Your Year In 2016 & Looking Ahead To 2017

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    It's that day. The time of the year that one year ends and another begins. Common traditions for New Years Eve include setting a resolution for something you want to do/change in the next calendar year, as well as looking back on the previous calendar year. This thread will serve as a chance for discussing both of these things.

    A lot of things happened in 2016, some good, some bad. There is no denying that there are things about 2016 that people will not look back fondly on. That's not to say that it was an awful year. There is always something good to find. You just have to look.... I want to know what your year was like. Not the celebrity deaths (yes I know there were several) and not the politics. Tell us about what happened to YOU this year that you would like to share, and why these things were important. Feel free to also share any New Year's resolutions you may have for 2017. Be creative. Not the "I want to lose weight!" resolution that constantly gets made by so many on the 1st and dropped by the middle of January. Think about it. There may be something really worth changing that you want to do!

    2016 held a number of good moments for me. I spent the first half of the year completing a intense year-long Christian Theology class that I started back in the summer of 2015. I moved into a new apartment in February which was better quality than the place I lived in the fall of 2015. I got to go to NXT Takeover Dallas and Wrestlemania 32. It was some of the most fun I have ever had as a fan. That weekend was the best moment of the year, up until earlier this month when I went to TLC, which was about equally as awesome. Other highlights of the year include when I went to a local Comic Con back in March for my birthday, getting a 2DS this summer, going to a number of big events with my church, and a promotion I got at work this fall.

    A resolution for me for 2017 is to focus more on completion of personal projects. If I decide I want to do something then I should go out and do it instead of just talking about it. Sometimes all it takes is a software upgrade and rewriting a story. It can completely breathe new life back into a forgotten project from one's past. I experienced this firsthand recently. Another resolution would be to continue working on being quick to forgive instead of taking offense or holding a grudge. I am much better about this than I used to be, though it is something I want to keep putting into practice. And to always be preparing for what may be coming in the next season of life.

    What about you, what were some of your best moments in your life in 2016?

    Do you have any New Year's resolutions, and why is this important to you?

    Please keep the forum rules in mind, stay on topic.

    Discuss! :)
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    2016- A big moment for me was getting diagnosed with cancer after my mother the year before and my father battling ALS. It was certainly an eye opener and a huge downer.

    For 2017 I want to (somehow) relax more. Call me lazy but my ideal weekend is sitting back and chilling with a PS4, Xbox One or watching T.V. 2017 needs even more relaxation. Bring it on.
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    2016: My second half of first year ended and then first half of second year in college. Plenty of problems plus plenty of good moments. But the water is nearing the limit. Study was fine, friendship was buried by the counterparts while I still think about it. Much like Bray Wyatt's with Sister Abigail.

    2017: Horrible bad 3 months for study. Got failed in several subjects. First time in life as well. Personal life is a lot emptier. A lot more loner guy. Expectations are very low and rightfully so. No idea what's next but learning everyday about something. Getting more close to God. Although, I botch a lot at that stuff.

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