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    Announced As: Annie Halloway

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 127 Pounds

    Hometown: Manchester, England

    Billed From: Manchester, England

    Alignment: Heel

    Introducing first from Manchester, England, weighing 127 pounds, Annie Halloway!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length- Black, usually keeps in a ponytail but can be long.

    ----------------Eye Colour- Green

    ----------------Facial Hair- None

    ----------------Ring attire- Black wrestling gear, black boots and opera gloves.

    ----------------Backstage Attire- Dark sea blue sweater over black shirt, long dark purple dress, black boots.

    ----------------Physical Features- Freckles close to her nose. Usually wears glasses. Does not usually show it, but is actually really beautiful in terms of appearence

    ----------------Tattoos: None

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: Paige

    Main Gimmick: Tomboy genius type who is the leader of a 'television rehabilitation group' called ATV (really a group of hackers) who is secretly a notorious criminal hunted by the FBI.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Delusions of grandeur: Since she was the one that created ATV in the first place (though she didn't necessarily start the concept), she has been given all the credit. Naturally, she tends to have a big head over it and will not shy away from touting how she was the 'revolutionary genius' behind ATV.

    Mentally Unstable: It has been unconfirmed, but there are reports that Annie suffers from some sort of mentally unstable order that leads her to have psychotic mental breakdowns. No one knows when they come or how they come about, all we know is that they happen and that's that.

    Brief Bio/History: Annie wasn't always the troublemaking femme fatale we all know and fear our digital lives over, for a time back in middle school she was a relatively normal whiz kid who knew how to work on computers and usually kept to herself. Then one day, one of her friends dared her to hack the entire school computer system and to the shock of everyone, she managed to succeed. It was at that moment she and that girl (who people only know as Brianna) realized that they could go into business together, and thus A&B Hack 4 Fee was born. For a certain price, A&B Hack 4 Free served as the honorary protection agency for their school, offering their services to anyone who had been wronged by a bully, person or someone they just didn't liked and humiliating them by hacking into their computers and getting back at them, in turn they were given a fee of whatever they wanted. Candy, money, posters, clothes, whatever they wanted out of them, they'd give it to them.

    The business continued to roll into high school and people began to take note of their reputation. This was when the cracks began to show as Annie started to take all the credit for A&B's success. Then the schemes and plans began to get more erratic and in turn, Annie began to grow more of an ego. Annie claimed it was so they could take the company in a more 'legitimate' direction, but Briana saw through her ways and tried to reason with her. Unfortunately for her, it ended with her computer getting hacked; revealing some personal info that we dare not mention here and ended with her getting embarrassed out of school...and A&B Hack 4 Fee morphing into ATV.

    When Annie graduated from high school, she began to take the hacking game more seriously and started dabbling into white knuckle crimes designed to go after big corporations, wealthy businessman and people who had scorned her in the past. Her reason for doing this? Some say it's because she's taken a bad turn in life, others think she does this because she's insane. But according to her? She's doing this 'to rehabilitate' the 'dying forms of culture'. She has since become the envy amongst criminals everywhere and has been under the eye of the FBI for quite some time now, however given her smarts, skills and her minions that will do anything for her, it's safe to say that she's one step ahead of them.

    Needing a way to get her brand out there, she decided to get some wrestling training and sign onto WZCW; but to keep from anyone getting suspicious or getting caught, she went back to the reason she gave back in high school when this reign of terror began. "It's just to rehabilitate a dying form of culture".

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: Before the theme music for Annie Halloway can play, the lights go pitch black. For a few seconds, nothing occurs. Then the music begins and static can be shown from the titantron. When the voice declares that things have fallen apart, the lights come back on and Annie can be shown from the ramp, arms extended and facing the titantron. She lowers her arms and turns around slowly, walking the ramp and exchanging slight glances with some of the members of the audience. Halfway down the ramp she stops and focuses solely on the ring. With a cold glare in her eyes she rushes down the rest of the ramp and slides in the ring, once getting up she looks at her surroundings and gives a few sadistic looking smirks before heading towards one of the top turnbuckles and raising her left arm and fist high up in the air for the world to see.

    Fighting Style: Calculated For Maximum Damage

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Overconfidence: As great as she is, she is not infallible and capable of showing sides of getting too arrogant. When that happens she'll run her mouth and do things she normally doesn't do. This is the opportune time for any opponent to strike and send her crashing to reality.

    Let The Hair Down: Annie is rarely ever shown in public without her ponytail as she likes to keep up her image as a classy, benevolent business woman. When she does get the chance to let her hair down and relax, it's usually in privacy or in secluded areas. If someone ever gets to see her though, chances are you're going to be hypnotized by her appearance.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Hallowed Road (Cattle Mutilation)
    Calculation (619, Desperation Finisher)

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    Root Of All Evil (Snapmare Driver)
    British Rose (Octopus Hold)
    1984 (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker)

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Sitout Jawbreaker
    Single Leg Boston Crab
    Springboard Bulldog
    Indian Deathlock
    Headscissors Armbar
    Dragon Screw Legwhip
    Top Rope Elbow Drop
    Spinning Heel Kick
    Missile Dropkick
    Running Knee Drop
    European Uppercut

    Sample RP:

    *The very first thing the cameras catch a glimpse of is a shot of nothing but pure unaltered static. No one knows why it's there or why it's like that, it's just there. Another shot is shown, revealing the same static like look; only this time from the comfort of a medium sized square TV. The camera pulls back to see a darkened room surrounding the TV with nothing but a table to hold it up and a chair showing someone watching the static unfold. A few more seconds of this static is heard before a hand is shown with a remote...

    *CLICK! The TV turns off bringing the annoying noise to an end and banishing the lifeless picture back to wherever it was it first came from. The figure turned around in it's chair, revealing the person to be a relatively young woman; perhaps in her mid to late 20s dressed all prim and neat from her hair and face all the way to the clothes that she was wearing. And to top it all off, she worn a benevolent little smirk on her face. Her presence giving off the impression of someone who could host the newest incarnation of The Twilight Zone, she begins to address those who are still curious as to who she is and what exactly they have witnessed*

    Annie Halloway:
    Don't mind me, i'm just checking the signal of my telly from the comfort of my room. Judging from the speed all those pixels were going, it seems like that the news is on. You know? The media giants that like to distort and misinterpreted the true meaning behind our actions? I should know, i've been a victim and a benefactor of their work. Over the years, they've called me both a criminal and a revelation.

    *Annie takes this time to bask in the controversy surrounding her reputation, giving a smug smile to herself before returning to the audience*

    Annie Halloway:
    But contrary to popular belief, i'm neither of those things. I am simply a good hearted person who wants what's best for the world and those around it. It's been this way ever since I started this project when I was still in my adolescence. Oh sure, some would like to think that I was not alone on this historic being; but those are the fools of the world. I was the mastermind of what you see before you, and I always have been. (slight pause) Now I could go on into explaining who I am and what I do, but why don't I show you what this project I have is instead? Would you like that?

    *Annie cups her hand in front of her ear, as if she's awaiting a response. She smiles after a few seconds have passed, a barely audible "Excellent" being heard as she gets up from her chair*

    Annie Halloway:
    Then come, we haven't much time to waste.

    *Annie slowly walks across her room until she comes across a door. She opens it and she makes her way through several halls and stairs. Of course, nobody wants to read somebody doing all of that so we'll just transport ourselves to several minutes later where our focus has arrived in what seems like your typical business room*

    Annie Halloway:
    Here we are. The place where all the magic happens.

    *Shots are shown of several people on computers doing what seems like normal work. But there is an underlining tone that something much more sinister is going on in these parts. Annie saunters across the room, paying no mind to any of these people.*

    Annie Halloway:
    Here, thousands upon thousands of dedicated souls work day in and day out to make this corrupted world a better place for you and me. *Annie spots someone doing whatever this 'work' is. His appearance is that of a balding middle aged man, around his mid to late 30s. Annie seems quite pleased to see his presence* Ah, here's one of them right now, perhaps he can help explain.

    *Annie comes up a bit closer to this unknown human, sporting a more friendly looking smile than the ones we have seen before. It is clear that she cares very much about this person, whoever they are*

    Annie Halloway:
    Excuse me, Mr. Roche? I'd like to introduce you to my new friends. They've dropped by and I figured they'd be wanting to know who you are. You wouldn't mind taking some time to introduce yourself to them would you?

    Of course not my dear.

    *The second figure turns around from his chair and stares into the eyes of the viewers. He shows no emotion nor expression. Why it is like that, none can say for certain*

    Ezekiel Roche:
    My name is Ezekiel Roche, I am former university professor and chief strategist for ATV. B.A; my life was typical, B.A; I was a pawn to the status quo, B.A; I was used to teaching the brainwashed minds of society what they told me when I was still naïve. Naïve to the world around me and it's reality. One day, they decided I was of no further use to them and their plans to further the world around them. So they disposed me and found another puppet to make the drones of this modern day society happy. Their precious selfies and teen dramas, the entitled look they have on life, thinking that they were the ones that knew the world around them when all along they were told to believe those lies. The lies they told me when I was young, that if you worked hard day in and day out, and never stopped believing in those dreams that you could achieve anything in life. Oh how wrong I was. And that's when she came into my life and showed me that there was another path; another way around life; another choice rather than enter a downward spiral with no end in sight. And so I stand before you, a member of ATV and among the proudest soldiers fighting to tell the truth.

    *After Ezekiel finishes with his monologue, the focus returns to Annie as he resumes to what he was working on before hand, for the rest of this writing, she is shown walking across this room; talking only to the viewers as if she was their teacher and they were the students. While doing so, she sports a seemingly sympathetic and humble approach to her dialect and speaking pattern.*

    Annie Halloway:
    You may have noticed that Ezekiel used a term known as B.A. B.A stands what life was like before they first met me and came to know who I am. B.A is life before my name...Annie. *Annie's face sours up somewhat* Thus was the life he and many other souls before and after him have had to deal with before my arrival. A decaying, rotting corpse of what was once normal civilization, now being morphed and twisted about to fix whatever narrative the world wants to hear. *Annie softens up a bit* And that is where ATV has come to fill the void. ATV looks the show the world what the reality of life is, we don't waste time with false words or insincere platitudes, ATV takes what is told to the masses and throws it back at them.

    *Annie eventually reaches to upper corner of this room and takes a good view of the skyline from where she lives. The building of this place seems to be at least seven floors tall.*

    Annie Halloway:
    Now, it's likely you've heard of ATV before somewhere. Maybe you've heard it talked about somewhere with one of your so-called acquaintances or you saw one of these rich, profitable people blast our good name on the news. It's not uncommon to see it get mentioned, at one point or another, someone has called us out and tried to tamper with our reputation. More often than not though, their efforts fall on their face and instead watch as the curious watchers begin to do research as to what this humble, no-nonsense group is. And like that, their eyes are opened and now they know what really goes on. And to this day, our numbers keep growing.

    *The camera slowly zooms in on Annie's face, her smirk never wavering once*

    Annie Halloway:
    For you see, this world and it's way of living is dying; entering life support as we speak. The longer it's gone without treatment, the greater the chance is that it is entering it's final breaths. And that is why I have dedicated my life to ATV, to save us all from this dying excuse of a culture and save it from the brink. After all, improvement is what everyone wants in life *Brief pause*. My name is Annie Halloway, this is ATV. And it is with my hope that our business partnership is fruitful for all parties involved.

    *Annie then flashes one final smile at the people, a seemingly weird mix of sincere and sinister. It is there that the static comes back...and this time, it stays. Whoever this Annie Halloway person is, they have no doubt made it clear that they are here and ready to cause chaos within her new home of WZCW.*
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