A big Survivor Series trend?

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by TheBadGuy92, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Most wrestling fans know that Survivor Series is one of the big 4 PPVs, and also its notorious for some legendary debuts. A few of my favorite in no particular order.

    The Shield


    Kurt Angle

    Also huge names like The Undertaker, The Rock, Jazz, The Boogeyman. just to name a few more.
    Which leaves me to speculation, do we see any debuts this year? If so, who do you think i will be, or even who would you like to see?

    One that i can see happening is Hideo Itami debuting or making an appearance after Enzo cheats to pull off the victory.
    One that I would love to see is Aleister Black.
    One that would never happen in a million years but would be too sweet to watch, Bullet Club (Cody, Omega, Bucks, Yujiro) invade Raw vs. SD match. or even the WWE version of BC (Styles, Finn, Gallows, Anderson) debut the Balor Club.
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    Now that you mention it there has been quite a lot of debuts at Survivor Series, Not sure if its intentional or coincidental, I think the elimination match is a good way to debut a new character kind of like how they done it with the Undertaker debut.
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    If someone needs to debut this year I would hope it to be Eric Young of Sanity in the Men's Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match by joining Team SmackDown.
  4. Wolf Pac

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    Right now the only name I can think of that would make a huge debut at this year's Survivor Series....


    Ronda Rousey

    Following the Women's Survivor Series match and she'll probably bring her lackeys with her.
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  5. Rainbow Yaz

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    It has been reported that they have tossed around the idea of Ronda showing up at Survivor Series and actually having a match, but the majority of the creative team want to save her and her other friends for Wrestlemania since her first match will garner a lot of headlines.
  6. ShinChan

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    The OP is spot on with the debuts. However, I really don't know who could debut at Survivor Series this time.

    Drew McIntyre would need to lose to Andrade Cien Almas which I don't see happening. Nikki Cross isn't going anywhere without SAnitY. Ember Moon could but it might seem too soon. Iconic Duo? May be although I don't know what they will do at either of the brands.

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