#1 contender 4-way Match

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  1. sincade20

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    #1 contender 4-way Match

    Nate Thorpe Vs. Tom Mcbrady Vs. The Maxx vs. Joe​

    Winner get a title shot at The Elite X Title

    1. Next Episode of Meltdown
    2. Next PPV​

    It`s put up or Shut up for Nate Thorpe and Tom Mcbrady. Both men wrestle to a draw in the last meltdown with nothing on the line. Now this they will get a title shot at the Elite X title either on meltdown or the next PPV but you have to factor in WZCW newcomers The Maxx and Joe.

    All Rps are due on Nov 8 2007
    Keep All Rp in here
  2. joe81014

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    Oct 15, 2007
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    OOC:This match was kind of hard to RP for, i didnt want to use a TV or Radio interview b/c Gus and Will already did, so anyway, hope you all like it

    The Screen is black, you can hear the very beginning of “Holy Diver” by Dio, (The Windish Part)

    Joe: I made an Impact

    (Clip of the attack on Thorpe and McBrady)

    Joe: I proved my point

    (Clip of Joe standing alone)

    Joe: There are 3 other men in this match…the winner to get the first
    defense of The Elite X Championship, the fans get to decide when it happens, either at the next Meltdown, or at The next PPV.

    (A picture of The Elite X Title is shown)

    Joe: This, This is what I want, and I wont let Max, Thorpe, or Brady stand in my way!!!

    (Lights are shown on Joe, you can see his face clearly now)

    Joe: I mean, look at my competition, You’ve got Maxx,

    (A Pic of Maxx is shown)

    Joe: a Chris Benoit rip off, I must admit, he’s a hell of an athlete, but he’s just not as good as I am…

    (A Pic of Thorpe is shown)

    Joe: Then there’s Thorpe, a man whos finisher is an elbow drop, woooo!!! HA!

    (A Pic of mcBrady)

    Joe: McBrady, where to start with you?, a former quarterback, 2nd string? Ha, You claim you work hard, if you work so damn hard, why aren’t you The World Champion?

    Joe: This fatal 4 way is practically won by me anyway, I am The Man, I am the alpha male, Maxx, you claim that this is your outback? Well, this is my world, you’re all just pawns, in my world, I am the Demon, The only ruler, You can start the timer, park your asses on the couch, and wait, and watch as I win The Elite X Championship!!! When you think you have the match won, you will turn around, and there I will be, and The Depths of Hell will be opened on your souls, and I will guarantee that you will never be the same, once you step into the ring with The Demon, Joe!!!

    (He gets a sinister and insane look on his face)

    Joe: The Demon has been unleashed!!!
  3. RatedR_HBK11

    RatedR_HBK11 Plax punked Brady =)

    Jul 7, 2007
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    [Backstage, Showtime is sitting in his locker room with a towel over his head. shower running hot water so that the room is filled with steam. The door is locked, but it keeps sounding as if Showtime is having a conversation with someone. He doesn't sound too happy. This time, the cameraman opts to stay outside and eavesdrop.]

    Thorpe: You must not have HEARD me when I 1st said it, you were probably off somewhere picking your ass or something. YEAH, same goes for you too! I'm here for 3 THINGS! GIRLS, GOLD, AND GLORY, and to be cramping my style in 2 out of those 3...man it ain't good, it AINT good! My match against him over there, for sure it had GOLDEN implications, and YOU TWO shit on it. My 1st true moment of GLORY here in the WZCW, my 1st win, flushed by you PANSIES!

    The funniest part about it all is that neither of you could even finish the job! You wanna shot at me, fine, by all means come and find me, but you sure did pick the worst time to come barkin' up my tree. You don't f*ck with a man's title chances, but since you were so kind to do it to me, I think I should return the favor.

    [There's a long pause, it sounds as if Showtime is gearing up to wrestle, then he starts laughing a bit. Cameras still stay outside.]

    Thorpe: You know, it's funny now that I think about it...you two were being kinda girly, to attack me from behind and all. So, since I am looking for girls, and YOU TWO decided to act like a buncha girls, I'd say I found my 1st group of girls in the WZCW. And even though you're not feminine enough for me to touch you the way I'd normally touch a girl, I'm still 100% positive you can feel the Bustdown! Just like any other girl would.

    [The locker room goes quiet. Then Showtime's voice is heard just above a whisper, in a soft spoken voice.]

    Thorpe: You...you already know we're not done. You know why, you know what we have to do, and you probably know what's going to happen when we do it. I'm sure you feel robbed too, but it can't possibly be that bad, because you were lying belly up. You thought you could stand in the same ring as me and be the last man standing, but unlike me, they finished you off. That's why you don't stand a chance at Civil Revolution. Only the strong survive, and if you couldn't survive that, then I don't know how you could survive what I have in store for all of you this Sunday. You claim to be a workhorse, well let me toss you a quick fact. A workhorse is a nickname for a running back, not a quarterback. But you'll truly wish you were a workhorse, because I'm going to tire your ass out in that ring.

    Cause at Civil Revolution, when all is said and done

    Out of the 4 of us fighting, there can only be one

    I know it won't be the Man of the Outback

    Cause he'll be the 1st left lying on his back

    Oh, then there's Joe, hooo boy the Demon!

    I'll have him runnin like Willie Beamon

    Then there's McBrady, 2nd string for a reason

    I'll leave you so out cold, you'll be freezin

    And even though I'm goofin off, tryin to rhyme

    This Sunday, it WILL be SHOWTIME!

    [Thorpe opens his locker room door. Steam billows out from behind him as he walks away. Cameras go into the locker room to see who he was talking to, but there's no one. Instead, there's three pictures on his wall. One of Joe, one of McBrady, and one of The Maxx. On Joe's head is written, "Venni." On McBrady's head is written, "Vitti." On The Maxx's head is written, "Vicci."]

    MR.SCOTT Guest

    [THE MAXX is standing in the hall way, a cold dark hallway, he looks at the camera and starts to laugh, he laughs hard and then suddenly punches his fist against the wall, he continues to punch till it starts to bleed]

    : Listen up boys, Ive just given you the advantage of a life time

    [MAXX Shows his busted hand to the camera]

    THE MAXX: you must think to yourselves, is this guy nuts,

    [laughs to himself, cool calm and cocky]

    THE MAXX: you see i don't want no excuses, none from mcbrady, that sorry ass piece of haggis swallowing crap, Joe the baby boy who im amazed was allowed out past his curfew let alone allowed to wrestle here tonight

    [Maxx looks dead into the camera with a huge smirk on his face]

    THE MAXX: Joe dont worry little man, ill make you tap quickly and make sure that there is enough of you left to go home to momma.

    [THE MAXX snaps his knuckle into place]

    THE MAXX: and last but not least, Thorpe, you look like a f***ing reject from the sopranos, You want to talk trash, saying veni veni vicci, well let me tell you something you little b**ch, ill make you tap and ill make you scream so loud that not even the gay mafia would wana touch that ass.

    [THE MAXX LOOKS at his injured hand and makes sure that the knuckle is in place]

    THE MAXX: When my debut was imminent, i was banned from competing by WZCW officials due to my violent nature, they tried everything to stop me from coming here tonight, All i want, all i crave and all i desire is respect, i aint no Chris Benoit, I ain't no dean malenko, I aint no shawn Michaels, all i am is the best, and boys once you enter into my outback, youll never be the same again!!

    [the maxx pauses and is about to leave but stops, he looks back at the camera as the smirk disappears]

    THE MAXX: The time for talking is over, its time to face the music, at CIVIL REVOLUTION all that will be left is the number one contender, four men enter, one shall remain, and that shall be the king of the outback... Bring your A game boys, your gonna need it!

    [THE MAXX leaves]
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