and realizes the situation. He grabs Eve’s leg and begins delivering multiple elbow strikes and foot stomps. Eve yells in pain but Keaton continues to destroy her leg. He delivers a devious smile before signaling for the Boston crab but before he can Eve pulls him in for the cradle pin 1...2...3!

    Anderson: And here is your winner, Eve Taylor!

    Cohen: Wow, what a lucky break.

    Connor: You’re definitely right on that one Jack. Eve Taylor barely escaped with the victory and made a mistake that almost cost her the match. If she wants to climb the mountain top she needs to refocus her attention.

    Eve cannot even make it to her feet as her arm is raised. Keaton is shocked at how quickly the sequence of events happened and he is incredibly frustrated. He grabs his title belts and quickly exits up the ramp as Eve is being helped out the ring.
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    Eve Taylor walks over to the edge of the ring, and requests a microphone. A stage-hand obliges, and hands one to Eve. She takes a few seconds to walk back to the middle, brushing her hair back behind her head, and getting her wits about her before addressing the crowd.

    Eve: Before I say what I want to get off my chest, I'd like to thank Mark Keaton for the match tonight. You're a future star, and although your tag team partner Justin Cooper won it this year, maybe next year, you could be the one to win the Lethal Lottery.

    The crowd gives an applause, along with Eve.

    Eve: You never know what to expect here in WZCW. Somewhere along the way, I forgot about that rule. I - as well as many other people - thought it would be a forgone conclusion that Eve Taylor would be the favourite, and easily take out the competition. I thought there would be no viable threat to me, and that at the 8th Lethal Lottery event, WZCW would see its first ever female Lethal Lottery winner, and the first female to main event Kingdom Come... but, I was proven wrong.

    Eve takes a pause.

    Eve: I failed. I did not win the Lethal Lottery. I was not the runner-up in the Lethal Lottery. I did not enter the Lottery as an early entrant and go a long distance before being eliminated due to exhaustion. I did not go on a rampage, and break the elimination record. Hell, I didn't even crack the final four, where two out of those four were from that stupid, slimy faction Vis Imperium. How they placed better than me, I will never understand... but, I simply failed, and there is no excuse for me to fall back on, like every other time I managed to screw up winning a big match.

    Another pause.

    Eve: To everyone who was rooting for me, and to everyone who has supported me through the couple of years I've been wrestling here in WZCW: thank you, for everything. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys making me strive to be a top prospect here in WZCW, because realistically, I shouldn't even be here. I'm a damn model, not a wrestler - this is not what I was trained to be, and this was never my passion. Maybe this is what is stopping me from becoming the best, and with all the people out there busting their backsides to try and get a spot in WZCW, who have that passion, and who have that desire... I'm just taking a spot that deserves to go to them.

    Eve takes a deep breath before continuing.

    Eve: So... with the remaining time I have left on my contract with WZCW, I'm going to do my best to give back to the fans who got me here, and who made me want to be here. I want to give you the best performances I've ever given to WZCW, so that when I take my leave, I leave on my own terms, and I leave on a positive note. I don't want to end up like Constantine or Austin Reyolds, who have become whipped and manipulated to complete the errands of a frail man who hides behind his wife; I don't want to turn into someone spineless and become a shell of my former self... I'd rather die a hero, than live long enough to see myself to be the villain. I've been the villain once, and I don't want to end up like one again.

    One final pause.

    Eve: This isn’t a formal goodbye, but don’t be surprised if I decide to take my ball and go home, because I’m not the strong person I say I am, and I’m just a scared little girl playing dress-up in the wrestling world. Until then... well, I don't know... I'll figure something out. Thank you.

    Eve places the microphone in the ring, and gets out, walking up the ramp. The crowd doesn't really know how to respond to these words.

    Connor: I've never known someone to be so upset with their Lethal Lottery performance, and question their entire career like that. Eve is really shaken up.

    Cohen: Her body is only shaking because she is a coward, CC! Only coward's get shaken up like that.

    Connor: Oh, c'mon Jack. That's a little harsh.

    Cohen: Is it? She wasn't the best on one night, in the match with the most variables to consider, and she's walking out on the fans because she's scared of being called mediocre. What kind of person is that? A coward! If she wasn't a coward, she'd be standing out here, stating that she'll do her hardest to find another way to get to the top... but no, she's tucking her tail between her legs. How she can call Vis Imperium slimy and spineless after walking out, I don't understand.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall!


    Anderson: Making his way to the ring from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he is the 2016 Lethal Lottery winner.... Justin Cooper!

    Cooper makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd cheers him on. He bounces back and forth on his feet, hyping the crowd up with a focused look on his face, and then Cooper waves to fans on the aisle as he proceeds to the ring. He slides into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, shouting Kingdom Come and points up to the sky. His grin only widens as he takes a final bow before sitting down and examining his fingernails.

    Cohen: Still can't believe he won the thing. Rather him than the fan favorite pick of Eve Taylor though.

    Connor: While I disagree with you on Taylor not being a good pick to win the Lottery, Cooper was the better competitor that night. I think tonight he wants to further prove that by winning this match.


    Anderson: His opponent, from Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone.... Garth Black!

    Garth walks down to the ring purposefully, carrying a bottle of water. On the way down to the ring he looks into the camera and says "I should be having my rematch!". On the way down to the ring, he takes his shirt off and gives it to a fan in the audience. When he gets to the ring, he slowly climbs in, and looks at Cooper as the crowd mostly boo's him other than some of the young men in the arena, He has a drink of the water before tossing the bottle out of the ring.

    Connor: What a big opportunity here for both of these men. Cooper just won the Lethal Lottery and Garth is a former World Champion. A win would be big for either of them.

    Cohen: Black should still be the World Champion and he should be getting his rematch against Stormrage instead of facing someone like Cooper.

    The bell is rung to start off the match. The two wrestlers make eye contact for a moment and then Garth rushes at Cooper. Cooper evades him and runs for the ropes on the other side of the ring. Garth turns around and Cooper springs off the ropes for a Flying Shoulder Block. Cooper runs for the ropes again as Garth gets back up, and is hit by a second Flying Shoulder Block! Cooper attempts to hit the same maneuver for a third time but Garth evades it, causing Cooper to run into the corner of the ring. Cooper nearly hit the turnbuckle but stoped himself in time. He is still in the corner as Garth approaches him and hits an Enziguri. Garth goes to cover for a pin, but Cooper pushes him off.

    Cohen: Cooper shouldn't have tried to hit the same move three times in a row.

    Connor: You can't blame him for trying. Sometimes you have to take a risk, he wouldn't have won the Lottery if he wasn't willing to take a few risks.

    The two grab each other and Cooper pushes Garth into the corner of the ring. Garth hits the turnbuckle and is in a seated position. Cooper holds the top rope and begins hitting foot stomps on Garth. After the second foot stomp, Garth is able to roll out of the way and gets up. He grabs Cooper from behind and uses a Belly To Belly Suplex. The force of this sudden maneuver knocks Cooper down to the opposite end of the ring. Garth slowly approaches Cooper who is down. He waits as Cooper gets back up and hits an STO on him. Garth covers Cooper for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Cooper!

    Cohen: What? How did he kick out of that one?

    Connor: Cooper is showing his reslience here, Jack.

    Cooper is the first of the two to get back up. He moves over behind Garth and waits for his opponent to stand. Garth is now up as well, Cooper grabs him and picks him up to hit a Scoop Slam! Cooper then runs to the ropes. Garth is down. Cooper springs off the ropes running past Garth to the ropes of the other side of the ring. Garth has stood up and looks over to see Cooper springing off the ropes toward him, Cooper tries to hit a Flying Shoulder Block but Garth is able to evade the maneuver. Garth goes over to the corner and tries to climb the ropes but Cooper grabs Garth and pulls him down, back into the ring, hitting a Bulldog in the process that knocks Garth into the center of the ring. The fans cheer loudly for this.

    Connor: Excellent maneuver there by Cooper. Looks like the fans here in attendance tonight agreed. Listen to that reaction!

    Cohen: Doesn't matter. Deep down they all know Cooper just got lucky. Garth proved the fans wrong before, just watch.

    Cooper backs up a few steps, allowing Garth time to get back up. Garth tries to grab Cooper, but Cooper dodges him. They turn to face each other quickly and Cooper hits Garth with a signature move, the European Uppercut! It is followed by another.... and another! Four European Uppercuts in a row! He grabs Garth and throws him back toward the corner on the other side of the ring. Cooper runs up to Garth and tries to grab him to hit a Double Leg Takedown, but Garth moves out of the way just in time to dodge the attempt. Cooper runs into the turnbuckle and takes a few steps back. Garth quickly climbs up to the top rope while this is going on and leaps at Cooper with a Diving Elbow Drop! This knocks them both down with Garth on top, he covers Cooper for a pin. 1.... 2.... kickout by Cooper! They both stand up. Garth attempted to hit a German Suplex, but Cooper reverses it and shoves Garth down as he moves behind Garth. Cooper kicks Garth three times from behind followed by a Drop Kick. He covers Garth for a pin. 1....2.... kickout by Garth! Cooper gets up and looks out into the audience. They are cheering and showing their support for him. Garth stands back up and tries to grab Cooper for a Judo Throw but is unsuccessful. Cooper grabs Garth's arm and counters the maneuver, he grabs Garth and hits his finishing move, the Final Verse. He covers Garth for a pin. 1.... 2.... 3! The fans erupt loudly, cheering for the win they just witnessed.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match.... Justin Cooper!

    Connor: A great victory tonight for Justin Cooper. Just think, he could be our next World Champion!

    Cohen: Just because he got lucky at the Lethal Lottery and then again tonight does not mean the same thing will happen at Kingdom Come.

    Connor: It still could though, and Justin Cooper reminded us of just that here tonight.

    Justin Cooper is seen in the ring while the crowd continues cheering for him, as the show goes off the air.
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    Opening - Prophet
    Justin Cooper vs Garth Black - Dagger
    Eve Taylor vs Mark Keaton - Dynamite
    Noah Ryder vs Veejay - KJ
    Logan McAllister vs Abel Hunnicutt - Prophet
    Xaitlyn vs Mancini vs Vee A.D.Z - KJ
    Segments - Prophet, Dagger, Dynamite
    Eve Segment - FalKon

    Delay is on me guys, apologies. Stayed up all night writing though so happy late Thanksgiving. Hope everybody is enjoying themselves, rep the team for the hard work. Big ups to Prophet especially this round, he's earned that creative clout.
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