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Discussion in 'Campaign Headquarters' started by wrestlingfan, Feb 27, 2013.

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    For a while I used to think it was Hulk Hogan that was the Greatest Of All Time due to creating the first boom, that professional wrestling ever experienced, but there's one man that edges him out and that is the Hell-Raising Superstar, The Ass Kicking Machine, The Toughest Son Of A Bitch to ever wrestle in the WWE, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. With arguably unparalleled mic skills, and the ability to mix brawling with storytelling, all it took was Austin 3:16 for this man to rise to superstardom, allowing WWF to edge out their rivals in the Monday Night Wars.

    Many wrestlers today have tried to draw influence from Austin: Storm, Mr. Anderson, CM Punk, Orton, Steen, etc. others even attempting to replicate the emotion fueled feuds he engaged in with the likes of Bret Hart, The Rock, and the notorious Mr. McMahon. Austin helped changed the way heels and faces were defined, capitalizing on the tweener aspect of a wrestling character, as his predecessors such as Sting, Rowdy Roddy Piper, & Hollywood Hogan did before him. To this day Stone Cold Steve Austin is recognized as the biggest name to ever be in the WWE, and is synonymous with the Attitude Era.

    So if you're ready for Austin to win a 3rd time...Give me a Hell Yeah!
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    Austin has won this tournament 3 times already. The odds of him winning a 4th time is unlikely... not impossible, but unlikely.
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    Gotta be one of the final few. If he won again I'd be perfectly happy.
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    For me, Stone Cold Steve Austin all the way.

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