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    The winner of the Humans bracket of the 2011 Battle Zone Tournament is Link, the Hero of Time! Link faced some of the best and the brightest in order to claim this spot.

    First, Link took on the might of the number one ranked assassin, Travis Touchdown. Travis may be a dab hand with a lightsaber and know many wrestling moves, but the beam katana was no match for some real steel and Link's arsenal of many weapons. Travis fell, and Link advanced.

    In round 2, Link took on the furry fighter Fox McCloud. Fox may have come from a world full of space ships and blasters, but the advanced technology of the ace pilot was nothing against Link's array of magical artifacts and his fearsome fighting techniques.

    Round 3 found the commander of SHIELD and Marvel's greatest unsung hero Nick Fury step up to the plate. Fury may have survived multiple wars, but his training wasn't enough to overcome the green-clothed warrior. Link advanced using his skill and equipment to gain the victory.

    The quarter final was one of the hardest fought fights in the tournament as Link took on DC's Batman. Both men laid into each other with aplomb, utility belts firing, but Link was able to keep the master of combat away with his long-ranged attacks and take out the Dark Knight and move on to the final round.

    In the finals, Link faced space's greatest bounty hunter, Samus Aran. The battle was fierce and close, but Link proved to have enough expertise and equipment to counter every one of Samus' shots, and eventually gain the edge and defeat her.

    It was a tournament for the ages, of that there is no doubt. Nintendo's finest swordsman has defeated giant spiders, one-eyed monsters, and the lord of darkness himself, and now he's defeated some of Earth's mightiest warriors, earning himself the title of 2011 Battle Zone Champion!

    [size=-3]The winner of the Predictions Contest for the Humans bracket was Mr. Truth! Congratulations![/size]​
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