6 Man Tag Team Action: Everest, Ricky and Legend v. Maxx, Rajeem and Jeattar

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    Everest, Steamboat Ricky and Ben Legend v. The Maxx, Rajeem and Jeattar:

    Last week on Meltdown, Everest won the right to face Joseph Rios at Lethal Lottery, when he defeated Muhammad Hasheem. Also Last week on Meltdown, The Maxx won the right to face Steamboat Ricky at Lethal Lottery for the Mayhem Championship, by defeating Ben Legend.

    Muhammad Hasheem has requested Everest be taken out, and The Maxx has agreed to join forces with Hasheem in accomplishing this request, along side Rajeem and Jeattar.

    However it won't be that easy, as Steamboat Ricky has stepped up and accepted being Everest's partner, to get his hands on Maxx before the up-coming Pay Per View. Ben Legend has also agreed to be the final piece of this team, to get one more chance at The Maxx for last week. Find out what happens, when all 6 men collide.

    Please keep ALL the RPs in here. RPs are due March 16th, 2008
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    A distorted screen is shown and suddenly is switched to a public service announcement

    Announcer: This is a public service announcement on behalf of the Nation of Islam,Natttiooooon, Offf Islaaaaam….

    The announcers voice fades as the screen changes showing nothing but a man’s eyes, staring straight at the camera, the camera pans out revealing Maxamillion Mustafa sitting in a dark room.

    Maxx: Last week, I proved something to all of you; I proved something to Ben Legend

    The screen switches to Maxx screaming

    Maxx: I Proved Something!!!

    The screen switches again to Maxx sitting

    Maxx: Ben Legend wanted to prove how insignificant I am, but whose insignificant now ben

    The screen switches again to Maxx laughing

    Maxx: I chocked you out, gave you what you deserved

    The screen changes to Maxx laughing

    Maxx: How insignificant am I Ben?!

    The screen changes to the camera panning around Maxx holding his arms out in a victory pose
    The screen cuts to Ben Legend being chocked out by Maxamillion Mustafa

    Maxx: Your lucky I let go Ben

    Cut to Maxx screaming at the camera

    Maxx: Your Lucky I let go of the cross face ben!!!!

    Cut to Maxx staring at the camera as the screen turns blood red

    Cut to Maxx sitting on the chair

    Maxx: Now down to Everest

    Several images are shown of Maxx screaming and then calm

    Everest You can’t beat me

    Cut to Maxx screaming

    Maxx: Everest you can’t beat me!!!

    Cut to Maxamillion Mustafa doing push ups

    Maxx: I am Maxamilion Mustafa

    Several cuts are shown of Maxx beating down, Ricky taking down legend and Powerbombing Joe

    Cut to Maxx screaming

    Maxx: YOU CAN’T BEAT ME!!!!

    Suddenly the screen cuts to a picture of everest and the announcer saying, Everest a real american hero, hero, herrrrooooo
    The announcers pace slows

    A shot is shown of Everest pinning Hasheem, the shot cuts to Rios slamming the door in Hasheems face, cut to Everest Pinning Hasheem, cut to Rios slamming the cage as the screen changes to a cut shot of Maxx’s face staring at the camera

    : You’ve always got lucky, luck, lucccckkkkkyyyyyyy…..

    Screen changes to Maxx screaming

    Dc, you beat him by interference of Rios, Hasheem beat because of Rios, you couldn’t even win the big one Everest you couldn’t win the big one!

    Screen changes
    And starts to blurr revealing a Chinese commercial talking about a bottle of water called Everest

    Shot cuts back to Maxx drinking water and spitting it on the screen

    Maxx: Everest You’ve always been lucky, you’ve never won a match clean, never beaten the big one, the world champion
    Camera cuts back to Maxx screaming

    Maxx: They should call you the fourth member of Dynasty, Rios keeps helping you win your matches

    Screen cuts to Maxx laughing

    Maxx: Meltdown you will feel pain, you will feel my wrath, I will make you tap!

    Screen cuts to Maxx pointing upward toward the sky

    Maxx: He wants me to win this, I have his blessing to assemble my unit, assemble my team, my stable to take out the terrorists of this united states
    Screen shatters and cuts to Maxx In Silent Prayer

    Cut to commercial Of steamboat crackers

    Cut to Maxx sitting still

    Maxx: Enough of the games Ricky, Mr hardcore Icon, You’re the worst of all, in my plan for world domination you keep climbing back up, keep trying to keep what is mine

    Cut to Maxx screaming in rage


    Cut to Maxx sitting back in his chair still and calm
    Maxx: Meltdown will be The Nation of Islam’s prelude to the destruction of the terrorists, we shall do him proud, he will see us in glory, battle with the American terrorist and destroy them once and for all!

    The camera pans close to Maxx’s face as he remains seated staring at the camera

    Maxx: On Meltdown you will know my name, you will know our purpose, My name is Maxamillion Mustafa, we are the Nation Of Islam, you will pay the ultimate price for your sins

    The screen fades with Maxx starinng not blinking just staring a hole at the camera
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    Setting: A beautiful and elegant interview room. There are two plush chairs sitting across from each other, a side table in between with 2 bottles of purified water sitting on it. Some notes are also sitting on the table. We can see another camera just off to the left of the screen.

    Off screen we hear a production assistant saying it’s time to go. With that none other than Becky Serra enters the picture in a very formal, very nice business outfit, including a button down blouse, and ankle length skirt. She adjusts her microphone, takes the notes from the side table and does a quick mic check before looking at the camera and starting the interview.

    BECKY: Hello WZCW fans and all you WZCW.com listeners, I’m Becky Serra and I’m here with an exclusive sit down interview with one of WZCW’s resident superstars and the current number one contender to the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    Ladies and gentlemen and WZCW.com listeners please welcome ……………. EVEREST.

    With that EVEREST strolls into the screen, decked out in tan khakis, a $500 shirt specially made for him from Lucky’s in Miami and a pair of dark Oakley sunglasses. He’s got a very thin gold chain around his neck but the charm is tucked into his shirt. His left hand has a $600 Gold Rolex watch. He smoothly yet quickly strolls toward his chair stopping to shake Becky’s hand, grab his bottle of water and finally he sits down. He takes off his sunglasses and sits them on the table before turning his attention back to Becky

    EVEREST: Well Becky, as usually you look stunning. You didn’t have to get all dressed up on my account though.

    BECKY: Well Everest, when you said you wanted to do this sit down interview in studio, it sounded like it was important so I thought I’d better dress to impress.

    EVEREST: Mission accomplished my dear. Shall we get started?

    BECKY: Yes, let’s get started, first off all, would you like to talk about why you asked for this type of interview, this “atmosphere” is not really your style.

    EVEREST: Well Becky, it’s quite simple really. You see I’ve heard the rumors, I’ve heard the boos from a select few fans, I’ve heard the interviews, I’ve heard the wrestlers saying Everest’s getting redundant, he’s not original, he’s …. Boring. You know what Becky? I’ve thought about it, and I realized one thing……Only one man currently in the WZCW has beaten all the top talent.

    That’s right Becky; think about it, I’ve beaten Joseph Rios! I’ve beaten Mohammad what’s his name, I’ve beaten the Devil Spawns, with help of course. I’ve beaten each and every man put in front of me, time and time again. If that isn’t what people want, then fine. I’ll keep talking the talk and walking the walk, defeating whoever they want to put in front of me. I’ve been through Chucky Myles little power trip, taking away my well earned Number 1 contenders spot; I’ve taken on Dynasty several times over. You see Becky I’ve been everything WZCW’s asked. I’ve taken everything they can throw at me and I just keep going.

    BECKY: So it sounds like you’re disgusted with the way some people perceive you.

    EVEREST: Well Becky, I’ll tell you what, back in the day a once famous wrestler made a statement, and his point was clear. His point is something I’m going to bring back because it fits my perspective on this matter. I’ve teamed with some of the WZCW’s best talent and on Meltdown next Monday I’ll get to add two more great names to that list, but I’ll get into that in a minute. You see Becky that former wrestler said that no matter who he teamed with, no matter who he trusted, no matter how many people he teamed with; there was only one true partner he could trust. There was only one true trustworthy soul out there…..THE PEOPLE.

    Becky what I do, I do for the fans. They pay my salary, they buy my merchandise and from here on out, they are what I’m going to strive to entertain. No more letting Myles dictate actions, no more worrying about Dynasty or worrying about who I have to impress.

    BECKY: Alright, so you mentioned Meltdown earlier, how are you preparing for your match up on Meltdown?

    EVEREST: Ah yes, Meltdown. Everest teaming with Steamboat Ricky and Ben Legend. Two very different personalities. One thinks he is a pirate, and quite frankly I think he might actually be a pirate. The more unnerving thing may be his almost sadistic love affair with flaming Spanish announce tables. I’m not sure if I should pity the man or feel for the tables. I have to say though that parrot he talks to must be doing something right since Ricky doesn’t seem to leave the ring a loser very often. Getting past the wall of pirate scent may be the biggest obstacle I’ll face in this tag team match. To Steamboat’s credit though, from what I’ve seen, the man won’t stop. I won’t have to worry about him giving up or walking out; Ricky gives his all every time he steps into the ring. There’s nothing better you want in a partner than that trait.

    Then there’s Ben “The Myth” Legend. I have to admit Becky, I don’t know much about this guy. I’ve seen him a few times recently and I like his style. He fights and fights and won’t give up, much like Ricky. He seems confused though? You see his name is Legend yet he calls himself a Myth. But Becky a Myth and a Legend are two different things. Other than that minor confusion this kid is going to be good and I’m very proud to be getting into the ring with him. Welcome to the Main Event son, it’s put up or shut up time now though. Let’s see what you got.

    Everest takes a quick sip of water

    BECKY: Well Everest, you’ve commented on your partners, how about your opponents? The Maxx, Rajeem and David Jeatter.

    EVEREST: It’s simple really Becky. Look at these 3, you’ve got 2 managers and some comic book wanna be. Maxx you say I can’t win the big one, I only get lucky! Well guess what Maxx, come Meltdown all the yelling in the world isn’t going to help you. I take that back Maxx, the only screaming that might help you would be you screaming “I quit, I quit.” So Maxx keep talking and talking, keep on dreaming that you might be in my league, bottom line is you’re not and you never will be. Kiss Rios ass all you want, come Meltdown, if Legend and Ricky don’t do it, I’ll take you down the mountain myself.

    Again Everest sips from the water bottle

    EVEREST: As for the other two, Rajeem and Jeatter, well I’ll keep it simple. Rajeem, the 7/11 store just called and said your break’s over now get back to fixing the slushy machine. Jaetter, you call yourself the “Manager of Champions” so maybe you should worry about managing and less about getting into the ring. If either of you wish to get into my way, I’ll gladly show you the fastest and most painful way to the canvas, courtesy of a Rockslide. 3 seconds will never seem so long. Meltdown is just another rung on the ladder, another rung I plan to scale on my way to the top.

    BECKY: Well Everest, Our time is almost up, is there anything else you would like to add before we sign off?

    EVEREST: Yeah Becky, you know there is one more thing. WZCW’s next Pay per view is coming soon. Once again, like I said before, I am the number one contender to the World Title. Myles tried to punish me, Rios’ has tried to avoid me, and hell Dynasty’s tried to take me out numerous times. I’m not naive Becky; I know that this could be my last opportunity at Rios’ title. I’ve seen the young talent here, I’ve seen the hungry eyes in the back wanting a shot at the title but for one more night I’ll get my shot. So Joseph keep this thought in the back of your head, I’ve beaten you before, I’ve taken your best shot, gotten up and came back for more. I’ve taken on Dynasty, in all their glory and lived to fight another day. Now it’s time for me to take the final leap. Rios it’s time for me to be recognized. It’s time for me to be WORLD CHAMPION. Then and only then, the world will realize


    Becky, I want to thank you for this opportunity and this interview. To all the WZCW.com viewers and listeners, thank you as well. I’ll see you all at Meltdown.

    With that Everest calmly rises from the chair, stretches a little and grabs his sunglasses and water, he shakes Becky’s hand and exits the screen to the left as the show fades to black and the WZCW.com logo appears.
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    We see Ben Legend, visibly angry and distraught

    LEGEND: It seems that the Maxx is living with a false sense of victory. He thinks that he shut me down, ended my championship dreams you might say. But all he did is fuel my own rage. But this isn't the prepubescent rage that Maxx seems to be going through. Oh no, this is pure, unadulterated, HARDCORE rage. Something that Maxx seems to lack. Maxx, you believe that you can be the greatest thing that ever came to wrestling. But the thing is, you don't seem to have the ability to be the greatest. For instance, take a look at our match from the last Meltdown:

    A clip is shown of Legend locked in Maxx's Crossface. Minutes go by, Legend struggling every second, until Legend is finally declared knocked out

    LEGEND: You see? The only way that you can beat me is to lock me in a submission move. A move that I DID NOT tap out to. If you take away those submissions, you're left with nothing. So how about it, Maxx? How about you put that title shot on the line, in a match where all submissions are barred. If you want to be good, you have to adapt to every situation you're put into. So what is it Maxx? Put up, or shut up?

    But enough about Maxx, let's get to the hot topic-the main event of Meltdown. I'll be teaming with Steamboat Ricky and Everest to face The Allied Losers-Menopause Maxx, Jealous Jeatter, and Rambunctious Rajeem. I mean, how can anyone take these three seriously?

    The best example of this would be Mr. Rajeem. Can he even speak English? Hell, can he even wrestle? In all honesty, Rajeem should be at ringside for Hashbrown instead of being in this match. So, as a certain "Great One" would put it, know your role or you going to face the Severed Ties.

    Next up to bat is Davinder Jeater. Or is it Jeatter? Maybe it's Jeattar? Honestly, can anyone even spell his name? Of course, the name's are never important. They'll always just be a small part of The Kodak Moment. So Jeater, how about you just don't tag in during the match. In fact, don't even come down to the ring. You won't be able to hang with the alliance of Everest, Ricky, and The Myth.

    Speaking of partners, I couldn't be any prouder of who I'm teaming with. On one hand, you have the one man who has come closest to dethroning the dictator known as our World Champion, Everest. Everest is the kind of performer that every wrestler should try and make themselves into. If it weren't for Dynasty, he would've been champion for a while now. But there's one thing I would like you to know, Everest-if Dynasty ever tries to screw you again, I'll have your back. You can always count on me.

    And on the other hand, he's probably the man I trust the most in this company. Of course, I'm talking about the true Hardcore Icon, Steamboat Ricky. Ricky, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we've been to hell and back together. We've brought each other to the brink of mortal injury. And somehow, we're able to shake each other's hands with a smile every time we see each other. But, always remember this:

    The clip of Ben spearing Ricky out of the Stairway to Hardcore is shown from many different angles

    LEGEND: I am the reason you still have that Mayhem Championship. You owe me a lot, Ricky, and you know it. I shouldn't have to fight for that Number 1 Contendership, but I am. The next time we meet for that gold, I promise you that the third time will be the charm.

    Legend walks off camera, and the screen fades to black
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    A distorted screen is shown and is suddenly switched to a public service anouncement

    Anoucer: This is a public service announcement paid for by the nation of islam the nattttioooon of isssslaaaam

    Davinder Jaeter is shown on screen behind a news desk with his tag team partner Rajheem, Davinder shuffles a few papers before he makes his announcement

    DJ: this just in, in local news N.O.I Scientist have found that Ben the Myth Legend is officially a hardcore crybaby

    DJ switches to the second camera on the right to address the viewers and a picture of Ben the myth legend is shown with a bib crying over a bottle

    DJ: Yes you heard it here first, during an interview segment on WZCW.com the myth has stated that he believes that a submission move shouldn’t be allowed in a hardcore match due to the fact that he lost, Bens career is taking a downward spiral (no pun intended) and is now using interview time to taint the victory of the man that he couldn’t beat (the maxx), in this reporters opinion If Ben did more wrestling and less complaining maybe, just maybe he could win a match against the local hooker on 29th street who lost both of her limbs in a car accident.

    A sign appears on screen saying EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE

    DJ: This just in Everest has admitted to WZCW.COM that he is the most boring wrestler on the roster and can’t win a match without the help of his dynasty team mate Joseph Rios, Everest who has never been the same since his last million matches with Rios states that he wrestles for the fans, we asked one fan his opinion on everest

    Fan: HE SUCKS!

    DJ: The public has spoken, in other news Steam boat Ricky has decided to donate his parrot polly to charity

    A picture of Kentucky fried pigeon is shown with an Arab man putting Polly in the fryer

    DJ: We asked Ricky to comment on why he made this decision

    A tape is shown of an old ricky promo shorten to two seconds of footage

    Ricky: Yaaaaah

    DJ: We managed to find a translator to help us decrypt Ricky’s rather cryptic language

    The footage is shown again with a man’s voice dubbed over Ricky

    Ricky: IM SCARRREEED!!!

    DJ: The nation of Islam understands that Ricky is scared as he is going to be fighting in a six man match with a crybaby and a ******, Ricky will be left alone with three individuals who make up the most dominant faction in WZCW history

    The footage of Ricky is played again


    DJ: Now the weather with Rahjeem

    Rahjeem is dressed in a suite and tie and begins to speak in Arabic but stops, he opens his mouth again but stops, DJ walks over to him and slaps him across the head enabling Rahjeem to speak

    Rahjeem: The weather today is a slight drizzle from the tears of MR. Ben the flower pot man who should be thanking allah for not having his neck broken, but that’s why he is a legend, he is a legendary jobber who has a mythological career in crying and moaning about his losses, in this weather mans own words he should really think about seeking psychiatric help.

    DJ looks amazed at Rahjeems English

    DJ: So you could speak English all along?

    Rahjeem laughs and gives davinder the thumbs up

    Rahjeem: The weather will be dark and gloomy for Everest the mountain of a man who will be disappointed by a huge loss to the nation of Islam furthering the career of the great Maxx, in this weathermans opinion he should just buy a plane ticket and go home

    DJ claps as Rahjeem gives him another thumbs up, but suddenly the screen falls to the floor revealing a bald man with glases well spoken reading from a script, DJ chases the man off as Rahjeem tries to talk, he mimes a few words but relises that no one is speaking for him, Rahjeem looks over and sees DJ standing where his voice over guy should be, DJ walks over and slaps Rahjeem over the head

    The screen turns fuzzy and cuts to a convienience store where Rahjeem and Jaeter are speaking with a local clerk

    Clerk: So what will it be

    DJ looks over to the camera and points to the clerk revealing his intentions

    DJ: This is my brother Rajinder, He’s been working here for 9 years, since America started its war on terrorism he has been an outcast, his business is low, he hasn’t got enough money to feed his family, and people run into his establishment and call him terrorist, the police wont help him because they agree with the abuse he suffers, and you know whose to blame?

    Rahjeem: [FONT=&quot]جورج[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]بوش؟[/FONT] (George Bush?)

    DJ: Well he is partly to blame, but I blame the American terrorists who watch the Muslims like a hawk, who beat us , who abuse us just because we have better jobs and work for a better future

    Davinder walks away from his cousin and looks over at the camera, the scene switches to a militant training camp where davinder Rahjeem and Maxx are training new recruits for there quest of world domination

    DJ: soon we will be ready, Meltdown Maxx, myself and Rahjeem will begin our quest for world domination, against the three most evil terrorist among you Americans, Ricky, Ben and Everest, you all will pay for your sins

    A message is seen on the screen with the announcer’s voice in the background

    Anouncer: This message has been paid for by the nation of islam, naaatttttion of isssslam

    Screen fades
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    *Steamboat Ricky sits in an empty locker room as Johnny Klamor walks in for an interview.*

    Hey, uhhh...Ricky. Could we get some of your thoughts on the 6-man tag match that you will be involved in this Monday @ Meltdown?
    Sure Johnny, but watch your step.

    *Johnny looks down at the floor.*

    Ricky, why are there various breast implants all over the floor?

    Ha! Well, Johnny. If you were a traveller like myself, you would know that these are not breast implants. Rather, they are jellyfish that have deceased and washed up on the shore with the tide. Perv.

    [Defensively] What!? I'm no perv!

    Sure Johnny. But we can discuss that later. What needs to be discussed is the upcoming 6 man tag match at Meltdown. So, I get to team up with Everest and Ben Legend to take on the Nation of Islam. I can deal with that. Bring it on. Everest and Legend will be good partners. But let me ask you this, Johnny. What kind of "nation" is comprised of only 3 people? Is the International Grouping Society busting out new classifications these days? Does this "nation" even have any territory?

    Um, well, they do have that corner of the locker room.

    *Camera pans to the right, showing a corner of the locker room that bears the sign "Nation of Islam."

    Well, in that case...

    *Steamboat Ricky stands up, walks over to the "Nation of Islam" and puts up a smaller sign within the corner, reading "Embassy: Nation of Ricky"*

    Now they have me to put up with. Hasheem is trying to go after World Heavyweight Gold, and Maxx is trying to get the Mayhem Title after many failed attempts. But none of them have gold! How can a nation exist without currency?! Hopefully, the creation of my nation's embassy amongst their people will provide the Nation of Islam with some osrt of relief effort as they deal with the reality of not having any kind of currency. But with any luck, the Nation of Ricky will expand from its embassy confines, and it will overtake the Nation of Islam so that the Nation of WZCW will no longer have to put up with any kind of nation that doesn't have a sustainable economy or a population of over 3.

    *Steamboat Ricky stands up, straightens the "Nation of Ricky" Embassy sign, grabs the Mayhem Championship belt, and walks out the door, leaving Johnny Klamor visibly frustrated.*

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