80's Region - Yes Minister vs Only Fools and Horses

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Yes Minister vs Only Fools and Horses

  1. Yes Minister

  2. Only Fools and Horses

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  1. Cena's Little Helper

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    80's Region – Yes Minister vs Only Fools and Horses



  2. Tastycles

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    As overrated as Only Fools and Horses is, Yes minister is just straight up not funny. It's one of those shows that attempts to be a satire, but ends up being like a documentary with actors. People laugh because it isn't actually a minister saying those hilarious things, but in all honesty its lame.

    Only Fools and Horses was good for a few laughs over the years, so I'm voting it to win.
  3. Dave

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    Only Fools And Horses here and it's not even close to be quite honest.

    I have never found Yes Minister to be funny and I am actually surprised that it made it this far. However, I do agree with Tasty that Only Fools And Horses was over-rated. Not because it is a bad show, it is because it was really good but public opinion seemingly took it above and beyond that and now it is an institution of British Comedy. Whether it deserves to be there or not, it definitely is a fantastic show. David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst are fantastic in the show and play terrific parts in an already great show. Both the chemistry of the brothers and the story made me buy into the first time I ever watched it and I still manage to keep up with the episodes. It is a fantastic show and it definitely deserves to go over Yes Minister.
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