AF 1: Mick Overlast vs. Jack O' Lantern

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  1. Ty Burna

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    Oct 27, 2007
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    The two WZCW rookies square off on the very first After Shock episode. Will the newcomers show they are the future of WZCW?

    Deadline is Tuesday, December 6th at 11:59 PM EST.
  2. Mick Overlast

    Mick Overlast Happy to be back in WZCW

    Sep 19, 2011
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    Mick Overlast is walking down the hallway leading to the locker room, muttering obscenities under his breath, his face red with anger. As he turns a corner, he runs into an unsuspecting Leon Kensworth, who nearly falls down from the contact. Overlast goes to walk by without looking back when Kensworth calls out to him.

    Kensworth: What the hell was that for?

    Overlast stops dead in his tracks, his head snapping around to glare at Kensworth as he stands in the middle of the hallway.

    Overlast: Don't talk to me, Kensworth. I'm pretty pissed off right now.

    Kensworth: Where are you going?

    Overlast: To find Bateman and Myles and beat the hell out of them.

    Kensworth: For what?

    Overlast fully turns around and walks up to Kensworth, a scowl still on his face.

    Overlast: For what, you ask? For what?!? Have you seen the card for After Shock?

    Kensworth: Yeah, I have, actually...should be a good show.

    Overlast: Not for me, it isn't. You look like a smart guy, so maybe you can do the math with me.

    Kensworth: Go ahead...

    Overlast: A couple weeks ago at Ascension, I was in a tag match with Justin Cooper, correct?

    Kensworth: Yes.

    Overlast: And Cooper and I lost the match, right?

    Kensworth: Right...

    Overlast: And who took the fall in the match?

    Kensworth: Cooper did.

    Overlast: So Cooper is FULLY responsible for our loss, yet it is HE that gets the No. 1 Contender match for the Mayhem Title while I'm stuck beating the hell out of some jobber that named himself after a pumpkin or something?

    Kensworth: I see your point.

    Overlast: So if you run into Cooper, you can tell him he better watch his back at After Shock. Not only did he cost me my first TV match, but his no-talent ass could also get a title shot – a shot I SHOULD be receiving because I'm better than him, something I clearly proved at Ascension by carrying the team on my back.

    Kensworth: I'll be sure to deliver the message...

    Kensworth turns to walk away, but Overlast stops him.

    Overlast: I'm not done.

    Kensworth: Go on...

    Overlast: Since I joined WZCW, I've been in two matches. The first was a triple-threat match with Cooper and a kid living off of his invalid father's name. The second was my teaming with Cooper against a C3PO knockoff and the comic relief of WZCW television, Jack Skinner. I lost both of those matches, but the results were out of my control.

    Overlast briefly looks down at the floor while Kensworth rolls his eyes. Overlast then looks Kensworth in the eye, unaware of the eye roll.

    Overlast: I'm sure you'll be running into Jack O'Lantern to do some kind of introductory interview or something along those lines, so you can pass along this message on your way to find Cooper.

    At After Shock, I will be competing in my first WZCW singles match. For the first time, there will be no one else in the ring besides me, the referee, and my opponent. Therefore, nothing is going to stop me from beating the living hell out of Jack O'Lantern. All the frustration that is building inside of me from losing joke match after joke match to these hacks will be unleashed, and it won't be pretty. I want kids to cry, I want women to scream in horror and I want grown men to hide their eyes. If I have to leave this guy in a bloody mess to get this organization to take me seriously, then that's what I have to do.

    Overlast grabs Kensworth's shirt collar forcefully and pulls him closer.

    Overlast: You can tell Jack O'Lantern that he can bring Jason, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin to the ring with him at After Shock, but it won't mean a damn thing because I'll dismantle them all. Got it?

    Kensworth: I got it, I got it!

    Overlast lets him go and chuckles a little bit while fixing Kensworth's collar.

    Overlast: You know, Kensworth...Myles and Bateman should give you a raise or a promotion or something. You just saved them from the biggest beatdowns they'll ever get.

    Overlast walks off while Kensworth stands there, still a bit shaken from the incident.
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  3. poppycock

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    Mar 16, 2011
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    When routine bites hard and ambitions are low
    And resentment rides high but emotions won't grow
    And we're changing our ways taking different roads.

    Then love, love will tear us apart...again

    Those infamous words have been doing overtime in Jacks mind for the last couple of nights. Walking up and down in the shadows as if he were a next of kin in a hospital corridor, expecting or at least waiting for bad news. Up and down, Up and down, a head full of uncertainty and anticipation. Unsure if after his upcoming match with Mick Overlast he will still have a job or at worst still have his freedom. He has waited in the dark for this day to come for what seems like eternity... The day he leaves the comfort of concealed obscurity, leaves the darkness into the light and makes his mark. His impact must hold no boundaries, it must be brutal and it must be everlasting. First impressions are all that matters because the chances of anybody wanting a second are slim to none.

    He mutters to himself...

    Jack O' Lantern: "A bloody mess" "A bloody mess..." He will leave me in a bloody mess?! He thinks for a second that being left in a bloody mess is new or daunting to me Jack O' Lantern. I have been left in so much blood and so much mess that I crave nothing more.

    When the bell tolls and I step out into the light I will not step back until I have dissembled every part of what makes Overlast a man, every part of what makes him unafraid to turn off the lights at night. I will make an impact so notorious that this day will go down as the darkest day in professional wrestling history. Love, love will tear you all apart... My love of bringing misery, pain and misery into the lives of those who live without care, those who live in false hope and praise, those who just live... I, I Jack O' Lantern will tear you all apart piece by piece.

    Rebecca Serra: So this is special report live from what I can only describe as the...well...sewers underneath the arena floors. The strangest place I have ever conducted an interview but I am here to get a word from Jack O’ Lantern, a newcomer, about his upcoming match with Mike Overlast.

    So Jack what are your thoughts on your debut opponent and match here at WZCW?

    Jack: My thoughts? My being is too unclear to hold thoughts right now, I just act. I don’t know Overlast personally but I personally know what he has coming and that he will forever after live in fear and remorse. I see him for what he is…a stepping stone on my way to fulfilling what I must fate upon everybody who stands in my way as I walk the tainted path of suffering until I reach my unavoidable desire.
    Win or lose, makes no difference to me, this day will go down in history and I will go into my match with no limitations on the destruction I cause. I have been listening from the shadows and have heard Overlast tell tales of blood and mess. I say please Mike Overlast, make me bleed, make me feel again as I destroy your every fibre and consume your worthless, pointless existence.

    Rebecca Serra: What is that you are holding is it what a think it is?

    Becky looks down and sees Jack O’ Lantern holding what looks like a blood filled pumpkin.

    Jack: It’s a symbol of what’s to come…

    A new Era. The Era of misery

    And with that Jack launches the pumpkin at the far wall, smashing it into pieces, splattering what looks like blood all over the wall and floor. Jack walks off into the darkness leaving behind a very disturbed, uncomfortable Rebecca Serra

    Rebecca Serra: I think it’s time to call this one done…

    Over to you…
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