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    Real Name: Alice Adams

    Gimmick Name: Baby doll

    Announced As: Alice “Baby doll” Adams

    Height: 5’6

    Weight: 175

    Hometown: Palm Springs

    Billed From: Palm Springs, Ca

    Alignment: Heel

    Introducing first from Palm Springs, Ca, weighing 175 pounds, Alice “Baby Doll” Adams!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Long (middle of back) black hair

    ----------------Eye Colour: Green

    ----------------Facial Hair: none

    ----------------Ring attire: nude leotard with lace detail; lace trim thigh high stockings and black leather knee high boots, hair worn down and free flowing.

    ----------------Backstage Attire: black wrap dress with sheer spider web sleeves, red stiletto heels

    ----------------Physical Features

    ----------------Tattoos: day of the dead sugar skull chest piece, koi fish mermaid on her left thigh.
    Dimples (left one slightly more distinct than the right)
    Monroe piercing

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:


    Main Gimmick: Burlesque Dancer

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Gaudy burlesque robes and burlesque moves are interpreted into Alice’s ring attire and fighting style.

    Brief Bio/History: Alice is a single mother of two children; Morrison who is 10 months and Marie who is 3. Her children come from 2 different men, two different hell’s. Her sons father she has a restraining order on; since their Rocky breakup, he threatened her life multiple times, and then there was her daughters father. The man who first mentally and physically broke her, he makes appearances every know and then, to try and bring down Alice and still lay claim to her; but to also help out when it is needed with their daughter. Because of these men, these events and many others that have followed, Alice remains constantly on guard, she shows no emotion and lives day by day, wearing her only mask of arrogance and seduction she learned from her time with her burlesque troupe as her comfort and spending alone time with her children at home, her solice. Alice works with a Gaudy over the top burlesque group as a singer and dancer. She has worked with her troupe for a little over a year, praised for being a fast learner and very witty on her feet, she is a fan favorite. Her stage given name is Babydoll, she earned that name through her audiences for her innocent “baby face” she makes when doing her striptease routines. Alice, however, is far from innocent. With a silver tongue ,a sharp temper and a no bullshit attitude, she can break you down mentally, emotionally and make you despise her all at once. With her resting “witch face” as she likes to call it and very short temper, Alice proves to be a lot to handle, and yet, time and time again she still seems to attract men who see her as “fragile”, “pitiful” and as “someone who needs saving.” Resulting in her mask to slightly loosen, sending her into her dark self, the one person she doesn’t want anyone to see, when that happens she looses control of her mind and tongue, tearing away at the person who has loosened the strings, verbally, making sure to snap a few mental strings along the way, until she is either fully satisfied or the person either cries or cusses her out, either of which are fine for her. Tired of the ever many “Knights in tin foil,” who have drunkenly found their way to her stage after her performances, Intent on showing everyone she needs no saving she looks towards WZCW as her new stage.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: Alice slowly and seductively walks forward, wearing a gaudy all black swarvoski crystal covered 50s burlesque robe with bubblegum pink feather trim, making an innocent face, she stops at the beginning of the runway to the ring, 10 seconds into the song she slowly rotates her hips, teasing the audience treating the match as one of her many burlesque performances; slowly unties the front of her robe and lets it freaks off of her shoulders, as soon as it hits the floor her whole innocent demeanor changes from innocent to seductive arrogance, she walks towards the ring with a look of determination and flawlessly slides into the ring. Once inside she flaunts towards the middle of the ring, throws her hands straight up into the air and slowly brings them down forward, caressing her front hips, legs and finally bending forward til she reaches her neat leather boot. She rises up, running her hands over the back of her legs, thighs and butt, after that she winks and blows a kiss to the audience.

    Fighting Style: determined rookie.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Due to strain relationships with family and friends, Alice went down a shaky path years 4 before she ever heard or even thought of entertaining the idea of wrestling, she met two very toxic people in different times during her dark path, which led to her having her two kids. These men in their own way and during their short times in her life, broke her, forcing her to believe in knight in shining armor are the only way to be saved. But as their time grew to a close those men showed their true colors and with the birth of her kids; gave her the push that she needed to leave each abusive cycle. Alice stands broken, trying desperately to piece herself together for the sake of her children; because of that, Alice stands tall with a high emotional/mental wall towards everyone, especially men.

    Finishing Moves (2 max): Widows Peak (not your Doll) Diving DDT (Private Show)

    Signature Moves (3 max): Discus clothesline (encore). Million dollar dream (Goodnight kiss)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    vertical suplex/hotshot
    swinging neck breaker
    diving bulldog
    hair pull hangman
    back elbow
    inverted atomic drop
    flying fore arm smash
    mule kick
    drop kick
    bronco buster
    mat slam back breaker

    Sample RP:

    [ Alice walks into her dressing room, briskly closing the door behind her. Leaning back, she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and exhales, slowly opening her eyes. She smiles, staring at her favorite place in her small world (well one of her favorite places when she is not with her two kids and they aren’t causing her to have a mommy meltdown of course), she stares admiringly at one of the walls decorated with various pictures of old Hollywood stars and starlettes; Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio, Audry Hepburn, Betty Page and many others all clustered to make a makeshift old Hollywood wallpaper. Her eyes slowly trail to the other wall, which hung a gaudy vintage Victorian era gold leafed mirror, a single picture was taped to the mirror of Alice and another woman dressed to the nines in Swarovski crystal covered corsets with matching heels and bra of course. underneath, a marble top matching makeup table (cost me an arm and a leg but god it was worth it. My precious), with all of Alice’s makeup and jewelry neatly placed in their own designated spots. A simple wooden folding stool with a homemade velvet seat pad completes her favorite side of her room. “well second favorite” she thinks to herself, her all time favorite spot is her gaudy red crush velvet Roman couch, sitting in the middle of the room, facing her wall mounted 40” flat-screen TV. A dainty side table with matching velvet cloth cover completed the look, she usually lays their after every performance and binges random TV shows she finds interesting.]

    [Alice] “oh yes, finally I am in heaven!”

    [Alice sits down in from of her mirror and starts to examine her face, she had been up all night pulling double sick duty. Her daughter had came home from visiting her father with a “little cold” which turned out to be a full blown fever and a very cranky 3 year old. Her poor son, unfortunately got it too since he loved to always be with his sister, and no matter how much she disinfected her home, it was inevitable, baby 1 is sick and now baby number 2 had came into play a day later, which led to sleepless nights and terrible under eye bags]

    [Alice] “oh god I look like shit,” [pokes at her face] “ I seriously need concealer, these things are so bad I look like I’m a zombie.” [she chuckles] “maybe that can be my next routine, instead of me losing my top I can lose a leg.”

    [She goes to open her makeup kit to try and fix her tragic face, when pulling open the drawer where she kept all her facial products a letter falls out, she froze, horrified she looked at the writing and her breath stopped. It was the same handwriting the was on all of the other anonymous letters that had been slowly piling up for the past Month.]

    [Alice] “oh for fucks sake, [she picks the letter up and opens it] I don’t know how many times I have to keep getting these, this knight in tin foil is starting to get a little out of hand, it’s really old and annoying as well.”

    [She skims through the letter, rolling her eyes at the “I can be your hero baby” and “I am your knight and shining armor” lines that where tossed throughout the letter]

    [Alice] “oh god this is seriously disturbing, whoever wrote this needs a reality check. Not today Satan, oh not today, I need no saving.”

    [She lazily tosses the letter into the trash, stares into the mirror, slowly and carefully she begins to put on her makeup, making sure it was flawless, perfect, as always. Once she finished her makeup she stood up, walked over to her closet, and chose out her outfit of the night.]

    [Alice] “today I’m feeling very.. seductive, I hope this dress gives off the mood.”

    [She slips the tight wiggle dress on, being very careful when it came to shifting it over her hips, making sure the lace detailing wouldn’t get caught on her garter belt. Once finished, she slips into her black stiletto 4’ heels, walks in front of the mirror and admired her seductress look. Her dress, was a dark crimson red with black lace detailing along one side and a sexy slit that went as high as the top of her thigh, showcasing her mermaid tattoo. Slowly she looked herself over, nodding her head in approval.]

    [Alice] “I’m getting better at this seductive thing. Damn I didn’t know I had an ass either.” [chuckling] “I wish I had time to watch at least one match before I go out…[stares longingly at the TV] I can’t believe one of the girls got me hooked on something new, and wrestling, of all things.”

    [Alice chuckles, she still remembers when she first heard about WZCW, it was after one of her performances, she was walking through the hallway and one of the other girls door was open, she stopped and stared at the TV screen, on the screen where two women going at it, both women gracefully and flawlessly landing every stunt and every blow, determined, both women where giving it their all, trying so hard to get the win.]

    {Flashback to a month ago}

    [Alice] “Wow that’s so cool.” [staring intently at the TV] “how in the hell do they do all that Satine? There’s so much choreography in this, it’s so beautiful.”

    [The girl from Alice’s I troupe turns around with a half cocked smile. She was pretty, like a wildflower, and very much a smart ass, she was Alice’s favorite person to say hello to.]

    [Satine] “Baby is that you? You nearly scared me half to death! I didn’t know you had an interest in wrestling,”

    [Alice] “I honestly have no idea what it is truly, I have caught glimpses of it when I’m channel surfing, but that’s about it, it hasn’t looked appealing honestly until I saw this match. It’s usually men, but women fight as well?”

    [Satine stands from her couch, giggled and strolled up towards her dressing room door where Alice stood.]

    [Satine] “oh hell yeah! But that’s not all, so the whole troupe knows how your anti men and an all around hot headed bad ass [she leans close to Alice, laying her head on her shoulder] well they also have women wrestle men.”

    [Shocked, Alice looked at Satine, with humor in her eyes]

    [Alice] “No shit, maybe I should check it out, if there’s a place that allows women to beat The shit outta men, I’m there.”

    [Satine laughs, lightly punching Alice on the shoulder]

    [Satine] “you do know it's all staged right?”

    [Alice] “Hey a girl can dream can’t she?”

    [Satine] “Maybe you should try out one day [chuckles loudly], you have the determination and attitude to at least have a shot.”

    [Alice laughs so hard she snorts and stares at Satine in bewilderment]

    [Alice] “Yes Satine, let me just jump right in, I just heard about this thing literally 4 minutes ago! You can’t possibly think I could do it, on top of that I would have to be around cocky arrogant men and backstabbing two-faced bitches that you know I will not have the patience for, hell girl, it took me almost three whole months before I started liking you bitches.”

    [Satine laughs, and throws one arm around Alice’s shoulder, but her once elated smile was replaced with a solemn stare]

    [Satine] “Oh Baby, you know I love you right? You know I wouldn’t tell you that I think you could do something if I actually thought you couldn’t. You have the determination, you’re a fast learner and you have stage presence. Shit girl, with just one look you have brought many regulars to their knees thinking they are going to sweep you off your feet. [She snorts] Plus, I know your attention seeking ass would love the coverage, the money and beating on men would just be a plus for you.”

    [Alice and Satine both burst out into a fit of half pig creature snort laughter rage for minute. Gasping for air, they finally compose themselves]

    [Alice] “first of all Bitch, your damn right I love attention, but I don’t seek attention, attention looks for me,[she smiles sweetly, making her innocent face that drives men mad] it’s not my fault I’m so mysterious and sexy that men fall at my feet.[Alice dramatically falls onto Satine’s love seat] Secondly, I am not a charity, if the price is not right, I refuse to perform, smiles and applause do not pay my bills or feed my kids and thirdly… Fuck yeah I wanna beat up some bad annoying motherfuckers, staged or not.”

    [Satine] “How are your little monsters anyways? You hardly talk about them anymore. I hope they know auntie S misses them.”

    [Alice] “oh Satine they are monsters all right, I swear these kids are going to be the death of me, but at least I know they are healthy and we’ll fed. I mean shit, I must be doing something right.”

    [Satine] “Hey, don’t knock yourself doll, you’re an amazing fucking mother, now back to the wrestling thing, promise me, you’ll at least try it out, for me? Fuck woman I’m leaving tomorrow, I at least want to know you are at least trying to come out of your shell. You deserve normal babe, you owe yourself and your kids that. This mask of yours must be getting heavy.”

    [Alice’s smile fades almost as fast as it graced her face. She stares at her only friend with a look of betrayal]

    [Alice] “What the Fuck Sat?! Promise you? Break out of my shell? Wait, your.. Your leaving?! When?! Where?! When in the Fuck where you going to tell me?

    [Alice jumps up off the couch as if she had been electrified, she glared at Satine, her eyes full of hurt and betrayal. Satine sat up, tears welling up in her eyes she looked at the floor, lol quivering, Satine tried to find the words to apologise to her beloved friend.]

    [Satine] “I’m… I’m… I’m so so-so-sorry doll, I just didn’t know how to tell you, I didn’t want to upset you, plus you where going through all the court stuff with your sons dad, I couldn’t put any more pressure on your mind love, forgive me. But you have to understand, I’m too old to be doing this, I’ve been here for 5 years, I deserve to retire from this gig while I can still rock my crystal stilettos [she laughs half heartedly] please B. Forgive me.”

    [Alice] “ I’m tired of everyone thinking I can’t handle shit [Alice throws her phone across the room, startling Satine], you of all people should know this, you where honestly my favorite person to converse with, how could you? I owe you nothing, no promises, no apologies and no acceptance of apologies, no more smiles and no more Hello’s, the only thing you are going to get from me, is a goodbye.”

    [Alice glares at Satine, trying desperately to blink back her tears and failing terribly, she hastily turns towards the door and storms out of the room.]

    [Alice] “I hope your happy, wherever you end up… and to answer your little job upgrade “suggestion” [mockingly] I’ll think about it, scouts honor.”

    [with that being said, Alice shook her head, turned away and left Satine's dressing room, leaving a broken and sobbing Satine behind her..]

    {End of flashback}

    [Alice snaps out of her daydream, finishes looking herself over and turns away from the mirror and starts to walk out when she stops for a second, stares at the blank TV screen with mixed emotions of grief and embarrassment]

    [Alice] “god I threw a fit like such a little girl… I hate how I lose my temper… oh Satine, how I miss your smart ass.”

    [Alice plops herself onto her Roman couch, turns on the TV, mindlessly flips through the channels until she found what she was looking for, WZCW on, and she had been hooked, not just because of the ridiculous story lines and amazing matches, but mostly because it was Satine's thing, and she wanted to apologise to her in her own way.]

    [Alice] “Hey Sat, [Alice talks out loud, as if half expecting to hear someone answer back, even when she was met with silence, she continued to speak] I wonder if your watching this too? God I can’t believe you got me sucked into this crap, it’s so addicting, some of these people are so cocky and over the top it’s ridiculous, I can’t believe you actually want me to try out for this shit, don’t you know I’m a star, I don’t share the spotlight, all eyes have to be on me, I mean, come on look at me, who wouldn’t want to just stare and admire me. [She smiles, tears welling up with each sentence in her eyes] “why did you have to leave, stupid woman, your so selfish…”

    [Alice regains her composure, stands up and stares intently at the TV]

    [Alice] “Fuck it, I can totally do that, it’s all routine, and I’m flawless when it comes to my routines, besides, this stage is starting to feel a little small and I’m tired of all these boys who think I need saving, I need no one, I can take care of my damn self, and I’m going to show them, get ready WZCW because you haven’t seen anything yet.”

    [Alice fixes her dress, turns off the TV and walks out of the dressing room down a long corridor towards the stage, her stage, well one of her stages, she giggles, and walks faster towards the sound of drunken laughter and electronic swing music.]
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