WWF 2002: The Brand Extension

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    OK, fellas, time for some thoughts. Apologies I’ve taken a while to get round to it, I’ll be honest, I’ve not been reading much here; I’ve been on a different forum that’s a hell of a lot more active. However, I do enjoy reading your show so I’ve taken some time over the past couple of days to catch up and I thought I’d give you a few thoughts on the PPV and then on NM’s RAW. Here goes.

    I enjoyed the PPV but there were two major things that bugged the hell out of me with it; I think I’ve picked you up on this before, CM, but the grammar is really off-putting and I ended up skipping most of your matches and simply reading the final paragraph. It’s a shame you’re putting so much effort into writing these matches and segments but you can’t spare five minutes to use the grammar/spellcheck facilities on Word or something just to get that bit right. Whilst it’s CM’s responsibility to check this and sort it, I’d also suggest that NM needs to get involved here too. Offer to proofread it for him? Your show, bar the odd error, is not a problem grammar wise and I don’t skip through your stuff so much and definitely not the main event stuff. Your biggest problem, CM, is the homophone words – your/you’re, there/there/they’re etc … Your user name suggests that you’re a CM Punk fan; in that case, take a look at these - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13FV1GaA20I and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y4zxcSuwlI – as a starting point. If you don’t correct the grammar for me, sort it on the off chance that Mr. Brooks might read your show!

    The other thing is something I also alluded to in my first feedback back after the first couple of shows – whether or not you know what the other is doing. On TV and at the PPV, there were/are too many run-ins and after match assaults for my liking and I think if you were clued up completely about each other’s work, you’d notice that before posting.

    With a PPV having now gone, I’m not worried about commenting on your storylines; I loved the Angle/Perfect stuff especially the segments with Angle looking for a partner. Love that Perfect looked strong despite his loss to Angle but that’s a great platform to launch Angle into the main event picture once again. I loved the goofball heel Angle so much and I think when WWE made him that tad more intense and serious, it kinda’ damaged him a little particularly post WM 20. I also enjoyed CM’s use of Hogan and Show’s feud set up to elevate Christian and Storm and I hope this means that they will be more than Jericho’s lackies moving forward. NM is doing a great job on RAW of causing chaos for Ric Flair and that’s a really interesting side note to a lot of feuds, where is it all leading for Flair? Regal’s petition, Undertaker as his World Champion, Austin hitting him with Stunners, the NWO clearly not respecting him; I sense Flair getting back in the ring at some point but it’s been done well so far. The subtle change CM has made to Jericho has been done well and the title defence for HHH, whilst necessary, didn’t bury Jericho and it’s not unrealistic that he could challenge again at some stage. Taker/Austin was the match of the night for me and I was glad you went with Taker rather than Austin. I sense that Austin might have something else coming down the line that means, for now, he doesn’t need the World Championship and Taker is a solid enough guy to run as World Champion.

    Storyline wise, things I don’t like – both on RAW I’m afraid, NM. The whole Big Show and Hogan thing was utterly predictable, you could see it coming a mile off. Whilst I don’t mind Show and Hogan feuding – personally think Show should go over too – it was the set up that didn’t work for me. Too obvious it was coming. The second thing is Benoit’s returnwhich I’ll touch on in my RAW feedback in a moment. You can probably guess why.

    Overall, this is the best thing on BT right now – unfortunately, your only competition right now is Falk who is doing something completely different anyway. With so little happening here though, I think your show has to go from good to outstanding to keep people coming back and reading it. It doesn’t surprise me that you’re struggling for feedback and reviews because your show is just good. It’s solid and it’s fine but it has to do more. CM needs to fix the grammar and you need to stop relying on after-match assaults so much as a pair. Chaos for Ric Flair can be done in different ways other than assaults. They’re losing their impact; count how many times somebody has been left laid out or sent to hospital and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good stuff here, guys, it’s a perfectly acceptable read – but it lacks something for me that will make me come back and check it out regular.




    OK, Notorious, moving on to RAW and I’m going to write this as I go. Coming off the first PPV, this is the telling time now as to whether this is going to stick and become a top, top show or not. Most BT’s fail to reach the first PPV and, of those that do, most of them fail to move much further. Is this going to fizzle out now? Or is it going to be up there with the great past shows of Peep/Theo, Prophet, JAM and myself? Let’s see what RAW brings us.

    One thing I forgot to mention above was that I really enjoyed the NWO vs. Dudleys feud and I am glad it is getting a mention to open RAW here tonight. It would be easy now to move Nash into the main event picture but I hope you resist that for now and continue this feud which could elevate the likes of D’Von, Bubba and X-Pac into US Championship level. Here we go though with Flair, I like how you’re causing chaos for him although I have issues with the way you’re doing it as I’ve already mentioned. Regal interrupting Flair with his petition was the red herring of course to set up for Austin, nicely done. I’m intrigued as to how Austin continues here on RAW as there will always be a temptation to have him in the title picture – which you could easily do at the PPV still – but there are issues with NWO and Flair too. If you’re going Austin vs. NWO in some form, it needs to be done in an interesting way as Hall vs. Austin wasn’t great at WM18; like I say, I’m intrigued to see how this goes down.

    OK, here goes. Benoit. I know people have different opinions but, for me, I find it utterly distasteful to use him and that vignette video in particular. Listen to the words in it with knowledge of what happened a few years later. Chris Benoit the wrestler, I had all the respect in the world for and he was in my list of favourites. However, even if you’re writing 2002, it’s 2014 and we know what he did. He’s a murderer. He killed innocent people and I think his use in this BT is in extremely bad taste. Just my opinion of course, I’m guessing your opinion is different and that’s why you’re using him. I don’t expect you to change your plans but I’m not gonna’ read his matches or segments and it could put me off completely. I won’t be alone. Maybe I’m a little over-sensitive but I don’t think his wrestling career deserves to be glorified over the his vile actions as a man in the last days of his life. I just think it is wrong.

    Ha, Hurricane defeats Albert. I can only assume that any future plans for Albert are null! I am finding this a little strange re: Regal; he’s in a fairly high profile angle with the Ric Flair petition and the match against Austin but he’s fussing around over Hurricane? Nice swerve with Henry though, a Henry/Albert team would be a good with Regal so maybe I need to revise my thoughts on Albert.

    Nice way to introduce Randy Orton with Perfect although I’m a little confused re: Perfect. Comments saying he’s no longer the best but is perfect don’t really work for me, the beauty of Perfect’s character in the 90’s was that he believed in himself as being perfection. I don’t think the humble approach worked for him there, I prefer his brash, confident, “perfect” character a whole lot more.

    Did I mention that I love goofball Angle?! :D

    OK, Dreamer vs. Raven didn’t interest me at all. I’ve enjoyed the bits you’ve had so far with Raven – loved the Hardcore Championship steal from Maven – but having a fight because they’ve got previous in another now defunct company? Not for me. You’ve got to give me a reason to be interested and I don’t think you have.

    Nice little promo from Test and he aligns himself against Flair too. Test had so much potential in 2002 with the whole “immunity” thing and I think that could still be used. If he attacked Flair and he was fired but then pulled the immunity card, that’d be a great way for him to really get under the skin of Flair here. I was always a Test fan but I’d like to see the push that the WWE started in 2001 and pulled out of in 2002 given a fresh bit of momentum here.

    Fuckity-fuckity-fuck. Was loving Angle’s promo and Edge’s interruption and then you pulled out Benoit. Meh. Standard Divas stuff, looks like Lita is next up for Jazz. More Flair? I know he is the GM of RAW but I’m starting to get a little sick of him now!

    The aftermath of the main event was mental and so chaotic but Flair is taking charge a little with how things went down. Not really sure how much it advanced things between Austin and Taker but glad to see their title match will be on RAW which should mean we’re going to get some advancement on how things are going to work out going forward with them as the next PPV approaches.

    Reading this back, I’ve been pretty critical but I think I’ve said what I felt at the end of each segment and how it interests me as a reader. For me, there’s still not enough to get excited about, it’s still just a good, solid show and it lacks a really interesting storyline to really hook me in. There is potential in some stories, i.e. Flair’s struggle to earn respect as the GM, the NWO's presence and Taker/Austin but I just think you need something that’s going to make people sit up and take notice of it and really want to come back and read this as soon as the next RAW is posted. I’ve read other threads you’ve done and simply producing a decent show is not really where you’re at no more; you’re completely adapt at the basics of a show and now you need to come up with something to show that this is awesome and that you’re the man here on BT. I don’t know, I just haven’t felt it yet; RAW just seems very formulaic right now.

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    Thank you sir. The one thing I will say in defense of some of my creative choices are I have long term plans for almost everyone featured on my show, and if you ask anyone who's worked with me.. I'm very finicky when it comes to details and being realistic. I'm trying to get where WWF was at this time, to where I want it to be. Some of my stories may have a slow burn before they finally explode! Which I guess could be off putting to readers. Still appreciate the kind words and critiques. Really hope you keep reading.

    PS- in regards to Chris Benoit.
    I understand where you and anyone who feels the same way are coming from. But again it comes back to my annoying desire to be as realistic as possible. Benoit was still around in 2002 and was on the rise. In my 2007 thread I almost booted up before this one, I did erase him as it took place mere months before everything that happened, but for this time period he was too vital a character for me to leave out completely. I hope you can understand that side of it from me and not let his future use in my show hinder the overall product.

    Thanks again brother.
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    I don't think it's off-putting, I just think that in setting up for big things in the future, which I'm guessing means Summerslam, you've got to have enough in the current stuff. Like I said, don't take the criticisms too much to heart as the show is good, it just needs a bit more to make it excellent. I think some of the stuff seems a bit repetitive with all the attacks and stuff and there isn't a story that is set apart from the others.

    As for Benoit, I understand realism but I think Benoit needs to be made an exception; if you have to keep him for realism, do that but then have him fail to recover from injury and retire him or something. That keeps it realistic. What I think bugs me is the push he's going to get here. It won't stop me reading but it does put me off and I don't think I can read the segments glorifying him. Sure, great wrestler at that time but his actions as a man mean he doesn't deserve any recognition for that, IMO.
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    WWF SmackDown April 25th 2002 - Champions Collide
    *** Video Package ***

    We begin SmackDown with a recap of the events of Backlash first the unsuccessful Intercontinental Championship defense by Rob Van Dam which resulted in Eddie Guerrero capturing the title as well as Goldust accidentally screwing over Booker T. Jeff Hardy's gutsy performance against Brock Lesnar is also highlighted although the beast's ultimate victory is given plenty of attention. After this we see the UnAmericans attack Hulk Hogan and throwing him off the stage followed by his eventual return only for Big Show to tag himself in and loose the match. After the recap of Show turning on Hogan and him being carted off on a stretcher we see Triple H retaining the WWF Championship over Chris Jericho in the no holds barred match. We cut to the SmackDown Intro!

    *** End Video Package ***


    Top of the Totem Pole

    SmackDown opens up with the traditional pyro and fanfare as Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to SmackDown as the fallout from Backlash will be felt tonight. The owner of SmackDown Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring to an overwhelming negative reaction as he looks around power walking to the ring. Vince steps in the ring and grabs the mic as goes to speak.

    "At Backlash I will hand it to Triple H, he did impress me with his title defense against Chris Jericho. However here on SmackDown I want there to be constant competition. I want Triple H's title defences to become harder and harder so his defense at Backlash will be a walk in the park compared to the WWF Championship match at Judgement Day so right now I would like to invite out the champion Triple H!"

    The Game makes his way out with the WWF Title slung over his shoulder as the fans give him a warm welcome. He poses on the turnbuckles before grabbing a mic. He tells Vince that he's willing to face anyone on the SmackDown brand so whoever his challenger is he'll beat him because he's the best in the business. Vince laughs and says that at Judgement Day he won't have to worry about one challenger because he will have to face four of them! And that match will be a ladder match. Hunter seems to be pleased with the announcement and asks who his challengers are. Vince reveals that a two qualifiers will take place as Rob Van Dam faces Lance Storm and the new Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero will face....... Triple H and if he wins he gets in the match. Hunter says he'll kick Eddie's ass as the announcers hype tonight's huge matches as well as the Judgement Day Match.


    As we come back the UnAmericans are making their way to the ring. Christian gets the mic and talks about how they killed Hulkamania and that their soon gonna bring the WWF Championship into their camp at Judgement Day. Lance Storm goes to speak but Rob Van Dam interrupts him and makes his way to the ring as the first qualifying match gets underway right now!

    1. Judgement Day Qualifier: Lance Storm (with Christian) vs Rob Van Dam

    The match gets off to a quick start as the two ECW alumni begin to exchange stiff kicks as Tazz recounts that these two actually faced each other on the first ECW pay per view, Barely Legal and that it was Rob Van Dam who won on that night. RVD has the advantage right now as well as he hits a rotating leg drop and goes for the rolling thunder but Lance rolls out of the ring and consults Christian but this time wasting costs him as RVD dives into the both of them resulting in all three men being layed out at ring side. Lance Storm actually manages to recover first as it seems Christian took the brunt of the punishment and before RVD has the chance to recover Lance rams him into the steel steps and heads into the ring expecting a count out victory but RVD makes it back just in time only to be met with a German suplex by Storm. Lance goes on a long period of offence but never quite manages to put RVD away.

    Storm then tries for the super kick but RVD catches it and in reply gives a big spin kick sending the Canadian crashing to the canvas. Rob then hits the rolling thunder to a big pop and covers......... but only manages a two count. RVD heads up top but a momentary distraction by Christian allows Lance to hit a superplex on Mr Thursday Night. Lance then locks in the Maple Lead and just about manages to crawl to the ropes before having to tap. Lance then goes for another super kick but RVD ducks and hits the Van Daminator sans chair. Rob climbs the ropes and kicks Christian off the apron who was distracting him and nails the five star frog splash. He covers.... 1..... 2..... 3!

    Winner at 9:51, Rob Van Dam

    Highlights from the match.

    RVD joins Triple H in the ladder match at Judgement Day! He celebrates as the UnAmericans leave in disgust. Cole and Tazz hype the next match which is Tajiri vs Kidman round 2 in their best of 5 series for the cruiserweight championship!


    Odd Couple Continues

    Backstage Lillian Garcia is with Booker T. She asks him about the whole debacle with Goldust costing him the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash and the fact that tonight he has to team with him against Chris Jericho and the Big Show. He replies:

    " Goldust did cost me the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash and I would be lying to ya if I said I wasn't pissed off. I know what your trying to do Goldust and quite frankly I don't care about your insecurities of always needing a friend of whatever but you are looking in the wrong place and especially after what you did at Backlash. I presume it was McMahon's stupid idea to team us up tonight but the team is strictly business you got that! We may be tag team partners Goldust but we ain't friends. As for Chris Jericho and Big Show I hope your ready for a Texas sized ass kicking now can you dig that!"

    Booker leaves as we see Goldust appear from the background and walk into view shaking his head. We head over to a brief recap of the Backlash pre show where Billy Kidman gained a 1-0 advantage over Tajiri in the series of the cruiserweight championship after the Japanese Buzzsaw accidentally spit mist in the eyes of Torrie Wilson. Tajiri is already making his way to the ring dragging his cruiserweight championship in one hand and Torrie Wilson in the other. Kidman comes to the ring shortly afterwards and we are on!

    2. Match 2 in the best of 5 series for the Cruiserweight Championship: Tajiri (c) vs Billy Kidman

    The match gets off to a hot start as Kidman dives straight into the ring and takes out Tajiri with a cross body and the two start exchanging holds as Cole hypes that this kind of cruiserweight action that is exclusive to SmackDown. Kidman chucks Tajiri to the outside and goes to dive through the ropes but Tajiri gets his feet up and nails Kidman in the face with a huge kick that sends him tumbling to the outside. Before Kidman has a chance to recover Tajri hits a trademark Asayee moonsault that floors Billy while Tajiri taunts to the crowd and rolls Billy back into the ring.

    Tajiri then begins to work over Kidman with his standard evil kicks and finishes up with a double under hook suplex which seems to be a cause for concern for Torrie Wilson who's at ring side. Tajiri then locks in the tarantula on Kidman but he escapes and as Tajiri charges at him lifts the Japanese native up for a BK bomb. Kidman heads up top but Tajiri is too fast and hits a Frankensteiner. Tajiri covers but only gets two. He wastes no time nailing a brain buster but again only manages a two count. Tajiri looks to spit the mist again but Torrie stops him! Tajiri looks like he's about to kick her but he ducks and Billy accidentally hits her. He then turns around and gets nailed with a Buzzsaw kick for the win.

    Winner at 8:21 and levelling the series 1-1, Tajiri

    Highlights from the Match

    After the match before the medics can attend to Torrie, Tajiri slings her over his shoulder and charges to the back. Kidman looks tired and angry back in the ring as Cole hypes that the Big Show will speak about his actions at Backlash next.


    Big Hero

    As we come back an incredibly angry Big Show is making his way to the ring as the fans heavily boo the worlds largest athletes as replays of his attack on Hulk Hogan at Backlash play over the titantron. Show grabs the mic and now with a more smug expression on his face goes to speak:

    "You fans aren't meant to be booing me! Don't you understand what I've done. I've become your hero. I vanquished Hulkamania forever because its a selfish old concept that breeds hatred. It should be illegal to be a Hulkamaniac! It's like a disease and all your pathetic little minds have become infected with it. Don't you see that I helped you by eliminating Hogan at Backlash. You can all recover and move on because that's what I did at Backlash, I moved on from believing the bs that Hogan has been sprouting for so many years. I singled handedly fought the UnAmericans because of his dumb ass mistake and then when he decides to rejoin the match it ends up costing us the victory. This isn't about America anymore Hulk this about the idea that your some kind of hero becuase your not Hogan. You are nothing and I'm the hero now. I get to be in movies now Hulk, I get all the girls, the merchandise and I get the key to your proverbial palace of Hulkamania. I'm gonna enter that place and burn the son of a bitch to the ground and build a new one that will be twice the size and will reflect the huge legacy I've created! I am your hero now and if you don't like it then I dare you to stop me!"


    Show throws the mic as the commentators note that Show has completely lost it. Chris Jericho makes his entrance next and despite last night's loss he looks pretty positive as he gets in the ring. He shakes Big Show hand and semi-sarcastically calls him a hero. Goldust is out next reluctantly followed by Booker. Before the unlikely partners make it to the ring Big Show storms to the outside and takes out Booker so Goldust starts brawling with Show. Booker begins to recover and the two begin to double team the giant until Chris Jericho joins the brawl as the four men continue to fight. Cole hypes that these two will have a tag match after the break.


    3. Booker T and Goldust vs Chris Jericho and Big Show

    As we come back from break we get a brief recap of what happened during the adverts as eventually the brawl was calmed down and the match began. Right now Chris Jericho are in the ring exchanging moves. Booker hits a vertical suplex and tries a Harlem side kick but Jericho ducks. Booker then turns round and walk straight into a spinning sleeper slam before Jericho tags in Big Show. The giant wastes to time hitting a side walk slam and tries a choke slam while screaming that he's a hero but Booker counters and hits a DDT. He then tries the axe kick but Show lifts him up and tries a power bomb but Booker drops behind and tags in Goldust. He has little time to get started however as he walks straight into a big boot from Big Show.

    The match becomes a lot more one sides from this point as the big hoot seems to have stunned Goldust and thrown him off his game. Show hits a side slam as Jericho hits an elbow drop while Booker is accidentally distracting the referee. Jericho is now tagged in and following a close kick out he locks in the walls of Jericho on Goldust. Goldust is nowhere near the ropes and doesn't have the strength to fight out so desperately crawls to make the tag and manages to make it and kick Jericho off. Booker unloads on Y2J with side kicks and even hits a missile drop kick. Booker does his signature taunt but before he does the spinaroonie Goldust tags himself in. Booker goes to yell at him but instead Goldust does the spinaroonie. Booker almost looks impressed but this show boating costs them as Big Show charges in and hits a double choke slam levelling both man and hurling Booker outside. Jericho locks in the walls on Goldust and he has no choice but to tap.

    Winners at 12:03 (including break), Chris Jericho and Big Show

    Booker T and Goldust before the match

    After the match the heels celebrate while an irate Booker T recovers on the outside. Goldust crawls to ringside to talk to Booker but he's already limping up the ramp as Goldust tries to keep up. The announcers hype up the stakes in the champion vs champion match later tonight.


    In at the Deep End

    As we come back from commercial we head straight to Vince McMahon's office where Maven is standing by. McMahon enters arrogantly as usual and puts his hand on Maven's shoulder and says:

    "Maven I traded you to SmackDown because I saw something in you kid. I reckon you could become a star. So tonight you have a golden opportunity to elevate yourself from 'Tough Enough winner' Maven to 'Future World Champion' Maven. Of course your task will not be easy and no one else has it done since he arrived in the WWF but I believe you can do it Maven I reckon you've got a shot at beating Brock Lesnar! Now get out there kid and make yourself famous. Oh and that match starts right now!"

    Maven looks completely stunned as he hears Brock Lesnar's music hit,as we cut to the entrance way where Brock Lesnar is coming out with Paul Heyman by his side and has a sick grin on his face. After they get in the ring Maven reluctantly comes out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring. He gets up on the ring apron and looks hesitant but gets in the ring as the bell rings.

    4. Brock Lesnar vs Maven

    Maven gets bowled over straight away by a huge inside out clothesline from Lesnar. Brock starts pummelling away on a grounded Maven before picking him up and dumping him down with a power slam. Brock then hits a release German suplex and again stomps away at Maven. Lesnar hits a fall away slam and a few other offensive manoeuvres before going for a power bomb. However Maven counters into a roll up and gets two! Maven hits a few offensive moves before heading up top but Brock catches him and slams him down not once, twice but three times! One F-5 later and it's over!

    Winner at 4:02, Brock Lesnar

    Paul Heyman gives advice to Brock Lesnar

    Paul Heyman claps at ringside and screams at Brock to do it again which he does planting Maven with a second F-5 as the announcers admonish Lesnar's actions. Heyman gets in the ring as Brock stands next to him looking defiant.
    Heyman then gets on the mic:

    "Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and what you've just witnessed is just the latest in a long line of beat downs that my client Brock Lesnar will continue to give as long as he's in the World Wrestling Federation. Jeff Hardy isn't here tonight and you won't be seeing him for a while because Brock Lesnar destroyed him like he destroyed Maven just now. No one on SmackDown can even compare to Lesnar and it's only a matter of time before he becomes WWF Champion. Now Brock I want you to destroy Maven again!"

    Brock goes to pick up Maven again until the music of the APA hits! Brock dumps Maven out of the ring as Faarooq charges down the ramp and walks straight into a fall away slam from Lesnar. However help is at hand as Bradshaw makes his way to ringside and he's got a steel chair in hand! Brock then grins at Bradshaw as he leaves the ring. Bradshaw contemplates chasing after Brock but instead tends to his partner as Brock and Heyman leave up the ramp as Cole hypes the main event that happens after the commercial as Eddie Guerrero faces Triple H and if Eddie wins he's in the ladder match at Judgement Day.




    Following the hype video for Batista we cut back to Vince McMahon's office where the UnAmericans barge in and demand a tag title shot. Vince asks them to explain why and they point out their victory over Hogan and Big Show at Backlash but Vince counters and mentions Storm's loss to Rob Van Dam earlier in the night. Christian raises the fact that they are the best team to bring the tag titles to SmackDown and Vince agrees and guarantees them a title shot in the near future. The UnAmericans both shake Vince's hands as they leave the office celebrating

    Backstage elsewhere Rob Van Dam is leaving the arena but is blindsided by Eddie Guerrero! The new intercontinental champ batters his predecessor with the title belt that sends him to the floor and guarantees that he won't ever take the Intercontinental Championship from him and he'll make sure that in the ladder match he never even gets close to the WWF Championship because he's going to win it and become a double champion. And that is a guarantee.

    We cut back to the arena where Cole and Tazz recap Mr McMahon announcing this historic title match at the top of the show in the spirit of competition. A recap of Rob Van Dam beating Lance Storm and qualifying is also shown. Triple H makes his entrance to loud cheers and looks as intense as usual. As he poses on the turnbuckle Eddie Guerrero cockily makes his way to the ring wearing his Intercontinental Championship belt with pride. He gets in the ring as the bell rings.

    5. Judgement Day Qualifier: Triple H vs Eddie Guerrero

    The two champions are in the ring and they begin to slowly circle each other. Eddie feigns going for the first move but eventually they go face to face. Hunter is staring intensely at Eddie just waiting for him to make a move. Guerrero goes to shake Hunter's hand but instead cockily smirks before slapping Triple H right in the mouth. Hunter then goes for a clothesline which Eddie ducks and Trips turns around and gets surprised with a monkey flip but Hunter soon recovers and gets straight back onto his feet and another stand off ensues. Eventually Hunter makes the first move and hits a successful high knee which downs Eddie as Triple H punches him on the canvas. Guerrero recovers quickly and pushes Triple H off into the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl head scissors on the rebound but before Triple H collapses to the mat Eddie delivers a brutal back breaker. Eddie then drop kicks Triple H to the outside and dives over the ropes leaving both men laid out on the floor as we head to break.

    The start of the match


    As we come back highlights of the break are shown where Eddie has been mostly in control save for a few hope spots by Triple H. Eddie gets Hunter in the corner and knees him in the back a few times and then tries a German suplex but Hunter goes behind and tries a back suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and as Triple H turns around Guerrero synchs in a front face lock and hits a bridging Northern Lights suplex and has Trips shoulders pinned to the mat!






    Hunter resiliently kicks out much to the annoyance of Eddie. Arrogantly Eddie beats his chest while shouting 'Viva La Raza' much to the fans behest. Guerrero locks in an arm bar and wrenches back on it as hard as he can but eventually Triple H begins to recover and stands up and gives Eddie a back breaker. Triple H then whips Eddie into the ropes and tries a face buster but Eddie catches him with a tilt a whirl DDT planting Hunter's face right into the mat. The impact of this move sends Triple H rolling to the outside.


    Guerrero looks at the crowd and gestures cheekily to them before hurling himself over the ropes with a cross body nailing Triple H.



    Both men are wiped out on the floor.


    Guerrero is up first and he rams Triple H right into the guard rail.


    Eddie then Irish whips Hunter right into the steel steps!


    Guerrero then cockily makes his way back into the ring antagonising the fans as Triple H is still laid out.



    Hunter is beginning to get up but Guerrero believes that he's already qualified for the match at Judgement Day.


    Hunter is grasping onto the apron, but does he have enough left in him?



    Triple H makes it back into the ring but Eddie sees him and starts hitting the three amigos but on the third one turns it into a devastating brain buster! Eddie covers:






    Again Triple H powers out as the Intercontinental Champion looks unable to put away the WWF Champion. The announcers put over that this is Eddie's only chance to qualify as Guerrero frustratingly locks on a chin lock plotting his next move. He tries a power bomb but Hunter counters with a back body drop which sends Eddie to the apron. Triple H charges at him Latino Heat greets him with a kick to the gut. Eddie spring boards over the apron and attempts a diving attack but he gets caught by the game who nails an impressive double a spine buster. Triple H covers!







    Now it's Eddie's turn to show a bit of perseverance as he kicks out of one of Triple H's signature moves. The champion looks frustrated as we cut to Vince McMahon in the back seemingly watching this match with keen interest. Back in the ring Triple H is signalling for the pedigree but Eddie dodges it and drop kicks Hunter to the outside. The referee goes to check on Triple H allowing Eddie to undo the turn buckle padding. Triple H quickly gets back in the ring and Guerrero tries whipping the game into the exposed steel but it gets countered and Eddie eats the steel. The referee notices the undone padding as Triple H goes for the pedigree but again Guerrero worms his way out of it and heads up top. The referee is doing the padding back up as Triple H also climbs the turnbuckle but Guerrero catches him with a LOW BLOW! Eddie chastises the crowd and delivers an awesome frog splash right to the gut of Triple H. With the referee finally having done up the padding Eddie covers Hunter!








    Winner at 19:26, (including commercials) Eddie Guerrero

    Eddie wins! Guerrero pulls one over on the game albeit bending the rules slightly and qualifies for Judgement Day. Eddie slithers out of the ring as Triple H begins to recover and the champ looks irate as Eddie makes his way to the stage where Vince McMahon steps out with a huge grin on his face. He shakes Guerrero's hand and takes the mic.

    "Triple H, you've been on top far too long here in the WWF and on Vince McMahon's SmackDown I don't want you on top. I drafted you here because I wanted you to prove me right that you didn't deserve your position and low and behold you lost to the intercontinental champion here tonight. Which is why I am announcing right here, right now that you Mr Guerrero will clash again in singles action in two weeks time except then it will be for the WWF Championship to see who heads into the ladder match with the title around their waist. This is SmackDown where their is competition not chaos!"

    Vince smiles as Triple H looks pretty pissed off and invites Eddie back into the ring. Guerrero mouths 'not tonight esse' and leaves. SmackDown ends with Triple H irate in the ring as the announcers hype the huge title matches in the future. ​

    Judgment Day
    May 19th, 2002
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Gaylord Entertainment Center

    *Confirmed Matches*

    Number One Contenders Match
    Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle

    WWF Championship Ladder Match:
    Triple H (c) vs Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam vs TBD vs TBD

    *More TBA*

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