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    A Death Rey that would make even Tesla jealous...

    The Queen of Wrestling: Sara Del Rey

    Sara Amato:icon_arrow: Daniel Bryan protege, Cesaro main squeeze, Head Diva trainer, and Indie wrestling Demi-Goddess.

    The woman so without equal in her craft that as soon as the WWE was preparing to open its Performance Center it threw enough money at her to scoop her off the indie/International map and directly insert her into the role of developmental "coach"(primarily as head trainer to developmental Divas) making her the first fulltime Female trainer in the company's history, despite having zero WWE background.

    The fruits of her labor: An NXT women's division that has produced the best Divas matches in the history of the promotion.

    Name a relevant women's wrestler in the last decade and the odds are Sara has kicked her head off, twisted her in a pretzel, toyed with her like a mouse, and pinned her shoulders to the mat.

    Like TNA Knockouts? Think Kong is awesome? Sara is 3-1 against her in singles matches. Hamada? Sara is 2-1 against her. ODB's never beat her. Sarah "Sarita" Stock has never beat her. Madison Rayne has never beat her. Taeler Hendrix has never beat her.

    You know who else none of those ladies have beat? El Generico. But Sara Del Rey has.

    You know who Generico's WWE alter ego has never toppled in NXT? Cesaro. Sara owns a win over him as well.

    You know who the sole survivor of Chikara's Cibernetico was in 2011? It was Del Rey outlasting eleven men in a 50+ minute marathon and pinning four of the six men on the opposing team in route to winning the match. She is the only woman in Chikara history to win a Cibernetico.

    She also unsuccessfully challenged Eddie Kingston for the Chikara Grand Championship(the promotion's world title).

    RPW champion; IZW champion; OCW champion; World-1 Sun champion; Shimmer tag champion

    First Shimmer World Champion
    Won the title in a tournament that included Mschif and Cheerleader Melissa among others. Held the title for 329 days.

    First and Only JAPW Women's Champion
    Beat ODB to become inaugural champ. Held the title for 1108 days(over 3 years) and made 15 successful defenses against the likes of Awesome Kong, Cheerleader Melissa, Madison Rayne, Nikki Roxx, Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, Hailie Hatred, Sumi Sakai, Ayumi Kurihara, and Mia Yim. Only dropped the belt when she vacated it to sign with the WWE, was never defeated and the title remains vacant.

    In 2012 she became the first woman to ever be rated in both the PWI Female 50 and the PWI 500 in the same year.
    She finished ranked 4th amongst the best 50 female singles wrestlers, and 430th amongst the best men's singles wrestlers(only the 4th woman to ever make the list, and honored exclusively in the category for her performances against male wrestlers in Chikara, including double digit singles wins)


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