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Discussion in 'The WrestleZone Symposium' started by Hyorinmaru, Jan 5, 2016.

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    I used to collect the action figures of various fighters, wrestlers and superheros in my childhood.

    I have had Spiderman, Batman, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Superman etc in my collection box.

    What's more interesting is that I used to conduct matches between all these action figures. The joints could be separated so I did use to alternate the arms, legs and heads.

    I used to try to execute every move that I saw in any wrestling match. Much like playing a game but on my own manually.

    One more thing I used to collect were stickers of various wrestlers which had their specific height, weight etc written on it. There was a time when my cupboard was totally covered by stickers from outside.

    Weird stuff. :p
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    I collect CDs and vinyl records. I also have quite a few set lists from concerts I've been to but those are difficult to nab consistently.
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    Just kidding. I collect wrestling autographs. It's an easy enough hobby but you'd never imagine the type of looks you get from coworkers and friends alike when you tell them you're driving five hours to meet a wrestler or two. It definitely helps to have a wife that supports and encourages your addiction as well. I have over 50 autographs but I'll post my favorites from my collection. As you can see, being from Kentucky, I travel anywhere from two to six hours to attain these signatures and while not everyone would do that, it's an awarding experience for that three or four minutes of interaction with your heroes.

    Daniel Bryan autograph from Wizard World Columbus 2014
    I also met Batista here. Daniel was a total class act and was probably one of the nicer guys I've met. By the times I reached him, he'd been there for about an hour and a half and still took the time to talk to everyone.

    Roddy Piper autograph from the 2015 Fanboy Expo in Knoxville
    The single nicest wrestler I've met. I can't say enough good things about Piper. HE FUCKING LET ME TRY ON HIS HALL OF FAME RING!!!! I met him in June which was a month before he passed which makes it that much more special to me

    Chris Jericho autograph from Steel City Comic Con in Pittsburgh 2016
    Another quality guy that loves his fan. I waited about two hours to meet him. Got all the way to the front and he went to go eat lunch. So I waited another 30 minutes but was totally worth the time.

    Mickie Foley autographed barbed wire bat signed at a Nashville indi fed
    I've met Foley twice now and both times he seemed busy. As for this time, he was sending out a tweet when I was trying to talk to him. I waited in the front of the line for about four minutes until he made time for me. Decent guy just not what I would've expected from someone so humble.

    Jeff Hardy signed poster from Big Time Wrestling show in Bristol, TN.
    I'm pretty sure he was high or drunk lol. He helped me roll up the poster when he was done signing which makes him a cool dude in my book.

    Ric Flair signed World Title replica signed in Bluefield, WV
    I've heard horror stories about meeting Flair and they're probably all true. The dude was totally unmotivated but he's been signing autographs since the 70s so who can really blame him? He shook my hand and said thanks. There were tons in line and it truly was surreal meeting him just wish he would've been more talkative. I also got Ricky Steamboat to sign the other side of the belt at the same event.

    All in all, Piper is probably my favorite bc of the story behind it.
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    So I got a 100 piece Batman puzzle from my local Goodwill to add to my batman collection right?

    In the end I had a new collection that I had started. Completed puzzles that I have saved with puzzle saver. I don't know what it is about them but doing a puzzle is relaxing and takes my mind off everything else.

    This one is the completed Batman puzzle. I use Mod Podge puzzle saver. It goes on looking like Elmers school glue but dries completely clear. It's also only a couple bucks at Walmart for a big jar of the stuff.

    This is the one I'm working on now. I bought it at a sale one of my local churches was putting on

    Lucky for me this is another cheap hobby as most 2nd hand stores like Goodwill have a lot of puzzles for cheap.

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