And the Winner is... Darth Vader!

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    With lightsaber in hand and the Force in his blood, Darth Vader used his skills to fight his way to a victory in the Supers Tournament!

    In the first round Vader faced off with the powerful mutant Storm. The X-Man was little match for Vader as she could never get any offense going before meeting a force attack, and Vader finished her off easily.

    Darth Vader fought an even more vicious member of the X-Men after beating Storm in Wolverine. There was some debate regarding whether or not Vader would be able to deliver a killing lightsaber blow to Logan and his adamantium skeleton, but in the end he didn't have to. Vader could use his force skills and quick but well placed lightsaber attacks to incapacitate the ol' Canuknuclke head, and Vader once again made short work of an X-Man.

    While Darth Vader's fighting skills were tested by two of the X-Men, it was the group's leader that gave Vader his first real challenge. Professor X and Vader engaged in a battle of mental power, but even Marvel's most powerful psychic would succumb to the powers of the Dark Side of the Force as Vader was able to withstand Xavier's mental assault and attack the man's frail body.

    Up until this point, Vader had managed to avoid fighting anyone with brute strength. However, his semi-finals opponent wrote the book on brute strength, and then SMASHED it when he was done. Vader faced one of his biggest challenges in the tournament against The Incredible Hulk, but even the big green guy couldn't stop the Sith Lord. While it was generally agreed upon that if he stayed in Hulk's reach for too long he'd be SMASHED into a heaping pile of Sith, it was argued that Vader could use a few well placed strikes to incapacitate Hulk, and Vader moved onto the finals.

    It was here in the finals that Vader met his toughest match in the demon-bound biker Ghost Rider. While Vader was certainly equipped to the teeth in various attacks, Ghost Rider isn't exactly the easiest guy to take down, but it seems like the combination of Force and Lightsaber attacks was enough. Vader won by his slimmest margin of the tournament, but a win is a win, and Darth Vader walked away as the last man standing in this tournament.

    It was a long and tough road that saw many great battles. Allies like Captain America and The Incredible Hulk were forced to go toe to toe in epic battles. Underdogs overcame the most immense odds, such as Sonic rolling past Dr. Doom. Cinderella stories were born with Kirby defeating tourney favorite Goku in the first round, and then dashed when he fell to the mighty Ghost Rider. Everyone had a chance to win this competition, and with the random seedings it really could have been anyone's tournament to win... but in the end it was Darth Vader that became the 2011 Battle Zone Champion!

    [size=-3]The winner of the Predictions Contest for the Humans bracket was The Misson! Congratulations![/size]​

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