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    (As the impressive opening video package for Meltdown comes to an end, the Meltdown logo glides across the screen, quickly taking us to the McKale Center for tonight's show. The fans in attendance are cheering loudly for the start of the show. Without much wait, two bright pyro shoot down from the ceiling, coming into contact with Meltdown’s special titantron. This prompts many fireworks to shoot all over the stage, creating a jaw-dropping site for the fans in the arena. Once the amazing fireworks display has ended, the arena lights turn on and the cameras pan the audience. Many fans are holding their signs high in the air, while screaming for the start of the show. A small graphic appears on the top left corner of the screen, telling us the show is live from Tucson Arizona. As the smoke drifts throughout the arena from the impressive pyro display, the familiar voices of the Meltdown Commentators are heard.)​

    Copeland: Hello, fans! It's Monday night, and you know what that means. It's time for WZCW Meltdown! I'm Sebastian Copeland, along side Jack “The Enforcement” Cohen. We're live from Tucson Arizona!

    Cohen: We have a lot of action tonight for the people here in Tucson, and I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true.

    Copeland: That's right. And amongst the exciting action, we'll witness all of the fallout from last week’s show, which was a historical event.

    Cohen: Yeah, yeah. But nothing made me happier than to see Joseph Rios walk out of Meltdown still the WZCW Heavyweight Champion! He deserves that title more than anyone.

    (The cameras continue to pan the roaring audience, obviously excited for tonight's show. The arena lights flash all over the place, while some lights scroll through the crowd.)

    Copeland: Show Jason Sincade some respect. He put up a great fight last week! He may show no one respect-- well neither of them does-- but you have to give credit where it's due!

    (The cameras take us to the commentary table, where Copeland and Cohen are seated dressed in their usual attires.)

    Cohen:You know, another thing that happened at Meltdown was the Elite X title match between Nate Thorpe and the Elite X champion “The One” Big Will.

    Copeland: Yeah Gus and Thorpe will be going one on one and the winner will be the #1 contender automatically. Such high stakes on this weeks Meltdown


    Cohen: By the sound of that music here comes the boss!

    Copeland: Yeah Cohen and he looks piss. He is coming out with a purpose I hate to be anyone on his hit list

    (Sincade walk out to a Mixed reaction he is wearing a black Armani suit with a dark grey tie. He walks straight to the ring, once he is inside the ring he asks Harry for the mic. He snatches it and walk to the middle of the ring and beginning to pace back and forth.)

    Sincade: Okay that enough cut my music!

    (Sincade pauses a minute while the crowd screams with a mixed reaction)

    Sincade: You see I may be a jerk. People may not like me. I may be a certified asshole, but you can guar-damn-tee that I am a fair man. (Pauses) I give respect where respect is due. Where I lose I have the dignity to say that my opponent was the better man. I don’t need anyone to come out and save my ass in every match. You see I am out here by myself. There is no AJ, No Ace Cannon, and No High Society. Hell I don’t even have E2 out here.

    (Then Sincade walks toward the rope and leans on them. A tech guy is giving him the slash throat sign telling Sincade to end it)

    Sincade: Shut up. I the boss I finish when imp done. Now I know what you’re saying who am I referring to? None other than Joseph Rios. You’re on the clock im not finish with you by a long shot so check your panties Bitch.

    (Pauses as the crowd cheers)

    Sincade: Now speaking of bitches that bring me to the Bin Laden of the WZCW Hasheem. You had a little pow wow with that Viagra spokes model Chuck Myles. So he put a battery in you back and you decide to stick you nose into my match. That was a big mistake, I should fire your ass but no I have something even better. So tonight in this very ring im going to mop your ass up and down this Arena in a pinfalls anywhere match. So Tighten up your turban.

    (The crowd Screams in excitement)

    Sincade: Oh yeah back to Rios since you are call the main event listen up Champ. I got something plan for you Tonight you will be in a match. Matter of fact a triple threat match. It will be you versus D.C and Everest, but whoever wins will get a future title shot.

    (The crowd Cheers)

    Sincade: Now hit the Tunes.

    (Sincade music Erupts thru out the Arena as Sincade leaves and Fades to black.)

    **Commercial Break**
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    Copeland: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Monday night television that brightens up your Monday nights; welcome to Meltdown! We're coming to you live from Tucson Arizona in the amazing McKale Center. The roof is about to explode with these cheering fans in attendance!

    Cohen: It's about damn time you put some efforts into your introductions, Copeland the fans at home get sick of your boring, repetitive introductions at some point in time, as do I.

    Copeland: Yep, he speaks his mind! Tonight, what an announcement Sincade made. We’re quite possibly going to witness the biggest main event in Meltdown history! Dynasty leader Joseph “Main Event” Rios will go against Everest and D.C. A huge Triple Threat Match for Meltdown tonight, Cohen!

    Cohen: I seriously cannot wait for this match-up, Copeland.

    Copeland: we also have another big main event you fans that you will not want to miss! It will be Jason Sincade going one on one with Mohammad Hasheem. We're kicking off the show tonight with an Special Hardcore match with Steamboat Ricky and Ben Legend. Let take you to the back where Leon Caught up with Steamboat.

    *The camera cuts backstage to Leon Kenworth standing with Steamboat Ricky, who still is bearing this mysterious title belt.*

    Um, Steamboat, last week on Meltdown! we saw you heading out to the arena holding this title that's currently on your shoulder. However, because the network said that they would pull our broadcast if we didn't cancel the match, we never got to learn anything more about it. Can you please tell...

    YARRRRRRRRRRR! What I be wearing on me shoulder is called "The Mayhem Championship." Yarrrrrr! This belt shant be sanctioned by WZCW because it be too brutal of an idea for TV networks to handle. Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Interesting. So is this something that you just wear? Or is this going to be a belt open to challengers?

    Yarrrrrrrrrrr! If there be a lubber who be scurvy enough to challenge me to a match where there be no rules and no WZCW sanctioning, then there should be some chance of reward for the skalawag.

    No rules, huh? No WZCW sanctioning? If WZCW doesn't sanction this, then how are the TV stations going to respond?

    Yarrrrrrr! They best respond in airing the matches! Tis a gold mine for the broadcasters. Yarrrrr! The fans want to be entertained....and YARRRRRRRR...with deck swabbing through flaming Spanish Announce Tables....entertainment is to be had! YARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Interesting point. Steamboat, if you could sum up your title in just one word, how would you describe it?

    Yarrrr! I don't need one word. Here be how I describe me title!


    *Steamboat then proceeds to chase Leon Kenworth with travel Spanish Announce Table compelete with matches and kerosene (sold by SAT, Inc.).
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    Ben Legend Vs. Steamboat Ricky​
    Hardcore Match

    “Typical” by Mute Math hit’s the speakers and Ben Legend comes from behind the curtain and starts to walk to the ring.

    This is a Hardcore Mayhem match scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring. He stands at 6’2”, weighing 265 lbs., now residing in Atlanta, Georgia…Ben Legend!!!

    Legend gets to ringside where he gives a couple of high-fives to the fans. He gets in the ring and waits. “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” hit’s the speakers and Steamboat Ricky appears from behind the curtain with his cooler of Steam O’ Grog in hand and Polly on his shoulder.

    And his opponent. He stands at 6’5”, weighing 260 lbs., from the Isle of Tortuga…Steamboat Ricky!!!

    Steamboat walks briskly to the ring also giving some fans high-fives. He gets in the rings and runs around a few times to let his cape blow around in the breeze.

    This is the rematch of the match the people should have got to see at Civil Revolution. They said it was to violent, to gory, and to bloody to show on television. Well, tonight we give the powers that be the finger and we bring you what you deserve to see.

    That’s exactly right. Tonight the people will see the fight that they were robbed of. For those who don’t know a Hardcore Mayhem match isn’t just a regular hardcore match. Falls can happen anywhere! This match will have a winner by pin fall or submission.

    The ref calls for the opening bell and the match begins with Steamboat and Legend circling each other in the ring and then they lock up. Steamboat whips Legend over to the ropes and then quickly hit’s a clothesline sending Legend to the outside. Legend climbs up to the ring apron and then Ricky hit’s a running knee strike which sends Legend flying, and on the way down hits his head off of the Spanish announce table. Ricky climbs out of the ring and then looks under it and pulls out a ladder. He then goes over to Legend and hit’s a series of rights and lefts which sends Legend over the Spanish announce table into the Spanish announcers’ laps. He goes back to the ladder and slides it into the ring. He gets back in the ring and sets up the ladder close to the ropes. While he is doing that Legend sneakily found his way to the other side of the ring and slips under the ropes. He gets behind Ricky, and then after Ricky finishes setting up the ladder. Legend takes Ricky’s head and rams it multiple times off the rungs of the ladder from the 5th rung to the last rung busting Ricky‘s head wide open. He picks up Ricky by his hair but Ricky breaks free and he fires a punch. Legend counters Ricky’s punch with a full nelson. Legend locks in the hold for a few minutes trying to maybe submit Ricky early, but then has a better idea. Legend straightens up and hit’s the full nelson suplex. With Ricky lying on his back, Legend goes over to the ladder and starts to climb it.

    I hope he knows what he’s doing.

    If he messes up it will flip the momentum into Steamboat’s favor, but if he hits it could be the beginning of the end.

    He gets to the top looks over the throngs of fans that filled the arena and then looks down at Steamboat still lying on his back. Legend attempts a Leg Drop off the top of the ladder, but Steamboat moves out of the way at the very last second. Ricky gets up and he looks like a man possessed. He picks up Legend by the head and flings him out of the ring. Steamboat waits for Legend to get up and hit’s a hard lariat on the outside of the ring. He gets Legend on his feet and whips him over to the Spanish announce table. Ricky rolls Legend onto the table, hits more punches to Legend while Legend is laying on his back and then runs back in the ring and scales the ladder as quick as he can.

    What in the hell is Steamboat Ricky thinking. I think he has finally lost it. This is just a stupid career move if he misses he could kill himself!

    Yeah, but if he hits he could kill them both. In that case if his body is on top of Legend’s then he would win the match, but I guess the downside is that the post-match celebration would become a post-match funeral.

    Steamboat Ricky gets to the top of the ladder but he, unlike Legend, he waste no time. He screams “Man over board!” and delivers an elbow drop from the top of the ladder, that’s inside the ring, through Ben Legend through the Spanish announce table. A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out through the arena. Steamboat is the first wrestler to start moving and he goes for a cover…1...2...weak kick-out by Legend. Ricky goes to the side of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring apron. He takes a swing at Legend, but Ben avoids the chair shot, rolls onto his knees and hits an uppercut to the chin of Ricky. Ricky drops the chair and in one swift movement Ben Legend drops Steamboat with a DDT onto the chair. He goes for a pin…1...2...kick out by Ricky!! Legend gets up and grabs the chair. He starts to wear out Steamboat Ricky with the chair. After about the 5th or 6th chair shot Legend goes back under the ring and gets a ken do stick. He waits for Ricky to get to his knees and then uses the stick like a bat and hits what could only be considered as a "Home Run" using Ricky’s head as the ball. Legend looks at Ricky lying on the ground seemingly unconscious, but he doesn’t pin him.

    I think that Ben Legend is making an absolutely monumental mistake by not going for the pin right here. Steamboat Ricky is obviously knocked out, but Ben wants to inflict more pain.

    Maybe, Ben Legend believes that even with Ricky incapacitated that he hasn’t done enough damage to put Steamboat away. We will see as this match progresses if he has made the right choice or not.

    Legend walks around ring to the opposite side. He looks under the ring where he finds a lighter, a container of gasoline, and a table. He sets up the table pours the gasoline on it and then as he is about to light it on fire. When Ricky comes out of nowhere an connects with a shoulder block from off of the barricade knocking Legend to the floor and the lighter to the ground. Ricky gets up and he looks at Legend, then at the table, then at the lighter. He reaches into his boot and grabs a black permanent marker. He holds up the marker to the crowd and screams “Made in Mexico City” to the crowd as he writes it on the table. He goes and picks up the lighter, lights it up, tosses it on the table, and the table ignites. He picks up Ben Legend, and puts him on the ring apron and then Ricky joins him up there.

    They are fighting right over that inflamed table. Either one or both of these men can and probably will be scarred for life.

    This match is everything that it was hyped to be. Both men doing everything in there power to destroy each other.

    Legend gets the advantage by hitting some punches the ribs and then a devastating hay maker to the jaw of Steamboat. He sets up Ricky for the Legendary off of the ring apron but Ricky blocks it. Ricky hit’s a hard knee to the gut that doubles over Legend. Ricky gets Legend in the power bomb position and holds him there for a second. Then he turns sideways with Legend on his shoulders, jumps sideways off the apron, simultaneously flips Legend, and hit’s The Deck Swabber through the flaming table. Steamboat and Legend role around in pain, but Ricky has the wherewithal to get his arm over Legend’s chest. The ref slides out of the ring to make the count…1...2...3!!!
    The ref waits for a few minutes for Ricky to get up and then the ref raises Steamboat Ricky’s hand. Steamboat helps up Ben Legend and when Ben becomes aware of what just happened Steamboat extends his hand for a post-match handshake. Ben Legend looks around obviously disappointed, but then grasps the hand of Steamboat Ricky and the crowd goes nuts.

    Incredible act of sportsmanship shown by both men! Seconds after damn near killing each other, to have enough respect for each other to shake hands is almost unheard of.

    These two took each other to the limit. Ben almost had Ricky where he wanted him when he went for Legendary, but a counter by Ricky leads to Steamboat hitting the Deck Swabber through the flaming table for the win.
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    Setting/Background: Inside the ring
    "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd erupts over the sound system, as the fans rise to their feet, looking toward the curtain. Much to everyone's surprise, Heidi appears through the curtain, without Big Will. Heidi has a confidence in her, as she walks down the ramp, heading straight for the ring. As the fans begin to boo, she ignores them & walks directly up the ring steps, as she slowly steps into the ring, only to ask for a microphone. The fans begin chanting "You're a ****" as Heidi begins to speak.
    (Heidi)- "Ya, whatever, you know I'm sorry that Gus has never had his heart broken before. But thats exactly why I'm out here, because I want to explain to him, to his face, exactly why I left him, why I did what I did. Because I've had enough of the sneak attacks on my man, & its becoming a bit ridiculous & it needs to end." The fans begin chanting louder, as it interrupts Heidi. "I understand that you people think you have freedom of speech, but what separates this from real life, is what you're blurring. I'll do my best to entertain you people when I'm out here, but when I leave this ring, & when I leave this show, I expect you people to understand the difference between real life, & storyline. And I don't expect any of you to accept my personal decisions, but thats what makes them great, they're mine to make. So let me be in bed with who I want to be in bed with, & let me entertain you when I'm in this ring. I made a career decision, that just happens to be mixed with my personal life, & thats because I wasn't about to go down with Gus, in another one of his funks, where he had to make a choice on whether to do something about his career or not." Once again, the fans begin chanting loudly enough to stop Heidi from talking, only to enrage her.
    "You bunch of ingrates have NO self-respect for yourselves, or anyone else. I'm out here trying to make a point, trying to explain myself to the fullest ability I have, to end this stupid issue that Gus won't drop, & noone in this building is hearing a word I'm saying, because you bunch of hapless hicks won't shut the hell up! Dammit, Gus, this has got to stop right now!"Suddenly, "Holy Driver" by Killswitch Engage erupts over the sound system, as the fans jump to their feet, going crazy. Gus walks out through the curtain, as he isn't taking his eyes off Heidi, who's standing firmly in the middle of the ring. Gus calmly & coldly walks to the ring, almost with an emotionless expression on his face.
    As Gus gets to the outside portion of the ring, looking directly up, into the ring at Heidi, the fan's cheers switch quickly to boos, as out from the section of fans behind Gus, Big Will jumps over the guardrail & attacks Gus from behind, hitting him in the head with brass knuckles.
    As Gus drops to his knees, clutching the back of his head, Big Will hits him again, only to toss the knuckles into the ring. Will then picks Gus up, as he shoves him into the ring, then reaches into his pants as he pulls out a pair of handcuffs?! Will slides into the ring, as he gets to his feet, only to quickly stomp on Gus' head, then points for Heidi to grab a chair.
    As Heidi slides out of the ring to grab a chair, Will handcuffs the first half to Gus' wrist, then pulls Gus over to the corner, where he props him up against the turnbuckles & handcuffs his other wrist, causing his arms to be over & under the section holding the ropes to the post. Gus is helpless to move, as Will begins paint brushing him across the face, only pissing Gus off as he's becoming more apparent from the knuck shots. Will grabs the microphone that Heidi had, as he addresses a helpless Gus.

    (Big Will)- "Whats the matter? Huh, you piece of shit, you think you're the only one who can jump a man from behind?! HUH.. you think you're the only one, who can plot & plan their revenge around making sure the other didn't see it coming? You think I wouldn't be smart enough to know having Heidi come out here, wouldn't attract you to the ring? Like a moth to the flame, you fell for it. You know what, you're pathetic, you're a wasted use of space & you're a talentless loser, who's biggest claim to fame is that his girlfriend left him for a real man." The fans begin to boo wildly, as Will stops only to look out into the sea of anger. Big Will raises the mic, to address the fans."Ya know, I might actually care about any of your opinions, if they mattered worth anything more than what I wipe my ass with. But they don't, & none of you have what it takes to step in this ring with me. Just like this worthless, pathetic piece of trash. You see, thats why you people cheer for him.. because you're both similar, you're all very much alike. None of you can hold a candle to what I can do in this ring, none of you can get the girl that I got, & keep her satisfied." Directly as Will says the last remark, Gus violently tries to spring forward, but is held up, & pulled back by his arms being pinned. "Aww, whats'a matter, did I say something that hurt your feelings? Well guess what, keep those ears open young buck, because I got a lot to fill you in on.." Will starts to laugh, as he motions for Heidi to bring the chair over."You see, while you were preparing to lose what you could never get.. " Will holds up the Elite X Championship. "I was pleasing, & pleasuring what you never really had." Will jerks Heidi by the hair, over to him, only to kiss her directly in front of an enraged Gus, who is violently kicking & trying to free himself. "Now, now.. all that energy is gonna be needed for when you lose later tonight. You see, Gus, this is reality. This is whats real, & whether you like it or not, this is what you've gotta learn to deal with. Because one minute you're on top the world.. & the next, you're faced with the sudden grip of reality..." Will motions for Heidi to hold the chair up, only for Big Will to drop the microphone & suddenly deliver a vicious WILLENNIUM to the steel chair, into Gus' face, knocking him out. Will picks the mic. back up.. "......especially, when it kicks you directly in the face!"Officials & the Medical staff quickly come out from the back, after Big Will & Heidi slide out of the ring. As the officials are yelling & reprimanding both Will & Heidi, as they wave off the officials pleas, as if to not even hear them. Will & Heidi walk up the ramp, only to turn toward the arena & kiss at the top of the rampway. Meanwhile in the ring, the medical staff released Gus from the handcuffs, as he slumps to the mat, busted open on the forhead from the Willennium. The camera fades away.
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    Then the camera cuts to the back at a focus Tom Mcbrady walking backstage. Mcbrady is wearing his wrestling gear ready to go. He walks up to the door of Sincade office and barged in. Sincade is sitting behind his desk watching at what just happen between Gus and Will. He looks up at Mcbrady with an awkward look on his face.

    Sincade: What in the blue hell do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy? I got to see if this chump Gus can still go into his match with Thorpe. So before you start bumping your gums. Think first.

    Mcbrady: Listen I got no beef with you but I wasn’t on meltdown two shows straight. So I’m demanding a match tonight. I don’t care who it is.

    Sincade: Hold on there Tommy. Didn’t I tell you to think before you speak? First you come in here without knocking. Then you jump in my face bitching about how you don’t have a match. So now you want me to jump up and make a match with you in it

    Mcbrady: I’m an up and comer in this business and I refuse to be under used so now. I put me own destiny in my hands.

    Sincade: Whoa…whoa. Whoa! Don’t come with that Walt Disney Bulls#!t. so you want a match with anyone?

    Mcbrady: Anyone, I don’t care.

    Sincade: Okay my boy E2 needs a warm up match so I see your ready so take your ass to that ring because your match is next.

    Mcbrady: Your boy E2 doesn’t know what he gotten himself into

    Then Mcbrady storms out of Sincade office as the camera fades to black

    **Commercial Break**

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    (Meltdown returns from its commercial break, and the cameras head to the commentary table, where Copeland and Cohen are seated. Playing in the background is “Paralyzer” by Finger Eleven official theme song. The fans behind Copeland and Cohen are waving to the camera, and chanting "WZCW.")

    Copeland: WOW! What a Powerful Statement from the Elite X champion “The One Big Will don’t you agree Cohen?

    Cohen: More like powerfully cocky! This guy is to damn egotistical for his own good, and that’s going to catch up to him sooner or later.

    Copeland: I highly doubt that Cohen.

    Cohen: Shut up Copeland let gets to the ring so we can talk about the next match

    Tom Mcbrady vs E2

    Copeland: Mcbrady hasn't been seen since Civil Revolution, E2 is out and hes hungry to make a statement, this is a match in my mind to get both men involved in the elite x title hunt!

    Cohen: Both these men need to make sure that they bring there A game to this one

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Phoneix, Arizona, weighing in at 250 pounds, Tom McBrady!!!Opening guitar riff hits and strobe lights hit the stage, McBrady walks out shaking his arms and legs as if he is warming up before a game. Then he stops and holds his arms outstretched a single blast of gold sparks shoot up from the ground., then McBrady starts jumping up and down as if “pumping up” before a football game and high-fives everyone possible. He then rolls into the ring and poses with his arms outstretched again.

    Harrys: and his opponent....

    Weve just been told that theres commotion backstage

    Cohen: Lets get a camera outthere copeland what you waiting for?

    A cameraman runs to the back, we see E2 getting beaten down, two individuals are in the are, one who is Directing traffic and the other who is throwing him into several pieces of equipment, the unknown man throws him through the wall as the other man laughs, he looks around at the Camera with an angry look

    Copeland: Wait that's that's MAXX what the hell is he doing?

    Cohen: making a statment Copeland!The MAXX and DJ make there way to ring side as his music starts to play, he walks through the backstage area throwing everyone who gets in his way , The Maxx doesnt make his usual entrance instead just goes upto the ring where Tom Mcbrady is waiting

    Copeland: Mcbrady better get out of the ring!

    Cohen: Why not just let them have the match Copeland, someone get a ref down hereThe ref runs in as maxx approaches he runs for Mcbrady, Mcbrady ducks as maxx moves for a stiff clothesline, Mcbrady heads for maxx's right leg and tries to take him down

    Cohen: Mcbrady is fighting for his life in there

    Copeland: I dont think maxx is in there to win, hes in there to hurt Mcbrady The Maxx is moving steady limping on his right lef, Mcbrady attacks again as Maxx catches him, he locks mcbrady in an underhook and throws Mcbrady up into a sitdown powerbomb, the ref counts..1..2 kick out from Brady

    Cohen: What a powerbomb! Copeland Mcbrady mustered all his strength to get out of that!

    Mcbrady is breathing heavuily as maxx moves in again, he lvoks brady again in an octopus stretchm Mcbrady is screaming calling for the crowd(the crowd chants), DJ is on the side apron shouting orders at Maxx

    Copeland: Mcbrady is in trouble Maxx sees a weakness!
    hes trying to wear Mcbrady down!

    Mcbrady gets to the ropes as Maxx lays in for another attack, chops to Maxx's stomach, Maxx keeps coming back as MCbrady is trying to find a weakness in the fresh Maxx, The maxx grabs Mcbrady's right arm and locks in the fugiwara armbar, Mcbrady is writhing in pain but luckily gets his foot on the ropes before maxx can do anymore damage

    Copeland: Maxx is totally relentless, he wont back down from Mcbrady, he just keeps on coming!

    Maxx pulls Mcbrady from the ropes and pounds him straight in the chest, two high impact shots, Mcbrady cant stand and Maxx drags him up into the firemans carry position, suddenly as he tries to go for the fishermans buster Mcbrady counters into a DDT

    Copeland: Mcbrady counters, Mcbrady counters!Brady nips up and sees Max lying on the floor, he immediatly locks in the STF

    Cohen: what the hell is Mcbrady doing?, he has no chance putting a submission on Maxx, that wont stop the beast!

    The Maxx powers out and tries to counter Brady, Brady counters again and reverses Maxx into a roll up..1...2..Kick out by Maxx

    Copeland: Mcbrady is out wrestling the so called king of the outback!

    The maxx is infuriated and runs at brady, brady catches Maxx with a huge lariat, Maxx still stands, and shouts at brady to come at him with another, Brady bounces of the ropes and flies at Maxx with another lariat which topples the beast

    Copeland: Brady has Maxx down

    Cohen: but can he capitalise on that lariat Brady sees maxx down and jumps up to the top rope and goes for a moonsault, he hits it on maxxCohen: he hit the moonsault maxx should be done forthe ref counts...1....2....kcikout by maxx!

    Copeland:what the hell!

    Brady jumps to the tope rope and again goes for high risk, maxx catches him and moves in for a suplex, but punches maxx anf manages to position him on the top, he hits the workhorse

    Cohen:Oh my god, the workhorse, maxx is finished Cover, 1...2...kick out from maxx!

    Copeland: My god Mcbrady had this match won, how could maxx kick out

    Cohen: this shows you how much this match means to the king, he wont suffer another loss in WZCW!

    Maxx is holding his stomach as Mcbrady hits him with an ensiguri, Maxx is down again

    Cohen: Mcbrady is beating Maxx within an inch of his life here!

    Copeland: Go for the cover Mcbrady!

    Suddenly Dj hits the ropes and starts trash talking Brady, Brady grabs dj and hits him with rolling punches DJ is down and out outsideMcbrady moves back into the ring and is caught with a boot to the face by Maxx

    Copeland: Brady could of had this match won!

    Cohen: DJ is a mastermind, he sacrificed himself for his boy Maxx!

    The Maxx grabs brady and looks at the camera to signal a powerbomb, he throws brady up in the air suddenly brady starts punching maxx straight into the head

    Copeland: Brady is not going down without a fight here cohen!

    Cohen: That boy wont quit!

    The maxx falls to the mat and brady goes to the top for another moonsault, DJ again runs to the ropes to stop him but brady catches him and Hits him with a high cross body onto the concrete

    Copeland: Brady just too Jaeter out of the equasion

    Brady is holding his stomach and is in the process of being counted out
    He stumbles back to the ring

    Copeland: Brady is moving back to the ring, he looks like he may have injured his stomach with the high risk from the top

    Brady is clotheslined on the outside by Maxx, Maxx grabs a chair and moves in for the kill

    Copeland: No Maxx dont do it

    Maxx swings and misses brady spears maxx to the ground and moves in for a series of punches, maxx roles him up and swings a few lefts and rights of his ownThe ref tries to break it up but is pushed to one side by the two competitors, the ref signals for bell

    Copeland: What?

    Cohen: Its over copeland, man this match was pure kaos!

    a few more refs run into the ring and split the two competitiors up, the maxx is taken to the back as brady is moved into the ring suddenly brady pushes the officials and hits a suicide dive to the outside

    Maxx and the refs are down, the refs again try to split them up but to no avail as the two fight all the way to the back

    Copeland: this is the most intense rivalry ive seen in ages

    Cohen: Mcbrady and Maxx are at each others throats!

    The Scene fades to black as the Staff is trying to break up Maxx and brady​
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    A video package was shown of the MAXX vs Joe feud, the video fades out torevel the backstage area, Leon is standaing with maxx and DJ

    (Leon)- You've seen the footage maxx, now tell us who is this man and why did he attack, Joe after the match

    The Maxx looks into Leons eyes, Leon moves two steps away still holding the Microphone, he starts to shake

    (DJ): Listen you piece of human waste, you wana ask a question to Maxx here?, ask him why hes not even been put in a match with that runt joe, why sincade made him take a drug test, why the stupid official counted joes pinfall when the maxx had his foot on the rope

    (Leon): Well i hate to break it to you but....

    The maxx grabs Leon by the throught and he screams, stares at maxx as though he may lose his life

    (MAXX) Listen up, you freak

    Leon stares at Maxx and is shivering

    (Maxx) Sincade screwed me simple as that, the official should of seen my foot on the rope

    (Leon) But you didn't...

    the maxx lets go of Leon as he sees tears runing down his eyes

    (Maxx) get out of my sight, you disgust me

    The maxx grabs the mic as Leon runs, leaving Maxx and DJ alone

    (Maxx) Sincade, you think you can make a joke out of me, you made me a laughing stock in WZCW

    the maxx gets angry and starts smashing the whole backstage area Dj moves out of the way and tries to calm maxx down

    (DJ) then lets turn this around, show them how the greatest wrestler alive makes an impact, Show them the king of the outback!!


    (Dj) We are gonna make our statement tonight!

    Maxx and DJ leave, throwing the mic down as the screen fades
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    The cameraman is following Leon Kensworth who is walking through the halls of the arena holding a piece of paper. After making a few turns he stops in front of a door marked "Dynasty Locker Room". He knocks on the door and a tall young woman with dark black hair answers the door. Kensworth obviously shocked by this bombshell just kind of stares with his jaw open.

    Young Woman: Hello...hello...up here, you know where my MOUTH is.

    Leon: Sorry about that. Umm...I don't recall ever seeing you here before what is your name?

    Young Woman: My name is Cammy Carnage and I am the newest addition to the new "Dynasty" of professional wrestling. Who are you?

    Leon: Well...my name is Leon Kensworth. I'm an interviewer here in the WZCW; however that is not why I'm here today. I have a message for the DevilSpawns from Mr. Sincade.

    Cammy takes the note from Leon

    Cammy: Is there anything else I can help you with.

    Leon: No...That’s all.

    Cammy: Good, now SCRAM!

    Cammy re-enters the Dynasty Locker Room and tosses the note to Reaper.

    Cammy: Hey bro, some idiot named Leon said this note was from Mr. Sincade.

    Reaper opens the note and reads it out loud so everyone in the room can here what message the note contains.

    Reaper: DevilSpawns tonight I have put you in a 3-on-2 handicap Tag Match against Kenny and Joe from the Washoe Valley Crew and Jesse who will be making his Meltdown debut. Good luck tonight, you're going to need it.

    Reaper passes the note to Disasterpiece.

    Reaper: I don't give a damn if it was 5-on-2 Tornado style. Nothing is going to stop us from tearing through anybody and everybody that gets in our way from now on. Sincade thinks that by throwing in this new Jesse kid that those Washoe Valley b*tches will even stand a chance against us. In reality what he just did was added another body to the list of people who will be destroyed at our hands. We are going to do to them what they failed to do to us last week. Finish the job that we start.

    Disasterpiece finished reading the note for himself then he crumples it and throws into the garbage can.

    Disasterpiece: That’s right Reaper. We are going to make an example out of these 3 piss-ants. We are going to show them what it feels like to be totally and completely decimated. There’s a phrase we used in the military when there were no survivors in a building that was just bombed. We said it was a “total loss”, and that’s what lies ahead for our opponents. Reaper, when we go in the ring tonight we don’t leave it until everybody needs a stretcher. They need to pay the price for interfering in matters that do not concern them.

    Heidi: You guys shouldn’t even sweat it. Those two morons can’t do anything if Gus isn’t holding there hands. I would be more than a little surprised if they got to the ring without the use of a map. Well, I guess a map wouldn’t do them any good either since you need to be able to read a map to use it.

    Everyone laughs, but then Reaper looks like he discovered something.

    Reaper: Hey I get it. I know why Sincade put Jesse in the match with them 2 morons.

    Everyone: Why?

    Reaper: They needed someone to chaperone Kenney and Joe to make sure they don’t get lost on the way to the ring since Gus already has a match.

    Everyone but Big Will starts laughing again.

    Reaper: He Will what’s wrong…I thought you would’ve liked that one?

    Will: I can’t believe Sincade gave that creepy little bastard a #1 contender match for my title. He hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve a shot at another match with me. He is a pathetic piece of trailer trash that needs to have some common sense beat into him. I swear if Thorpe doesn’t do it, I sure as hell will.

    Joseph Rios gets up from his chair and walks to the middle of the room.

    Rios: Look gentlemen it is clear to me that Sincade wants to finish us off before his time as the man in charge in up. The way I see it this is f*cking war. I look around this room and I see the greatest stash of talent the wrestling world has ever seen. Who the hell does Sincade think he is huh? He thinks just because he got a little bit of power that he can try to de-thrown the new “Dynasty” of professional wrestling. We need to send a message loud and clear to him and anyone else who would think of getting in our way. We will make it damn clear to anyone who wants to oppose us that doing so could cost them their career. Let me ask you guys something. Do any of you have any questions in your mind, whatsoever, about our ability to dominate this promotion.

    Everyone either shakes their heads or says “no”.

    Rios: Ok then tonight we go out there and prove to the world that we are for real. It seems that Sincade feels if he puts us in enough of the bullsh*t matches he’ll eventually get rid of us. I say F*CK THAT!! We need to send a message to arrogant, self-righteous son of b*tch that we are not to be taken lightly, and that we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. DevilSpawns, Those 2 assclowns from the WVC need to be taught a lesson in pain. As for Jesse, we need to show him how we welcome newcomers to the WZCW. Now, I need to start preparing for my Handicap...Err...Triple-Threat-Match versus D.C. and Everest later tonight. Let’s go out there and show these no talent, no balls havin’ b*tches who is really runnin’ sh*t around here!

    The Washoe Valley Crew and Jesse Vs. The DevilSpawns


    Harrys: The following contest is a 3 on 2 Handicap Match, scheduled for 1 fall, introducing first, at a combined weight of 515 pounds, The DevilSpawns, Reaper and Disasterpiece!!!

    The arena goes black, as “For whom the bell tolls fills the arena, white strobes flash and thick white fog seeps up from the grates on the stage. The DevilSpawns stand with the fog and smoke around their legs. Spotlight shines on them as they looks around and works the crowd, Reaper lifts out his arms, DP tilts his head back and sprays a mist of blood from his mouth (like how Triple H does it). lights in the arena flicker back on as they start to walk down the ramp. They slide in the ring and each climb a turnbuckle. blood dripping down from DPs mouth he continues to interact with the audience as he raises his arms. looks around the arena, climbs down, Reaper has his arms extended, and wait for their opponents.

    Harrys: And introducing their opponents first, from Fresno, California, weighing in at 220 lbs, “The Headliner” Jesse Walters!!!

    He waits until Who Made Who gets really rocking, the lights are changing all different types of colors, he comes out, raises his fists, The fans approve of him, he walks down the ramp, with The Metal hand symbol (index finger and pinky raised) he stops on the ramp and waits for his partners,

    Harrys: Introducing his partners, from Washoe Valley, Nevada, at a combined weight of 470 lbs. “The Demon” Joe and “The Rocker” Kenny, The Washoe Valley Crew!!!

    The lights turn out, there are red and blue strobe lights going on, “Back in Black” fills the arena as Kenny and Joe walk out from the curtain, they both lift up the metal symbol, Joe kneels down, as Kenny plays air guitar, you can see The WVC symbol glowing on both Kenny and Joe’s pants, the lights turn back on, Kenny and Joe run down the ramp, and when they get to Jesse, he runs into the ring as well, the ref rings the bell, and the match starts

    Copeland: They’re really getting into it, right from the start

    Cohen: Yea, it’s a whirlwind

    Joe and Jesse are pummeling Reaper as DP and Kenny are fighting evenly, Jesse throws Reaper outside the ring, as Joe goes out to the apron, Jesse follows and it’s DP and Kenny inside the ring. DP and Kenny lock up, DP has a strength advantage as he pushes Kenny into his corner, he makes the tag to Reaper, who runs off the ropes, and towards Kenny, clotheslining him into the corner. Reaper starts stomping on Kenny in the corner, Reaper tags back in DP

    Copeland: Great teamwork being shown by the DevilSpawns,

    DP pulls Kenny into the middle of the ring and hit’s a neck breaker on him, cover, 1...2...kick out from Kenny

    Cohen: Almost had him, so close

    DP picks Kenny up and hit’s an amazing belly to belly suplex, Kenny flipped and landed on his stomach

    Copeland: What a belly to belly

    Cohen: He made Kenny do a 450 in mid air, what strength

    DP covers Kenny again, 1...2... Jesse breaks up the count. DP walks into the corner,

    Copeland: DP could be setting up for The Gore,

    DP runs at Kenny, Kenny hit’s a drop toe hold on DP, dives over into the corner, and tags in Jesse. Jesse runs towards DP, DP gets up, Jesse hit’s a head scissors DDT on DP. Jesse goes into a quick cover, 1... Kick out from DP. Jesse waits for DP to get up before clocking him in the side of the head with a step up enzuigurI. Jesse locks in The Ankle Lock, DP is yelling to Reaper to come in and break it up, Reaper comes in and clotheslines Jesse, DP rolls up Jesse after the clothesline, 1...2...kick out from Jesse, DP limps over to Reaper, tags him in, Reaper walks over to Jesse, waiting for him to get up, and he hit’s the Evenflow DDT, cover, 1...2...Joe comes in and breaks it up. Reaper looks in disgust at Joe, as he picks up Jesse, goes for Hells’ Calling,

    Copeland: The Evenflow DDT, and Hells’ Calling?

    Cohen: The unbeatable combo

    Reaper has Jesse up for it, but Jesse counters it into a piledriver of his own, hits it, and into a cover, 1...2...kick out from Reaper. Reaper goes for a tag to DP, but Jesse grabs his foot, and tags in Joe, who comes in and elbow drops Reaper across the back, and again, he picks up Reaper, whips him into the corner, goes up to Reaper, he jumps onto the tope rope, pulls Reaper into a DDT position, Joe spins Reaper and hit’s a DDT off the top rope, cover, 1...2...DP comes in a breaks it up, Kenny runs in and spears DP, they both go to the outside of the ring, where they fight, Joe and Reaper are fighting in the ring, Reaper kicks Joe in the stomach, and hit’s the Hells’ Calling on Joe, hey looks over to see that Kenny is on the outside of the ring, he covers Joe, forgetting about Jesse, 1...2...Jesse breaks it up, Reaper starts fighting with Jesse, Joe gets up, Jesse get taken out by a Reaper clothesline, when Reaper turns around, Joe hit’s the Depths of Hell on Reaper,

    Copeland: The Depths of Hell

    Cohen: The DevilSpawns were so dominating, but then a distraction cost Reaper the edge for now

    Cover 1...2... DP comes in the ring and breaks it up, Kenny follows him, but DP turns around and hit’s the Morbid Massacre on Kenny, Jesse runs at DP, and hit’s the DevilDriver on Jesse, which leaves Joe in the ring alone

    Copeland: its 2 on 1

    Cohen: The tables are turned,

    Reaper gets up behind Joe, DP shoves Joe into Reaper who locks in the cobra clutch on Joe, Kenny starts to get up, but DP sees him and kicks him in the temple, the same with Jesse. Joe’s face is turning red, he looks like he’s knocked out, the ref walks over to Joe, lifts his hand up, it drops, he lifts it again, it falls again, DP goes out to the apron, Jesse jumps up to the apron on the other side, and before the ref raises Joe’s hand again, he springboard clotheslines Reaper, and Joe’s face starts to turn normal colored again,

    Copeland: It was almost over

    Cohen: Great athleticism by Jesse

    Jesse pulls Joe into his corner, Kenny is waiting on the apron, Jesse pulls Joes hand up to Kenny’s, the ref signifies that it was a legal tag. Kenny comes in and Reaper tags in DP, DP and Kenny exchange rights in the middle of the ring, until DP goes for a clothesline, Kenny ducks, kicks DP on the stomach, and hit’s the Last Ride

    Copeland: The Last Ride!!!

    Cohen: What strength by Kenny

    Kenny then locks in the extreme Triangle Choke

    Cohen: A triangle choke, its really torqued in

    Reaper runs in and breaks it up, Kenny kicks at Reaper, he goes for another Last Ride, but this time DP counters it into a spike DDT, sending Kenny’s head crashing to the mat, cover 1...2...kick out from Kenny. DP climbs up to the top rope, and hit’s the Death From Above on Kenny, cover, 1...2...kick out from Kenny

    Copeland: What a match

    Cohen: Yea, its been back and forth, im real impressed with Jesse, whos debuting against one of the most dominant stables in wrestling, and teaming with the other

    Copeland: I agree

    Cohen: also, im impressed with The DevilSpawns fighting against 3 men

    Copeland: Well, they have teamed together before, Joe and Kenny probably arent on the same page with Jesse just yet…

    Cohen: Quit making excuses for the rookie.

    DP tags in Reaper, who picks up Kenny in a stalling suplex, DP climbs the top rope, and hit’s a leg whip/drop on Kenny’s head, and Reaper sends him down to the mat underneath DP’s leg,

    Copeland: Oh my god!!!

    Cohen: What a double team move by The DevilSpawns

    Kenny reaches out for a tag to someone, but Reaper grabs him and pulls him to the middle of the ring, and locks in a boston crab, Kenny screams in pain as he tries to get to the ropes, Reaper pulls him back to the middle of the ring, Joe runs into the ring, hit’s a depths of hell on Reaper while he still has the Boston crab in, sending Reaper crashing into the mat, and since he had th hold on Kenny, he shoots up to his feet, and Kenny grabs Reapers legs, locking him in a boston crab

    Copeland: There’s the teamwork by The WVC

    Cohen: it’s the numbers game, its unfair

    Reaper flips out though, and tags back in DP, who proceeds to grab Kenny by the throat, and hit’s a devastating chokeslam on Kenny, Joe comes in to stop the pin, but DP chokeslams him too, Jesse springboards into the ring, and hit’s The Razor’s Edge on DP, he climbs the turnbuckle, and hit’s The Encore, and pulls Kenny into the cover, 1...2...kick out from DP

    Copeland: What wherewithal by DP, to kick out of that

    Cohen: I agree, this is one hell of a match.

    Both men are down, the ref begins to count, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... Kenny gets up and tags in Jesse, he picks up DP and throws him into the corner, he runs at him, DP moves out of the way, Jesse runs up the turnbuckle, does a backflip, grabs DP’s head and hit’s a Dragon DDT from the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Did you see that?

    Cohen: That was an amazing move, I’ll admit

    Cover 1...2...kick out from DP, Jesse tags in Joe, who looks like he’s setting up for the depths of hell, DP sees this and tags in Reaper, who says, “bring it on” to Joe, Joe and Reaper runs into each other, full force, Reaper knocks down Joe, who gets back up, who bounces off the ropes, Reaper puffs out his chest, laughing, he closes his eyes, expecting Joe to run in to him, but Joe runs off the ropes behind Reaper, and hit’s a bulldog on Reaper, he then goes up to the top rope, waits for Reaper to get up, and then hit’s a flying head scissors, cover, 1...2...kick out from Reaper.

    Copeland: That was amazing,

    Cohen: All of these guys are amazing!!!

    Joe sets up for the depths of hell on Reaper, Joe runs at Reaper, Reaper hit’s a back body drop, Reaper then picks Joe up and hits an Evenflow DDT, Jesse runs in, Reaper hit’s the Hell’s Calling, Kenny runs in goes for a spear to Reaper’s back, DP runs in and hit’s the Morbid Massacre on Kenny, Reaper then covers Joe, 1...2...kick out from Joe

    Copeland: These WVC guys wont quit

    Cohen: The DevilSpawns will finish them soon enough

    Kenny gets up, and throws DP to the outside of the ring, DP slowly grabs a chair, Reaper picks up Joe, goes for a scoop slam, when he scoops Joe, the referee gets knocked down, Reaper slams Joe

    Copeland: Now the refs knocked out

    Cohen: It happens…

    Jesse gets back up, he grabs Reaper, and hit’s the Back in Black, Joe and Kenny go up to the top rope, Joe hit’s a shooting star press as Kenny hit’s a moonsault.

    Copeland: That’s Jesse’s back in black, and The WVC’s Death from Above,

    Cohen: you know, death from above is what DP calls his leg drop

    Kenny then goes outside the ring, he grabs DP by the hair, puts him down for The Last Ride, he lifts him up, he lifts him up higher, but then DP nails him with the steel chair

    Copeland: That’s cheating

    Cohen: That’s making it even

    DP gets into the ring, Jesse runs towards DP, but DP hits him with the chair, near leveling him. Reaper gets up, while Joe is focused on DP, Reaper irish whips Joe into DP, who once again smashes the chair into Joe’s skull

    Copeland: No, not this way, this was an awesome match

    Cohen: The steel chair makes it even Copeland, now shut up

    Joe is prone, lifeless on the mat, Reaper signals to DP, Reaper hits another Evenflow DDT, he then picks up Joe and hits Hell’s Calling, DP then goes to the top rope and hit’s the Death From Above.

    Copeland: The referee is still knocked out

    Cohen: DAMN IT!!!

    DP grabs the ref, as Reaper covers Joe, DP slams the ref’s hand into the mat 3 times, 1...2...3... Ding ding ding

    Cohen: Count to a million

    Harrys: Here are your winners, The DevilSpawns,

    Copeland: This is a travesty

    Cohen: Oh shut up, if the WVC used chairs, you be all for them…
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    "Stronger" by Kanye West blasts over the sound system. Pyro explodes four different times, from each side of the ramp into the air, as Nate Thorpe walks out through the curtain. Thorpe is walking down the aisle, interacting with the fans. Some booing him, some cheering him. Suddenly, half way down the ramp, he starts running, only to slide into the ring, under the bottom ropes as he lays sideways on the mat, resting his head on his hand. He uses his other hand to take his sunglasses off. Thorpe gets to his feet, as his face went from a cocky grin, to complete seriousness, as he tosses his glasses to the ring announcer, as he awaits his opponent. (Cohen - "Everytime I see this guy, I can't help but think about how much of a star he's going to become." Copeland - "Well, I agree with the star quality outlook, but his attitude & cockiness are something to be desired." Cohen - "What are you talking about, Copeland?! The man is a legend in the making, he has the cocky attitude because he can back it up, just like me. You'd know nothing about that.")

    "Holy Driver" by Killswitch Engage interrupts over the sound system. As the fans rise to their feet, the camera focuses on the entrance ramp, but noone is coming out. Nate Thorpe is questioning whether Gus is even coming out, to the official, as the fans suddenly burst into cheers, as Gus slowly walks out from the back, coming through the curtain. Gus is holding the bandage thats covering part of his head, where he was busted open earlier in the night, as he slowly stumbles toward the ring. Gus' name appears in pyro over head, in front of the WZCW Tron. The fans reach out for Gus, but he shows almost no reaction, as he looks hurt & unable to compete. Gus slowly pulls himself up the steps, as the official walks to the ropes, helping him in, then asking him if he wants to continue with the match.. Suddenly, before anything else can happen.. (Copeland - "Well, Cohen, you mention how you felt Nate Thorpe was going to be a huge star, & I can't help but think Gus has the same.." Cohen - "Are you kidding me? Don't even finish that sentence, look at him. He's washed up, he's lost everything he has, he looks terrible, look at him!" Copeland - "Well, maybe he looks that way because Big Will set up a trap earlier tonight, and then attacked him viciously from behind?!" Cohen - "You say trap, I say game plan. Big Will set up something he knew Gus would be to stupid to realize, he's smart.")

    "Famous" by Puddle of Mudd erupts over the sound system, as Nate Thorpe, the official & Gus all turn their heads toward the entrance ramp, only to see Big Will & Heidi walking arm in arm out through the curtain. Will is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, with the new "The One" shirt on, he stops at the top of the ramp, then proceeds to wave toward the ring at Gus. Will spins Heidi around, into his body, then kisses her, as Gus starts trying to exit the ring, with the official holding him back. Will motions his arm toward the side of the ramp, as Heidi walks in front of him. Both proceed toward the far left side of the ramp, as they stop in front of a big black cover. Heidi pulls the cover off, to reveal a table with "The One" Big Will's logo on the front of the table. Both Heidi & Will sit down at the table, putting head-sets. (Copeland - "What is this all about? This isn't on the format, where'd that table come from?" Cohen - "Quiet you, can't you see its obvious the Elite X Champion wants to scout his up-coming opponent?" Big Will - "Yeah, Copeland, watch your mouth, or I'll come down there & smack that stupid look right off your face." Copeland - "Well, not that I wish for my face to be smacked off, but if you're joining us on commentary, why not join us down here, champ? Are you scared of something.. or someone?" Big Will - "Lets get something straight, I'm the Elite X Champion for a reason, I'm not scared of anyone & if I wanted to, I'd walk down to that ring right now & lay Gus on his ass.. again. I'm sitting up here in this plush leather seats, because I can afford to. Incase you forgot, I'm the highest paid Superstar on the roster, money isn't a problem when you're as great as I am." Cohen - "Yeah, Copeland, so just keep down. You wouldn't know the meaning of having money. A romantic dinner for the Wife to you would be a value menu meal from McDonald's.")

    Nate Thorpe takes the chance, as he rushes in delivering a double axe handle to the back of Gus' head, dropping him outside the ring. The official calls for the bell, as Thorpe quickly rolls out of the ring, & begins stomping on the injured part of Gus' head. The official begins making a count, telling Thorpe to bring it back into the ring. Thorpe acts like he doesn't even hear the official, as he grabs Gus by the hair, picking him up, only to whip him violently into the steel ring steps. The official is at 6, as Thorpe slides in, then back out, breaking the count. (Copeland - "Well, Big Will, it looks like your special appearance has already worked in your favor. Gus' attention was taken away from the match, & Thorpe took the opening." Big Will - "Don't blame me for that, if it was me in the ring, & Gus up here, I wouldn't of turned my back on a pure talented athlete like Thorpe. Gus can't focus because he's a loser, not because of me." Heidi - "Thats not the only thing he had a hard time focusing on.")

    Gus is sitting at an angle, against the ring steels, as Thorpe rushes in delivering a stiff kick to the head of Gus, as it causes Gus' head to connect with the steps & busts him back open, causing him to slump to the ground. Thorpe begins show-boating to the crowd, as Gus seems like he's completely out of it. The official jumps down out of the ring to check on Gus, as Thorpe then motions for the official to step back. Thorpe lifts Gus up, acting as if he's checking on Gus' injury.. only to shrug his shoulders & deliver a stiff shot to the face, then quickly rolls Gus back into the ring. (Copeland - "Come on ref, do your job, get Thorpe back. I think Gus is hurt seriously." Cohen - "If hes hurt badly enough, then he needs to be smart enough to just quit. He's too stupid to quit." Copeland - "He's not stupid, he's wanting to fight on so he can get his hands on the man thats sitting up at the thousand dollar desk." Big Will - "Injured or not, even at 100% Gus couldn't beat me. If he's injured, I know damn well he's got no chance in hell." Heidi - "He is showing determination though, I haven't seen that in him in a long time, I doubt it'll last.")
    Thorpe slides into the ring & hooks the leg, as the official slides into the ring & makes the count.. 1.................................... 2.......................... Gus kicks out. Thorpe seems upset, but only for a second, as he gets to his feet, & begins stomping on Gus' head again, causing the blood to flow quicker from the open wound. The official backs Thorpe away, but Thorpe only ignores it & moves in front of the official, grabbing Gus by the hair & picking him up, leaning him against the turnbuckles in the corner.
    Thorpe lifts Gus up onto the top ropes, only to pull him out & deliver a stiff ddt. Thorpe quickly rolls Gus over & goes for the pin, as the official gets down to count.. 1............................................. 2.............................. Gus places his leg across the bottom rope, as the official hits for 3, but then notices Gus' leg on the ropes. Thorpe gets to his feet, holding his arms up in victory, but the official grabs them & brings them back down, telling him it was only 2 & pointing at the foot on the ropes. Thorpe argues about it, saying it was 3, but the official says no.
    (Cohen - "Dammit, that was 3 ref." Copeland - "He got his foot across the bottom rope before the 3 count, Cohen. " Cohen - "Thats the cheap way out, I thought you said he was playing for revenge. When a Running Back in football needs a first down, you don't see him duck outta bounds 3 yds shy, just because he was about to get laid out." Copeland - "This isn't football though, Cohen, using the ropes to stop the count was the smarter option than expending more energy.")

    Thorpe seems enraged, as he moves passed the official, only to climb on top of Gus, who's trying to pull himself up, then proceeds to unleash a flurry of punches repeatedly on Gus' head. The official is giving Thorpe a 5 count, but Thorpe breaks by 4, then starts again. The official grabs Thorpe's hand, as its coming up, & jerks him off Gus, then gets in his face. Thorpe can't believe what the official did, as he tilts his head at the official. (Big Will - "What the hell is that?! The official is showing favoritism toward Gus, he can't do that!" Copeland - "Thorpe was breaking the rules, the official did what he had to do, to get control of the match." Cohen - "Dammit, Copeland, regaining control & being aggressive with a performer are two completely different things, Gus probably paid off the official.")

    As Thorpe goes back, Gus suddenly kicks Thorpe in the gut, causing him to stumble backwards. Gus pulls himself up, using the ropes, then spears Thorpe down, unleashing a flurry of his own rights into Thorpe's head, as the official tries pulling Gus off, Gus just shoves the official away, then gets to his feet, suddenly without injury. Gus points up toward Will & Heidi, then yells into the air, as he turns back toward Thorpe & picks him up, whipping him violently into the corner. (Big Will - "He should be disqualified for that, he shoved the official. Earlier Thorpe never touched the man, & gets jerked off his opponent, now Gus can legally shove officials?!" Copeland - "I agree that he shouldn't of put his hands on the official, but his rage & hatred for you are kicking in, its anger he's channeling, for the hatred he has for you." Cohen - "So that suddenly makes it right to shove an official? I don't think so, Copeland, I'm begging you for once to put your favoritism aside & call the damn match.. come on Nate!")

    Gus rushes in, as Thorpe moves out of the way, but Gus somehow remains one step ahead, as he leaps up onto the second turnbuckle, then top one, only to corkscrew himself off, as Thorpe turns around, colliding with him. Gus lands with his arm over Thorpe, as both men lay on the mat. The official gets down to make the count.. .1....................................... 2................... Thorpe kicks out, as he then rolls out of the ring. (Copeland - "Whats with that? Earlier you said a RB who needed a first down wouldn't run out of bounds, whats Thorpe doing there?" Cohen - "Dammit, Copeland, this is wrestling, not football.. quit trying to mix the two!")

    Gus rolls over, pulling himself up with the ropes, as Thorpe is trying to regain his 'where with all', only to turn back toward the ring, as Gus leaps up & over the top ropes, coming down with a cross body block onto Thorpe, only to beginning violently punching Thorpe again. Gus gets up, as he walks around the ring, looking up toward Will & Heidi once again, then suddenly stumbles to his knees, as he clutches his head. Meanwhile Thorpe is pulling himself up, as Gus climbs up onto the guardrail, then begins to run around it, only to slip & lose his balance, crashing side first into the rail, as he falls at the feet of Thorpe. (Big Will - "Yeah, see, thats what happens when you lose focus." Copeland - "I'm sure it didn't hurt that a steel chair was kicked into his face less than an hour ago, either." Cohen -"Actually, I'm sure it hurt a lot, Copeland." Copeland - "I was being sarcastic, Cohen." Copeland - "Yeah, well your humor's about as dry as my uncle's glass eye during WWII reunions.")

    Thorpe picks Gus up, then slides him back into the ring, as Thorpe slides in behind him, going for the cover. The official makes the count. 1............................................... 2..................................... Gus somehow manages to kick out. Thorpe seems frustrated, as he hooks the leg, going for another cover.. 1................................. 2.................................... Gus kicks out again. Thorpe gets to his feet, enraged that Gus won't stay down, as he then motions for Gus to get up, as he waits for him.

    Gus slowly begins to pull himself up, off the mat, as Thorpe is positioning himself behind Gus, as Gus gets to his feet, Thorpe attempts to go for the BUSTDOWN! but Gus reverses out of it, shoving Thorpe away, directly into the official. As the official falls, Thorpe turns back to Gus, who kicks Thorpe & delivers the REALITY BENDER! Gus quickly goes for the cover, as the fans are chanting "1.... 2.... 3.. 4.... 5.... 6" but the official is still out cold. [/B] (Copeland - "Thats it, thats it, its over!! Where's the official, someone get a new official out here!!" Big Will - "You know what, baby, I think Gus screwed up like always, I better go check to make sure Nate's okay." Copeland - "We're closer to the ring than you are, Thorpe is fine, what are you doing?!" Heidi - "He's showing compassion, its something you should think about. Thats why I'm with him, he cares." Copeland - "Yeah, I'm sure he'd really jump in front of a bus to save you.")

    Gus rolls off Thorpe, trying to wake up the official, but its having little effect. Gus then gets to his feet, & drags Thorpe toward the nearest corner. Only to yell out for a 900 Splash! The fans stand, cheering loudly as Gus begins climbing the turnbuckles. Suddenly, Big Will drops his headset, & gets up, rushing down to ringside with his Championship in hand. As Will gets close to ringside, Gus turns his view & leaps out of the ring, delivering a cross body block to Will, outside the ring. (Cohen - "What the hell, Copeland?! Will was only trying to check on Thorpe & Gus dive bombs him from the top rope?! What was that for?!" Copeland - "Ah, dammit Cohen, you & I both know Will was going down there to attack Gus." Cohen - "I don't know that, the man said he was concerned for the well-being of one of our performers & he went to ringside to see about him, next thing I know Gus is leaping off the top rope, attacking a man that did nothing to him." Copeland - "Nothing?! NOTHING?! Have you even been watching W.Z.C.W. for the past month & a half?!" Cohen - "Don't snap at me, I'll knock the taste outta your mouth. I said he hasn't done anything to him, meaning now, not earlier, or the past month. Forgive & forget Copeland, by-gones be by-gones.")

    Gus begins hammering shot after shot on Will, as Heidi then leaves the area they were once at, coming down the ramp, yelling at Gus. Gus gets off Will, then slowly starts to stalk toward Heidi, who begins walking backwards up the ramp. Will takes this chance to get to his feet, grab his Championship & drill Gus in the back of the head with it, knocking him out cold on the rampway. (Copeland - "Dammit, Will just got in another cheap shot!" Cohen - "What'd you expect the man to do, Copeland, allow Gus to continue beating him up? Perhaps you wanted Gus to get his hands on Heidi?")

    Will & Heidi then proceed to drag Gus down the ramp, as Will lifts him up & tosses him into the ring. Thorpe is slowly coming to, as he notices Gus out cold. Thorpe uses the advantage, as he gets up & locks in his newest finisher, the BRIGHT LIGHTS! Gus can't tap out, because he's out cold, but the official slowly starts to wake up, & begins crawling over toward Gus. The official raises Gus' hand once, as it falls limp to the mat. He raises it a second time, as it falls twice to the mat, limp. The official raises his hand for a third time, as it once again falls to the mat. The official signals for the bell, as he points toward Thorpe, indicating that he's won the match. (Cohen - "Thats it, match over, ballgame! Nate Thorpe is the new number one contender!" Copeland - "Yeah, maybe in the time of celebrating, he can find it inside him somewhere to thank Big Will for clocking Gus in the head with a Championship!")

    Thorpe releases the hold, as Big Will has an evil smirk on his face, as him & Heidi walk backwards up the ramp. Will raises his Elite X Championship, as Nate Thorpe looks out toward Big Will, nodding his head, then motioning that he wants the title.

    Suddenly, Candy shop by 50cents erupts over the sound system, as Big Will stops half way up the ramp with a surprised look on his face. He along with Heidi both turn toward the curtain, to see Rebecca Sierra walking out from the back, with clipboard & microphone in hand.

    (Becky)- "Will, Heidi, don't move. I've come out here on behalf of the offices of Mr. Sincade. I have in my hand, direct orders from the man himself on the following two issues. Issue number one.. Gus.. you seem to want to get your hands on Big Will for what he's done to you, & as a result, Will has made every attempt he could think of to make sure that doesn't happen.. until now. Sincade has issued that at "All or Nothing" Championship or not, it will be "The One" Big Will w/ Heidi, taking on "The Man" Gus." The fans go wild, as Big Will throws his arms into the air, outraged by the decision.

    (Becky)- "Will, if you didn't like that decision, then you won't like the next one either. Because the second issue is regarding the Number One Contendership of the Elite X Championship. You seem fit on wanting to pick your opponent, which isn't taken lightly from the main office. Therefore, on the next Meltdown to solve all problems involved & to take the road with the best possible solution.. when W.Z.C.W. heads to Iraq, it will be a Triple Threat Match for the Elite X Championship. Big Will, you will be defending your Championship against Nate Thorpe.. as well as Gus. Both of these decisions have been made final by Sincade, goodluck."

    The fans erupt in cheers, as Big Will rushes up the ramp, trying to plead with E2 about the announcements made. The camera fades away...

    **Commercial Break**

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    Copeland: What a night here on Meltdown! Unbelievable matches and unbelievable action. I don’t think this is the last the victorious Devil spawns will see of The WVC. In fact, I’m going to bet money on both these teams being future Tag champions, no doubt!”

    Cohen: Devil spawn may have finally won the battle here tonight with their first victory here in WZCW, but I don’t think Washoe valley crew is willing to concede the war just yet.”

    Copeland: Nevertheless I can’t say there are many superstars in WZCW who can with stand the wrestling ability of The Devil Spawns and still look dominant the way Jesse did. We’ll see how well he fares when he is up against the best of this company once again!”

    Cohen: What great wrestling from Jesse in the opening minutes of this match, he’s really impressed me so far.

    Copeland: This is the kind of wrestling that WZCW was built on! Five great Superstars going back and forth who were trying to outsmart the other?”

    Cohen: I don’t know, all that rolling around on the mat is kind of boring!”

    Copeland: Boring!?! Jack! Wake the hell up man! Its time for the match!”

    Cohen: *wakes up* “Holy Gibberish! What happened to the ring!?”

    Copeland: Please Cohen be serious, it’s almost time for the Triple Threat match

    Cohen: Oh… I thought that … ah never mind.”

    Copeland: You are something else Cohen. Speaking of something else what a announce made by the lovely Rebecca.

    Cohen: You damn right picture this next week in Iraq it will be “The One“ Big Will defending his Elite X championship vs. “The Man” Gus and “Showtime” Nate Thorpe. The Soldiers are defiantly in for a treat.

    Copeland: Let’s Not forget about the “All or Nothing” pay per view. It will be Gus going one on one with Will Championship or not. Gus is going to get his hands on “The One”.

    Cohen: Hell Copeland This have Explosive written all over it. Will took Heidi, Screw him for the title nearly killed him in that ring. I hate to be in Will Shoes.

    Copeland: Hey lets not forget about this meltdown Cohen. We still have two matches left. So let’s get to it. Here Kyle Harrys with our next match.
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    "Supernova goes Pop" by Powerman 5000 erupts over the sound system, as the fans rise to their feet. Orange laser lights begin swaying back & forth before locking on the center of the W.Z.C.W. Tron, as the words "Are you ready to go?" appear for a split second, before the lights in the arena go out. As the lights come back up, the fans erupt with tons of cheers, as Everest is standing at the top of the rampway, looking out over the sea of people. He begins walking toward the ring, not taking his eye off it. As he gets to the bottom of the ramp, he begins interacting with the fans, especially one of the lovely ladies at ringside. Everest flirts for a moment, but then returns to being completely serious & composed, only to walk up the ring steps & enter the ring, awaiting his opponents.

    "Name of the Game" by The Crystal Method interrupts over the sound system, as the arena once again goes pitch black. Black lights begin to flicker in the arena, as D.C. appears with a glow around him from the paint, as he taunts his way out from the back, insighting the fans to cheer for him. D.C. stands at the top of the ramp, as he addresses each side of fans. The lights come up, taking away the glow from the paint, as if there was nothing there. D.C. makes his way to the ring. D.C. slides underneath the bottom rope, only to leap up & walk to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up & saluting out toward the sea of fans all swaying back & forth. As D.C. jumps off the turnbuckle, he's suddenly met eye to eye with Everest, as both men stare each other face to face.

    Suddenly, "If It All Ended Tomorrow" by John Cena interrupts over the sound system, as Everest & D.C. both slowly turn to look toward the ramp. Joseph Rios walks out from behind the curtain, as he has a cockiness to him, unstrapping his Championship from around his waist, only to stop at the top of the ramp, & hold it into the air. Rios points toward himself, as the fans boo loudly. Rios acts as if he can't even hear the boos, as he begins slowly walking down the ramp. As he circles the ring, he glares in toward both men, eagerly awaiting the Champion to step into the ring.
    Rios climbs up on the apron, as the main camera focuses on all three men, with Everest on the right, D.C. on the left, & Rios directly in the middle on the apron, looking in. As D.C. & Everest both glare toward Rios, he raises his Championship, pointing to himself. Suddenly, D.C. & Everest both run to the apron, as they double hip toss Rios up & over the ropes, bringing him into the ring, as his Championship falls to the floor.

    The official signals for the bell, as Rios gets to his feet, only to be met by a stiff right hand by Everest, causing him to stumble & turn, only to be met by another fist to the face by D.C. Both Everest & D.C. continue to take turns punching Rios, as he's helpless in the middle. They both push Rios up against the ropes, only to whip him to the far side & attempt a double clothesline. As Rios bounces off, he ducks underneath the attempt, only to bounce off the opposite side & attempt a clotheline on Everest. He ducks the attempt, as Rios is met with a kick to the gut by D.C., suddenly Everest attempts a spinning heel kick to Rios, but he ducks out of the way, as it connects on D.C., who falls out of the ring to the floor.

    Everest gets to his feet, then stands at the edge of the ring, looking down at D.C. who's on the arena floor. He only stays concerned for a moment, then turns his attempt back to Rios, who rushes in with both arms in the arm, attempting a double axe handle smash. Everest blocks the attempt, & turns it into a spine buster on Rios, only to quickly go for a cover. The official gets down to make the count.. 1..................................... 2.......... Rios kicks out with strength, as Everest quickly gets to his feet, only to grab Rios by the head, pulling him up.

    Everest goes to whip Rios toward the corner, but Rios reverses Everest into the turnbuckles. Rios rushes in, but Everest remains one step ahead, as he jumps up & back, over the head of Rios, who runs chest first into the turnbuckles. Everest delivers a standing german suplex, as the official gets down again to make the count. 1....................................... 2........................... Rios kicks out, as he rolls to the outside of the ring.

    Everest rolls out behind Rios, as Rios is trying to create distance by walking around the ringside area. Suddenly, D.C. comes out of nowhere, off the guardrail, as he jumps through the air trying to clothesline Rios, who ducks as D.C. takes out Everest. D.C. gets to his feet, as he looks down at Everest, with slight concern, then shrugs his shoulders only to turn into a clothesline by Rios.
    Rios grabs D.C. by the hair, jerking him to his feet & rolling him back into the ring. Rios rolls in behind him, as he gets to his feet & grabs D.C. again, attempting a DDT, only for D.C. to reverse it into a Northern Lights suplex, as the official stays on top of the match, quickly getting down to count. 1................................. 2........................... Rios kicks out, as his energy is quickly depleting.

    D.C. gets up, as Rios is slowly pulling himself up as well. Rios goes to punch D.C., but he blocks it & kicks Rios back into the corner. As D.C. climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, he shouts out toward the crowd, then proceeds to punch Rios, as the fans begin chanting along with him.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!! D.C. jumps down then quickly whips Rios toward the far side turnbuckle, but Rios reverses him & rushes in behind.

    D.C. remains a step ahead, as he bounces up the turnbuckle, leaping off & connecting with the SANTA ANA WINDS!! As he covers Rios, the official gets down to make the count. 1................................. 2...................... suddenly, Everest comes from out of nowhere, dropping a axe handle smash on D.C., stopping the pin.

    As D.C. gets to his feet, he stares eye to eye with Everest, as he questions why he stopped the count. Everest then points to the outside of the ring, motioning to the clothesline D.C. gave him, only for D.C. to tilt his head, nodding, then arguing back with the kick Everest delivered to D.C. As both men argue, Rios slowly pulls himself up, only to rush in toward both of them.

    They both step back, as Rios runs chest first into the turnbuckle. Then Everest walks over toward Rios, lifting him up onto the top turnbuckle, in a sitting position. As Everest goes to climb up, he stops then quickly turns as D.C. is rushing in. Everest with a quick reaction flips D.C. up, as he lands balanced on the top ropes, only to then fall into a hurricanrana, sending Rios off the turnbuckle. Everest continues to react quickly, as Rios has been flipped directly at him, as Everest catches Rios in middle air, dropping him in a sit-out powerbomb!!! Everest is pinning Rios, as the official begins counting. 1............................. 2........................... D.C. breaks it up suddenly, with a dropkick to Everest's chest.

    Rios rolls out of the ring, as Everest slowly gets to his feet, once again arguing with D.C. on interrupting the count. D.C. shrugs his shoulders, only to punch Everest in the face. Everest stumbles backwards, holding his jaw, as he nods his head & punches D.C. back. Both men begin exchanging fists, as Everest goes for a kick to the gut, but D.C. catches it, nodding his head, but Everest catches him surprisingly with an enziguri. As Everest goes to grab D.C. by the hair, D.C. quickly rolls Everest into a small package, as the official makes the count. 1.................................... 2...................... Everest kicks out.

    Everest & D.C. both start to get up evenly, as they once again lock up, backing up against the ropes. Everest gets the upper hand, as he sends D.C. off into the far side ropes. D.C. comes back, as Everest goes for a clothesline, only for D.C. to duck underneath & spring-board up onto the middle rope, then flip backwards, landing behind Everest, quickly taking him down with a reverse DDT. The fans go wild off the move, as D.C. hooks the leg, only for the official to make the count. 1................................. 2....................... Rios suddenly jumps in out of nowhere, breaking it up.

    Rios gets to his feet, as he grabs D.C. sending him outside the ring, then turning his attention on Everest. As Rios slowly paces himself around Everest, he begins sticking his foot in Everest's face, then brushing it off, acting cocky. Rios grabs Everest by the head, pulling him up off the mat, only to whip him into the turnbuckle, of the nearest corner. Rios slowly walks over, only to slap Everest across the face, as he begins trash talking him. Rios acts like hes going to whip Everest to the far side turnbuckle, but pulls Everest back in, only to deliver a flap jack, causing Everest to drop head first against the pole connecting the turnbuckles. As Everest slowly stumbles out of the corner, Rios kicks him, then sets him up for the PERFECT SHOT! The fans rise to their feet, as Rios is trying to hook both arms, suddenly out of nowhere, D.C. leaps up onto the apron, then springboards up off the top rope, connecting with a version of the high frog cross body block, as the official gets down for the count. 1..................................... 2........................ Rios kicks out.

    Everest & Rios slowly start to get to their feet at the same time, as D.C. gets to his feet as well, only to rush both men. Everest & Rios both kick D.C., stopping him in his tracks, as they then look at each other, before hooking D.C. in a double suplex attempt. Everest & Rios both lift D.C., only for D.C. to adjust himself, dropping behind them on his feet, connecting with a double neckbreaker on both men. All three men are down, as the fans begin cheering for the match.

    Rios rolls out of the ring, as Everest & D.C. begin picking themselves up, using the other. Everest goes to punch D.C., but D.C. catches him & delivers a sitdown jaw breaker. As D.C. points to the top rope, & yells out "Flat Out!" the crowd suddenly begins booing, as the camera switches over to the entrance ramp, as Disasterpiece & Reaper have walked out from the back, slowly making their way down the ramp.

    Reaper is carrying his sledgehammer, as he points toward D.C., who in turn flips them off, as the official jumps out of the ring, demanding that both men return to the back lockerroom. Meanwhile, Rios has grabbed his Championship & went back into the ring, as he's awaiting D.C. to turn around. Just as D.C. turns around, Rios clocks him with the Championship, then slides it out of the ring, as he makes the cover & yells for the official, motioning the DevilSpawns to go back.

    Disasterpiece & Reaper turn around & head off to the back, as the official rushes back down the ramp, sliding into the ring & begins to count.. 1.................................. 2................................ D.C. with the last amount of energy he has left, places his foot on the bottom rope, as the official hits for 3!! Rios gets to this feet, raising his arms thinking he's won, as he climbs the turnbuckle, pointing to himself. The official is trying to tell him he didn't win, & points at D.C.'s foot being on the ropes. Rios ignores it, continuing to showboat out to the fans.

    Suddenly, Everest nips up, as Rios turns to see it out of the corner of his eye. Rios leaps off the middle rope, attempting a double axe handle, but Everest blocks it, & reverses it into the ROCK SLIDE!! The fans go wild, as Everest covers Rios, the official sliding down to make the count.. 1............................................. 2........................... D.C. out of nowhere, leaps connecting with a punch to Everest's head, stopping the count. As Everest rolls out of the ring, falling next to the steps, D.C. pulls himself up against the turnbuckles, then slowly climbs up to the top, only to leap off, connecting with the FLAT OUT!!! D.C. hooks the leg of Rios, as the official makes the count. 1........................................... 2.................................. Everest reaches in, as the official is dropping his hand for 3, only to pull D.C. off the cover.

    Everest slides back into the ring, as D.C. gets to his feet, attempting to attack him, only for Everest to grab D.C. by the trunks & jerk him forward, as he goes through the ropes to the floor. Everest then gets to his feet, as Rios is barely moving. He takes the open chance, as he quickly pulls Rios out to the center of the ring, then locks in the MOUNTAIN CLIMBER!!! As the official is checking with Rios, who has suddenly awoke back up from the amount of pain, suddenly coursing through his body, he yells out in pain, but refuses to give up.

    The official continues to check, as D.C. pulls himself up, outside the ring, sliding in behind the action. Meanwhile, Rios begins raising his hand, as if he's about to tap, only for D.C. to come from behind, connecting with the CHEMI-KILL on Everest!!! All three men are once again down in the ring.

    D.C. is slowly crawling toward the corner, as he's pulling himself up with the ropes, only to once again begin climbing up the turnbuckle, while Rios is slowly trying to get to his knees. Meanwhile, Everest has started to move. Rios attempts another PERFECT SHOT on Everest, who counters out of it & into the ROCK SLIDE!! D.C. quickly leaps off the top rope as Everest connects with his finisher, as D.C. connects with another FLAT OUT on Rios as well.. Everest's arm is across the chest of Rios, as D.C.'s body is laying across Rios as well. The official drops to make the count.. 1........................................... 2....................................... 3!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!??!
    Harrys walks to the edge of the ring, as he's holding his arms up, awaiting the official's decision. The official gets to his feet, noticing what just happened, as he stops, only to look perplexed. He then nods his head, & tells Harrys what the decision is. Harrys raises the microphone, but before he says a word, he brings it back down & questions the decision?!

    The official once again nods his head, & tells Harrys to let the audience know. As Harrys raises the mic.. he says "Ladies & Gentlemen.. your winner of the match, & NEW Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.. your winner.." He pauses for a moment, then begins again "Your WINNERS, are.. Everest & D.C.!!!" The fans begin cheering & booing all in one, as both Everest & D.C. slowly turn to look toward each other, then look toward the official.

    Meanwhile, Joseph Rios has rolled out of the ring, as he grabs his Championship & begins limping away, toward the rampway. The other three members of Dynasty, in Big Will, Disasterpiece & Reaper all come out from the back to meet Rios at the bottom of the ramp. As they help him up the ramp, Rios stops them at the top, only to turn back toward the ring, glaring at Everest & D.C. who're standing side by side, at the edge of the ring, both looking toward Rios. Joseph Rios raises his Championship
    [youtube]6JWH-Ww_jZI[/youtube] ​
    mouthing the word "MINE" as Everest & D.C. both point at themselves, only to stop & turn, looking toward the other. The camera fades away.

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    Copeland: Welcome back everybody to another Action filled edition of Meltdown. The crowd is electric here tonight Cohen!

    Cohen: Why wouldn’t they be? This is intensity only WZCW can provide

    Copeland: That’s right Cohen as we get closer and closer to the end of 2007 the action that we see here in WZCW is second to none.

    Cohen: we still have one more match tonight Copeland.

    Copeland: Oh yeah folk don’t forget next weeks show will be a tribute to our soilders. WZCW will be in Iraq showing our troops some love. We have a huge main event plan next week too Cohen

    Cohen: That`s right Copeland it will be a Elite X triple threat match. “The One” Big Will will Defend his Title Against “Showtime” Nate Thorpe and “The Man” Gus.

    Highlights are shown of Sincade and Hasheem's many arguments which led to Hasheem costing Sincade his chance at the World Heavyweight championship

    Copeland: Hasheem kept complaining, and now he’s going to meet his fate in the ring, I hope Sincade punishes the so called Sultan of WZCW!

    Cohen: Are you high?

    Copeland: What???, no im not High Cohen

    Cohen: I swear you’ve been in your grandma’s sock drawer and grabbed a bag of her special medication, from what im seeing is Hasheem is an oppressed individual facing racial hatred from our so called boss!

    Copeland: (laughs) lets just go to Harrys at ring side....

    MOHAMMAD HASHEEM Vs. “Mr. Highlight Reels and Sex Appeal” Mr. Sincade

    A new Arabic theme erupts over the arena, as the camera zooms toward the entrance, the ramp has been removed for this match. The main curtain, where the entrance is begins to rise, as several masked soldiers in camo pants & black sweater shirts walk out, carrying Mohammad Hasheem on a chariot type platform. Rajeem is leading them toward the ring, as Hasheem is on his knees, with his hands held up, into the air, looking angry yet proud. The fans begin booing wildly, as Hasheem ignores their taunts. The soldiers position themselves next to the ring, as they kneel down & allow Hasheem to easily step off his chariot like ride, & onto the apron, then into the ring.

    Hasheem grabs the mic of Harrys and stares at the crowd with disgust

    Copeland: Hasn’t Hasheem said enough, he talks about wanting respect and totally disrespects others I don’t understand it

    Cohen: Seriously Copland, where you home schooled?

    (Hasheem) – Silence, I’ve had enough of your inane talking, (crowd boos are defining), Sincade you piece of camel crap, come out and face me, You racist, you are the reason why I have never held gold in WZCW you are the reason I’m frustrated, and tonight im going to take my frustrations out on you!!

    As The Intro of Perfect Stranger plays Smoke Start to build up at the entrance ramp. Then when the songs start Sincade walks out with a water bottle. He takes a drink and pours it on his head. He walks to the ring and stares at the front rows of the Crowd his then walk to the side of the Ring and stand on the Apron he then spread his arms quickly (raven) as Pyro goes off Behind him (old Shawn Michaels)

    Cohen: Look Copland there’s our racist dictator now!

    Copeland: Why don’t you go and tell him that yourself

    Sincade: Listen up Borat,( the crowd cheers), I’ve had enough of your constant whining and complaining about how I do my job, you need to worry about your own safety once I do to you what I did to Aaron Craig, hes in a hospital bed, (crowd chants), and as for the frustration thing, I know I good two dollar hooker that can ease that for you

    Copeland: My mothers at home fainting right at this moment, I cant believe he said that

    Cohen: I cant believe you have a mother Copeland

    Hasheem is screaming at Sincade to get into the ring, Sincade approaches with the mic in his grasp

    Sincade: After this ass whipping I want you to make me a slupee.

    Sincade throws the mic at Hasheem and starts throwing a round house of punches, Rios tries to get Sincade off of him but fails, Sincade clotheslines Hasheem outside the ring on to the concrete

    Copeland: Business has just picked up Cohen, Sincade has brought his A game tonight

    Cohen: and I see you brought your z game here tonight, more commentary like that im about ready to tap out

    Sincade stands in the ring as Hasheem kicks the ring steps, he complains in Arabic to Rajeem, the ref makes his way into the ring and rings the bell

    Copeland: Hasheem does not want a piece of the boss, after all his complaining he still hasn’t gotten back into the ring

    Cohen: maybe it’s your bias commentary that’s stopping him Copland

    Sincade holds the rope open for Hasheem, Hasheem enters the ring asking the ref to make sure that Sincade doesn’t touch him

    Copeland: Hasheem is stalling

    Cohen: Its the mark of a great tactician, hes biding his time waiting for the right moment to strike

    Sincade is held back by the ref, suddenly Rajeem goes onto the ropes and screams in Arabic at Sincade, Sincade lays Rajeem out as Hasheem strikes, he lays a couple of punches straight at Sincade’s head, Sincade is dazed as Hasheem moves in with a boot to the head, (crowd boos)

    Cohen: Ouch thats gotta hurt, you see Copeland a mark of a great tactician, Hasheem waited and now has the so called boss on the ropes
    Copeland: Don’t count Sincade out yet Cohen

    Sincade still dazed is trying to make his way back up, Hasheem signals his hands in the air in a prayer position, Hasheem sets him up for a germen suplex, he picks Sincade up and Sincade reverses it into a DDT, both men are laid out cold

    Copeland: Sincade just got himself back into the match

    Cohen: yeah but for how long, Hasheem has his number from the first minute he stepped into the ring

    the crowd starts chanting as Rajeem shouts for Hasheem to get up, the ref starts to count...1 there hands start to shake....2..Hasheem is in a sitting position....3 Sincade is on the ropes...4.Hasheem is back up and boots Sincade straight in the head

    Copeland: Come on, what the hell was that for?

    Cohen: Hasheem’s punishing Sincade!

    Sincade is on the middle rope as Hasheem taps his foot, he signals for another punt and runs straight at sincade, Sincade moves out of the way and Hasheem goes straight into the middle turnbuckle, Sincade rolls Hasheem up and the ref counts...1...2,kick out by Hasheem

    Cohen: How did Sincade even muster the strength to do that!

    Copeland: Hes running on instinct, pure instinct Cohen

    Hasheem starts pummelling Sincade and moves in for the camel clutch , Sincade tries to go for the ropes, but to no avail, he is getting dizzy and the ref starts to hold up Sincades right hand, it goes down...1, the ref picks it up again, ..2 (the crowd is roaring for Sincade to make a move)....his arms up Sincade starts to shake and Hasheem tries to secure the hold, Sincade grabs the bottom rope as Hasheem goes nuts

    Copeland: Sincades up, SINCADES UP!!!

    Cohen: He cant be?, no one makes it out of the camel clutch

    Hasheem starts to scream and grabs Sincade to apply a full nelson, Sincade rolls Hasheem up into a single leg crab, Hasheem moves over and kicks Sincade in the head before he is able to secure the hold, Sincade is dazed as Hasheem runs to the left ropes and runs at Sincade for a big boot, ducks and applies a Dragon Suplex on Hasheem, both men are down again

    Cohen: Sincade is fighting for his life here!

    Copeland: he needs to capitalise on Hasheem after that Powerful Dragon Suplex!

    Hasheem is down in the middle of the ring, Sincade climbs up to the top rope, and goes for the street dreams, Hasheem pulls the ref in the way Sincade hits it, the ref is out cold, Sincade still dazed gets up as Hasheem grabs him and goes for the side effect!, Sincade elbows Hasheem in the face, Hasheem is dazed, Sincade hits the SIN CITY ON HASHEEM, HE IS OUT COLD!!!!

    Cohen: NO NO NO!!!

    Copeland: Sincade needs to wake the ref up after that SIN CITY, he can’t give Hasheem time to recoup

    Sincade tries to wake the ref up, but to no avail, suddenly Rajeem enters the ring, he runs at Sincade and tries to hit a clothesline, SINCADE hits a superkick laying Rajeem out cold

    Sincade looks down at Rajeem, he suddenly is turned around by Hasheem who picks SINCADE UP for the fireman’s carry and hits the toss breaker! Hasheem revives the ref, the ref starts to awaken as Hasheem moves over to SINCADES lifeless body and go’s for the pin, the ref starts to count 1...2... KICK OUT by SINCADE!

    Cohen: How did he do that?

    Copeland: SINCADE is the toughest s.o.b in WZCW!

    Hasheem picks Sincade up, the (crowd goes nuts) he goes for the toss breaker again, Sincade reverses to the Jamaica Breaka (Rear naked Choke) Hasheem is down he tries to go for the ropes (the crowd goes wild), Hasheem tries to signal Rajeem but no avail, he has no choice but to Tap out.

    Cohen: Hasheem Taps!, Hasheem Taps!

    Copeland: SINCADE has won the match, my god!

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman, your winner, by Tap out, MR.Sincade!!!

    Copeland: Mr. Sincade has shown everyone In WZCW why you don’t cross the boss!

    Cohen: Hasheem will have his day Copeland trust me, he put Sincade through hell tonight

    Copeland: But if you look at the record books you’ll see this match and it will Say Sincade 1 Hasheem 0

    (As Sincade is trying to pull himself up with the ring Ropes. A sharp Gutair rifts echoes thru the arena. Chuck Myles come out clapping and walks to the top of the ramp. He have a smirk on his face and ask the Tech crewman for a mic.)

    Myles - “Jason Sincade you stubborn son of a bitch! You think just because you won your match at Civil Revolution that it’s over? That I’d stand by and just let you run this show, MY show, into the ground? I mean come on, what the hell do you know about running a successful multi-million dollar business like WZCW? Nothing, that’s what! You don’t know the statistics, you don’t know our targets.

    (Sincade catches his bearing. He is breathing heavily the ref tries to assist him but Sincade strugs him off. Sincade ask for a mic and Harrys walks over and hand it over to him)

    Sincade – (Breathing heavily) First of all I don’t know why your old ass is out here you need to be out in the parking lot waxing my car. (pauses) You see I got your boy here in the middle of the ring screaming in his language for his turban buddies.

    (The crowd cheer at the mere mention of the main event, as Sincade turns his back on Myles to acknowledge the cheering fans, but before he can open his mouth to speak, Myles already has the microphone back up to his mouth.)

    Myles – “You know what you disrespectful bastard, you wont give me back my show, I’ll come down there and take the damn thing back myself!”

    Sincade: Listen Myles Stop crying like a little bitch *cough* You lose fair and square have a little dignity for yourself and walk back to the office and have my slippers ready.

    (Chuck Myles starts making his way down the aisle, taking off his jacket and undoing his tie aggressively, a scowl of determination on his face. Jason Sincade has turned back to his enemy, and is already poised; waving his hands for ‘Chucky’ to bring it on, when he suddenly stops at the apron, not climbing into the ring, and instead brings the microphone back up.)

    Myles – “You really think I’m going to climb into this ring and fight you? Sincade, you’ve already proved at Civil Revolution you’re a great wrestler and that you bring the big guns to a fight, so you think I’d be stupid enough not to bring my own big gun? A really, really big gun?”

    Suddenly, “Sumo” plays over the tanoid and the fans cheer wildly as Wanafuji Tanaka makes his way out from the curtain, followed close behind by the massive 500lb Hatchiyama Manzo. He is smiling and bowing his head to the fans as Tanaka waves the Japanese flag. Jason Sincade is obviously caught off guard by the return of the Pride of Japan.

    Myles – “You see Sincade, part of running a successful company is branching out, exploring new lands and talent outside your comfort zone. And believe me when I say Manzo here is definitely outside of your comfort zone. Now, as part of an International talent share program with the New Tokyo Wrestling Association, Manzo has been over in Japan competing in the last few agreements he had left on his contract with them, but now the man is back and ready to compete. In fact, Manzo’s contract says he has to compete so you, being in charge and all, have a choice. Who in the back are you going to piss off by making them fight this man here, or are you going to step up and take on the undefeated mammoth yourself?…” Chuck shrugs his shoulders and paces back and forth with a non-chalont look on his face “…Not that it matters of course, because eventually this will be MY company again, and once it is, you cannot avoid facing him. Anything you do in the meantime will only anger him further. So what’s it going to be Sincade?

    Manzo just stands there, arms folded smiling as warm and friendly as ever, with Wanafuji Tanaka still waving the Japanese flag enthusiastically.

    Copeland – “I don’t think Manzo even realises the war he’s just been dragged into here tonight! And Sincade is stuck between the rock and the hard place here tonight with this massive announcement!”

    (Then Suddenly Rajeem starts to attack, targeting Sincades neck, Hasheem gets up and starts screaming in Arabic, he then gets Rajeem to put Sincade into a camel clutch, Hasheem runs across the ring and punts Sincade in the head, SINCADE is out!, Rajeem goes to the outside and grabs a chair, Hasheem takes the chair and gets Rajeem to hold Sincades head up)

    Copeland: This Is madness, no Hasheem good god No!

    Hasheem holds the chair up and levels Sincade, SINCADE is busted open , Hasheem throws the chair and grabs Sincade (the crowd are screaming, deafening boos fill the arena), Hasheem locks Sincade and DDT’s him onto the chair, Sincade is bloody as the refs fill the ring, The refs try to pull Hasheem off , Hasheem and RaJeem attack the refs,

    Copeland: That low down dirty

    Cohen: Sincade may have on the battle but Hasheem has won the war, he may have ended Sincades career, all I have to ask our boss is was it worth it!

    Hasheem stands there and wipes Sincades blood off of his forehead, He wipes it on his chest and starts praying, he signals rajeem to walk out the ring, Sincade is laying lifeless in the ring as Hasheem laughs(the crowd boos are defening)

    Fade to Black
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