You Crazy Americans Part Four

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    So I haven't done one of these for a few months, so I guess it's time for another observation from north of the United States of America.

    After months of news, discussions, controversies, and a perpetual onslaught of CNN Breaking News stories discussing Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton, and all of the rest of the gang, the Republican National Convention is upon us. Cleveland, get ready for drama which should even exceed the Cleveland Cavaliers bringing a championship to the city in the first time in pretty much forever.

    Gotta love that Second Amendment, the right for all Americans to bear arms. Better than that damn Obama going door to door, taking all of your guns I guess. I'm sure my sarcasm is apparent, especially if anyone has ever read parts one to three of this series of ramblings I have made.

    So there is a list of 72 items (I think) which are banned from being able to be brought to the convention grounds. Which seems reasonable, I guess. Wouldn't want to see the Donald get pelted by tennis balls or rotten tomatoes. If it is raining, wouldn't want to see someone use an umbrella as a lethal weapon. Unfortunately Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be unable to attend, due to the list of banned substances. And of course, no fake guns, as plastic weaponry is not protected by the Second Amendment.

    But yet, during days when there has been more volatility, both foreign and domestic, than I can ever remember, and during a campaign process featuring the most controversial candidate whatsoever (and Trump as well), I hear through my immersion in CNN that people have the right to bring actual guns to the RNC event zone. With the events of France (on several occasions), Belgium, Dallas, Orlando, San Bernadino, etc., fresh in everyone's minds, sadly, you crazy Americans will have the constitutional right to show up at the RNC event zone with actual loaded firearms, as long as you have the appropriate paperwork and have it on display.

    Is this not the craziest thing you have ever heard in your life? Take the most controversial and polarizing guy you can imagine, with all of his history and the violence and drama which has accompanied him, during days which have had such an outbreak of violence on both domestic and foreign soil, put all of this into an enclosed area, and we have a recipe for disaster. So hey, why not let a bunch of guys with loaded guns run around amongst all of this. Can't see any harm in that.

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    This is nothing compared to the danger we are experiencing anytime we leave our homes from people walking blindly while playing Pokemon Go (Carelessly Injure Yourself Or Someone Else).
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    Does the appropriate paperwork include your Republican Party member card? I'm sure they will be very selective about who has "appropriate paperwork" and who they even let within 10 blocks of the convention with a firearm. I've seen these reports too but I can't help but think (or at least hope) there's some misinformed people reporting this or that by the time the RNC rolls around this changes.
    It may just be a publicity thing where they actually let a handful of paid Trump campaign turds bring firearms to be seen on camera and blow it out of proportion, it wouldn't be the first time the media blatantly lied about what takes place at a political rally or convention.

    Certainly in an arena full of armed rubes and Trumpies, trying any brave stunts would surely be a death sentence but I don't doubt that there are at least thousands of Americans that would gladly martyr themselves or be badly beaten and spend life in prison to have the legacy of wasting The Donald. Think of the respect one would have amongst their fellow inmates assuming they weren't gunned into ground hamburger in a matter of seconds.
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    I just learned something new in my level 200 Criminal Justice class today. It's a Private Security course, and we've been discussing whether security guards should be allowed to carry firearms while on duty. We've also talked about the standards, or lack thereof, regarding security guards and how many slip through the cracks of the background checks.

    Just a few brief examples of this...Omar Manteen, the perpetrator of one of the most deadly mass shootings in United States history, was working for G4S...a private security company. In 2013 he was working security at a courthouse, but was moved after making "terrorism comments". But none the less he kept his job as a security officer.

    Another prime and recent example is Dahir Adan. He was the perpetrator of the mall stabbing in Minnesota just less than a month ago. He too was a security officer, and at the time he was stabbing 10 victims in the name of Allah he was even in his uniform.

    So the standards that go into hiring security guards are extremely low and scary. They don't even do FBI background checks in several states, and up to 27 states don't even look into whether or not you're allowed to actually carry a gun. The standards for licensing security guards are extremely low. Most of the time the forms you fill out when they ask if you're a convicted felon or if you're prohibited from carrying a firearm...if you lie on those forms, that's the end of it. A lot of states basically take your word for it, and don't go any farther by researching into easily accessible databases like NICS.

    Do you guys know the 8 no-nos for carrying a firearm.

    1. Can't be a convicted felon
    2. Can't be an illegal alien
    3. Can't be dishonorably discharged from the military
    4. Can't be a habitual alcoholic or drug user
    5. Can't be found guilty of any domestic abuse crimes
    6. Can't be under indictment
    7. Can't be a fugitive
    8. Can't be ruled psychologically incompetent by a judge

    Did you guys also know that the whole age of 21 thing is pretty laxed too? I always thought that you couldn't carry a gun if you were under the age of 21 (With some exceptions to hunting). That's not true, you cannot BUY a gun if you're under the age of 21 (And that even varies state to state)

    But an 18 year old can actually get a job as an ARMED security guard and carry their firearm while on duty, just as long as they didn't buy it. That is the craziest thing of all. Now granted there are some double standards there, like how you can join the military and go to Iraq and kill there at the age of 18.

    But this is the type of stuff I'm talking about when I argue gun control. I'm not saying that guns should be outlawed or anything. All I want is for those 8 things listed above to be more enforced and regulated. So anyone who falls under that category should not be allowed to possess a firearm, and if they do there should be no sliding through the cracks. Because so many people are sliding through the cracks. And it's even scarier when those people are not only sliding through the cracks when it comes to buying and carrying those weapons, but they're also even sliding through the cracks when it comes to being hired as Private Security Guards. That is not OK.
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