AF 1: Alex Bowen vs. Matt Tastic - Mayhem Rules (Non Title)

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  1. Ty Burna

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    Baez shocked the world last week, after unmasking himself and changing his name. Now the newly minted Matt Tastic looks to take care of some bad blood between himself and the Mayhem Champion Alex Bowen. Who will claim victory in the battle of two Mayhem legends?

    Deadline is Tuesday, December 6th at 11:59 PM EST.
  2. Uncle Phatso

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    The scene opens up with a black leather bound book and a small silver pen sitting on a large desk. The desk is made from the highest quality oak; a black sheen covers the top of the it. The book setting on top of the desk has a gold script on it reading "History". Quickly a bruised, scared, and burnt hand enters the scene. It grabs the small silver pen, a second hand follows suit opening tome. The pages fall open to a page entitled WZCW title reigns. Ty Burna's name is setting on top of the page, followed by Austin Reynolds. Alex Bowen's name is below that, And Everest's along with Big Dave's follow suit. The weathered hand darts forward, with one motion crosses out the Name of Austin Reynolds and Alex Bowen! A dark black line of ink obscures our camera from seeing what was once there. But we can see what is now being written. It's writing Alex Bowen in place of Austin Reynolds, and now replaces Austin's name below Bowen’s. The hand drops the pen, with the defacement finished it closes the book. With a panning motion of the camera we can see a man holding it greedily to his bare chest. The camera adjusts and pans out even more and we can see that the man is the Mayhem Champion Alex Bowen. Undoubtedly marking his latest conquest in the WZCW history book. Mr. Bowen is now second in length of title reigns, only behind the former World Heavyweight Champion Ty Burna. He smiles a manic and twisted smile as he climbs up one step to replace the leather book in his flourishing library. Bowen makes his way over to an almost perfect replica of his blackened throne, sitting behind a large desk in his study Bowen looks at peace.

    Alex- When I was a young man my father always told me to take what I wanted. The old man never really taught me to do much of anything. I had to fight for it all, that is what I am doing here. I am re writing not only the Mayhem Division's history book, but WZCW's as a whole. Everyone in this division is just like a tick latching on to a dog. They are just along for the ride as I cement my legacy in this company. I will not let that happen. I have things to say about my former partner Matt Tastic, but for now Everest will have to do. He was a great name to add to my list, it was great to see the decaying icon of this company lose. What is it that you really do? Are they just using you to put over new talent now? Is that how you make your paychecks these days? You laughed at being put in a match with me, but really it was I who was laughing at you.

    A small pile of papers sits on the corner of his desk. Along with a clean new crystal ash tray. Bowen ignores the tray, pulling the stack of papers closer to him. His eyes light up as he finds what he was looking for. Putting it on top, he places the stack on the desk again. We can see it's a picture, but Bowen pulls it up to his face. He looks smugly at it while mumbling. He turns the glossy printed piece of paper to the camera. Newly crowned World Champion Everest stands tall in the ring. The picture is taken at the top of the ramp; you can see the back of the now retreating behemoth Manzo and his handler.

    Alex- Your proudest moment huh? What about you now? Just nothing more than a jobber to the stars. You're more of a coward than I thought you were. I've made it perfectly clear why I left my partner. But when it comes down to it Scumm attacked me before the last pay per view. I will never let something like that go unpunished. What reasons did you have to leave Sean Cruz behind? Are you above him? I think not.

    Bowen leans back and pulls out a drawer in his desk, reaching in he pulls out a remote. After pointing it at the tv in the corner of the room, and hitting a few buttons the picture comes on. The camera turns and it is a paused DVR of last week’s Meltdown. Bowen rolls the footage, as he grits his teeth.

    With all his might Bowen stands up and flings the TV remote. It bounces off the wall and falls into nothing more than a pile of junk on the floor. He points to the camera with a finger full of rage.

    Alex- And yet the fans will still cheer you after that display, the brass have them brainwashed. I'm done with you for now Everest. One day you will come crawling to me, when you are on your last legs. I'll spit in your eye, and think nothing of it.

    Alex grins at his last comment.

    Alex-So lets get on to the real meat and potatoes, Mr. Matt Tastic! Do you know what I was about to do? It's called earning your stripes. I was teaching Sean Cruz never to cross the King of Mayhem. Back to the lesson my father taught me, I take what I want. I wanted to hear him cry in pain when I smashed his face in. You want to question my actions, and what I've done during my reign? My question to you in response: what the hell have you done since you lost your title?

    Bowen is seething. His pupils dilate as he stares at the camera, we can see a small blue vein at the top of his head start to pump. He slams his fist down on the table in rage flipping the papers off his desk. But stops as he realizing what he is doing. Bowen pulls a cigar out of his left pocket. While lighting it he puffs to catch the leaf all around. Stopping and trying to relax, Bowen takes a couple nervous puffs off his huge cancer stick.

    Alex- Nothing, you are nothing more than a common thief. Stealing title contracts like the good little bitch you are. It's people like you in this company that give the King of Mayhem a bad name. Former champions who go around and badmouth the new champions. I guess that's all you really can do anymore anyways. Matt, you beat Scott Hammond. After he laughably beat all you hacks in the worst Mayhem title match ever. Then what do you go and do? You go and have a lackluster record setting reign... and lose to Chris Jones! Hell after I beat him twice he was forced into being a corner boy. Then what did he do? Oh that's right he left. Just like Justin Cooper, Ewan Kampa, and Ale. I'm weeding the weak out of my division, I'm not killing dreams; I'm just making my division that much better. All you managed to do was cruise through your title reign. Do the memories cripple you? Your career fell apart because you let it. You've bled out all you've had to lose. Does it bother you that I'm putting on the most hardcore matches WZCW has ever seen. My reign is the complete polar opposite of anyone’s reign. Things evolve, you have no idea what the Mayhem scene is like now.

    Bowen points to a large picture of himself in a black leather jacket. His Mayhem title is setting across his waist. In the picture a smug smirk lines his face; it's as if he is looking down at the world.

    Alex- Everest might of been the first Mayhem Champion, but I am the King of Mayhem. What more can you say about me? Your only ammo for me was that I'm a terrible champ? Great stuff Copernicus, now get to the back of the line with all the rest of the armchair jockeys.

    Alex starts to slowly walk around the room, cigar in hand he is thinking deeply.

    Alex- So what do you bring to the table Baez? A high flying offense? Sweet,that's a new one. But it's noting a roll of barbed wire to the face won't stop. I offer you this, lay down. Lay down before your king, because you can't keep up with the new age of mayhem. This is a new hellish place, unlike the meek and tame place you left it. Chris Jones almost crapped himself when he found out what I was capable of bringing. So far only one man has been able to best me in my home ground. That man is Sean Cruz, and he only did it after four people did his dirty work for him. They had to work together to beat the monster in me.

    Bowen ashes his cigar on the floor next to his feet after taking a long drag of his cigar. His arms shake nervously as smoke rolls out of his mouth.

    Alex: How do you stop someone with a without a conscience Matt? This is second nature to me boy. Up until I was eighteen I was beaten along with my mother and brothers like it was going out of style. I live by the lessons I learned as a kid. You kick the hell out of anything that doesn’t want to conform to your rule. A little pain from you is nothing compared to what I endured as a kid. I will have no problems with doing this to you. I'm going to actually enjoy it, I'll give you your stripes since you never really earned them anyways.

    Bowen smiles at that thought. He Gasps, as he finally realizes question he's been thinking of.

    Alex- The question in my division is how do you beat me? Here is how you do it; you take the will to fight away from me. It took five men to do that, so let’s go back to last week. What; did Sean melt your little black heart? How touching. I won't stop bashing your skull in with a brick until I see bone. Will you do the same? Because that is what it will take to stop me, you will have to make the children cry. You will have to make the adults look to the exits in fear for their lives.

    Bowen quickly shakes his head, in a hell no manner. He puts up his hand waving off the last thought, he has more important things to talk about today.

    Alex- I just don't think you have what it takes to do that. Looking back on your reign you just had to smack a couple of chumps around and pin them. No one you've ever faced is up to the caliber that I am. But I look forward to our meeting Matt; this is just another name I can put in the record book. This is just another thing I can check off. A win in the Main Event of a new show will look so great next to my name. The King of Mayhem's name is just racking up stuff like that lately isn't it?

    The Mayhem champion sets back on his black oak desk and smiles a wide grin.

    Alex- I will never have a problem doing what I said. It's eat or be eaten, if you don't do what you can to stop from losing you will allways come in last. That is why your greatest achevement is now being second to Alex Bowen in the Mayhem division. I take what I need, and leave nothing but pain in my wake. Hostility will ensue, and I will not make an attempt to repent for what I'm going to do to you. The noose waits for you Matt, it's swinging. Only my blade can cut it down now.

    Bowen leans back and grabs his cigar. With the same hand he waves off the camera with a weary hand and stands up. He walks back around his desk as the camera fades out.
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    Major news, ladies and gentlemen as we await the debut of this new epic program. We here at WZCW would like to thank the entire 'Z-Base for all their support as we look to provide you the best quality pro wrestling on the planet. On the wake of the announced debut of WZCW After Shock, the main event for the inaugural show has been set. The WZCW Mayhem Champion looks to defeat a past icon of the division, the now called Matt Tastic in a non-title match. Joining me at this time is none other than that reborn man. Here's Matt Tastic.

    Leon Kensworth sums up the major announcement of After Shock. In a special interview for, he's about to interview Matt in a backstage section decorated with the brand new logo for the After Shock show with green lighting and various soundwave-like designs. Matt steps in wearing a new t-shirt reading "KickAss Inc." in the front with sunglasses, though showcasing his newly revealed face.

    Matt Tastic, this coming week, you'll be part of a milestone by headlining the first ever After Shock against Mayhem Champion, Alex Bowen. You being a record holding multi-time champion, what are your thoughts on Bowen?

    Well brother, first things first. I feel flattered to be headlining this new show's first edition. I'm a little bummed though, that this is... A "normal" match? Come on, Leo. I realize there's a need to protect the champion in case he loses to a non-challenger, but this is a hardcore dream match. Where's the "hardcore" part?

    Well you aren't the #1 Contender.

    So? You think that mattered when the belt was defended under the 24/7 rule? Hell no it didn't. You think that mattered when I fought 6 men in a Ladder match and a 7th person snatched the belt instead? Hell no it didn't. You think that mattered when... In the world of Mayhem, that don't mean diddly. Do you know Diddly?

    I don't know diddly.

    Of course you don't because he doesn't matter.

    Anyway, Alex says he'll win because he's more tolerant to pain. He says he has a painful past. He says he'll toss you off because your reign was mediocre and he's better than you.

    Matt turns around and reveals the back of his shirt which has it's own text written on it. "Creativity Encouraged."

    Do you see what that says, Leon? "Creativity Encouraged". Let me ask you something. What good does being able to tolerate a broken femur if you can't stand up? What's the point of being able to work through a concussion if you'll just wear your head out? What's the point of being able to take all of this damage? Should you be... Ummm... I don't know... Dodging it? Alex likes to toot his horn about his abusive past and how he can be tortured and not care, but you explain to me how that would help him win a match if he's... I don't know... Taped to the ground. Or stapled to a ring post. Or under a pile of ladders on the outside. For a guy who has been standing on top of the Mayhem Division for so long, he has learned... Almost nothing.

    How is that?

    Easy, Leon. The Mayhem Division is where most Neanderthal newbs end up when they start here. But who reigns supreme? The one with the superior mind. Think about it. In my time, people found constructive ways to try and beat me. The Mayhem Scramble. The 24/7 rule. Gordito siding with me. The Crashin Movement stealing my belt. The time I had 2 rematch clauses. It was more than just bashing each other with chairs. It was almost like a chess game to stay in one piece. Now look how he got to preserve his dominance. The guy who beat him got stripped because of illegal substances in his locker.

    Your thoughts on Sean Cruz and his current situation?

    I've seen stuff planted in lockers before. Just ask CardiffCam. Alex played a smart move. I thought he was just Captain Caveman, but I guess there had to be a reason why he's still champ. You can't expect me to believe the "Peurto Rican Nightmare" did it. Alex isn't just lacking a few marbles in the head. He's also a megalomaniac. That's been showing as of late. He loves to be in control and gaining more of it. He's played Sean like a puppet. But I've fought 300 pound muscly women dressed as men. I've fought a guy who loves balls. I've fought a doctor, a rich guy and... an aristocrat. (what the hell is that anyway?) I've fought Gordito.

    Matt turns to the camera and walks a bit towards it and looks dead ahead.

    You think you're great because you beat Everest. Wake up son. It was a tag team match. I hit the finishing move and you pinned Sean, not Everest. I did the work, you reaped the benefits. Great job, Bo. You learned how to be a tag team wrestler. You think you would've learned when you had that misfit partner from your lovable Motorcity Psycho days. But hey, that's alright. Toot your horn all you want. I have no problems. You can call it a win, but you can't call it your win. It was ours. I guarantee your attitude will get you bitten in the ass eventually, so why not try sooner than later? But just so you know, unlike you, I don't plan to hide behind planted pills or sneak attacks, or lunatic rants. Hell, I'll show you what I'll do.

    Matt tells the cameraman to follow him as they walk through the backstage area. Leon follows with a mic at hand. After running down a hallway, they go through a curtain revealing the 'Z-Base. A crowd roaring at the sight of the WZCW product. Matt goes by and waves at the crowd as they cheer loudly for the new babyface. He yells at the crowd.


    Several objects are thrown his way. Chairs, bats, can's, a cat and so on. He grabs a bat though and decides to head for the ring with it. He again tells the cameraman to follow. Ashe finally reaches the ring, the hits the canvas with the bat a few times and grabs a mic of his own.

    How's the 'Z-Base doing tonight?!

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    I wanna show you all a little trick. I call it "The Bell Rung". I'm gonna take this bat and this...

    Matt pulls out a blow-up doll which he orders Leon to fill up.

    ...Yup. And this Stacey Madison blow up doll, and show you what I will do to Alex Bowen in the premiere of After Shock.

    Matt takes the blow up doll and put's it in a seated position while he stands in a mounted position on it. He takes the bat high and nails the blow up doll on the head, popping it as the remaining body flies out letting the air loose.

    Bowen can take all the pain he wants. He might be able to take it. But his body is a different story. He talks about blandness, but while there's nothing to him but senseless violence and some huge-ass black office chair he calls a throne, I can do this.

    Matt raises his hand high and the crowd cheers loudly in acknowledgement. He then lowers his hand and the crowd silences. He turns to the camera and raises his eyebrows twice in a comically approving manner.

    If I were bland, people wouldn't care for me. I earned their affection back after admitting the error of my ways. If I were bland, guys like Steve Kurtesy, Big Dave, Barbosa, Gordito and Titus wouldn't be in my "Beaten List". If I were bland, I wouldn't be Delivering Kickassery!

    "We Want Mayhem! We Want Mayhem !"

    The crowd chants loudly.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, great news! The main event of After Shock has been rescheduled as a Mayhem Rules match!"

    And that Bowen, is the power of the people. A power you have no access to because you are nothing more than a secluded raving megalomaniac. And at After Shock, you're gonna find out, just how powerful the power of the people is when I roll out to this ring with all of KickAss Inc's support. At After Shock WE will Deliver Kickassery.

    Matt's theme hit's as he drops the mic and walks up the ramp. He poses on the top of the ramp for the crowd as the scene fades to black.
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