All Might

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    All Might


    Real Name: Toshinori Yagi
    Affiliation: U. A. Hero Academy
    Powers/Abilities/Skills: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and physical prowess (lasts one hour), able to go beyond the hour limit at the cost of extreme physical damage
    Short Bio: In a world full of heroes, All Might is number one. "The King of Heroes" is looked up to by most of the world's population as a moral compass and shining beacon of hope as he saves everyone with a smile. His incredible strength and speed boosts are a result of his inherited superpower One For All, and with it he can stay in his "hero form" for an hour, after which his body becomes frail until his energy has recharged. However, with his final desperation attack he can push his body past 100% to deliver a rousing Plus Ultra, at the expense of severe physical damage.

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