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    Everyone has seen one of these before, but thanks to the 3rd Annual Wrestlezone Tournament, we actually have a random set of matches that would make one HELL of a dream card, and matches that many people would never think of having as a dream card.

    We're now in the Third Round of the tournament, and if I were to make a dream card from the matchups we have in the third round, this is how it would go. I'm not worried about any tournament gimmick matches, I'll make my own:

    1. Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Steiner - Take Ted DiBiase during the height of his heel work, and Scott Steiner from the early 90s, and you have the makings of one hell of an opening match. It would be a good paced match and would start the crowd hot.
    2. Roddy Piper vs. AJ Styles (Pinfalls Count Anywhere) - What do you get when you cross one guy who is the epitome of no limits, and the other is Roddy Piper? One hell of an interesting match. Piper is a psycho, AJ has no reservations, and this match could end up with AJ Styles performing a Spiral Tap from the top of a 3 story building. What terrific matchup this would be.
    3. Vader vs. Lex Luger (Cage Match) - The sheer viciousness of Vader. The incredible charisma of Lex Luger. Power vs. Power. World Champion vs. World Champion. In a steel cage. Old School Jim Ross calling the action. Is there really a reason to try and hype this match anymore? I thought not.
    4. Terry Funk vs. Mitsaharu Misawa - If you put these two in a match during their primes, this might be the one match I would give a 5 star rating before it even began. Two phenomenal workers with unparalleled ability clashing in what could arguably be the best match ever. It would be worth paying for a PPV alone.
    5. Andre the Giant vs. Big Show - All right, so maybe this is a match that people have thought about seeing for over a doesn't change the fact that these two in their prime would put Big John Studd vs. Andre to shame, in terms of hype and match quality.
    6. Chris Jericho vs. Bob Backlund - Two of the most fundamentally sound workers of their respective times, and two guys with incredible ability to play a variety of characters, and really work the crowd. This match would be absolutely off the charts.
    7. Edge vs. Raven (Hardcore) - Do I really need to spend time explaining why this match would be great?
    8. Shawn Michaels vs. Jushin Liger - The co-inspiration behind this thread. This subject was being talked about in the Board Room, with someone saying that Jerry Lynn is better than Jushin Liger. Which is an absolute crime against wrestling knowledge. So, then I started researching the tournament, and saw these two were matched up against each other, and I nearly had an orgasm. A motivated Shawn Michaels against a prime Jushin Liger would equal nothing but quality. Liger is one of those rare wrestlers with the ability to work well with a large variety of opponents, and I think he and HBK would mesh so very well. It's actually quite depressing to think that these two never did work against each other 10-15 years ago.
    9. Mick Foley vs. Rick Rude - I might be one of the few who think this, but I think this match would be extremely interesting. I'm not sure if the quality would be great, or if they would mesh well, but for some reason I think that the Mick Foley character vs. the Ravishing One would just make for compelling wrestling.
    10. Main-Event (World Title) John Cena vs. Goldberg - The other co-inspiration for this thread. When I saw these two were matched up in the tournament, I literally had to clean myself and change my shorts. What an INCREDIBLE atmosphere this would be. Think of the matches Cena had with Triple H and RVD, and how the crowd reacted to him. Think about how the audience went absolutely nuts when Goldberg took down Hogan for the WCW title...and now combine those two audiences, for a main-event showdown. It would be electric, and I would LOVE to pay for this match.

    Matches that didn't quite make the card, but would still be great:

    Eddie Guerrero vs. Jeff Jarrett
    Samoa Joe vs. The Great Muta
    The Rock vs. Arn Anderson
    Sting vs. Lou Thesz
    Harley Race vs. Owen Hart
    Randy Orton vs. Ultimate Warrior

    So, what would you consider to be your Dream Card from the 3rd Round matchups in the WZ Tournament? REMEMBER, YOU MUST GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR CARD!

    Here's a link to the brackets.
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    Good idea.

    1. Brock Lesnar vs Jeff Hardy (ladder match) This would proably be the one place where Hardy we be booked to stand a chance. Lesnar would still make light work of him probably, but I think ti would be pretty entertaining.

    2. Ricky Steamboat vs. Christian Apparently liking Christian is a bit of a cliche, but that isn't going to stop me. I even liked the Brood. Steamboat was a phenomenal worker back in the day, and I think this is one that would keep the smarks happy.

    3. Harley Race vs. Owen Hart I'd take the Owen Hart of the early 90s, the rocket era one. It'd be a win for Race allday long, but I find Owen's matches then compelling viewing. Race had a few good matches with Mil Mascaras, so he works well with luchador style wrestlers.

    4. Edge vs. Raven (hardcore) Edge is probably the best mainstream wrestler in gimmick matches right now, and entertaining to boot. Raven helped put hardcore wrestling on the map, and I think this would be a classic.

    5. Shawn Michaels vs. Jushin Liger My knowledge of Japanese wrestling isn't what it could be, but I've seen enough of Liger to know that he can put on excellent matches. The same could be said for Michaels, who I'm sure would step up here.

    6. John Cena vs. Goldberg I think this would be a great World Title match, with Cena going in on the back of a year long reign, and Goldberg still on the streak. I don't really like Goldberg, but the hype for this would be off the charts.

    7. Randy Orton vs. Ultimate Warrior I was reluctant to put this on, because I don't like Orton particularly, but it would be fantastic as Orton tries to kill the hardiest legend of all.

    8. Big Show vs. Andre This would be great as two huge giants clashed over whowas the best giant. I don't think it would be pretty, but it would certainly be a real spectacle.

    9. AJ Styles vs. Piper Piper was a superb heel back in the day, and Styles is one of my favourites to watch today, I can't really think of a more entertaining competitor at the moment. Two completely contrasting styles, but I think they'd be able to pull off a classic.

    Main Event: Sting vs. Lou Thesz I'm not a huge Sting fan, I think he's good, but I never really got behind him. Thesz actually amazed me the first time I saw him, as I was expecting something entirely different. I'm not really into old school, but I'd always watch a Thesz match. Here we have one of the biggest names of the 90s boom take on one of the biggest names of the orignial wrestling boom, and it would be a fantastic atmosphere.

    Close, but no cigar matches

    Randy Savage vs. CM Punk
    Chris Jericho vs. Bob Backlund
    Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Steiner
    Terry Funk vs. Mitsaharu Misawa
    Davey Boy Smith vs. Rey Mysterio
    Samoa Joe vs. Great Muta
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    1. Davey Boy Smith vs. Rey Mysterio- This would start the night off with a decent match. It'd get the fans pumped up and ready for the night ahead. Plus neither of them would overshadow the rest of the card so that's also a plus. I think for these reasons this would be the best opening card match possible. I'd give them 15 minutes to do their thing.

    2. Kevin Nash vs. Chris Benoit- Chris was a great technical wrestler that could pull a good match out of anyone. I think this would be a decent match that would keep the night rolling and wouldn't overshadow the rest of the card. I'd give them 10 minutes, because I wouldn't want to keep Nash in there for longer than that. I think they can have a good 10 minute match.

    3. Eddie Guerrero vs. Jeff Jarrett- I think these two would put on a decent match together which would continue the strong momentum heading into the rest of the card. I'd make this a 15 minute match. I think they could go at a fast pace for 15 minutes and produce a good match.

    4. Edge vs. Raven- Both excell in gimmick matches and since this is held under extreme rules I think it'd make for a very good match. I'd give them 20 minutes which I think is enough time for them to pull out some weapons and come up with some cool spots.

    5. Aj Styles vs. Roddy Piper- Very interesting matchup. Both have contrasting styles that I think would matchup well. Plus the pre-match hype would be great. I think 10 minutes would be good for these two. I think they can pull off a good match in 10 minutes.

    6. Vader vs. Lex Luger- Two powerhouses going at it under extreme rules? What more needs to be said? This isn't going to be a mat classic, but it'd be very physical and would get have the crowd involved. I'd give these two 10 minutes. That'd be enough time for them to have a hard hitting match and wouldn't be so long that they start to stink up the place.

    7. Chris Jericho vs. Bob Backlund- The buildup would be great and I think the match would be good too. Both guys know how to tell a story and work a crowd. I'd give them 25 minutes together.

    8. Andre the Giant vs. The Big Show- This match is a given. Nothing needs to be said about this match, it sells itself. This is probably one of the most talked about matches ever. I wouldn't be expecting a mat classic by any means, but I think the whole nostalgic feel to it would leave the fans with many memories for years to come. I'd give them 10 minutes.

    9. DDP vs. Stone Cold- I remember back in the day the big talk amongst wrestling fans was which move was better, the Diamond Cutter or the Stone Cold stunner? Well now all the talk will be put to rest as two of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s square off against each other. I'd give them 35 minutes together.

    Main Event Goldberg vs. John Cena- This wouldn't be match of the night, but I think they could come up with a compelling match with several false finishes. I'd give them 30 minutes.

    Altogether the total time = 3 hours and I think all these matches would make for a very interesting ppv.
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