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    Team USA enters the 2nd half with the following participants:

    Kurt Angle (capt.)
    Shawn Michaels
    Steve Austin
    Rob Van Dam
    AJ Styles

    The Events for the 2nd Half of the Wrestlezolympics are as follows:

    King of the Mountain (1 participant per country)
    Ultimate X (1 participant per country)
    Elevation X (1 participant per country)
    Tag-Team (2 participants per country)
    Battle Royal (all participants will be eligible)

    Please vote on which members of Team USA you would like to see in each event. Voting is by post only. Please BE CLEAR on who you are voting for, which EVENT you are voting for, and WHY. This is a non-spam thread and requires at least a reason for your vote.

    We will close voting on Sunday, February 28th.
  2. Mr. Truth

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    King of the Mountain: Kurt Angle. He has won 2 of them, need I say more?

    Ultimate X: I'm going with AJ Styles. He's won on his own and one with Christopher Daniels. He's participated in an additional 2 matches, I believe.

    Elevation X: RVD. With AJ in Ultimate X, that makes RVD the best bet at Elevation X. RVD is no stranger to dangerous matches, and while the Wrestlezolympics haven't been the most kind to him, since he's battling for a bronze currently, he's got a shot at Elevation X.

    Tag Team: That leaves HBK and Austin. Honestly, there's no chance at gold here, and every team is fighting for second place against Canada, now that Christian is going to be subbed in. With a reign as champs, and they both know not to trust each other, there's still a chance for silver here.
  3. Maggot01

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    King Of The Mountain: Kurt Angle because he's won 2 of them

    Ultimate X: AJ Styles because he's the most experienced

    Elevation X: RVD because he's used to these dangerous matches

    Tag Team: Austin and Michaels because they are the only 2 left and the most experienced tag team on this team
  4. Checkmate

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    Honestly, USA is fucked when it comes to the Tag Team competition. They will be up against teams like the British Bulldogs and Edge and Christian, and Austin and Michaels will receive some harsh arguements against them. However, they are the only real choice for a team here.

    Angle is indefinitely the best choice for King of the Mountain, winning two of them. I really don't see any major competition for Angle here, with the exception of maybe Japan.

    AJ Styles for Ultimate X, as he has the experience and skills to win it. I don't know who he will be up against, but many will likely see Styles as the popular choice.

    This leaves RVD for Elevation X. I guess this is a good choice, as I don't really know the match's history. However, RVD's ECW background will likely help him here, and he has a decent shot at getting a medal.

    Realistically, I can see USA pulling in at least a Silver with Angle, possibly another with AJ, and maybe a Bronze or higher with RVD. It would take some serious luck and pairings to medal in the Tag Team rounds though.
  5. gd

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    Hogan got replaced? Bunch of morons, the lot of you. O well, I suppose you have to deal with what you got.

    Ultimate X: AJ Styles. I'm sure he's won a few of these and everyone will vote for him because of his "TNA experience" or something.

    Elevation X: HBK. He's somewhat of a high flyer, right? His athleticism will do well here.

    KOTM: RVD. I know it's know actually a ladder match, but it's close enough. And remember, RVD is the king of ladder matches. That was the whole point for him being on the team. Make it happen.

    Tag Team: Angle and Austin. I don't think this would be conceding the tag competition by any stretch. These guys are more than capable of at least medaling.
  6. dave_theanimal_batista

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    Kurt Angle (capt.)
    Shawn Michaels
    Steve Austin
    Rob Van Dam
    AJ Styles

    King of the Mountain (Kurt Angle)-Only one on the team two have won one of these type matches.

    Ultimate X (RVD)-I figured I would use each person of the team just once & he is the only one I could see being in this type match.

    Elevation X (AJ Styles)- The only one to have experience in this type of match

    Tag Team (Shawn Michaels & Stone Cold)- Two mega WWE Superstars and great in matches where it counts.
  7. TheThirdHebner

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    Hogan's gone? Are you guys nuts? From a kayfabe perspective, this makes no sense. A tag team medal is unlikely anyways, and Hogan on your team pretty much locks up a gold in the battle royal (assuming HBK and Austin are also there, that's 7 Royal Rumble wins...you're telling me one of those guys isn't winning the battle royal?) This is a terrible risk for not much gain.
  8. Turd Ferguson

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    How does it feel to be wrong in almost all of your posts?

    By losing Hogan, Team USA gains Styles, who along with RVD, are giving Team USA two very strong candidates in the Ultimate/Elevation X events. Team USA could easily place with at least one Gold Medal, if not two.

    Austin and HBK still combined to win 5 Royal Rumbles. They're also an experienced tag team and needed to stick together.

    Angle has won two King of the Mountain matches which is why he's here.

    Process of elimination. Sorry.

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