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    All-Stars I

    1) Broski Smith def Grand Mystique via pinfall (twice)

    2) Saboteur def S.H.I.T, Erik & Mr. That Guy in a Fatal4Way match via pinfall on Erik.

    3) Action Saxton def Jax Sax via pinfall.

    4) JAPAN def Sandy Deserts via pinfall.

    5) Mr. Morality James Chillingham def Blayto via TKO by incineration.

    6) Colby Congo def Kaster via pinfall.

    7) John Doe def Petrol via pinfall.

    8) John Doe def Mr. Baller via pinfall to become the new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion.

    9) Nemesis def The Masked Knight via pinfall.

    All-Stars II

    1) Colby Congo def Claude Dreiz & Mr. Lakes in a Triple Threat match via pinfall on both men.

    2) Rush Hour (Jackson Brown & Jackie Chan Lee) def Sexton Tempest & K-Oz via pinfall.

    3) Nathan St. John def Krypto via submission.

    4) El Genio Verde def Hrafn via pinfall.

    5) Dance Party 95 (Sin Cobra & AKIman) def The Morality Minders (Mr. Morality & Benjamin Meldon) via pinfall.

    6) Erin Toyota def Annie Mu & Isabel Stone via pinfall on Mu in the first fall of a gauntlet match.
    .Sailor Celestial Moon def Erin Toyota via DQ in the second fall of a gauntlet match.
    .Sailor Celestial Moon def Trixie Lulamoon via pinfall to win the gauntlet match.

    7) Brock Edwards, Hollywood Jameson & Jack Cohen def Thunderbolt, Arthur Short & Facecrush McSpinesmasher via submission.

    All-Stars III

    1) Austin Reynolds def Justin Cooper via pinfall.

    2) Serafina & Le Gentleman Masqué II def Mr. Immorality & Joe Mason via pinfall.

    3) Coffee Cup def Walter Feldgrau & Mark Madden via pinfall on both men.

    4) Robbie Lumbar def Recoome, Bernkastel & Monroe in a Fatal4Way elimination match lastly eliminating Bernkastel.

    5) Pinkamena Diane Pie def Tiffany Wyatt via submission.

    6) Steven Homie def Cosmo A, Sexton Tempest & The Phantom of Paradyse in an Extreme DDR match.

    7) Haven vs El Genio Verde ends in a draw.

    All-Stars IV

    1) Ninja Raptor (Foot Ninja & Velociraptor) def The Dynamic Two (Major Dynamo & Lucky) via pinfall.

    2) Thomas the Tank Engine def Ash Ketchum via TFKO.

    3) Gelgarin def Cunderthunt via TKO.

    4) The Ghost of Barrett Stratton def Cyberpunk Babe via pinfall.

    5) JaMarcus Russel def Jack Klockowski via pinfall.

    6) Waldo Williams def Willy DuWitt via submission.

    7) Simon def Dr. Anderson via pinfall.

    8) Rex Powerlove def Admiral Jack Burton, ! & Guy Dian in a 4 way elimination match via pinfall on both Dian & Burton.

    9) Candy Desserts & Steve the Volleyball def Furberus (Spex Muffel & Rupert) via KO.

    All-Stars V: Atlantis

    1) The Lord def The Unbreakable Table.

    2) Sukoshi Majo def ST.ALKER via pinfall. An inferno match ends with both competitors on fire at the same time. Sukoshi Majo def ST.ALKER via killing him to become the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    3) A Baby with a Shotgun def Jared Fogle via shooting his head off with the shotgun.

    4) The Tailed Ones (Lucy the Bunny, Susie Bear & Ryan T Bear) def The Stepbrothers (Brennan Duff & Dale Doback) via pinfall.

    5) El Genio Verde def Batti Otaku & Dr. Anderson via pinfall on Anderson.

    6) Brandi Converts def The open-bar Christmas party at the mid-sized marketing firm your girlfriend works for! via pinfall.

    7) M.A.D. MK-Madden def Coco the Panda, Mr. Last Friday Night, Needles the Monkey, Fred Corpsin & Scott Steiner in an Atlantean ******** to become the Paperweight Champion.
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